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  1. I didn't see this topic posted, so apologize if this is a duplicate. I received an email this morning letting me know that the cruise I'm booked on has now been chartered. We were on the January 16th sailing to Grand Cayman and Coco Cay out of Fort Lauderdale. They did give me options, but nothing with Coco Cay, which is why we booked that one in the first place. Still, we chose one of the options that was price protected and will stop in Grand Cayman and Cozumel instead. Bummer, but we had such a deal and not a lot of flexibility on dates, and Cozumel is fun. I did a quick search and here's what the charter is. http://www.capitaljazz.com/supercruise/2021/
  2. So it looks like Harmony and Navigator will stay near Miami and the Caribbean, and no mention of Symphony, Mariner and Independence moving around. So maybe these will be ships that Royal plans to use once they start cruising again, just a thought.
  3. Good evening all... thanks in in advance for any help given.. Like so many hoping that our future cruise goes ahead...however a few questions... Booked back to back weeks for the Symphony of the Seas, October this year.. Only paid deposit so far plus large amount of cruise credit (given due to cancellation of Independence of Seas sailing out of Southampton) best part of £2k Balance due me August, waiting to see what happens etc.... if cruise goes ahead, but there are significant changes to itinerary etc, but we don’t want to go anymore, do I just cancel in August, do I lose deposit and cruise credit...is there any other financial penalties etc... If Royal cancel, I assume we get everything back including FCC.... thanks
  4. You do make a good point - a radiance class ship to do Baltic’s etc from the UK would be a great ship to compliment an Oasis class. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking from us, lol. That’s what I was thinking about with Independence not coming. That being said RCL seemed to be the only ones reducing their presence in the UK, a lot of cruise lines seem to be sending more ships/bigger ones here. See P&O, Princess, MSC for example. I guess we will have to wait and see, but I can see there being quite a few deployment changes over the coming years.
  5. I’m not too sure why, she just seems to be the favourite ship for a lot of Brits! I have no doubt she will be back to the UK at some point - don’t know when though! I suppose if Anthem was here long enough people might feel the same about her. If I was to guess another ship that would be coming to the UK if Anthem couldn’t be here I would probably guess at Independence.
  6. Possibly, I suppose if Liberty is doing Caribbean runs (to CocoCay)then Independence could be moved back across. I forgot that a lot of the UK community wouldn’t be happy if they brought Liberty instead of Indy haha
  7. I'm trying to plan a trip and can't find a deck plan that includes locations of these staff rooms - I know how frustrating it can be to be awakened at 3am to discover the staff doing loads of bedding across from your room. Is there any site that shows this detail?? All I can find is an occasional break, shown as a white space, between cabins but there can't possibly be THAT many laundry rooms per deck. thanks!
  8. How many formal nights do the 5 night Western Caribbean Independence of the Seas sailing have for the February 3, 2020 sailing? Do they serve lobster on the formal night? This is my first 5 night cruise, as I have always sailed 7+ on Royal. Thanks
  9. We're looking at a five-night cruise on Independence of the Seas next spring. What's the trick to booking an aft facing 5D Ocean View Balcony, aft facing J3 Junior Suite or VP Panoramic Ocean View Suite? No matter which dates or stateroom categories I pick, these never show up as available, but I always read about people specifically booking these rooms. I'm sure there are several others that aren't showing up as well. I just seem to always get the typical rooms for each category. I've tried *****, cruisesonly.com and Royal Caribbean's website. There must be some secret I'm missing. Thanks!
  10. I have a cruise set on Independence in September (hopefully it goes) and Explorer in March. When I tried to set up MyTime Dining reservations for both, the earliest times I could was 730p, and ending at 930p. Is this the new normal, as it used to start by 6p (I believe)? I assume you can still walk up and wait in line, or has the times changed? Thanks
  11. Just got notification that our cruise has been cancelled due to a 'charter', whatever that means. We are going Oct 17 instead, same itinerary. Has anyone else had this happen, and what exactly does it mean? Thanks.
  12. Hello. I have 80 sailings on Carnival, but zero on RCL. I'm looking at an RCL cruise this spring on the Independence. I recently read on here that it had the night club removed during the retrofit, and it was likely because 'nobody was ever in it.' I also read that finding space in any of the bars and lounges is difficult, even more so after the retrofit and removal of amenities in favor of more cabins. Can anyone give some feedback on this? Also, 'the nightclub was always empty' does not sound good. I'm used to ship passengers staying up until 2-4 AM, half in the casino and bar, and half in the club. What is the crowd like on Independence 4 or 5 day? Is it all couples and/or people that go to bed by 10? Or will there be a party crowd? Thanks to any who respond. Your input is appreciated.
  13. For the kids I would expect a big disappointment, for you not so much. We did a Oasis TA, then A Allure TA, then 7 nights on Oasis. We then booked a 15 night westbound TA on Independence as we found a great deal. Had second thoughts for the next 6 months thinking Indy would be way too small, Indy is 154000 tons and Symphony is 228000. Indy has far fewer shows and specialty restaurants. Once we made final payment I was sure we made a mistake, only reason for Indy was my wife wanted a week in the UK. Left Southampton on a rainy afternoon. Next day was warm sunny and glasslike crossing the Bay of Biscay. Next 14 days were fantastic. Never without something to do. Our roll call had things set up for almost every day. Every night in the DL with a group of friends we made on night one. Still prefer the Oasis class and I am hoping our Allure TA in Oct. is a go.
