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Found 127 results

  1. Can anyone who has been on Indy lately tell me if the water slides are appropriate for children (5 1/2 years old) or are they too fast? Thanks!
  2. Anybody know who the Concierge will be in the Suites lounge on D14. When we were on last year it was Mihee. She was good and welcomed us with a big hug as she had taken over from Jackie.
  3. If anybody is interested, I am attaching the 5 night (12/10/18) Independence compasses. It is the Costa Maya, Cozumel itinerary. Indy.pdf
  4. Hi, I would like to know how the Sauna and Steam Room set-up on the Independence. When we were on her last time, these were accessible free of charge. Is this still the case after the re-fit or have they gone the the system on the Oasis Class ships where you have to pay? Thanks for the information.
  5. Does anyone who has been on the Independence recently know what time the main seating dining starts and what time does the Diamond lounge open for drinks...thanks....
  6. Hi all, We will be sailing in March on Independence of the Seas in cabin 9640 which is the center hump balcony cabin on the port side. Anyone have any thoughts they can share about this cabin? I think Liberty and Freedom of the Seas are the same class of ship for anyone who has sailed on her sister ships. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know if the Independence has a by one get one Chops deal on the first night of a 5 night Caribbean cruise??? We sail 4/29/19...thanks..we are Pinnacle if that makes any difference.....
  8. Just got an e-mail from RCCL. Seems our USCG wants to conduct a "routine inspection" . They adjusted boarding time to 12:00 to 3:30. Not sure what it was before. They asked that people arrive no earlier than noon now. We were reserved to check in 11:30 before. Do we just up that a half hour?
  9. During the May 2018 refurbishment of Independence of the Seas 6 staterooms were added to Deck 11. These were carved out from part of the Spa area I believe. I am booking junior suite 1106 and would like information about this cabin or the other two junior suites beside it and cannot find anything about it online. Has anybody here been in one of these deck 11 junior suites or seen any info or videos online about them?
  10. Looking at booking a 4 day cruise with DH end of the year. We're looking at either Independence, Brilliance or I won't (yet) dismiss Majesty. Looking at Thurs departure so we're a bit limited. Independence is 4 night out of FLL and stops at Cozumel. We actually did this same cruise last December. We can get a balcony room for a decent price. Brilliance is 4 night out of Tampa and stops at Cozumel. We've never been on this ship (or Radiance class). The downside is that an ocean view on this cruise costs what a balcony costs on Independence. (And likewise, a balcony on this cruise costs what a Junior Suite costs on Indy). Also it leaves the week before Christmas so not sure if that impacts flights in a positive or negative way. Majesty is a 5 night cruise out of FLL and stops at Cozumel and Costa Maya. No balcony rooms so we'd either book an ocean view (which is tiny) or a Junior Suite is a bit more than we want to pay for a short (bonus) cruise. I'm hesitant on this ship since it's so small. I know it's a bit subjective, but thoughts?
  11. I'm torn between the Brilliance, which does a 4 night out of Tampa, and a 5 night on the Independence. We live in NY, so plan to fly in the day before. Therefore, the 4 night actually works better as we don't want to be gone too long from the kids. But the Brillance looks kind of old and boring. I looked at pictures on cruise critic and the ship seems very dated. The Independence looks much more updated with cool features like the ice show, laser tag, and cantilevered hot tubs. My husband and I are looking for a short cruise in January while my in-laws watch our 2 year old twins. We have about 10 cruises under our belt. We have mainly cruised celebrity and love the S-class ships, but have done rccl (Serenade of the seas), princess (Grand), NCL (Breakway), and Carnival (Valor). We are looking to try something new! I tend to be disappointed with older ships (Grand Princess two years ago was a little disappointing). I love a special feature on a ship, such as the lawn on the celebrity ships, or the dueling pianos and improv club on NCL. Specialty restaurants are not important to us, as we typically find the included food to be fine (except on NCL). Does Independence feel more updated? Is the Brillance really as old as it looks in the pictures? Any cruise is a good cruise, but I'm really torn about this decision. The Brillance cruise works better for us, I'm just worried that there seems to be nothing exciting about the ship and I will be disappointed. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  12. Does anyone happen to have copies of the 4 day recent daily activities papers?
