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Found 275 results

  1. My husband and I are sailing on the Magic in December and one of our port stops is Aruba. I looked through the ship excursions and none of them jumped out at me. What would you recommend doing while we're there? This is my first time to Aruba.
  2. My upcoming May 2020 Magic cruise out of Miami looks like a reposition cruise for the ship. Dropping off passengers in Fort Lauderdale to end their cruise then moving to Miami were I will be boarding. Ship is not scheduled to depart Miami until 9pm. So my question is what time will i be able to board the ship? Has anyone gone threw this and know how long it takes. No sense in flying in early or getting a room for the night if i cant board until 2pm? Who wants to sit in a terminal all morning waiting on the ship.
  3. Does anyone know who it is? If they have any youtube videos or social media participation? My wife and I are sailing on the Magic in a few months and I'm just "researching" the ship and ports we are going to. thanks!
  4. Ok I've searched for this answer (didn't find it) and before I call Carnival wondering if my fellow cruisecritic members might have the answer. We are currently booked on Carnival Magic 8 days 4/25-5/3/20....I am looking to surprise DH with a B2B Carnival Magic 6 day 5/3-5/9/20 BUT our embarkation for the first leg is in Ft Lauderdale and that 2nd leg would be Miami....so my question is- would we have to debark in Ft Lauderdale and then get to the port of Miami for the second leg or would they let us stay on and then have all B2B go thru customs in Miami instead of Ft Lauderdale? Anyone ever done this?
  5. We said we weren't cruising as much this year on mass-market lines due to a couple Viking Cruises that we've booked this year and going on so many the past couple years. That's not going to well because we just got back from a super last minute cruise on the Magic in addition to being booked for the Valor in August and an RCL trip in August. Our DS got a fabulous deal on this cruise. He and his partner were Elite. He got a call from the upgrade fairy and somehow in the conversation with the casino people figured out that Hubby and I could jump on this ship for very cheap and BOTH get significant free play. So we booked less than a month out (thankfully we have lots of vacation/self-employed-ish working situation) This was our second or third time cruising out of Ft. Lauderdale. We flew in the morning of and took an Uber (or maybe Lyft) to port. We all agreed to pack light so I'm not sure others would be able to do this with 4 people and luggage but it worked for us and was economical. Our driver was super friendly and had lived in DC, Ohio and Indiana so the ride went by really fast as we had a lot of good small talk topics. We all had priority boarding either through status or the casino so it went very quickly and painlessly. I think I started slamming Blue Iguana Tacos by 11:30 which is a new record for us. We get free drinks in the casino but DS and his partner both had free cheers through the casino. As a surprise, they bought us cheers. I've only done it a couple times but it definitely made us start the party a little earlier than we normally do. Even though we are females, DS's partner and I both like beers more than our better halves so we were able to pace ourselves a little better but by 3:30, everyone was ready for a nap.
