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  1. Hi Liz thank you for your reply. I have tried to get in via Voyagers Club but cannot find web check in. Our cruise is on 26 February but do not want the Fantasia as older ship and been on Splendida. Can you possibly send a link to get into Voyagers Club to see if I can try it that way. So disappointed like you are. I hope we can get our deposit back as it is not our fault or yours. Many thanks
  2. If you log in it’s takes you to Account Settings but above that it has Plan my Cruise. Booking Details Web Check in Voyagers club we went to web check in then entered our booking number, this gave us details. We are supposed to travel with friends in March, cannot do April as we have rearranged a holiday from this year departing on the same day as the cruise. I am not happy as we got a phenomenal price for 17 days, Not looking at 7 day trips from Dubai as we did B2B in February on Bellissima Understand whatvyou say about older ship, we did Preziosa and Splendida last year Hope this helps you get into your booking, will check later to see🙂🙂
  3. Hi Liz thank you for your reply. I have tried to get in via Voyagers Club but cannot find web check in. Our cruise is on 26 February but do not want the Fantasia as older ship and been on Splendida. Can you possibly send a link to get into Voyagers Club to see if I can try it that way. So disappointed like you are. I hope we can get our deposit back as it is not our fault or yours. Many thanks
  4. The changes will be on goin it seems, The Caribbean: MSC Meraviglia will every Saturday from Miami, USA, on one of two routes: an evening experience in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Charlotte Amalie, American Virgin Islands, Nassau, Bahamas and Ocean MIAMI MSC Marine Reserve, Bahamas or Rios Rios, Jamaica, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Mexico and Ocean Islands MSC Marine Reserve. MSC Armonia's home port in Miami will offer three, four or seven night cruises in Key West, Nassau and Ocean MIAMI MSC Marine Reserve. MSC Seaside will offer three, four or seven night cruises from the brand-new port of Port Canaveral, Florida, USA, with cruise cruises in a range of destinations, including Ocean Islands MSC Marine Reserve, George Town, Grand Cayman as well as Cozumel and Nassau. Ocean Protection MSC Marine Reserve will remain a strong point of the MSC Cruises offer from Florida, with the three ships calling for private island in the Bahamas. Exclusively for MSC Cruises customers and located just 65 miles from Miami, the island is surrounded by 64 square miles of marine reserve, offering customers a unique opportunity to discover local marine life, to soak in the spirit of the culture of the Bahamas and reconnect with themselves and each other. MSC Poesia will replace MSC Splendida, to serve the South Caribbean and Antilles with the routes originally planned from Fort de France, Martinique on seven-night routes, seven destinations and 14 nights from Barbados sailing to some of the best islands the Caribbean have to offer.
  5. Both Spain and Italy have indefinite cruise ship bans, the two main Mediteranean embark/debark countries. So although the overall Covid picture is improving in Europe and tourists from other EU countries are able to return, the prospect of cruising doesn't look imminent. Rates of infection are far higher in the US so you'd imagine there is less prospect, although many restrictions have been lifted despite this so it's possible? Tbh, I wouldn't consider a cruise at any time, anywhere this year. Our Splendida sailing earlier this year only had 1200-1400 passengers but there were still many occasions where areas were crowded, although no measures were in place at that time to restrict it, I don't see how it would be possible or effective.
