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  1. I understand these 2 BR grand suites located in the aft of the ship were previously one larger suite (Presidential maybe)? My question is because these suites are essentially one very large suite split into two large suites, is there an advantage of one side vs the other? From what I can tell on Youtube, aside from the differences in the layout (for example, where the master is located), the two cabins on each aft seem similar. The only exception is looking at the balconies for 6416 and 6716 where the port side cabin has a bar, and the starboard side cabin has a hottub left over from the one huge balcony for when the two were one large cabin.
  2. https://help.royalcaribbean.co.uk/hc/en-gb/sections/360004499552-Independence-of-the-Seas-2020-changes-to-sailings I've just spotted this on one of the UK TA sites and have found this on the RCL UK site. Looks like only Anthem will be sailing from Southampton next year. Sorry if it's already been posted but couldn't see anything on here.
  3. we are going on Indy at the end of August. I have some questions if anyone knows the answers.  Do they take take away your belongings from the suite deck loungers if you’re in the pool more than 30 mins or away for more than 30 mins ? I know they do with the normal chairs round the pool. is ice cream self serve or is someone there making them ? royal suite - does anyone know how many the hot tub on the balcony will hold ? and also is the sofa bed comfy ? My kids will be sleeping in there. It looks grubby in some pictures and not in others. Any ideas ?  Does anyone have the past 2019 cruise compass for Southampton to Spain and France ? Many thanks
  4. We are sailing on the Allure in December. We have a nice balcony ocean cabin picked out. I have been reading a lot of negative reviews lately that the Allure is starting to get a bit run down as well as experience engine issues. We already got a letter saying our itinerary was changed because of this. We have also heard many negative things about the crowds and organization on the board. Has anyone sailed on the Allure recently and can maybe clarify some of these points ? We have chosen the main dining room early seating so I hope it’s the best choice. I heard anytime dining can be a mess. Thanks so much! We have cruised Carnival, Princess and once on the Independence and always had a good time.
  5. ADVENTURE: Chris Brown as of 7-5-19 #1267 ALLURE: Mike Hunnerup as of 8-11-19 #1371 ANTHEM: Mitch Merucci #1368 to January 5, 2020 BRILLIANCE: Rob McNally #1169 EMPRESS: Cece Del Razo through 9/7 when Elvis Pinto returns from vacation #1273 ENCHANTMENT: Bobby Broughton. Will join Liberty April 2020. #1277 EXPLORER: Clo O'Connor 7-21 for full contract #1280 FREEDOM: Cory Rogers for 30 days to take ship to Cadiz for drydock any update here? GRANDEUR: John Blair August 8 until November 30 #1194 HARMONY: Dennis Charles as of 7-7 #1248, for 2 months, Marc Walker (back on 9-29 #1097) INDEPENDENCE: Cuddy Cudsworth as of June 11 for 4 months #1151 JEWEL: Andrea Oliviri returns March 13 #878 any change? LIBERTY: Jeff Arpin as of 8-18, Brian Leavitt returns October 13 #1365 MARINER: Marcelo Alvarado #1192, Gemma Stubs will be on 9-16 #1327 MAJESTY: Tornado Tanya Yates Tongue as of 6-24 #1234 NAVIGATOR: Cory Rogers coming aboard August 9 ish #1278 OASIS: Mike Whitte as of May 12. #1201, any change? OVATION: Joff Eaton as of 6-21 #1217 QUANTUM: Paul Rutter any change? RADIANCE: Mark Rous as of mid July #1301 RHAPSODY: Michele Scarpato #1109 SERENADE: David Bradshawe #1086 SPECTRUM: Fang Lixin as of June 13 #1213 SYMPHONY: Ricky Matthews #1123, Mark Walker back 9-29 #1297 VISION: Steve Davis as of May 6 #1147, any change here? VOYAGER: Michelle Oliveria #1141
  6. I didn't see this topic posted, so apologize if this is a duplicate. I received an email this morning letting me know that the cruise I'm booked on has now been chartered. We were on the January 16th sailing to Grand Cayman and Coco Cay out of Fort Lauderdale. They did give me options, but nothing with Coco Cay, which is why we booked that one in the first place. Still, we chose one of the options that was price protected and will stop in Grand Cayman and Cozumel instead. Bummer, but we had such a deal and not a lot of flexibility on dates, and Cozumel is fun. I did a quick search and here's what the charter is. http://www.capitaljazz.com/supercruise/2021/
