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  1. Obviously, some do. I do not understand the significance of it, but to some people meeting the Captain and Officers and dining with them seems to provide them with a feeling of importance. We book many suites and turn down those offers. Our time together and seeing the world is most important to us. To each his own 😉
  2. I happen to really like the Suite Life on Celebrity. It makes for a very luxurious experience and sometimes the larger ships are just more Fun. DH likes it because on the smaller ships he says he is forced to run into the same people too often and does not like the chit chat. Just giving you another perspective. Oceania and Celebrity are the two lines we gravitate to the most.
  3. The poor Butler.....I am sure they have seen everything
  4. How do you plan on carrying back your Leftovers into your cabin? In your green plastic doggie bag or will you just hand hold that tasty treat while roaming the hallways?
  5. I received our Move Up offer yesterday and our cruise is over 2 months out. Yes, I did put in a bid.
  6. Maybe she is out walking the dog?
  7. Easy to do and they have the ferry stand in Sorrento. One word of caution, when leaving Capri there are numerous ferries and you need to make sure you get the correct one and plan enough time to get back. It can get confusing.
  8. A very Rude Troll. It is ruining the O Board and the pre or post experience. Enjoy your dinner, Lynn
  9. I cannot imagine what will go home in the suitcase 😞
  10. I did not see sequins on VO, but plenty of jeans, sneakers, baseball hats etc. in the dining room. They do not enforce the dress code. I even mentioned it to the maitre'd and nothing was done. O passengers seem to follow the rules, thankfully.
  11. I happen to live in Aspen. If no underlying health issues, assume you will be fine. Stay hydrated, and avoid or limit alcohol. Those Pisco Sours may sound appealing, but not at high altitude. You may also experience insomnia. Yes, the hotels do offer oxygen and that would help with any issues. If you plan on doing any hiking you may experience shortness of breath. Check with your MD prior and heed their advice. Hope you get to experience it 🙂
  12. Personally, I have done a TA with Princess and would vote in favor of them due to being a larger ship. I love O, but would only take a larger ship across the Pond.
  13. Yes, we did it with Oceania. We took the luxury version they offered and all was quite good. However, we did not have as much time as we would have liked at MP. Therefore, if doing it over again, we would most likely just do it with Belmond either pre or post cruise and not take the O version.
  14. Although for me it is different. I live in workout clothes, ski clothes, etc. when at home here in the mountains of Colorado. Going on a cruise gives me the opportunity to bring out my pretty things, take down the ponytail, and I look forward to it. I also like seeing my handsome DH in a jacket.
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