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  1. Does anyone know who the Piano player is on the Fascination next week? I looked a the Carnival Piano Bar schedule Facebook page and it says "Player to be named later".
  2. https://www.wftv.com/news/trending-now/watch-dramatic-video-captures-rescue-of-cruise-guest-in-wheelchair-who-fell-off-dock/977041492?fbclid=IwAR1xfzsqncjKfOGOdO7mt1sJQppIOwnc-9vMTVHHXa303am5j0g6vrpFTFE Well done
  3. Boy it’s going to be interesting what Carnival does with its upcoming sailing(tomorrow?) in San Juan. This is different than cruises visiting San Juan because for the Fascination it’s its home port where people end and begin their cruise. I go on this cruise in September. I think everything should be resolved by then, but still concerning. I respect the protests, but hopefully people can also enjoy their vacation that cruise OUT of there. I just wonder what Carnival will do.
  4. My friend and I just returned on April 7th from the Carnival Fascination (first time on this ship), starting at San Juan. I have written a review, but at this time Cruise Critic has not posted it as yet, and will let me know, once it is published. If you have any questions (I really got to know the ship/personnel, etc. better than I planned, as my friend had a bad accident) in regard to the ship, one way or another and I can answer, please ask. As for the ports, I will try to advise on that too.
  5. We are cruising out of San Juan in March. The departure time has changed from10pm to 6pm. What will the latest check in time be? Thanks.
  6. I am considering booking the Southern Caribbean on the Fascination the week of Christmas. I've been on this itinerary before, but it was on the Liberty. I loved the Liberty. I've also been on the Fantasy to the Bahamas from South Carolina, which was my least favorite cruise. The Fantasy just seemed dirty and more cheesy to me, and the crowd seemed different too. When I did the Southern Caribbean in the past, I was a solo traveler. This time I will be bringing my boyfriend with me, who has never taken a cruise before. I was ready to book it, and then the lady on the phone at Carnival told me that I may not like the Fascination because it's an older ship. She sent me a lot of cruises on the newer ships, and told me to consider those. They are, of course, more expensive. I also like the islands on the Southern Caribbean, and that I can pair a couple days in Puerto Rico beforehand. So, thoughts on the Fascination? I'm mainly interested in the food, serenity area for adults (loved the quiet cabanas on the Liberty), and entertainment. He's really into comedy, and I'm really into beach music and dancing. I liked the outdoor dance parties that the Liberty had at night. The other ship that I'm looking at is the Horizon, but it's around $500 more expensive per person. It also leaves from Miami, which is maybe a bit cheaper on flights but less exciting to pair with a land trip. All new islands for me, but I'm not sure I'd like them better than the Southern Caribbean ones. The ones on the Southern Caribbean were the prettiest that I've seen. Way better than the Bahamas and Mexico. Thanks in advance!!
  7. Does anyone know who the Cruise Director and Entertainment Director on the Fascination are? I am always on the look out for our favorite Bingo Queen Z when we sail too, any sightings of her? She just happened to be on our cruises 2 years in a row and really missed her last year. The Bingo person just did not have the pizzazz and so it wasn't as fun.
  8. Does anyone know the bed configuration for 5 in an interior cabin on the Fascination? From the Carnival website it looks like there will be two twins, two pull down bunks and a trundle bed. How does the trundle fit into the layout?
  9. Hi there! The Cabana Boy and I are considering sailing on the Fascination in July for our 15th anniversary. We've sailed newer and older ships, and we're not size-ist, but we were looking for some forum-folk feedback on the ship and itinerary. I'm a little bummed at the loss of Dive-In movies if we go on this ship, but the price and the itinerary make up for that. What are your thoughts! Hit me with the good, the bad, and the freaky. Thanks in advance!
  10. https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-cruise-passenger-jumps-overboard-intentionally/31866
  11. My first aft balcony cabin. We're cruising with friends and they wanted to go with aft balcony; otherwise, I probably would have chosen something in the middle. While I love looking at the wake, I'm a little concerned about engine noise and vibration.
