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  1. Which ship would you book, and why? They have similar 4 day itineraries. Indy edges Navigator for me because it stops at Coco Cay first, and is at sea on the last day. Indy sails out of Orlando, Navigator out of Fort Lauderdale.
  2. Good Afternoon everyone! I was just wondering if anyone knows if there are any perks on the cruise for being in a Grand Suite on Independence of the Seas? I can't seem to find out what is included in the booking for a 2-bedroom Grand Suite besides a second bedroom, second bathroom, a living area, and a larger balcony. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks up front!
  3. Noticing the summer Independence sailings that are 8 nights have most categories closed? Anyone have an detail? I wonder if this has to do with the 7 night maximum rule?
  4. Just happened to turn on the webcam in time to find Independence arriving in St. Maarten today, where it seems she has been a fair amount lately. The first few times I've seen the ship on the webcam I assumed it was just getting refueled or new provisions, but the frequency of the visits the last few weeks seems too much for either of those. Does anyone know why the ship is there so (relatively) much? And that brought up another question. With all these ships that are mostly just sailing or anchored except for occasional returns to port for food for fuel, are the captains going t
  5. Good Morning everyone, I have my first Royal cruise booked for September of this year on Independence of the Seas. A few weeks ago I saw the Deluxe Beverage Package was $45 a day. I stupidly didn't jump on it then and now it's $65 a day. If I book now and then the price drops, can I call and rebook with the new price or am I locked in? Also, does anyone have experience with The Key on Independence? Seems pretty interesting especially since I was planning to get Voom anyways. If anyone has any tips or tricks, drink recommendations, etc for Independence or what you
  6. Hi, I tried to search but can’t find my answer. On the independence of the seas if rooms are adjoining can the divider between the balconies be opened? Specially cabins 7408 and 7410. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. We are new to RCL. Wondering about OV cabin fwd deck 7. Independence of the Sea cabin 7506 Does it have 2 OV windows? Any pictures to share? Pros/cons? Thanks!
  8. We're on Independence right now, and were late (about half an hour) leaving Nassau. They made some sort of announcement, but we couldn't here it. We saw an ambulance, and somebody being taken away on it. Does anyone know what's happening?
  9. Does anyone have a review or pics of this room?
  10. I have a business associate that disembarked the Independence of the Seas in Ft Lauderdale today from an annual rock band charter and was going on the MSC Armonia out of Miami. As I understand, the Independence of the Seas was denied entry into Grand Cayman earlier in the week due to an unspecified medical emergency evacuation. A crew member, who was NOT speaking for the cruiseline and may not have been informed, told my business associate's wife that it was a confirmed case of CV, (or "suspected" CV- "suspected" are my words). After stating on the MSC questionnaire that he h
  11. So for about the same price I am looking at. Independence - 5 Night with CocoCay, Cruising, Labadee, Cruising Mariner - 4 Night with CocoCay, Nassau, CocoCay I did CocoCay last summer and loved it. Is it worth going to Labadee and having the extra night. How do the ships compare? On Harmony we loved Jamie's, but on Independence they have Giovanni's.