  6. Warning: this is long.:o I’ve often said that when travelling, the one thing that separates an ordeal from an adventure is attitude. I got to put that to the test when flying out of Denver on Dec 17. We had booked a flight from Denver to Fort Lauderdale on Southwest for the 17th leaving at 6:55 and arriving in FLL at 2 PM. We had a flight from Miami to Rome on Alitalia leaving at 855 pm arriving in Rome at 1230 pm on Sunday. Drove to Denver Friday after work and stayed in an airport hotel where we would leave our car during our trip. We were is short sleeves on Friday because it was so warm. Got up at 330 Sat morning to about 6 inches of snow. Check online, says flight is on time. yay, take the shuttle to the airport. While waiting to check luggage, get notification, flight cancelled. DH gets on the internet and books on flight to FLL at 9 am on United. When we get to the counter, we are told by southwest that they couldn’t get us to FLL until the next day. That would not work so we say just refund us and we head to united to check in there. Get to the gate, our plane is there, and other flights were taking off so we figured we were good. At 650, flight was cancelled. we had a plane but no crew. I start to look at the possibility of changing our Alitalia flight to the next night, it will be expensive and DH would miss the Scavi tour on Monday morning and if there is any delay, we would miss the ship in Civitavecchia. We decide we will do our best to make the flight Sat night. We get rebooked on a flight at 11:15 am that will arrive it FLL at 5:00. That is starting to cut it close because we still have to get from FLL to Miami airport. We check the flight and find out that the plane is coming in from Philly so we start watching that flight and it is delayed, and delayed, and delayed. We figure our 11:15 flight is going to be delayed or cancelled. At 7:50 we check the board and see a flight to Fort Myers leaving at 8:30 and status is on time. We check google maps and find that it is a 2 hour drive from Miami. We go to the gate and see that the board says the flight is full. We get in line for the counter and while waiting, my DH rents a car online for Ft Myers airport. We ask to be put on the standby list but not taken off our confirmed flight in case we dont get on this one. She said she can put us on the list but there is not enough time to retrieve our luggage. My Dh looks at me and says “what do you want to do?”. I replied, “I’d rather be in Rome without luggage that be in Denver with my luggage”. We were number 1 and 3 on the standby list and we both got on. By the time the plane got de iced, it was an hour late and we arrived in Ft Myers after 3:30 pm. We check on the status of the flight to FLL and it was not due to arrive at 6:10 pm. We went to the luggage office and told them we would probably not have time to get our luggage in FLL and would pick it up on the way home. Picked up the rental car and it was after 4:00 we we left the airport. Some traffic in Miami, by the time we returned the rental car it was 7:00 when we checked in. Figured we made the right decision to not try to get to FLL first to pick up luggage because we would probably just be leaving there at this time and with traffic and returning the car would not have made it to Miami in time for our flight. Through security, by 7:15, stop at pharmacy to pick up some toiletries and board the plane at 7:55. It was a long and adventurous day but with a good attitude and a little outside the box thinking, we were on our flight to Rome. More to follow, Rome, Yacht Club upgrade , cruise etc. Lois
  7. Does anyone have any info on how this cruise is progressing?. I know it’s become a Dubai to Marseille cruise since all of the intermediate ports have denied cruise ships. I have friends onboard and hoping all is well.
  8. We have booked an option for a two week Antilles cruise on Splendida for February. So far it seems it will sail. Hope so.
  9. FUN PASS! I am sailing on the Splendida to the Mediterranean in October 2020. I can purchase a Fun Pass for the bowling alley, 4-D theater, and the Formula 1 Simulator. Has anyone purchased this for the Splendida? Is it worth it? How are these activities? Something you will only do once or something you would do multiple times? I have an 8-year-old, can she participate in all of them? Also, I had read you only need one pass per room, but based on the purchase setup, it seems to me I need to purchase the pass for both adults in the room (it will not let me select the child). Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. March 30, 2020 Attention MSC, I request confirmation of the receipt of this email by COB 31 March 2020, and a response that this complaint has been passed to Management, along with an acknowledgement by Management by COB 4 April 2020. This email has also been sent to the following recipients as a CC: ⦁ ACCC – Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ⦁ Sydney Morning Herald – A leading newspaper in Sydney, Australia ⦁ The Australian Embassy in France ⦁ Our Cruise agent ⦁ Several other Australians who were on the cruise as a BCC My complaint to MSC is about the Splendida Grand Voyage – Shanghai to Genoa Feb 13- March 29, 2020. This complaint is related to the second part of the cruise, from Dubai (March 12) to Genoa (March 29). I acknowledge that MSC has offered all passengers on the cruise a 100% future