  12. High Level Overview of my experience on the Fascination sailing on April 14. Feel free to ask me any questions if I missed something. Please remember this is my opinion of the ship and other people's experiences might have been different. Background: I have been about 10 cruises which includes Carnival, NCL and RC. When I booked this cruise, I understood the ship was older and didn't have all the bells and whistles that a lot of other ships have. We picked it for the amazing port stops. I cruise with my family which includes my 10 yr old daughter. Embarkment Process: Fantastic! We arrived at 12:30 and we flew through the lines and got onto the ship in record time. It took us 15 or so minutes which IMO is amazing. I was surprised that you get your room key when you get to your room but that probably assisted with the speed of getting onboard. They notified us that our room would be ready at about 1 and they were correct. We walked down at 1 and everything was set. Note: they didn't announce rooms were ready. Cleanliness: Fantastic! It was always clean. I rarely saw anything lingering on a table for more than 5 minutes before someone would clean it up. I find this is common on most ships. Room: we had an aft balcony that was very loud at docking time but the views and balcony size were amazing. Our room steward was awesome. He filled our cooler every day which was a plus. Food: Average. I never had a bad meal or food item but nothing blew me away with flavors or overall taste. Buffet: The lines were a bit longer in the morning but if you went outside there were 0 waiting time even for the omelette station. We always ate outside but I did see the line 40 people deep inside when going back to my room. MDR: On the first formal night we had to wait about 15 minutes to eat (we had My Time Dining). I don't think 15 minutes is a long time and with the library next door, you could play a quick game before heading to your table. The MDR staff were excellent, all of them were extremely friendly and attentive. I loved that they did a song/dance every night. My daughter loves to participate so she was thrilled. Bars/Drinks: I can't speak to this. I didn't get a drinks package because we were barely on the ship. We had a few drinks and there was never a line. Ports: AMAZING! We loved all of our port stops and had a great time on each of mini-adventures. I can provide more info on what we did if people have questions. Getting on and off the ship was a breeze. We didn't ever have to wait in line. Note: They don't announce you can get off the ship. I was surprised about the limited announcements overall. Cruise Director: Honestly I didn't see her much but again this is so port heavy, I can see why. We got off early and came back late each day. Pools/Slides: The pool was crowded but that is to be expected. We had a great time on the slides each day and depending on the time of day, there was almost no line. (especially if you got on 1-2 hours early from a port) I probably went on each slide 10+ times a day. Overall Enjoyment on the ship: Below Average. I have zero complaints about the ship, it's decor or staff, my biggest surprise was the fellow cruise passengers. They were extremely rude and disrespectful. Example 1: The chess board lost a piece a day. Why someone would steal or destroy big chess pieces is beyond me. Example 2: There were lots of screaming and in the hallways or the various public decks. Girls screaming at each other over and over again. Example 3: People felt they could just cut in front of you or throw their dirty plates on your table while you were eating. One morning a man at the table next to us, picked up his dirty plate and dropped it on our table because he was done. Not sure why he couldn't just leave it with his family who was also at their table. There are many more examples but they aren't necessary to go into. I'm not sure why the people acted this way but this is definitely outside the norm of anything I have experienced before on cruise.
  13. I got an upgrade email to change from an extended balcony suite to one of the two owner's suites. It looks really nice, but I don't know the price difference yet. Does anybody have any experience with that suite?
  14. For anyone that has questions, or want to read the review I wrote on the Fascination, it is on CC Titled as: After 20 years, back to see some ports! I know a lot of people do not like a smaller ship, and older as well, but this ship turned out perfect for us, as I have been on much larger ships.
