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  1. I was brought up to follow the rules and have enough respect to abide by them. If it states, no jeans, teeshirts, sneakers, why not comply? If you don't mind spending your money on poor service that is your choice. I do not like to spend my $$$ on beds not being turned down or room cleaned in a timely manner, disappearing waitstaff, dirty dishes sitting in front of me and have to ask that they be cleared. We all have choices and I choose not to cruise with Viking anything again.
  2. Yes, in fact I spent close to a month on Insignia for a South America cruise, the smaller R ship. Also, Regatta for Alaska. Riviera is the larger version (O ship) and is superb, too.
  3. I agree and also have taken an Alaska cruise with O along with many other O cruises. I have never seen any children on board an O cruise and if they were there, must have been hidden. Service was our main issue with our Viking Ocean cruise. It even came down to asking for a glass of wine and to see that the waiter at the bar never returned. Maybe a one off..but not for that kind of money. Don't get me started on the dress code that not is enforced. UGH! Aesthetics only go so far....I will take the finer cuisine, better service, and a more refined passenger demographic and happy I am fortunate to have the choice.
  4. HI Jazz When are you taking your Iceland cruise? Looking forward to the review 🙂
  5. We took this cruise with Tauck a few years ago. I researched and we decided to start in Prague. Arrived early and had 2 days to explore. We loved Prague and it is not a large city. Stayed at the Intercontinental and were able to walk and explore by foot. It is very easy to do on your own. Ending in Budapest was perfect for us and Tauck had us stay at the Four Seasons. It is an ideal location for touring Budapest. There was a thread somewhere on CC and it provided the reasons on why we started in Prague. Something about the rivers and flow. It helped me make our decision to start in Prague. We took our cruise toward the end of April. Chilly...but we like it that way. Bring layers. Tauck is all inclusive. We had some OBC from Amex which paid for laundry service because we were taking an ocean cruise after the river cruise and wanted everything fresh. Nothing owed in the end. Cabins are quite small on a river cruise. We chose a larger suite because we had done the Rhine and Rhone prior and new what to expect with cabin size. It made it much more pleasant for us but not a necessity. Personally, I prefer ocean cruises but happy we did these 3 rivers and gives a great interior prospective vs always on the ocean.
  6. I saw similar on my one and only Viking Ocean cruise. It was bad.
  7. Same for me. No desire whatsoever and I am American.
  8. The Captain of the Viking river boat has been taken into custody. Such a tragedy for the loss of life.
  9. Possibly the difference between a vacation vs a journey?
  10. One Viking for us. Agree, the ship is gorgeous. Food is mediocre. Service was poor. Passengers, right off of the Viking River boats. Stick with O.
  11. Actually, St. Barths has the CATA Cup International race in November. Nothing better than sipping champagne at Nikki Beach and watching the race. I adore St. Barth. 🙂
  12. Keith, I must ask if you made it up to Castle Hill on the other side? The views are stunning from that viewpoint. When we were here with Tauck, (Prague to Budapest) this is where we disembarked and they had us staying at the beautiful Four Seasons hotel. It is located at the entrance of the Chain Bridge. A lovely hotel with Art Deco design. Hope you took a peek inside. We also walked all over Budapest and felt quite safe. Just an FYI for others.
  13. We did the hike also. We were on a Tauck river cruise. Tauck had offered this as one of their tours and after walking up to the meeting place to start the hike we decided to go off on our own. We are fit and made it up quicker than the group and at our own pace. It is not that strenuous of a hike, but you must be fit and wear appropriate hiking shoes. The view at the top is wonderful and worth the adventure. Our reward when completed was to stop at the winery (Tauck offers this, as well) and treat ourselves to some Austrian white. It was a fun day. We have taken 3 river cruises and we enjoy the stops but most often we go out on our own and skip the included tours. Too regimented for us and really not a fan of them. However, we have done the Rhine, Rhone, and Danube and happy we did them and it is a different perspective from Ocean cruising.
  14. Sent....quattro otto Ciao Contessa
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