  7. Hi All, Firstly - please remember what your mother hopefully told you ...if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything 🙂 We have just come back from a 3 day cruise on Independence, which we were not sure we would enjoy as thought it might be too short - but we loved it. Fab staff and a really nice atmosphere. Very pleased we squeezed in this short break. However, we have a specific credit card we use to pay our onboard account which does not charge a conversion fee for charges made in a currency other that UK pounds. Every time I complete the info I carefully ensure I do NOT tick the box which permits RCI to convert the charges. I also take a photo of that page, as I have found they have a tendency to ignore the instruction and convert it from $'s to £'s, obviously applying their 3% charge. Usually we make a point of going to guest services to check it will be billed in USD, but we found there was always a massive queue at GS's, so didn't check as they have managed to get it right the last 3 cruises, so thought they had started using an infallible process to follow the express instructions during check in. On this cruise I took the photo of the page as usual, but yep you guessed it....they have billed in UK £'s and charged the 3%. Annoyingly, our charges were quite high as I took out cash at the casino tables (I'm Prime, so no fee charged), and we never pay our gratuities in advance, we prefer they are charged each day and so we pay at the end of the cruise. So we have been ripped off to the tune of about $60. I know its only a small amount and I won't let it overshadow the cruise obviously, but its the blinking principle!! I know its too late to correct this now as we are off the ship, but my question is; do you think the Concierge has access to a guests charging info and so in future instead of queuing at Guest Services we could ask him / her to check? It is SO irritating that we are obliged to wait in line to check they are following our instructions. Thanks in advance for your helpful comments 🙂
  8. I got my final statement this morning at the end of our 3 day cruise with independence of the seas and noticed there was 3 separate bills for champagne and martini totalling $64.50 but we never drink champagne and certainly didn’t order these!! I didn’t actially get my final statement till 8.10am and was due off ship at 8.20 so couldn’t go to customer services as the queue for that was massive (maybe they had extra charges too). Anyway can anyone assist me in what I need to do to get those charges dropped. Thank you for any assistance
  9. Hi I was wonder if ID still has a free sauna/ steamer and gym thank you
  10. 08000182020 if you phone from the UK. As you have to sign for everything on Independence this should be easy to rectify. Good luck. Graham.
  11. The app is available for Independence of the Seas. Perhaps the feature to view your account was available there so you can check your account regularly.
  12. Hi all We’ve been on the Independence of the Seas now for 6 days of a 14 night Western Mediterranean cruise. I thought that I would offer my impression of the cruise so far. We have cruised RCCL and Celebrity many time before but unfortunately, due to illness, we have not been able to cruise for the last three years. Ok, so embarkation was a breeze. I was concerned about this because we had about 70kg of medical supplies as well as luggage to get onto the ship. After much liaising with RCCL Special Services we were met outside the terminal in Southampton by a porter who unloaded the luggage from the car and took it straight to our stateroom. The time was 10.10am. I then parked the car and went to check in. I had completed our set sail passes online and had expedited check in which was a breeze. A quick scan of the Royal app on our phones, a few questions and straight through security and into the lounge to wait for boarding to commence. By 10.35am we were in the Schooner Bar. Well done to all involved for such a smooth boarding process. After a quick drink in Schooner we went to Guest Relations to ask if we could make sure our medical supplies had arrived in the room. Usually you can’t go to the stateroom until 1pm but they allowed us to go early to check everything. All had been delivered so now time to relax and enjoy the next 14 nights and days. Neither Tracy or myself are big drinkers but the drink package was included in our cruise fare, I won’t say it was free because we all know that you get nothing for free. The first evening of the cruise was crowded. Two things stood out, after the late seating dinner had finished you could not get a seat in any of the bars, and there was a distinct lack of bar servers. This may be because there is the impression that the Brits will go to the bar if they want a drink, which I suppose is not wrong, but if you are trying to encourage people to go to the bar for there drinks it might be a good idea to remove the seating from around the bar so people can get to it. Personally, I prefer to be served my drink when I am on a cruise so maybe I’m not a ‘typical Brit’. The other thing that we discovered was that our stateroom was directly over the Pub!!!! This is by no means a criticism of Royal Caribbean, I should have done my research first. Let’s just say that if you don’t anticipate being out until around 12.30am then try to avoid the rooms over the Pub. The second day was the first sea day and as the ship was crossing the Bay of Biscay it wasn’t really outside pool/Sunbathing weather. Everyone was inside. Once again the bars were full and finding a seat was difficult. Not only that but there was a distinct lack of drink menus in any of the bars. There are now drinks men’s on most tables but the bar servers are still missing. Perhaps they abandoned ship before the started its season in Southampton knowing what some Brits are like with tipping!!! We’re going to dinner now, I’ll update tomorrow. Any questions? Ask away.