  15. Hello and welcome to my first cruise review! Over the years I have “lurked” here on Cruise Critic and enjoyed all of your reviews, both for information and to help me pass the time while I’m waiting for my next cruise or suffering “cruise blues” after my cruise. In any case, I thought it was time to “give back” a little for the help you have given me over the years! My name is Michelle and I always sail with my husband of 33 years, Ron. We went on our first cruise in 2010 and have been hooked from day one! All of our cruises have been with Carnival except for one cruise on RC. While we had a wonderful time on that cruise, we found that we missed Carnival, so we came back “home”. We are currently gold status working on platinum….which will probably take many, many years! LOL We are both real estate appraisers and own our own business so when we are away from work, our office is completely shut down. For this reason, we only get to cruise once a year. We used to sail in the fall but last year we went on a cruise in February and found that we really enjoyed the break from winter here in West Virginia. Also, the weather was absolutely gorgeous in the Caribbean in January and February. We enjoyed that break so much that we decided to book again for winter of 2019. I think this will continue to be a trend for us. A little about our cruising “personality”. We are very easy going and it is very difficult to upset us. Everything that happens, even the unexpected and sometimes unwelcome things, just become part of the experience. As Ron would say, “It’s a story to tell!” (There was one instance on this cruise which didn’t go well for me and I was a little upset for a moment, but more about that later.) When unexpected things happen, it’s generally OK and it was this time as well. How bad can it be when I’m on vacation on a beautiful ship and visiting beautiful islands where it’s nice and warm?? September 2018 and it’s finally time to book the yearly cruise! FINALLY! I very much enjoy the planning part of the adventure as well. We booked the Southern Caribbean sailing out of San Juan. Every port, including San Juan, are new ports for us so we were super excited! I began looking at shore excursions right away. We’re both very active “50 somethings” and we like to try lots of different things. We usually try to do a mix of excursions, always being sure to include some snorkeling in at least one port. Some of our favorite excursions that we’ve done in the past were the Amazing Cozumel Race (which we won!), learning to sail an America’s Cup sailboat in Cozumel and cave tubing in Belize. I also started researching flights and hotels. I booked the flight relatively quickly. Charlotte-Douglas is the closest major airport to us. We used to use the local, smaller airports and make a connection in Charlotte or Atlanta. We discovered a few years ago that we could drive just a little further and get a direct flight in Charlotte to wherever we were headed. I booked with American and, as usual, we would arrive the day before our cruise. Even though the Fascination doesn’t sail until 9pm, we were still very nervous about a potential flight delay. Flying in the day before just gave us peace of mind. The next item on the list was the hotel. I quickly learned that the chain hotels in San Juan are VERY EXPENSIVE! Our flight wouldn’t arrive until early evening and we simply needed a clean place to sleep for the night, so we settled on a local hotel called “Coral By the Sea”. It had both very good and very bad reviews on Trip Advisor but at around $120 per night, we decided to take the plunge and see what happened. After all, it’s only one night! Saturday, January 26th The alarm rang at 4:30 am. Usually, that would be way too early for me but I bounded out of bed very easily because I was so excited to get this vacation started. After getting ready very quickly, we threw the luggage in the car and hit the road. We left around 5:30 am. We arrived at the airport and went through security quickly with no problems. Now there was nothing left to do but wait for our flight. The gate where we were waiting was under construction. Major upgrades are underway at Charlotte-Douglas Airport! We boarded the plane around noon and we were on our way! The flight is 3 ½ hours and was very smooth. We landed in Puerto Rico and went to find our luggage. In Puerto Rico, Uber and hotel shuttles are not allowed to pick up at the airport. Only taxis were allowed. You can be dropped off by an Uber or shuttle; just not picked up. After finding our bags, we got in line for a taxi. The line was quite long and our wait from when we stepped in line to getting into the taxi was probably about 45 minutes. We finally got our taxi and headed to the hotel. It was only a few minutes from the airport so it was a very short taxi ride. The driver was a lady from Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. When we told her that we had visited that area, she told us all about