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  1. We bought another home too. Covid discount purchase and enjoying all of the renovations. We still have to sell our current home but the market is hot here. At least a full year of having something to do and make beautiful. 🙂
  2. I make mine with Vanilla non-fat yogurt and lowfat milk. Oats, raisins, cinnamon, sliced almonds, yogurt and milk. Add honey if you want additional sweetness. Stir it up and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. Add sliced fruit of your liking to you own bowl in the morning. Fewer calories this way. I make it every evening while making preparing dinner because after wine I tend to forget 😉
  3. @Petoonya Yes, that was me with the "Yuck" word. I have actually purchased my masks and additional ones for all of my family members. The sources I have used for my masks donate additional masks to those who need one and cannot afford them with each purchase. Do not criticize if you do not know what others do. Tacky. Also, most people who wash their face and brush their teeth everyday can surely wash the mask. Majority of them own a cell phone 😉 and much more expensive than a bar of soap. A dirty mask helps nobody. "Yuck from CO"
  4. Can the moderator Please close this thread. It has become rabid at this point and far to political. Please!
  5. Paul, where did I say this.....you are quoting me with something I did not even say. Take a Xanax.
  6. Paul, I think @Aloha1 said it best. Might be time to shut down this thread. Common Sense.
  7. You have Common Sense. Thank you.
  8. Yes, mine was related to contact tracing and I found it disgusting that the info did not have to be provided when getting a test. How do you trace? We have had a recent spike in my CO ski town and the young people are refusing to provide info. The town has said they all were at an "Event". We know what the event was. I live here. This is why I disputed your USA Today article. We, like you, just do the best we can for our own health and others. I will not even go to a restaurant.
  9. I provided one prior on Denver. Here is a one from the Philadelphia Enquirer. I do not know how to link. In Philadelphia, demonstrations continued Sunday as several hundred people gathered outside former Eastern State Penitentiary, now a museum, to call for the release of people from prisons and detention centers amid the COVID-19 virus. Crowds also gathered in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas for protests stemming from the death of George Floyd. Due to the crowds, the city said Sunday that health officials believe there is increased likelihood that participants may have been exposed to COVID-19. They were urged to monitor themselves for symptoms, try to keep a distance from others for 14 days, wear masks and get a test seven days after having been in a crowd. ADVERTISEMENT “Those seeking testing do NOT need to identify that they were at a protest but instead should say they were near someone who may have had COVID-19,” the city said.
  10. Such a rebel....I live in this State..Why do you dispute..always! Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced Sunday that the city will be offering free tests to demonstrators. "We did see and have witnessed people demonstrating in our community – peacefully, as well as after hours when it's not so peaceful – without face coverings, and so we want to remind everyone and invite you that next weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, go down to the Pepsi Center and get tested for COVID-19 for free," said Hancock. "It's free, it is quick, it is painless and at least we can use that opportunity to make sure that we continue to blunt the spread of the coronavirus." A spokesperson with the city says people would not need to declare – or prove – they'd been at a protest in order to qualify for testing, but that they would need to register online and provide a name and address.
  11. An example would be my state of CO. The Mayor of Denver put it out. You can use Google. BTW...The virus does not care about your political affiliation. You can get it at an Antifa protest, BLM protest, Trump Rally in Tulsa, or by going out to bars and clubs. If you choose to be in those environments you risk your life and those of many others. Hope you stay safe and healthy.
  12. Many States told the protesters they did not have to report if they were involved in a protest and needed a test. Not buying it.
  13. Actually, he was probably in his 50's, thin, but smoked like a chimney. One woman was close to 100 yrs of age and we had a man about 300 lbs. at least. I thought the other 2 would be most likely to go first 😉
  14. Who needs Switzerland when this is from my neighborhood. The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music in Colorado. Two days ago on my daily walk.
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