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  1. I’m sorry to have posted this, if Regent had sent mailers with similar content before, I did not get those. But my post was really about possible protocols and requirements that WEREN’T mentioned. Like what mask requirements will be in force onboard? And will we have to be on a Regent shore excursion to get into a port? About the last question, our last Regent cruise was on the Mariner about 3 or 4 years ago from Tahiti around the Society Islands, stopped at Easter Island, and terminated in Lima, Peru. On the Easter Island stop, the ship was there long before our Regent tour began. So we did a tour on our own, in addition. We like to do some exploration on our own, in addition to Regent included tours. We are used to wearing masks in public areas, except when we are eating or drinking, so that is not an issue for us. It is for some, and the protocols I received did not address this matter. And the ability to explore in ports on one’s own was not addressed. And with significant elements of a 2021 cruise not addressed, does Regent really think we will pay any deposit for one? No way!
  2. We got a mailer from Regent today promoting 2021 cruises to S. America, Canada, and Alaska. What may be new is that the new protocols were described. What was described came as no surprise. But what wasn’t mentioned (that I could find) was any onboard mask requirements. Also I could find no direct mention of any prohibition of going on shore at ports on one’s own.
  3. I don’t know if this means anything, but I received two mailings from Regent yesterday. One was for Alaska 2021 and the other was for Europe 2021. Most cruises were at or above $1K/pp/night.
  4. Flossie, Perhaps the thread shouldn't have drifted, but most threads do. The issue became how safe is it to book an pay for a 2022 cruise, and perhaps it shouldn't be.
  5. i hope that Regent's traditional high space to passenger ratio will fare well with the CDC so as to allow it to cruise much as is has in the past. I am one who believes that avoiding crowded places is the best way to avoid Covid 19, as well as a bunch of other diseases. This is why we have preferred Regent well before anybody ever heard about Covid. The crowded conditions we have seen on mass market cruise ships are not only disease spreaders, but are also generally unpleasant environments. We have never been in a crowded environment on any of our Regent cruises. That is the main reson we have favored them for the past 20 years. From responsible reports, a Covid vaccine should be avilable to us old people by early 2021. There should also be a certificate issued for those who have taken it, and the certificate should be required for boarding. face masks may be required for some events like Captian's reception and the like, and that would be fine with most. Common sense should prevail. In our town, restaurants are open, with table spacing, and masks are required therein except while seated. But when we see a crowd anywhere, even while wearing masks, we avoid it. We feel that crowds are the greatest disease spreader, and we have never encountered a crowd on any of our many Regent cruises. In spite of some of my posts warning about Regent's refunds and such that some may construe as negative, it is our great hope that Regent can sail again, much as in the past. In that case, we will book and cruise once more!
  6. RD, I agree with your post above, and am happy that we have been on about 25 — 30 cruises in the past — almost all of which were fun. And all the ones on Regent were great. But we cannot book and pay for a “pig in the polk” which means we don’t know what we are paying for, and don’t know how to get a refund if the cruise is no-go. It all depends (according to the lines) on contract fine print — which by the way we have never signed. Hmmm! The cheapest of any cruise worth doing is more than the statute of frauds in my state, which requires such contracts to be signed to be enforceable. Hmmm! Though we don’t feel secure booking any future cruise now, I hope we will sometime again. But for now, there are alternatives.
  7. Do you have AmEx Platinum? I do and have had better luck. But your post brings up the matter of cruise line contracts “fine print”. If the fine print says something about a cruise line’s refund for a cruise they cancelled, AmEx might recognize it. As a solution for that, I would propose the attack that this fine print is not readable (at my age) and I have won on this with AmEx, though not about a cruise. I could post more but won’t — it would only attract attacks. Just let me say in leaving this thread that Regent (and other lines too) have to change a number of things before we book another cruise and put down a dime, including restrictions, and inclusions, their choice of forum for suits, and refund policies. And some of the matters in these subject will have to change. Or else, we’ll just not book.
  8. I don’t know RD, but on my AmEx Platinum card, the way I described above is how it is done. And if the charge were for a cruise, and if I sent written cancelation notice from the line, the matter would be over immediately. Some CC disputes are more difficult to resolve. But if the card holder has written proof from the vendor that the services or goods will not be delivered, the matter is concluded very quickly to our experience. There can be no way of disputing a cancelation notice.