  6. About us: This was an 8 night Carnival Magic cruise out of FLL with stops in St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Grand Turk, and San Juan. We had been to all the ports previously except St. Kitts. This was DH(52) and my(52) 18th cruise, 11th on Carnival, first time on the Magic. Sailing with us on this cruise was DS(25) and DD(22). It was their 11th cruise, 7th on Carnival. My DD's friend was also supposed to sail with us but she ended up having to take summer college courses so we ended up having her as a no show in their room. I am currently waiting for a refund from Carnival for her port fees, taxes, and prepaid gratuities. Pre-Cruise: DS had to wait until the Sunday before our cruise to know if he could come or not. He had cancel for job related reasons travel insurance just in case. He is a Sports Editor for newspaper in ND and had to wait to see if a team he covers made it to their championship game or not. They lost in the semi-finals so he was able to come and celebrate his 25th birthday with us on-board. DH, DD and I drove from Michigan. DS flew in from North Dakota. We booked our cove balcony room 2338 through Casinos at Sea promotion. We also used a credit we received from our last Carnival Fantasy cruise for having missed our Progresso port stop. The kids inside room 2352 was booked through a travel agent who started the FB page we joined for this cruise. They received 2 Carnival tote bags, a bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and a cocktail party (that we accidentally missed) from their TA. I pre-booked a 12-pk of bottle water, the social media internet package, and Fire and Ice Manicures for DD and my-self. I paid for our cruises with Carnival gift cards that I purchased at a 10% discount at our local Meijer and through AARP. I gave both kids gift cards to use during the cruise for their birthday and had a $500 gift card for DH and I to use on our account. All of our gratuities were prepaid with gift cards. I do purchase travel insurance for all of our cruises. I have had to cancel 2 cruises in the past. The last being last December when my DM had a subdural hematoma and a stroke 2 weeks before a NCL Gem cruise we had booked. She is currently in assisted living with very limited use of her left side. It was very iffy for us to go on this cruise but I am glad we were all able to go. I hadn't seen my DS in 6 months and really needed this break from reality. We did get the Social Media Package so we could keep in contact with my Mom and so my son could make sure all was going smoothly with his work (he is a first time supervisor)...I totally disconnected from work so that didn't matter to me (I've learned things can be resolved without me if they try hard enough). DD, who is on college break and has not started her summer job yet, ended up using it the most keeping contact with her friend who was cat sitting for her for the first time. The day before the cruise we stayed at Quality Inn and Suites on Stirling Road. We got a deal on the rate through the kids TA booking 2 rooms, shuttle to the port and $7 per night parking during our cruise. This worked out pretty well for us and we did save some money, but I prefer staying at Embassy Suites when we are in FLL. Embarkation: We brought with us a 12 pk of diet pepsi for me, boxed almond milk for DD, and 4 allotted bottles of champagne. We had the 11:30 shuttle with a 12:30 embarkation time. We got to the port at 12:10 and walked on-board with no wait. We went to Red Frog Pub for a 1/2 price Fish Bowl that DD and I split while we ate from Guys Pig and Anchor BBQ. The Fish Bowl was good. We were not impressed with the BBQ. Rooms: View from Cove Balcony 2338. Close to elevators/Laundry. Luggage rack storage/gang plank for debarkation next door. Kids room was across and down the hall a few rooms. The kids room did not have beach towels or shower gel. Of course they didn't tell me that until the 3rd day in when we needed the towels for an excursion. I had them call their room steward who told them that they were out of shower gel, but he could bring them some bar soap, and he brought them some beach towels. For both rooms we asked for PM service so we could sleep in and not worry about interfering with their cleaning schedule. DH and I also asked for extra towels, ice, and robes. Our room steward did good until the last 3 days when we stopped getting the extra towel and when we came back from one of excursions and left the beach towels to be replaced he only replaced one and we had to ask for another one for our excursion the next day. More to come...
  7. Hello those of you who have had Cove balconies can you please give me the cabin numbers of any that are the best for being quiet with no smells and those that are to be avoided.
  8. Is there any way to check what shows will be playing on the Magic, Sept 22-28, 2019? Going with 2 other couples, so we’d like to do some advanced planning.
  9. The Magic has been pretty full for a long time now. We are thinking if taking it. Does anyone know, if there is a big group booked for this cruise? Thank you: Matt
  10. Can anyone tell me if their is a seafood shack on the Magic? If so, where is it?
  11. Which of these is least crowded/best ship? Just got off Sunrise and way too crowded. The cabin adds on Sunrise stressed her too much. Many feel the same. Thanks for addressing the choice between the three.