  13. Hi everyone! My first cruise in 12 years...crazy! Going on a spring break cruise with my 13 year old- her first time. I had a few questions for the regulars: we are booked in a JS on deck 9- I was reading last night that this is directly under a cantilevered hot tub...is this a bad thing? What to do in Coco Cay? I’m assuming water park won’t be open yet? Was thinking of renting a cabana or beach spot for some much needed sun..how does food and drink work on the beach there? Flying into FLL very early...my docs say arrive noon. I figured we would have breakfast at the airport and then head over to the port. Should I arrange private ground transportation or is uber at FLL a fine way to go? Does anyone have a transportation company they recommend? i guess I last cruised prior to the ultra digital age...I saw luggage tags I could print out with my docs...I guess I just tape that flat on our luggage?? thank you!
  14. Anyone know what make of pods the machines take in the suites on the Brilliance and Independence so I can take my own, I drink a lot of coffee. I've tried and tried but can't find the information anywhere, thanks.
  15. Hi, Has anyone any experience staying in a Grand Suite on deck 10 on the Indpendance OTS? We are wondering about any noise disturbance etc from deck 11. thanks
  16. Hi everyone! I am looking for some input on your FAVORITE Junior Suites or Grand Suites on Independence of the Seas? My BF (C&A Diamond status) and I are looking to plan a short 4 night cruise (destination TBD) in late 2020 or early 2021. Balcony is really what is most important to us as we enjoy spending out there relaxing, reading, drinking our morning coffee or pre-dinner cocktails. Trying to decide on which Junior Suite or Grand Suite might work best for us. We plan on booking pretty far out and from what I am seeing, the cost difference between the JS and GS isn't that obscene on some of the itineraries. For a 4 night cruise, some of the perks of the GS (cocktail hour) may help minimize our bar tab -vs- if we chose going the JS route. We don't do a drink package, but do enjoy our cocktails! Our preferences: Cabin location; AFT/MID/FWD are all up for consideration Balcony SIZE & some SUN is priority Unobstructed view is preferred We typically take the STAIRS to move between floors (our rationalization for dessert!) No physical limitations, so proximity to elevators is NOT a concern I've seen other threads for other ships with folks weighing in on their favorite JS and GS suites, so I am looking for help here narrowing down room selections. Would appreciate any insight and also any photos of your balconies on Independence to help with our booking decisions! Thanks in advance 🙂
  17. Will be on the Indy Sept 11 in Cádiz. Does anyone know if the Indy will offer a transfer to Seville without doing one of their shore excursions? Many thanks, Roseanna
  18. We just got off Independence of the Seas and I just wanted to say wonderful things about our experience at Izumi! We're vegan but can always find things to survive on while onboard. I even had heard Indy is one of the RCCL ships with the vegan menu in the main dining room and was excited to find out and try it BUT we never made it to the MDR 🙂 We were travelling with son and his GF (22 & 21) and we just never made it to the MDR and often just did the WJ or had eaten lunch late so snacked. One night husband and I were hungry but not up for the WJ so we asked at Izumi if we could just do sushi a la carte. They seated us at the sushi bar and we asked if they could do vegan sushi for us - we've usually found when travelling that chefs are happy to do this and love to get creative. Orlando ROCKED - he made us a ton of food and we were shocked it only came to $12 before tip (sushi was $6 per person for veggie sushi). We also loved the edamame though I would have eaten another bowl if that was also on the menu. We raved about it so much we came back 2 nights later with son and his GF (they had seen the picture I took from night one and wanted to try it too and they are not vegan) - that time the bar was full but they didn't have any more reservations for the hibachi stations so sat us at one and Orlando went even above what he did before! We tipped generously both nights and told him how much we loved it. My son couldn't believe they didn't have this sushi on the menu. Here are the pics I took - this is 2 orders on one plate as my husband and I happily let him put it all on one plate!
  19. Hi we're going on a 3 night cruise the end of August sailing from Southampton to bridges and France, taking grandson whose 17 would he be allowed a alcohol drink in the restaurants? What drinks can we take on to the ship? Like wine, beer soft drinks. Anyone know any prices of onboard drinks, glass wine, coke/pepsi , pint larger? Thanks
  20. What are the operating hours of the basketball court? My 11 year old & I get up pretty early in the morning, as early as 5am, and would like to take advantage of the courts early to avoid crowds.
