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  1. I also prefer the warm and inviting Michaels Club. Recently off Millennium and Retreat Lounge was not a place to hang out pre dinner and have a cocktail and listen to music. Cold and boring
  2. Nope, I don't eat feet of any kind. I would put those chicken feet in a green doggie bag and dispose of immediately. But, to each his own. Enjoy
  3. I also know that I do not want to eat any of this. I plan on cruising for a long time and try to stay healthy. Those are heart attack foods.
  4. We recently returned from Millennium Asia cruise. We paid for the top PH suite. We did have a few issues with the PH itself, but those were quickly attended to and management etc. really went out of their way to make certain we had a most pleasurable experience. Oceania is our favorite and we have taken their top suites. Overall, X has had better butlers and except for a smaller passenger group on O, the suite experience on X is very good and not much difference. We also are not needy and never expect fine cuisine on any cruise ship. They are doing their best to cater to a very large wedding party, in our opinion. You may need to consider upping your cruising budget in order to "maybe" get the luxury experience you are hoping for. Doubtful it will happen on any cruise ship. Be grateful you are seeing the World and the ship gets you there safely. Those are our priorities. The rest is just money.
  5. Everyone should just be grateful to be cruising because you never know when you will be "Knockin' on Heavens Door".
  6. Thanks Mura for your input. I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and Motown. I would sneak out to clubs (I told my Mom I was babysitting when 16 yrs old and heard some of the best.She never found out HA!) However, my youngest daughter studied classical voice /opera and won many awards. I like it all and am open to many types of music. Always keep an open mind. I love opera too.
  7. I am a few years younger than you and am wondering the same thing. Even my kids like this music. Throw in some Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Allman Bros. I also have never been in a wet t-shirt contest.
  8. "You can't always get what you want." 😉
  9. Did that Pina Colada leave you "Dazed and Confused". 😉 Enjoy
  10. The Peninsula hotel in Shanghai may be my favorite with stunning views of The Bund. Sir Ellie's bar is one of the best rooftop bars in the world. Amazing.
  11. Agree. Unless given an upsell, the PH is perfect for port intensive cruises. Just returned from an X cruise to Asia. We were able to get their huge aft PH suite for a good price. It was actually too large for the two of us, very sterile with the remodeled design, along with other issues, and we both longed for O. Timing and itinerary were why we chose this cruise and would never book their largest suite again.
  12. I missed this from you RJB. I was in Asia. I cancelled the Ritz cruise some time ago. I did not like the itinerary as it was stopping in Dominican. After this past Asia cruise and length of time flying etc. I think we will stick to cruises closer to home. Caribbean are perfect and easy out of FL. Will start perusing. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.
  13. We just returned from Tokyo 2 weeks ago. We stayed at The Peninsula hotel and received Amex upgrade to a fabulous suite. Fabulous location in the Ginza with park views and great area to walk around.
  14. My first Vista suite was on Regatta for Alaska. We were offered an upsell for $5000 total and took advantage of it. Our next O cruise we then took the OS for the Aft views with a month on Insignia for S. America. Beware: Once you go with the Suites, there is no turning back. They are lovely, spacious, and the 2 bathrooms are great. The OS and VS were Grand enough for the 2 of us. Love them.
  15. You could have had a much nicer experience going to the Copacabana Palace Hotel. Perfect spot to enjoy that "C' drink so popular in Rio and a lovely lunch by the pool. Walk the beach and grab a taxi back to ship. FYI xo
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