cruise credit, however, I have no intention of using MSC cruises after the experience detailed below. As compensation, I request that I am reimbursed (cash refund) the cost of the cruise from Dubai to Genoa, and 50% of the cost of Shanghai to Dubai. Along with the cruise refund, I am also requesting the cost of the emergency flights booked to return to Australia. ($7,885.24 total) Important timeline and facts with regards to the Dubai -> Genoa/Marseilles component: Feb 29, 2020 - We leave Phuket Thailand and this turns out to be the last point that we have access to any Wifi (we did not pay for the service on the boat) or reliable TV reception (large chunks of time from now there was no reception for the 2 English news channels); we are at sea for 7 days straight until March 7 and 8 when we dock at Muscat and Khasab. March 9, 2020 ⦁ Italy goes into lockdown ⦁ Australian Gov advises against taking overseas cruises March 10, 2020 - Abu Dhabi closes it's port and the Splendida instead docks at Dubai. We are told that the Dubai port will be closing and that our ship was granted special clearance to proceed as normal and that two other MSC ships (Lyrica and Belissima) will be the last two ships allowed into port March 11, 2020 ⦁ Cases of Covid-19 in Spain have increased by approx. 1000/day over the previous 3 days (March 9/10/11), which we learn from a Spaniard onboard ⦁ the WHO declares a global pandemic March 12, 2020 ⦁ Australians who are boarding have all apparently been told by MSC and their agents that everything is OK and there are no issues with the cruise going ahead. There are conflicting reports (emails and discussions with reception onboard the Splendida) that the new debarkation point will be Barcelona or Marseilles ⦁ MSC cancels the Lyrica and Bellisima cruises ⦁ Some Australians who have been onboard since Singapore and are scheduled to continue beyond Dubai decide to pull the pin in the cruise and debark. They are told by MSC that they will lose all the money for the rest of the cruise and are asked to sign waivers (most I believe refused to sign) ⦁ Splendida departs Dubai approx 9pm March 13, 2020 - We stop in Khasab, Oman. This turns out to be the last stop that we have on the ship and from this point until March 24, we are constantly at sea. March 15, 2020 - I believe that the Marseilles port is closed.... Note that none of us onboard the ship are told this and the Australian and other Government Authorities apparently negotiate with France from this point on to allow us to dock at Marseilles. March 20, 2020 - We book flights from Nice -> Sydney via Emirates based on a letter that MSC provided to everyone to organise flights from from Marseilles or Nice. March 22, 2020 - Emirates cancels all flights. March 24, 2020 ⦁ We dock in Marseilles ⦁ ~1:26 pm (Marseilles time) - Email from Consulate indicating that MSC have chartered a flight for March 25 @ ~4:30pm (Marseilles time) March 25, 2020 ⦁ MSC advises that shuttle buses to the Marseilles Airport for the chartered flights will begin leaving ~10am ⦁ 10am - Approx. 140 English and 270 Australian passengers start to load onto buses, no food or water are provided to us on our way off the boat. ⦁ 11am - we arrive at the Marseilles airport with no one on site to direct anyone as to where to go, we just follow the direction that the last of the previous busload which can be seen in the distance. There are 2 MSC representatives on hand who have no information, food or water. No shops within the airport were open and the only food onsite were vending machines, these were rapidly cleared of any food by everyone. ⦁ Between 1- 2pm - Apparently multiple emails/communications occur between the Australian consulate and MSC, where MSC state at least 3 times that they have provided food and water to us. ⦁ Australian Consulate staff finally do arrive and one of them brings about 10 bags of groceries to at least allow the diabetics, elderly and general others to eat. ⦁ 7pm - The chartered flight takes off from Marseilles, a full 2.5 hours later than we were scheduled to. This causes some Australians who had booked flights from London onward to miss their flights. ⦁ 7pm - 8:30pm - we are in the air with Tiu (the chartered airline) where we learn that the crew basically learned about the flight at 12pm (Marseilles time), and that MSC didn't complete the arrangements and provide the funds until sometime after lunch (London time), which would put it somewhere around 1-2pm Marseilles time. The staff onboard the charter flight are wonderful and go above and beyond to provide us with as much information as they can in the 1.5 hour flight time. Sadly there was no food onboard due to them finding out so late; imagine how bad it would have been if we hadn't gotten that food from the Consulate. ⦁ 10pm (London Time) - we arrive in our hotel (that we had to arrange ourselves at last minute) for the night, where we then begin looking at flight options for us and wind up booking a flight back to Sydney (for A$3,942.62 /person) ⦁ A group of 5 Australians from Melbourne don't get off the ship as they have confirmed flights for the 26th from Nice to Doha and on to Melbourne. Sometime during the night they are informed by MSC crew onboard that their flights have been cancelled (incorrect) and could those people authorise MSC to book them on new flights, the Australians confirm that the flights are still on and refuse