her family and home there. She was a very nice person and we enjoyed talking to her. Upon arriving at Coral By the Sea, we walked into the lobby to find that it was quite crowded. I took the bags to a corner where I would be out of the way and Ron went to check in. I could hear the conversations going on at the front desk. There was a group of about six people traveling together. Apparently, they were supposed to have a reservation for the night but the hotel did not have a record of the reservation and did not have any available rooms. They called another local hotel for the people and they left to go to that hotel. At that point, I started to get just a little nervous. Would they have our reservation??? Ron had the paperwork to prove the reservation (because we always have paperwork for everything!) and I was relieved that they found our reservation with no problem. We got into the smallest elevator I have ever seen and proceeded to the fourth floor. Coral By the Sea is an older establishment in Isla Verde. It was only about three or four blocks to the Isla Verde beach, which is a beautiful beach with white, powdery sand. We got to our room and I started looking around to be certain that we were actually planning to spend the night there. Although the hotel and the room were scratched, dated, and quite small, it seemed clean. Since we would be there less than twenty- four hours and it was all part of the adventure, we decided to stay. We dropped our bags and headed out to look at the beach. The side road we walked down to get to the beach was fairly dirty and smelly, but the beach was beautiful. We didn’t take time to swim or hang out at the beach. By the time we got to the hotel, checked in and walked to the beach, it was almost six and starting to get dark. We hadn’t had anything to eat since we ate a bagel in the Charlotte airport that morning, so we were ready to find dinner. Here are a few photos of Coral By the Sea: Here is the side road looking toward the beach... ....and here are a couple of photos of our room. This was our first trip to Puerto Rico so we had to find some authentic Puerto Rican food! The hotel had a restaurant attached called Plato’s. The menu looked pretty good and it seemed busy, so we decided to go there. The server’s name was Oscar. He was very nice and very funny. He advised us to try the mofongo. I ordered the chicken with creole sauce and mofongo and Ron had the bacon wrapped chicken with plantains. The food was very good and we enjoyed the meal. The reviews for the restaurant were good and well deserved. After dinner, we decided to grab a gelato at the other restaurant in the hotel, Piubello Gelato. The gelato was also very good. That restaurant also served breakfast and lunch but we did not eat a meal there. After we finished eating, we went back to our room to switch luggage tags and relax a bit. We turned in pretty early as we were both tired from leaving so early and traveling all day. Sometime during the night, I woke up to the sound of a party going on in the alley below. There was a lot of yelling, laughing and a loud radio. It took me a little while to go back to sleep but I eventually did go back to sleep and slept through to the next morning. Sunday, January 27th – Cruise Day!!!! Finally, finally the day had arrived! After a year’s wait it was time for our cruise! We both got ready and were out of our room around 8:30 to find some breakfast. Since we had only walked one direction on the street the night before (other than our excursion down the alley), we decided to try to other direction to find a place for breakfast. Only a block away, we found Edith’s. There was a man outside Edith’s handing out menus and inviting people to come inside and eat. The menu looked good we decided to take him up on the offer. Both he and the server were very friendly. I ordered French toast. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what Ron ordered. The food was good and there was more than enough. After finishing breakfast, we decided to walk further on down the street to a CVS for a few last minute items. On the way, we passed a Burger King. The sign proudly proclaimed “Casa del Whopper”. I love that! I know only a few words in Spanish and learning to be able to converse somewhat is Spanish is something I would like to do. Breakfast and incidentals taken care of, we went back to the hotel, grabbed our luggage and called an Uber. Within about five minutes, Paublo arrived to take us to the port. He was super nice and told us a little about the things we passed on the way to the port. He said he was born in New York but his mother was a native Puerto Rican and returned to Puerto Rico when he was a child. He had been there ever since. He was a pharmaceutical sales rep during the week and drove with Uber on the weekends to pay for his daughter’s education. I really respect his dedication to his children! It only took about 10 – 15 minutes to arrive at the port. By that time, it was