  13. This is our first cruise on one of the biggie ships and the first with our grandchildren There are so many activities and I know that not everything is included ( I wonder if I can keep the arcade a sectet ? ) Is the lazer tag a charge ? How about the trampoline? This is the first time we have had to worry about kids, it is usually all about which drink card to get lol Thanks for your help Kris
  14. It is harder to find sauna/steam info---it usually isn't marked on the deck plans or on the info for the ship (although sometimes the paid thermal suite is marketed by the cruise line). We purchase a refundable rate so that if a ship had a sauna but got rid of it then we have options. As Bob says, it is hard to tell what will happen with future dry docks. Also, web searches are challenging when some have had them in the past but no longer do.... From the other board I mentioned, combined with other research (someone please correct any errors!) Still free steam and sauna as of now, but dry docks are coming for some of these: Adventure of the sea Brilliance of the Seas Explorer of the Seas Freedom of the Seas Grandeur fo the Seas Independence of the Seas Jewel of the Seas Mariner of the Seas Radiance of the Seas Rhapsody of the Seas Vision of the Seas Questionable Voyager of the Seas (dry dock soon) No sauna: Enchantment of the Seas (removed a while back) Navigator of the Seas (only a steam for those who booked treatments) Splendor (only a complimentary steam) We are wiling to pay for the sauna so I'm most interested in which boat have no sauna at all.
  15. Serenade Anthem Jewel dislike Independence I don't really dislike any of the others and have been on most classes........
  16. my favorite-- any oasis class ship don't have a least favorite. DW and I have only been on the Freedom of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Independence of the Seas, and Harmony of the Seas. I love all of them.
  17. Some depend on location, and if they activate O3b Independence- Jan, 2019 Caribbean Independence - July, 2019 Mediterranean from Southampton Grandeur - April, 2019 Bermuda
  18. This is my order so far. Love them all, but last two were a long time ago, so almost not fair to rate. Symphony Allure Independence Navigator Mariner Voyager Grandeur
  19. We had the best overall experience and service on the independence. Freedom had issues on our particular sailing but it has some great southern itineraries (I'm a huge fan of the ABC islands).
  20. I just checked and my Adventure Dec 19 is $48. (just bought it), Radiance May 20 is $52 (still waiting.) Allure Dec 20 is $65 (definitely waiting) and Independence April 21 is not listing drink pkg. prices yet (forced to wait 🙂)
  21. We are on Explorer in 5 weeks so out of curiosity I will take my card from Independence on May 28th and try it. If it works I will let the concierge know.
  22. I agree and also think it is a good idea to stop gatecrashers to the DL. In May we only popped into the DL on the first night on Independence and showed our cards but they were not swiped for drinks.
  23. Freedom Class for us too, Liberty, Independence and Freedom. Also want to go on the Mariner and Navigator after their amplification. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  24. On our latest cruise on Independence we had 3 RC excursions cancelled whilst on board (one with less than 24 hours notice). Last year we had 2 cancelled, before that , none. Is this a new trend or have we just been unfortunate?
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