MSC authorisation. Despite this they receive a letter under the door with flights from Lyon -> London -> Sydney March 26, 2020 - The 5 Australians leave the boat to board the bus to Nice to catch their flight. Just after they have cleared the French customs and are about to board the boat they receive a call from one of the staff at the Australian consulate stating that MSC have advised the Consulate that the Qatar flights Nice -> Doha -> Melbourne have been cancelled (again incorrect) and that if they reach Nice and the flights are indeed cancelled there will likely not be much that the Consulate can do. The Australians make a judgement call to go to Lyon and take the flight London -> Sydney. Later confirming from others who were in Qatar (in transit from our cruise) that the flights from Nice -> Doha -> Melbourne were all running as scheduled and there never was any issues with those. As a result they have arrived in Sydney instead of Melbourne and been placed into required quarantine in a hotel in Sydney for 2 weeks causing additional stress and hardships on those passengers. At least one of the parties invovled has been included in the BCC list of this email. Thankfully, we were able to obtain flights to Sydney, and were able to arrive safely back in Australia. During the rapidly changing environment, it appeared that MSC was determined to continue as if nothing was out of the ordinary, and it did feel like passengers were an inconvenience to those in charge on the ship. Key questions to MSC: ⦁ Why was the Splendida cruise not terminated in Dubai when the Lyrica and Bellisima were? ⦁ Why were passengers allowed to embark in Dubai after a Pandemic had been, several countries were advising against their citizens cruising, and an increasing number of countries denying cruise ships to dock? ⦁ Why were the Australians onboard and those who were boarding not told about the update on cruising from the Government? ⦁ Why were we never told about Marseilles being closed, but instead we were kept being fed the false premise that we would be heading to 3 Greece stops? The above items point to negligence (at best) or a willful dereliction of duty in the care for the passengers and crew. In several cases above it appears that MSC deliberately provided false or misleading information to the Australian Government officials and definitely withheld or provided false/misleading information to passengers. All of the above items also put a lot of undue stress and mental anguish on all of the passengers. As such I believe that we should receive a 100% cash refund of the costs of the cruise from Dubai -> Genoa, as well as full refund of the emergency flight costs incurred. Once the Pandemic was declared all bets were off on passengers being able to claim compensation for new flights, but it would have been cheaper, easier and a hell of a lot less stressful organising flights from Dubai on the 12th of March rather than 12 days later. Should MSC fail to acknowledge their failures and mishandling (not to mention false statements to Government officials) of this whole situation I believe that the ACCC should look into adding MSC onto a "Not Allowed to Sell in Australia" list. I will now go into additional issues that occurred on the earlier section of the cruise from Feb 13 - March 12 which we believe also lean to a 50% refund of that section. Prior to Embarkation - MSC Splendida had approx 2.5 weeks without any passengers, which you would think would have given plenty of time to get things working, organise and practice. Embarkation on Feb 13 - We were told that we could board the ship from 6pm on the 13th. We arrived at approx. 5:30pm. Boarding finally began at 7:30pm with probably close to a thousand people in the terminal. It was pretty apparent that there was very little in the way of organisation from the MSC crew attempting to register people. Most of those working behind the computers acted as though they were doing this for the first time and were regularly calling managers over. At one point the rate of boarding was 4 people per minute. There was no food offered to those waiting, many of whom had flown in from Europe that day and had come straight from the Airport to the Terminal. We eventually boarded somewhere shortly after 10pm, proceeded to the buffet to eat mostly cold food and head straight to bed with raging headaches from the lack of food. We never received any acknowledgement or apology that this was poor. This leg of the cruise had ~1300-1500 passengers onboard. The Security guards onboard were extremely gruff and demanding - several passengers complained about this and eventually they seemed to get the point and started to smile. However, one would think that they were in charge of a high security facility and not dealing with paying passengers on a regular basis. The MSC App that was supposed to work on our cruise never worked, although reception did at one point say it would start working in Europe. The sports bar did not have any sports on the TVs. After several trips to reception to complain about it (being told it's a technical issue and being worked on), we were eventually told that it would not work until Dubai. At the meeting with Roberta (further down) it sounded as though the sports TV was never going to work in the southern hemisphere as apparently the contract was only for northern hemisphere satellites... This cruise had a lot of areas