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Found 299 results

  1. Just off Royal yesterday, lots of unhappy cruisers. Went west of Vancouver Island missing the best part of the inland passage. Heard many people saying that they wanted money back.
  2. Does the Royal Princess have a walk in shower & not the curtain in the balcony cabins TIA
  3. An 18 day cruise to the Baltic and AK?? What, you’ve never seen that itin?? 😆 My hubby and I just returned last night from a fabulous, whirlwind-of-touring 11day Regal Princess Baltic adventure. Tomorrow, I will head out on the Royal Princess with my mother-in-law for a Southbound 7 day Alaska Cruise. Though I have sailed on both ships before, it’ll be interesting to compare the 2 within such a short timeframe. These cruises are vastly different in that the Baltic was our anniversary cruise to a part of Europe we had never explored before, and our primary focus was on touring the ports. On the other hand, we live in AK and have done the AK cruise 6 times already; my mother-in-law and I simply want to use the upcoming week to relax, play bingo and slots, enjoy the ship, and have lots of amazing food. The first cruise was with my go go go DH who likes to have us off the ship the first minute the gangway opens and with whom I averaged 7 miles of walking and 19 flights of stairs a day. The second cruise will be with my mother-in-law who has limited mobility and will likely not get off the ship. I must take those stairs and walk walk walk on this cruise, though, so my stomach won’t turn into a giant iceberg in AK! 😆 Obviously, there will be some differences because one was an 11 day cruise, and one is a 7 day, but both are colder weather cruises and have a similar number of sea days. It’ll be interesting to compare entertainment, buffet variety, promos onboard, costs, and the general state of the ships. I am especially interested in comparing the MedallionNet as the Regal’s speed was very over-promoted and under-performing! (I do understand that the region may impact the speed) Come along if you want to see how similar and different the Regal and Royal currently are!
  4. We just boarded the Royal Princess. What a beautiful ship! We are traveling my my BFF and her DH. Both guys are retiring. We were on board about 11:30 and had lunch. My BFF and I went to the Sanctuary and booked all day for Glacier Bay. We booked a cabana and two loungers for the 4 of us. we then went to the spa. BFF booked acupuncture (she does it on each cruise-helps her with seasickness) and we both booked the Enclave all week ($150) Looking forward to a great cruise!!
  5. I was between the NCL Jewel and the Royal Princess, but I'm leaning to the Royal Princess simply for the food (I've been on 2 NCL ships and I thought the buffet food with the exception of the breakfast buffet was gross....seemed like Hometown Buffet mixed with Applebee's, but for the most part the dining rooms had decent to good food). Just some questions... 1. Are you ONLY able to eat at Symphony, Allegro, and Concerto if you are doing the set dinner times? I guess what I am asking is can I go there to eat say at 8:45 or 9PM?? 2.I'm reading different things online about the wifi rates. I would want premium because I stream movies and tv daily. I've read it's $30 a day however is there a package rate or something for a full journey (7 nights on the Royal in Alaska)? 3. I have been following Panda's posts since she is currently on the ship. I saw the sign that Enclave says it is $150 for a single voyage. I take it that you cannot book day passes yes? Or do they offer them say on port days or if there weren't that many people who booked it? 3. Are there complimentary steamrooms or is this only available to those who book the Enclave? Thanks
  6. Has anyone stayed in this cabin? If so what are your thoughts? TIA
  7. We are considering booking two of the forward facing balconies on the Royal for an upcoming Mexican Riviera cruise (L102,103, 104, etc.) When talking to the Princess agent she stated that the balcony door is required to remain closed anytime the ship is in transit so the balcony could only be used in port. We found this rather unbelievable - obviously we understand that at times it could be too windy, but certainly never to be able to use the balcony while the ship is moving seems rather extreme. Is there anyone here who has been in one of these rooms who could comment and let us know your actual experience. Thanks in advance!
  8. Has anyone cruised in Mini Suite M106 on the front of the Royal ? would be interested in hearing thoughts about it. Had a look through cabin reviews but found nothing.
  9. Question to those that have been on all of those or any of those :) Which to you had the best food in the complimentary restaurants out of the 3? Thanks
  10. Just got this message from Princess for our upcoming cruise June 8, Vancouver to Whittier. I guess we got lucky since at least one earlier sailing had to skip Seymour Narrows and go on the West side of Vancouver Island. It will be interesting to see how she approaches some of the other ports. EMBARKATION UPDATE Please be advised that due to a tight tidal window through the Seymour Narrows, Royal Princess will now depart Vancouver at 4:00 PM on Saturday, June 8, 2019, rather than 4:30 PM as previously scheduled. If your plans are flexible, please arrive to the pier between 10:00 AM and 12:00 noon or 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM in order to avoid processing delays during security and U.S. Immigration Clearance. Boarding will begin at 12:00 noon. All guests must be aboard no later than 3:30 PM. We look forward to welcoming you aboard Royal Princess.