  14. Here's a different slant. In order to get approval/funding for port expansion terminals in say Ft Lauderdale and Miami, they needed to agree to more passenger port days .... more port traffic = more port fees for the cities involved Get it? So, Navigator, Independence, and Mariner, to name a few, have shifted from longer cruises to 3 and 4 day cruises to ... guess where, their private, close-by island. Almost doubling port fees for the govt. It is all about money.... but virus caught the world off guard. Anyway..... stay safe!
  15. Just booked Independence of the Seas for mid April. We have been loyal to royal for many years but have never done a back to back and we are wondering what is involved. We will stay in the same cabin so we will not have to switch cabins or worry about moving luggage. Thanks in advance for any info!
  16. We have done 1 Chef's table on Independence and I thought it was well worth the money. My wife is allergic to sea food and they made several substitutions for her. It was on the 15 night from Southampton, several times throughout the cruise there was someone offering Chef's table at a discount. happy cruising
  17. Hi, Currently on the Independence of the Seas and need to stay connected to the kids and work (unfortunately). Here is my experience so far: Paid for one connection but am sharing it with 5 devices (iPhone, MacBook, Samsung Tab, S9, and Windows laptop). I can return the TP-Link AC750 Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router (TL-WR902AC) to Amazon. VPNs are blocked overall (NordVPN, mine of choice) in fact any web pages that mention VPN are blocked also Even when using "obfuscated mode" to circumvent blocking they still blocked NordVPN Using another VPN from a well-known network is working fine ( I can mention the name if needed after we get off the boat) Windows 10 hotspot does work well except it likes to timeout when no clients are connected It seems there is no way to disable the timeout only to lengthen it Verizon wifi calling is terrible with the S9 even with changing the network settings to prefer wifi it still wanted to use cellular putting the phone in airplane mode and then turning on wifi gave me the dreaded "Unable to make calls in Airplane mode. To allow calls, Airplane mode will be turned off." a reboot of the phone and turning off and on the wifi (on the phone) enabled it to be able to make calls even with wifi on some calls don't go through and I have reboot the S9 again like I'm using Windows 3.1 - iPhone wifi calling is also terrible in this setup Lastly the call quality was like before Sprint made the pin drop in 87 (horrible) with intermittent dropouts, i.e. people not hearing me. This is with both the Verizon S9 and the AT&T iPhone. Next test is to try Whatsapp and Viber to see if they can do any better in this setup. My connection speeds are 2M down/ 1.25M up consistently. (I am toying with the idea of purchasing a second connection to get 4M down) This post is to help people like me that need to be able to work on the cruise and harass their landlubber kids but want to save the Wifi charges for the suite charge or drink package instead. Ask me anything!
  18. Is ice skating still available on independence of the seas?
  19. We were sailing with our adult children in 3 cabins on Independence on March 16. We received an automated phone call on March 13 at 4:00 PM telling us our cruise was cancelled. Later, at 7:21 PM we received an email notice of the cancellation. It told us we could take the 125% FCC. It also said, "Please know, if you pre-purchased any amenities and packages, like internet, beverage, dining, or RoyalUp Upgrade, those will be automatically refunded." It doesn't mention port charges and taxes at all. So far, we have received our FCC's. I was patient but it is wearing thin. I spent over $2000 on Cruise Planner items since my son was planning to propose. I did contact Royal Caribbean as their email suggested if I had any questions but I was told that I had to contact my TA so I sent an email today. Has anyone who chose 125% FCC's received a refund of port charges and taxes? Has anyone who chose 125% FCC's gotten their Cruise Planner money refunded yet?
  20. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/freedom-of-the-seas-358/member-3/58779/ https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/1634760-independance-of-the-seas-cabin-7506/ Google is your friend. (and Liberty, Freedom and Independence will look the same for this cabin, layout-wise)
  21. I am looking at the Deck plans for the Indy and do not see Cafe Promenade. Is it gone? If so, is there somewhere else on board to get specialty coffees and somewhere for light snacks other than Sorrento's late night? Thank you.
  22. Just a few questions: 1. Can you purchase a drink package while on the ship? 2. What is the average charge for an alcoholic beverage.. i.e. beer, Martini, etc.? If anyone has a list of these, it would be appreciated. 3. The All inclusive Dinner package they offer for $95.: does it included all the restaurants and eating establishments on the ship? 4. Can you still take a bottle of wine per person in your carryon? 5. Since the re-fitting of this ship, do the showers have a door? Any help would be appreciated.....
  23. They don’t have to move anything there. Look at what they did with moving Independence to FL from SOU in summer 20. They said they didn’t want to redeploy another ship to disturb itineraries on another ship. Was Allure due to sail from Galveston in summer 22 aswell??
  24. I am going on my 40th birthday cruise in March and I wanted to ask if Izumi was worth the price. I have been on 4 previous cruises but never to Izumi, but love the Hibachi experience. On Independence, do they have the hibachi or just the flat rock experience and do you think it is worth the price? $45/pp out of the gate plus extra for sushi purchases? Any help/prior experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  25. I realize they are different classes, but curious how similar (or different) are these two ships?
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