involved below the equator. There were never any useful updates on things that we broken (app/TV/etc) or news items (such as stopping of the food in the sports bar) in the daily newsletter. The daily newsletter should be more a daily advertisement, as everything in there was pretty much focused on getting passengers to spend on something onboard rather than information. Food quality was always a hit and miss target on board. One night you would have a good meal and then the next would be so so, the evening with the Turbot was just flat out awful and we refused to eat that dish completely. There was a woeful lack of quality cheese on board and anything remotely resembling a blue cheese was nowhere to be found. I had to bluntly ask for it (to a white jacketed individual) for any to actually make an appearance. Food spotters onboard were either asleep or possibly blind. Examples - 3 plates at the table where a prawn would be centre top on the meal; 2 plates would have the prawn and the 3rd would not. Dessert with honey drizzled on it; 1 plate had it and the other 2 had no honey. Even after we had our discussion with Roberta (again see below) we had an occurrence of receiving a hummus plate with no bread on it. Tender boarding tickets were useless - they were completely ignored by the staff who were boarding the tenders. The port in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam was awful. Even the MSC staff onboard said that the last time they were there, the boat had used a much better facility. India - We never received a letter about the India port being cancelled, we had to find out from another couple on board. Even worse was that when we went to dinner that night and said to the Indian Maitre De that he should call Modi to let us dock and he looked at us and said "we are going to India". Once our shock at realising that he didn't know had passed, we (not the cruise boat) informed him and the other Indians in the restaurant that no indeed we were not going to stop in India. How bad is it that you could not inform your own staff about the port cancellation? India visa refunds - These were "offered" in that you had to go down and ask the reception to refund you the costs. No general announcement was made about this, it was only passed by word of mouth among the passengers. Sri Lanka - Once again you failed to tell your staff ahead of time, instead letting everyone know at once via a loudspeaker announcement. Watching your crew's hearts and faces fall at the news while we were at dinner was heartbreaking. In return for the missing Sri Lanka we were offered a paltry 100 Euro (per cabin), which we do not believe would cover the port costs that we would have been charged as part of the cruise overall price. We never received any compensation offer for India, but instead had Khasab added to the cruise on our way to Dubai (Khasab is a very small port with nothing really to offer and we were seeing this on the way from Dubai to Genoa anyway). Reception staff were pretty much useless. There were always instances of two different reception workers providing two completely different answers to the same question at the same time. ex. Yes there is a shuttle bus to Nice from one reception person. While at the very same time another receptionist is saying No there is a bus to Nice. Other instance: Passenger - I have question x. Receptionist A to Receptionist B - Passenger is asking question x. Receptionist B back to Receptionist A - Tell passenger answer.... We submitted a complaint letter with the above (and more) to reception on March 10, we never received any update on this or acknowledgement of this. I had to go to reception on March 16 and pretty much demand to speak with someone before a meeting was arranged with Roberta (Customer Relations?) for March 17. All that took place in that meeting was her sitting behind her desk listening to us, nodding and offering some placating words. Not a single note was taken by her during the entire meeting. March 14 - the day that Muscat was cancelled, there was zero fallback plan for entertainment. It was as if the regular port stop went ahead. Port cancellations are something that can happen at any time in regular circumstances (weather, mechanical, etc) and I would think that you would have had some sort of fall back plan in those cases, but apparently MSC has an issue with planning. Summation - Even though the cruise was under one half full of the normal passengers and you had an extra two and a half weeks to prepare, you still delivered what felt like a cruise from a company that had zero experience cruising. Should MSC not provide considered responses to the request for compensation, and answers to the key questions asked, I will be in further contact with the ACCC to see what further action can be taken. The reputation of MSC from the passengers on this cruise is in tatters. All passengers that we have spoken to have no intention of using the offered future cruise credit. I look forward to discussing the complaint with you. Regards, R Douglas Wilson - Cabin 9155
  11. Hi all,we are booked on the Splendida for this date.Tried to do a dummy booking today,the first available date for that cruise is now the 14th.Seems it's probably cancelled,full payment due on 6th July so only £200 deposit to hopefully get back.Anyone know about this?Not surprised as P and O are not restarting till mid Oct,cheers,Brian.