  11. Just disembarked from the Royal in Vancouver on June 8. Thought I would post a copy of the times since it varied somewhat from what someone had posted from 2 weeks earlier. I think we were either the 2nd or 3rd time to disembark in Vancouver so maybe they have worked the kinks out. They seemed to be running a bit early for some of the groups. Disembarkation.pdf
  12. Looking for pros and cons for each ship. TIA
  13. Looking for information on Alaska cruise leaving from Vancouver and ending in Whittier. Which side would you recommend? It's our 1st time to Alaska and want to make the right choice...hopefully you can help!! I believe one side is water only and the other has land and water, not sure how far away land is? Thanks in advance
  14. Does anyone know if you can purchase an Internet pass by the day? I know you can purchase an entire week pre-cruise or you can purchase minutes, but what about by the day (unlimited)? Thanks! Not sure I want the whole week, nor do I want to pay by the minute. But, I'd like a day or two, most likely the last sea day. Thanks!
  15. The Royal did not disappoint and did Alaska extremely well. She navigated without issue through all the naysayers predictions and docked as scheduled in each port. The Medallions worked amazingly well and what a treat to order a drink from your phone and have it delivered! Food in all venues (any time dining with never a wait, Crown Grill, Sabatini's and the wine makers dinner) was beyond expectation. My 2 complaints were 1. The spa was way overboard. Pushy was a mild term for them. I pre-booked appointments and good thing I checked my bill because they pre-charged me the first day onboard for all 3 treatments and none of them were the ones I booked and/or at the price I booked. They overcharged me by over $150! Then they had attitudes when questioned. Made me never want to use the spa again (and this was my 9th Princess with appointments on all of them). 2. Disembarkation. Mostly due to rude passengers but somewhat the ships fault. They issue tickets and never bother to check them. I purposely did first walk off A. No one checked tickets in the waiting area. When they finally said to go (about 45 min late), the other groups (B,C,D) bombed the lines making the area an absolute disaster! Get a system, check the tickets, make the people cutting lines go to their waiting areas, and stick to it. Other than those 2 minor issues, Alaska was beautiful and so happy I got to do my first trip there on Royal.
  16. On the royal princess would you prefer a Portside aft deluxe balcony (almost all the way back) or would you prefer one closer to mid ship ( Portside) ? When cruising a Grand class ship, I like to be near the door to the aft pool but since there’s no pool…
  17. I will start with the disembarkation as it was so awesome, we arrived at the Long Beach airport by 7:45 am, giving me quite a bit of time to write this review! 10 of 10 stars on he disembarkation! We requested and were granted the early walk off group A, which was scheduled to begin around 7:15 am. We were ready to roll out of our room by 7:00 am, at which time we said goodbye and thanks to our room steward and head down to wait for our walk off group to be called, which took less than 2 mins waiting time and we were out the door. The customs line was quick, as was getting our Uber. I thought our flight was a little on the early side but ends up, we still have a three hour wait here after passing through security but it is so much better than stressing out. I highly recommend packing light and using Long Beach airport when flying out of Los Angeles, if at all possible.....so much nicer than LAX. Note: ride sharing pick up point is in front of the Berth 92 sign at San Pedro (even though we were docked at pier 91). Oh, and some guy in a large Black Lincoln SUV is trying to offer people rides as we disembarked ... no taxi Medallion or Uber / lyft placard and was pretty aggressive. I we kept refusing his ride as he kept going round and round trying to get someone to bite! He may have been harmless but it didn’t seem too safe to me and was surprised the port authority allowed this. I tried to find someone that worked at the port to notify them but then our ride had arrived and we had to go! Now, backing up to embarkation ... we arrived at the port around 10:15 by Uber and were directed though security and then to check in. The security line was about 20 minutes long and then directly to priority check in. It was a little disorganized as this was the first full Medallion cruise on the Royal and some seemingly new personnel at the port. We already had our medallions via the mail so they just needed to take our photos and hand us a boarding pass [group A] and were directed to wait in the priory lounge. Well, there was inadequate space for everyone in that area and it really wasn’t anything special except for the pastries and beverages. We waited nearly another hour before boarding began ... but then we were on our way! Yoo-hoo! I would give the port a 5 out of 10 stars and the embarkation process a score of 7 to 8 out of 10. Our stateroom: We were allowed to go directly to our rooms to drop off our luggage before heading to the MDR for lunch. We met up with our room steward, who was just finishing up the vacuuming ... otherwise our room was ready to go! This is the same room steward we’ve had on our two most recent cruises with Princess, although on another ship ... so we already knew that we liked him a lot! Great to see a familiar face! Our room was stunningly beautiful and being midship, we had one of the large balconies. The balcony flooring