  9. Wendy, Of course I know that saving account interest on the time Regent would hold my funds before the refund wouldn’t be much. But what I could get for it in another investment might be more. And I would have to cancel the North American flights we booked (as we don’t want Regent’s basic economy) and there could be could be several hundred$ In cancelation fees. Also, there would be hotel bookings to cancel, all too often at a fee. And my reference to the Paul Gauguin mess was not meant to imply that Regent is doing as badly. I just wanted to inform that good cards, like AmEx will issue a credit rather immediately upon proof that the vendor isn’t furnishing what it was paid for. The vendor will be notified and if there isn’t a valid response in two weeks, AmEx will charge back and conclude the matter.
  10. Yes, I’m sure that all of Regent’s clientele have the money to pay cash for a cruise, as we do. We charge our cruises on AmEx Platinum for only one reason. As a last resort, if the services or goods aren’t furnished AmEx is very good about removing the charge and charging back the vendor. If you take a look at the Paul Gauguin board, many who have been caught with a canceled paid up cruise have done just that. PG is offering only FCCs, and many don’t want a future cruise given the restrictions and testing inconveniences on the resumed cruises. But none of us got to that position by loaning five (or six?) figures of money to a large corporation interest free for two or three months. And then there is the problem of canceling the air we booked, which at least involves upgrade air to a gateway airport, and perhaps additional North American upgrade air we book to avoid Regent’s basic economy.
  11. I agree with Sheila, about taking the cash refund instead of FCC. What would happen to the FCCs if Regent went out of business before they could be used? I don't think anybody knows. Now, before I anger anybody, let me say that this is the LAST thing I want to happen. But NCLH Went on a fund raising venture last Spring burdening itself with debt exceeding its current asset value and diluting its stock value. At that time NCLH announced that it had raised enough funds to stay afloat during a shutdown until late Fall, 2021. If I'm not mistaken, after that, it is broke unless it can resume near full operation by then. I agree with Flossie that nobody expected the pandemic to last as long as it has, and nowhere as long as it is now predicted to last by some sources. And those sources predict tht it will last into 2022 at least. But I see some problems with taking the cash too. If I make final payment on my AmEx, Regent cancels, and I request a cash refund, it will take at least a couple of billing cycles for the refund credit to hit my account. In the meantime I will have to pay interest on it. Not a minor thing, considering credit card interest and the price of Regent cruises.
  12. And you have raised another risk in booking any cruise now. As I understand the “cancelled cruise” matter, Regent requires final payment 60 days out, but is cancelling cruises only about 30 days out. This forces booked cruisers, when a cruise is likely to be cancelled, to gamble on either losing deposit or paying in full, with the risk of getting final payment amount back in cash months later, or taking a FCC for 125% with a limited useful time period.. In either case, as I understand, the deposit amount can only be transferred to a future cruise. If I am wrong, please inform me. And unless I am wrong, I understand that NCLH will be solvent only to Sept. 2021, unless they can resume rather full cruising on or before that date. And, as I understand from this board, the FCCs are good only to December, 2021. This situation is not financially attractive to some of us. Now, if I am wrong on some of these facts, I would love to be educated. If not, we are staying put.
  13. Oh, I think all who post here are "part of the group", and would like to take a cruise if we knew all the terms and conditions. And as has been said, each of us have our own individual terms and conditions that would be acceptable to us, and those that would not be. But how can we make that determination if we aren't told the terms and conditions? If we were told, we could then make our own individual judgements. In no way do I blame Regent (or any other line) for not telling us these details. As RD points out, it is up to the CDC. I don't blame them either, as the situation is without precedent. Nobody is being uncivil when they raise the point that putting a deposit on any cruise now is paying for a long list of unknowns. Some may want to do just that, which is fine, But those of us who don't want to tthat, and raise this issue, are not being uncivil.
  14. Thanks, rallydave, for the info. I guess that we are among the type of cruisers that won’t pay a dime to book a cruise unless we know all the rules (and perks) that will apply to us. Those things being unknown (as I had thought), we remain out of the market for a cruise in any year.
  15. We would need to know the “new rules” for cruise guests in detail before we even thought about booking. If the “new rules” are available , and I’ve missed them, please refer me. I feel that many feel the same way. For some, they may be too restrictive for enjoyment. For others, they may be too lax for health and safety. As mentioned by others above, some may not wish to wear a mask in public areas onboard. That wouldn’t bother us much, as we wear masks in our area unless we are in our home, in our cars, or in the wilderness. Others might find that unacceptable. But the inability to leave the ship in ports unless on a ship’s excursion would be a real deal breaker for us, but not for others. These are just examples of possible rules, but nothing that is known for sure. Bottom line, we feel it is unwise to send a cruise line any money unless all conditions and restrictions are made known.
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