  12. Yacht Club CAN be a lonely place at times - and that makes it special. When in Europe surrounded by hordes of noisy Italians, it is a blessing to get back in YC lol One of the highlights for us - and again it relates to European cruises - is the disembarkation from YC. We found literally hundreds of guests with luggage winding around the ship all getting frustrated and wanting to get off (Italians don't do queuing). The YC butler politely asked/shoved passengers aside and led us to the exit - I honestly believe it saved us 1+ hour of waiting and hardly moving. On the newer, larger ships we found the outside area of the main YC lounge to be a great way to people watch as it is positioned above the bridge and goes out over the sides of the ship too. It also gives the smokers somewhere to go (do they still have the indoor smoking area to one side of the YC lounge on the smaller ships?). IF I was booked for 1 night, I would use my Black Card for Butchers Cut and use the YC restaurant for lunch and breakfast (if its open on embarkation day, I would grab breakfast from the YC pool deck). Again, for a 1 night stay, go and see the theatre show - if only to remind you not to bother next time you get on any MSC ship lol I wouldn't bother spending any time in any other part of the ship other than a 30 minute walk-thru. Then as soon as you get back home, spends weeks and months trying to find those YC sailings you can afford to go on - our first YC B2B was on Splendida in Dubai and cost us under £600 each cruise in a Balcony - and we wont be seeing those rates again even when ships start sailing again.
  13. Ten days out from our flight of Friday, 30th March, the weather forecast was bleak, with snow and ice threatened. There had been severe disruption in previous weeks caused by similar conditions (as reported on the forum at the time by CruisingFox and KerryinCork, whose travel plans had suffered). Fortunately for us, the threat receded, and, while it was still very cold, it didn’t snow, so our flight wasn’t delayed. We had upgraded to Business Class when offered a very attractive reduced price. However, the T&Cs indicated no priority check-in or boarding, so I joined the (long) queue for economy passengers and DH went across to the Business Class desk to ask it we could check-in there. The clerk checked our names on the system and said “Yes, sir, you are in Business Class so of course you can”. For CruisingFox - I chanced bringing a handbag that would hold my iPad as well as phone, purse, etc. The clerk didn’t even tag our hand-luggage (I saw many others had theirs tagged). So no problems, though I don’t know if that was because of the upgrade? The service in Business Class was excellent and really set us up for our YC experience. Although the seats were lie-flat, they weren’t very comfortable, but we did manage to get a few hours sleep before touching down on time at 8.30am local time. We were given FastTrack passes for immigration and, just after we got to the FastTrack lane, one of the airport staff lifted one of the rope barriers to allow others from the regular queues to use the lane to take the pressure off the area. Fortunately, we had entered the lane ahead of this. Otherwise, our ‘FastTrack’ passes would have been rendered redundant! Anyway, we made it through within 5 minutes (last year it took over half an hour to pass through!) and we were out of the terminal and into a taxi by 9.30am. However, it took almost an hour to get to the port due to very heavy traffic. The taxi fare came out at 68.50 Dirhams. We had about a half-hour wait in the terminal (for no apparent reason, other than they were waiting for more people to arrive - there were 5, including the 2 of us, at that point). We were given our cruisecards, but there was a problem with another couple’s, which meant we would have to wait ‘til that was sorted, so I approached a butler and indicated that we intended to go aboard at this point and not wait for an escort! So another butler said that he had to go onboard then,anyway, so he would escort us. Otherwise, I think we would have been delayed even further. It was 10.50am now and our cabin was ready so we dropped off our hand-luggage and headed to the Top Sail Lounge for a drink before lunch. I won’t be posting the daily menus or planners, nor photos of all the meals we have, but I’ll share our first day’s lunch menu and the mains we ordered in the next post as they were delicious! I was very surprised to see filet mignon on for lunch! ETA. Having problems with internet connection on my phone, so no photos, just yet! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Splendida have trips in nothern Europe, Will she stay in Genova...... I wish she goes to Germany for to Be ready for sailing i July
  15. At present Splendida, Fantasia & Opera are docked in Genoa so if Divina goes there MSC will have 4 ships at base to start itineraries in Europe provided they can get crews there and permission from authorities.