was without that disgusting blue matting (which I call the filth catcher) that is present on so many Princess ships! Good move, Princess! The bed / pillows were simply wonderful! They have replaced the little tv above the mini fridge area with a large flat screen tv on the wall opposite the bed ... what a great improvement that really opened up the room. Speaking of he mini fridge...it actually worked like a fridge! The tv has an on demand feature that is just great! There are plenty of drawers and an adequate number of hangers in our room. The bathroom was mall but clean and so functional. There is no more barrel chair (thankfully ...as it would have just been in the way for us) but a small indoor table for room service and such. We ordered a wedge pillow ahead of time and it was delivered to our room on day 2, as were our robes ... so one day after boarding but we were very happy with that. Stateroom gets a 10 of 10 stars in my book! The ship: The Royal is by far the most gorgeous Princess ship on which we’ve sailed....EVER! She is stunningly beautiful and everything was in tip top condition! Even the public restrooms were very nice and clean! I was very impressed with how everything sparkles and shined! We only went to the buffet area once, which was enough, but will go into that later... but it was so beautiful with all granite counters and the layout was sheer perfection! The pool areas were beautiful even though I would really miss having an indoor pool area. The Retreat pool took away any regrets I may have had of booking a ship without an indoor pool. The midship pools was also beautiful with a fountain area in the middle. The kiddies were playing in the fountain during the day and there was a nighttime themed water show every night. Nice touch! The Sanctuary was also beautiful but not very well attended from what I saw. It turned out it not to be a very warm weather sailing so there were always plenty of loungers by the pool ... sun or shade. The dining rooms were also gorgeous. All the furniture in the public areas was in great condition. The theater was beautiful but entirely too small for the number of passengers onboard. The windows were kept nice and clean throughout the ship and the carpet appeared to also be new or at least in great shape. The ship was so impressive that I give her a 10 of 10 stars! I’m going to post this and will continue in the comments section just so I don’t lose everything I’ve written so far.
  18. OK employees wonderful,food good,Entertainment group extremely funny and good fun.Now the downer if you are highly allergic to smoke it is not the ship for you. The Casino is below the 7th floor in the open dip one can look down to.Some smoke gets into seventh floor the shopping area.There is a Club Six where the CC meeting is held right next to Churchills and Casino smoke gets also there.........Otherwise a great ship.
  19. https://www.ktoo.org/2019/04/19/southeast-alaska-pilots-raise-concerns-over-royal-princess-megaship/ this is was an interesting read.
  20. We have B2B cruises coming up on Royal Princess & like to know likes & dislikes .It would be our first cruises on this ship We understand that no ship is perfect , for every one ;but ,it will help us to be prepared TIA
  21. We are scheduled to sail to Alaska on the Royal Princess in August. The group includes myself, husband, daughter, and son-in-law. The kids are booked in an interior room because it was cheap and they will be with us most of the time. My husband and I are in Cabin D731(Aft D4 category). I am preparing to make our final payment and am now second guessing myself that our balcony will not be large enough for 4 adults. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  22. For those who have sailed the first few AK cruises on the Royal, how reliable was the new Medallion internet while at sea and during scenic cruising days like Glacier Bay?
  23. I saw a MedallionNet Voyage Package on my cruise personalizer, but there is no detail or fine print to even read. Is this an unlimited internet for the entire cruise? Price is per device? Thank you!
  24. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has current experience eating gluten free on the Emerald Mediterranean, and Royal Alaskan cruises. We've sailed Princess in the past, and have already submitted our dietary requests. Just wondering if there are new items offered in the various establishments. Thanks so much.
  25. Very disappointing to read that this is in fact what is happening right now on the first Royal cruise north of the season - they went west around Vancouver Island (reported in a different thread). We planned our trip to leave out of Vancouver precisely to be able to sail through the Inside Passage vs. out to sea. Perhaps I missed it but I don't recall seeing that disclaimer in the itinerary description when we booked in November. I do believe it was marketed as an "inside passage" cruise. Do any other ships that originate in Vancouver head west of Vancouver Island? Is anyone currently on board Royal able to comment on this change in itinerary? Was there any sort of announcement? We are still excited about our upcoming trip and certainly won't let this spoil it but had really hoped to enjoy some beautiful scenery on that first full sea day instead of looking out at Pacific ocean from our portside balconies. Many people have said that the Royal is just too big for Alaska - could this be the reason for the change in itinerary or was there any other specific reason given? I'm just wondering if this is going to be the norm for the Royal.
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