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  1. We took Regatta to Alaska in May a few years ago out of SF. The weather was fabulous, no crowds, and Hubbard Glacier was up close and personal. A great trip and would love to do it again. A perfect size ship and dining on Terrace Cafe for breakfast watching all of the Eagles was so exciting.
  2. Wishing you and your wife an exceptional cruise. Enjoy the Sweet Life. Just stop being a hypocrite. We all choose our cabins for many different reasons. It is nobody's business but your own. Make sure you do not tell anyone on public forum or on board that you are sailing in the Owners Suite. You got caught 😉
  3. Majority of people do not care where you sleep. Normal people on cruises are here to see The World. It seems to me that wannabes are the only ones concerned about your sleeping and eating arrangements. Hawaiidan seems like a wannabe. Why else would he begrudge others for their choice of cabin?
  4. Nobody knows you are in a suite if you do not tell them. Just normal people that happen to like privacy and space.
  5. We happen to like the spaciousness of the suites. Typically, we sail in a suite on all cruise lines, including Oceania. Not party animals, like our privacy, not a" faux elite" either. Everybody has choices and it makes our cruising much more pleasurable.
  6. With Celebrity, it all depends on the itinerary. NO for the islands. However, we did an Asia cruise with them, Australia and New Zealand, all longer itineraries. The clientele on those cruises is similar to O, but maybe with a bit more energy 😉 Not a party animal either. However, we do cruise in Suite Class only with them. As for Luminae, we enjoy the quiet breakfast and nice lunch. We typically go to the specialty restaurants on board for dinner and pay the additional fee. Of course, when in a top Suite, they are free.
  7. Same for us. We love both lines, but X in a Suite is great. Also, we are not party animals so enjoy the extra room and privacy the Suites offer.
  8. Probably the result of smoking and drinking and a long flight from France. However, it brought on a sadness to all onboard and the realization that you are far away from getting help for survival. Your body stays with the ship until it returns to port after 2 weeks. The poor family.
  9. Yes, we also had the bucking bronco bed for 4 nights heading to S.Georgia from Montevideo . This was on Ponant. Will never forget it. :(( Oops, forgot the passenger that died on the 2nd night.
  10. My 4 day trip to get to S. Georgia from Montevideo....😳
  11. Do not waste time or money on a drive by. We did this with Ponant from Montevideo to Ushuaia. We landed in S. Georgia and Antartica. This was early season in November, It is very pristine at that time and not a lot of penguin poo. Lot's of Mommies sitting on their eggs and the youngsters (the brown furry ones) a plenty. The seas were very rough on our crossing and if doing it all over again, we would just go from Ushuaia and return. Too many rough sea days to get to S. Georgia. Many will disagree with me, but giving you my feedback. It is a once in a lifetime experience and I did it once. Happy to accomplish it, but would not do it again. The wine and cheese, service etc. were fabulous. Best butler ever.
  12. We bought another home too. Covid discount purchase and enjoying all of the renovations. We still have to sell our current home but the market is hot here. At least a full year of having something to do and make beautiful. 🙂
  13. I make mine with Vanilla non-fat yogurt and lowfat milk. Oats, raisins, cinnamon, sliced almonds, yogurt and milk. Add honey if you want additional sweetness. Stir it up and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. Add sliced fruit of your liking to you own bowl in the morning. Fewer calories this way. I make it every evening while making preparing dinner because after wine I tend to forget 😉
  14. @Petoonya Yes, that was me with the "Yuck" word. I have actually purchased my masks and additional ones for all of my family members. The sources I have used for my masks donate additional masks to those who need one and cannot afford them with each purchase. Do not criticize if you do not know what others do. Tacky. Also, most people who wash their face and brush their teeth everyday can surely wash the mask. Majority of them own a cell phone 😉 and much more expensive than a bar of soap. A dirty mask helps nobody. "Yuck from CO"
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