  12. I know the carnival magic has laundry services where you can do your own laundry. How much does it cost?
  13. Does anyone have a copy of the fun time for the Magic 8 Night Eastern Caribbean cruise? Would love to see them. Thank you in advance for your help
  14. Didn't really do things like the night clubs, so this is a more family focused review. GOOD -Waterpark was a blast and was definitely enough to entertain my 4yr old basically all day -Camp Ocean was a hit and an awesome resource to have -Loved all of our ports BAD -Not really impressed with the shows. The lead singer in them pretty much ruined it. -The one time we tried to watch a movie on the big screen it had technical difficulties -Dining room was slooooooooooooow -Chair hogs all over the place -A lot of the events that we wanted to do were at the same time as our early dining First day we just hit the water park, checked out the lido and the skysports upstairs. Son was enamored with the water park so we spent hours up there and then checked out the pools. I'm as bald as can be, so finding shade was a little difficult due to chair hogs but I always made it work. Son absolutely loved the dining room and immediately ate bread and then fell asleep. Only problem is that it routinely took 90 minutes to get all courses. We did the Seuss at Sea parade and story time, that was a big hit as well. Checked out the first of the Showtime shows. I enjoyed the sets and theatrics, but the lead singer in all of the shows was awful. I don't know how to explain it well but he overdid EVERYTHING. Instead of singing, everything was super theatrical and nasal-y over the top. First port was St Maarten. We took the orange shirt cab company to Mullet Bay Beach and then walked to Maho Beach. Maho Beach may be my new favorite place in the world and other family members liked it as well. For all of us it was something like 50 dollars of cab fares for there and back and we just took snacks from the boat so no need to pay for food. More to come, and I'd be happy to answer any questions about life on the Magic with lil kids.
  15. Can someone tell me, is the wifi on the social plan a lot slower then the other two plans?
  16. Hi everyone im booked august 17 on the magic 8 day southern carib and im in a dilemma about an available upgrade. Right now im booked in an interior room 7232 on deck 7 fwd on a casino offer for just taxes and port fees. I can upgrade to ocean vew 1448 deck 1 aft for 210$. This i a mishaped room so instead of a couch you have to chairs but its double wide and you get 2 windows that the bed faces. My only reservation is being all way deck 1 aft and 1 being away from the action and 2 any possible engine noise vibration. Ive cruised before in balconys an ovean view and an interior. Interrior was my last favorite but this years looks to be in a good location because its just a few steps away from the forward outdoor deck 7 area.
  17. I'm not sure when MAGIC moved to Ft Lauderdale. Has anyone cruised on the Magic from there and could tell me the time they arrived in port. Wondering how early you can get off the ship and to the airport.
  18. We are currently booked on the Sunrise and was suppose to be going to Cuba and Half Moon Cay. We are now trying to determine if we want to stay on our current cruise or change the another. There isn’t a big price difference between the two. Here are our options. I would love some feedback on everyone’s opinion. Current: Option 1: 5 Day Sunrise 6 Day Magic Grand Turk Grand Turk Amber Cove Amber Cove Half Moon Cay
  19. Alright I’m officially addicted 😂. Just got off the Conquest yesterday and already convinced my family to look into cruises for March/April next year. My question is out of these two ships which one should I look into actually booking more? I’m leaving out if Miami port and having already sailed the Conquest I want to try a different ship. Only other ship I’ve been on is the Dream. All opinions welcome! Thanks!
  20. For those that have visited since the hurricane, are the sightseeing tours on St. Maarten & St. Kitts worth the money? We are not much for just shopping or laying around on a beach and would like to take a driving tour around each island. It will be our first visit to these islands.
  21. Wondering what times cruisers have been getting off the Magic by using self assist? Are you back in port before the 8AM time and off the ship??
  22. Hi all Have completed check-in for magic cruise in September. On the boarding pass where it says 'boarding time' it's blank? Usually we get a time slot in there but there is nothing? Anybody know why? Thanks
  23. Almost time for our cruise! Trying to decide if it's worth doing a manicure and/or pedicure on the ship. Also, thinking of a massage as well. We are in a Cloud 9 balcony (excited about enjoying some of the spa amenities). It's not about the cost as much as the experience and results. Appreciate any comments!
  24. I am looking to book a cruise for summer of 2020. I've narrowed it down to either Magic or Horizon. Both are 8 day southern Caribbean. the ports are Aruba, curacao, la Romana and Amber Cove. The Horizon is $44 more. I've only been on carnival glory and carnival liberty. I can't decide which to choose.
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