  21. Hi, we were able to get one of the forward balconies on our upcoming transatlantic sailing on the independence of the seas. I know the cabin might be a bit more rocky, but we wanted it for the forward and sideways view on the ocean. Since there is no longer the noise problem with the fitness area above, we felt lucky to get 1230 Now I have some questions that previous cruisers in these cabins will be able to answer: - can the bridge crew look right into the balcony from their outside bridge stand? - is there a way to fix a hammock on the railing around the balcony? - is the balcony smaller or lager or the same as the balconies on deck 10? Any picture or opinion of the cabin / balcony would greatly be appreciated. Thank you for your help
  22. DW and I have cruised twice, both times on Anthem in the past 18 months. We're sailing on Independence of the Seas in February 2019 and I have a few questions: Our set-sail time on both of the Anthem cruises was 3:00 pm, and the cabins were ready by 1:00. Our cruise on Independence has a set-sail time of 4:30 pm. Does this mean the cabins won't be ready until 2:30, or will they be ready earlier? Will the Royal IQ app work on Independence? Is there a charge for the Escape room? Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide any answers.
  23. I have been searching for answers to a few questions that are turning up either no answer or conflicting answers. Can anyone who has been on independence recently tell me: 1) Are there ice skates for toddlers? (My girls wear toddler size 6. They are just turning 3 years old. So, pretty tiny feet.) I’ve heard mixed reports on this. 2) If two people want to do the Observatorium (escape room), will we be forced to share the time with other groups, or are we able to reserve the room for just the two of us? (I assume this depends on demand, but i was surprised I couldn’t find a discussion on this anywhere.) 3) I’ve only been on smaller ships, never one of this size. I hear they don’t rock and sway as much. My husband gets motion sickness and my girls have shown signs of it too. Should we bring Dramamine or sea bands or is that unnecessary on indy? Thanks in advance!
  24. If anyone is interested, I'll post a review of this cruise. Only because I had a lot of the questions I'm answering here and searched in vain for these topics prior to the cruise. I realize most of the people on this blog cruise all the time and are well-versed in RCCL - but I assume newcomers could benefit from the info. These are my personal opinions of this cruise only so please take it as such - I understand some may differ. Background: Experienced cruiser on different lines but not constantly. Have cruised RCCL 3 times in the last 4 years. Embarkation Southampton: Extremely fast and smooth, one of the easiest ports ever. Total time maybe 10 minutes. Ditto on Disembarkation (we carry off our own luggage). There's a nice little kiosk outside that sells breakfast sandwiches, crisps and drinks. If you are commuting from London, I highly recommend Silver Fleet transfers. They may be a bit more expensive but the personal service is well worth it. Pick up at your hotel, constant communication and super easy online booking and payment. Bay of Biscay: We had 2 sea days to get down to the Western Med from Southampton and I naively thought they would be warm pool days, especially in August. I was wrong. The passage through this part of the Atlantic is blustery, rainy, windy and sometimes even cold. The waters can be a bit rocky (but nothing requiring dramamine). You can maybe get one afternoon of sun. Perhaps this was unique weather but I don't think so. Not a big deal, and if you live in the British Isles you have no choice, but I might not have chosen this itinerary (coming from the U.S.) had I known. Once in the Med, however, everything was sunny, calm and hot. And wonderful. Shipboard Entertainment: The ice shows were nothing short of spectacular. I can't even believe a cruise line has this kind of talent. They were really phenomenal. On Independence, you can't reserve seats on the Cruise Planner ahead of the cruise. You have to stand in line on the first day (first thing in the morning) to get free tickets - which is not well publicized. I'm on vacation - so no way I'm getting up at the crack of dawn on the first day to stand in line, even if I'd known about it (which I didn't). We were kinda worried, but we appeared at show times and had no trouble getting in and getting good seats after the ticket-holders were let in. Grease was also really, really great (no tickets required for this one) and very professional. The rest of the shows were mediocre at best. The lounge bands were ok. Pulse was the best and liveliest with a varied repertoire. Vibes had a great lead singer but they looked half asleep most of the time. Refurbishment: The best refurb was the addition of the giant sports bar next to the casino. Lots of big screen TVs, open seating, bar food, games, etc. A very good change to all those old-fashioned lounge bars. We don't do flow rider, rock climbing or slides - but I thought the addition of a virtual reality trampoline ball that can hold only 3 to 4 at a time was a waste. What a long wait for so few at a time. Adding a lot of new inside cabins just compounded the crowding problem (more on that later). Adding hand-washing stations before the Windjammer was very good - they are fast and easy. A couple of RCCl staff near the stations sing and joke and play with the kids and remind you to wash (great idea). Coming Next (if you want): Food, ports of call and more
  25. Can anyone tell me when they have the laser tag court open on the 4 day western caribbean? I looked in old cruise compasses, but couldn't find out. Thanks!
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