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  1. Hey Harry. Tell your wife I love the mask. And thanks for the Disney pictures. I know what you are saying on the visit to Disney parks but...….I have a DVC ressie in September that I rented. You know....use or lose. We are still a go as of today. Monday I had to do the "reserve your park" thing. But as you know us people that are an**...ah...early planners. We have our spread sheets and know what park we want on what day. I know that others were on the site for hours and more and never got in. I signed in and was done in less then 45 minutes. T
  2. Harry's back...sorta.... So how did you like Disney in Japan? At least it was open when you went? Can you imagine if you trip was this year????!!!!????
  3. Finally caught up. Thanks for the review of Los L, as we are having mom's birthday dinner there in a couple of weeks. More please!!!!!
  4. Amy: (raises her hand and waves it) "Hello, my name is Amy and I old school scrapbook."
  5. That is one we are looking at also. Have a list of ...eight to pick from. Here's wishing you a Happy Birthday Aprille. Mine is the Bliss also. Lots of people watching on those big girls! And love that observation lounge. We'll see how Encore stacks up to Bliss in a few weeks.
  6. Well that was a fun time! Thanks a bunch. I'll have to have my 87 years young mom read this. We'll be spending her 88th on a NCL cruise in April. We are aft people. As mom says: "once you go aft you never go back".
  7. Made me look...wish I had the time off.
  8. I agree with you. OP with two people in the cabin. You really don't need to have all the organizational doo dads. There is plenty of storage room on the Bliss for everything you bring. Oh...unless you bring three suitcases each. haha...… The only extra organizational thingy that I bring (even on land vaca's) is a bathroom organizer. It hangs in you bathroom and holds everything. Mine is LL Bean and has served me well. But there are other brands out there.
  9. I'm on this sailing. We always travel this week every year. The ship will be full. We find that if we have this in our brain.....we are forearmed. Crowded. If you are going to the buffet it's better to go at odd times. We take all our meals early. We be old non-grumpy people.
  10. A mitsugirly review! Glad to see you up and doing. Mom is in a wheelchair...those hallways....UGG. And there's a reason to not put your trays in the halls.
  11. There is a questionnaire to fill out and email to Carnival. https://www.carnival.com/about-carnival/special-needs.aspx Every cruise line had something like this.
  12. Mom's first and second tries were at a Disney park. And those rentals are EXPESIVE! I ended up walking beside her with one hand on the scooter handle so I could sorta steer. I'd rather push!!!
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