  16. Hi Guys,need some feedback please. We are thinking of booking the MSC Splendida Yacht Club in January from Dubai. The problem is we have read so many negative reports about MSC being terrible, like the friendliness, the food etc. I haven't read that many good reports to be honest, but I also cant see that it cant be that bad especially in the Yacht Club. has anyone got any feedback please about splendida and the yacht club. thanks
  17. I have been seeing cruises like that out of main seasons quite often. It's always been one of the things that interests me in MSC, as it seems a good way of doing an affordable cruise with them at a time when the other other big lines have no ships in Europe, ignoring lines like P&O and Costa... I've seen similar types of length and price (sometimes higher but still pointedly low) on Splendida, and Preziosa also. Preziosa has a £349 7 night Northern Europe in, which although more expensive that the mentioned Fantasia is still an amazing price for 7 days. And Splendid has a £349 6 night from Southampton next April which I would still consider. I would like to see more of these type of deals on Meraviglia or Seaside class though. Although that might not be good for my bank balance.
  18. We are sailing on the Splendida this winter, and wanted to book the Yacht Club, but it is sold out. I had a balcony booked, but this suite became available, so I switched from the balcony cabin to the suite. I can't find much about the cabin. I have looked at the deck plans, and it looks like there are two separate rooms. Does anyone have any stayed in this cabin. Thanks
  19. I'd like to know the names of the current captain and the cruise director please.
  20. Here’s something nice, it appears MSC is offering to transform the Splendida into a floating hospital. (The article is in Italian, FYI) EDIT: the ship pictured is the Splendida, I don’t know if that’s actually the one they might use. https://liguriaoggi.it/2020/03/11/coronavirus-a-genova-una-nave-da-crociera-verra-trasformata-in-ospedale/?fbclid=IwAR0y2L1jtptCx9pwFITohyEhNnJ-s0pEEAyZGiOb5owIVAVbr0qpRO_P-0I Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. We sailed on Splendida in February, a ship which has a capacity of 3900, there were approximately 1400 people onboard. With the exception of some bars in the evening, everywhere was still reasonably busy. I can't see anyway that you'd enforce social distancing on a ship.
  22. Hello We are booked on Stateroom 9009 for Sept 2020.. Its suppose to be an Aurea Suite. Has anyone had this particular room? Im hoping we have xtra space as we travel with a child with autism and he will need a place to decompress from time to time. Also how is the room service? Sometimes he cannot venture out after a long day to have dinner.. Thanking you in advance Martha
  23. Marseille allowed Splendida special permission to dock and disembark people last month. Someone else onboard posted confirmation they were heading there, that was their scheduled disembarking port, but now it was 22/23 April.
  24. Although the Splendida is docked all day, for those passengers embarking in Abu Dhabi, check-in time is 8:00 pm. Has anyone checked in earlier than that in Abu Dhabi? Do we know when check-in actually opens? Thanks
  25. Hello, I'll be on a MSC Splendida cruise out of Dubai and have a bunch of questions: My assigned boarding time is around 6 pm. Are we allowed to arrive earlier just to explore the ship and/or have lunch on board? I won't mind if room isn't ready. Is there any where on the ship that offers free good quality drinking water throughout the day? I have a mildly sensitive stomach so I'm a bit worried whether the cabin tap water would sit well with me. If I buy a sealed bag of candy in a city as a gift for someone back home, can I bring it on board or can the cruise ship hold onto it and give it back to me on the last day of cruise when I check-out? Is it possible to get a scone with clotted cream at any of ship's restaurants? :) For Sir Bani Yas Island: a) Is free food/water available on the island? b) Should I wear water shoes if swimming? (e.g. due to rocky shoreline) c) Is it easy to get a beach chair in the shade? Do I need to worry about people 'stealing' chairs? (i.e. moving my stuff off it) On last day of cruise, I need to check-out of the cruise early around 2 am to catch a flight out of Dubai International Airport 😞 a) Are lots of taxis available at Port Rashid at 2 am? b) Am I able to check luggage and/or print airport luggage tags at Port Rashid? Thanks!
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