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  1. Hi again. Final note: If you are prepared to be in a Maytag washing machine for 8 sea days, go for it! It is Hit or Miss when you visit S. Georgia and Antarctica. After having visited most of the World, we much prefer floating around the South of France and Amalfi Coast. ;-))
  2. I was perusing this Board and was on Ponant for Antarctica last November. My trip info is on the Ponant Board. I think I still have PTSD from this voyage. 😉
  3. I like your gorgeous wife. My DH is like you. It does not bother him.
  4. I love to walk the beach, public pools gross me out, as well as public hot tubs. Wearing slippers in our cabin is because I will never forget being on O in Morocco. Prior to boarding the ship after our tour, they had you rinse your shoes in disinfectant. I threw my shoes in the trash can and many also put their clothes right into the bathtub. Also, many of my dear girlfriends also wear socks or slippers in hotel rooms. I am not the only weirdo. :))
  5. I must say that I always wear slippers in my cabin and always bring slippers or wear socks in ANY hotel. My feet never touch what the next person brought in. It just creeps me out. I can laugh at myself about it. I also have a no shoes policy in our home.
  6. My family always tells me that I clean for the housekeeper. Yes, have seem some many a cabin in total disarray. Too each their own.
  7. I am actually leaving end of Oct. for Asia but with Celebrity due to timing and itinerary. We took their PH suite (YUGE) and they have very good butlers. They do an excellent job with their Suite Class. Enjoy the Carib and hurricane season should be over 🙂
  8. What a lovely writeup. I must say that Osso Buco is my go to recipe for dinner parties to this day. In the cooler months, everyone seems to really enjoy it. I must try including the anchovies. I usually end my OB dinner with a fresh carrot cake. Congrats to your DW.
  9. At first I thought, what would I do with a Butler? Love our privacy, am self sufficient, and would never have live in help in my home. However, they do tend to grow on you and some of them provide impeccable service. On our Ponant cruise to Antarctica, we had an OS. The finest Butler we have ever had. I was actually embarrassed when getting out of the tenders after our landings because he would be there to take our coats and help me take off my boots LOL!. I am very fit and he actually could have helped many others that really needed it. It is a nice touch and you pay for that fine service and smile. Enjoy!
  10. We did this sailing end of August into Sept too. We had excellent weather and really enjoyed the itinerary. Loved the ponies and seeing the pics with the same man handling them was interesting.
  11. Lyn, you are hardly a peon. Looking forward to your review after your Crystal cruise. Always, appreciate your input. If we don't spend it for our enjoyment our children will. 😉
  12. I have taken 3 river cruises. So small that my last one on Tauck, I opted for the Suite. My DH detests them, and I wanted to be on the Danube, therefore, this was the answer. 😉 I am not a fan of river cruises and we are now done with those. I made lemonade out of lemons (small cabins).
  13. We will look forward to your review and comparison when you return from a non-suite cabin. It will make for a good balance. The cabin size seems very similar to a river cruise.
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