  12. Hello everyone! My name is Amanda and I will be travelling with my husband on Independence of the Seas out of Ft Lauderdale! We will be flying down from Cleveland, Ohio on Friday. In the next week before we leave I will share some of our plans for during the vacay, then reviewing as it happens! This first picture shows where we got engaged on Brilliance of the Seas back in 2015. We were back on her again in Jan of 2019 and took this pic! This will be our fifth cruise on Royal, first time on Freedom Class. We are slowly working our way up to the bigger ships. We've bee
  13. Hey All, Any tips on Balcony room location or floor, CAT 2D. Looks like I can choose 6, 7, 8. Haven't sailed on RCCL in 19 years. Thanks,
  14. Hi All, I haven't been on RCCL in a long time, since 2000 on Explorer of the Seas. Looking at a cheap Independence of the Seas cruise and had a few questions. I normally book inside, and or oceanview. What's the biggest bang for the buck. I'm seeing 160sqft rooms mostly, which is Tiny, I know Carnival has like 185-190. It's a big difference as NCL has the same 160sqft which I wasn't fond of, especially with no window. Any suggestions? Has anyone been on this ship recently? How are the activities for an 8 year old active boy? He loves ropes courses
  15. Tried to search but didn't find much on this. My family and I are staying in the Royal Suite in May and I was looking for people's experiences on this room. We have been in suites on Oasis Class ships and know there are different perks then other ships. What interests me is being escorted on the ship. Do they take us from the waiting area of the terminal just take to the gangway or directly to our room or dining venue (we will be arriving at the terminal around 10:30)? There is no free wifi correct? (Kind of a bummer and don't understand why). Did you feel like you got even more person
  16. I apologize for asking questions that probably have been answered but I have not figured out how to do a search, I used to be able to type in my questions and I would have plenty of answers, now I seem to get a bunch of threads not relevant. We will be sailing on the independence out of Fort Lauderdale and would like to know how the boarding is handled. We are a group of 24, ages 11 to 79, only 2 have cruised Royal before, in case that makes a difference. We like to board early, and our hotel shuttles start at 9, will we be able to board that early? Do they tell you a time to b
  17. Hello everyone and welcome to another "live" Review. This Review is going to a very "fun" one because of this little backstory. So I was one day looking around on RCI webpage and I wanted to do a quick cruise over the weekend and I happen to find a ok deal on Indy for a four night weekend cruise to the Caribbean. Well in that time I desired to hold off on booking this cruise until my cruise in harmony in September. Well when I was one the ship the price went down about $1,000 USD Dollars for a grand suite. So I said to my self. Why not go ahead and splurge on a grand suite. So I did. Here is
  18. This may just be wishful thinking/daydreaming but I am thinking about a 3 night solo cruise and I am deciding between Independence, Navigator, or Mariner. Same itinerary, flights cost about the same, price difference on the cruise is negligible, so the only real difference is the ship. I am sort of ruling out Mariner because it is farther from the airport but if it is somehow overwhelmingly a better choice... I will consider it. I probably won't leave the ship in Nassau but will explore Coco Cay. Anyone care to weigh in? Or should I pin pictures of the ships to the dart board and
  19. Hi! We leave soon on Indy. My husband is a bigger guy (6’1”, 400lbs). He’s worried about fitting in the chairs at the show, dinner, etc. Anyone else have experience with this and willing to share your experience? thanks in advance!
  20. Is it me or does the Anthem of the seas pool deck seem smaller than Independence of the seas?
  21. I'm trying to plan a trip and can't find a deck plan that includes locations of these staff rooms - I know how frustrating it can be to be awakened at 3am to discover the staff doing loads of bedding across from your room. Is there any site that shows this detail?? All I can find is an occasional break, shown as a white space, between cabins but there can't possibly be THAT many laundry rooms per deck. thanks!
  22. How many formal nights do the 5 night Western Caribbean Independence of the Seas sailing have for the February 3, 2020 sailing? Do they serve lobster on the formal night? This is my first 5 night cruise, as I have always sailed 7+ on Royal. Thanks
  23. Hello. I have 80 sailings on Carnival, but zero on RCL. I'm looking at an RCL cruise this spring on the Independence. I recently read on here that it had the night club removed during the retrofit, and it was likely because 'nobody was ever in it.' I also read that finding space in any of the bars and lounges is difficult, even more so after the retrofit and removal of amenities in favor of more cabins. Can anyone give some feedback on this? Also, 'the nightclub was always empty' does not sound good. I'm used to ship passengers staying up until 2-4 AM, half in the casino and bar, and
  24. Just got notification that our cruise has been cancelled due to a 'charter', whatever that means. We are going Oct 17 instead, same itinerary. Has anyone else had this happen, and what exactly does it mean? Thanks.
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