around 10:30. There was quite a lot of activity going on at the port. People disembarking, people selling souvenir type items, people (like us) dropping off luggage, etc. The porters took our luggage after only a few minutes and we were free to explore Old San Juan! We could see San Cristobal from the dock area so we decided to head there first. It was a nice walk through Old San Juan. There were some really pretty, older buildings painted in pastel colors. In one area there were a number of tables and umbrellas set up outdoors. Some of the streets were brick. We walked up the hill and into the fort. When we paid our admission, the attendant told us that the price of admission, which was only $7, covered admission to both forts…. San Cristobal and El Morro. The forts were build in the 1500’s We began exploring San Cristobal and imagining what it would have been like when it was an active fort. When we got to the top, you could see El Morro in the distance and a beautiful view of the water. On the opposite side you could see the area where the ship was docked. It was a beautiful day with a gorgeous view and we were able to get some great photos. After we finished exploring the San Cristobal, we stopped in the gift shop for our refrigerator magnet. We try to get a refrigerator magnet and a Christmas ornament for every place we visit. They are really nice reminders of our travels and bring back a lot of good memories. We also purchased a print of a pencil drawing. After purchasing our magnet and Christmas ornament, we set off down the back street, along the water to visit El Morro. There were a lot of people out walking and we really enjoyed the trip and the scenery between the two forts. When we arrived at El Morro, we watched the people on the lawn flying kites for a few minutes before going inside. Again, the fort was fascinating. There were stone passages and staircases. There was a lighthouse that was a more recent addition to the fort. We explored there for a while, visited the gift shop for another magnet and a second pencil drawing and headed out to the cemetery. The cemetery was really interesting. The graves appeared to be family graves instead of individual graves. Some were very old, others were more recent. There were multiple impressive statues and it was a beautiful setting. One of the graves had four statues of a woman and three children. I had to wonder if they were depicting actual family members of the deceased. They were beautiful. By that time, it was afternoon and breakfast had long since worn off. We decided to head back to the ship and find some lunch. Check- in was a very easy, fast process. There were only a few people in line and we went through both the check- in and security very quickly. In only a few minutes we were on board. We discovered that our cabin was already available so we went straight to the cabin to drop off our souvenirs and my back pack. It was definitely time for lunch! We headed up to the Lido deck to check out the lunch options. There were a fair number of people already on board but it wasn’t crowded. We both wound up at Guy’s Burgers. It was, as always, very good. After lunch we took a walk around the ship. I hadn’t been on a Fantasy class ship since 2012 and I was surprised at how small it felt. Everything was in great condition and very clean. We spent the next few hours getting our bearings, getting our Bottomless Bubbles stamp and taking just a few minutes to relax after our long walk that day. Since the ship doesn’t sail until 9pm, dinner was open seating at six. Although our bags had arrived before dinner, we didn’t want change clothes because muster drill was after dinner and then sail away. For dinner, we both had the roasted chicken. I had the port of call appetizer. For dessert I had my favorite chocolate melting cake (which I hadn’t eaten in a whole year!) while Ron had the caramel phyllo dessert. Everything was good. We sat beside a couple from Oklahoma. They were on their third cruise and, like us, were already having a great time. Dinner service was a little slow which is understandable on embarkation date with open seating. We left the dining room around 7:30. It was still a little while before muster drill, so we grabbed our Kindles and relaxed on the Promenade Deck while waiting. Muster drill (Station E) was held in the “Putting on the Ritz” lounge in the aft section of the ship. This is where the comedians perform every night. It had been several years since we had a muster inside and it was very comfortable and relaxed. It also went rather quickly. There didn’t seem to be the usual difficulty with rounding up people who were trying to avoid the drill. Instructions were given over the intercom system so it was easy to hear and it progressed rather quickly. This itinerary also embarks and disembarks in Barbados. The people who had boarded in Barbados were not required to attend the muster drill in Puerto Rico. There was a second muster drill for just those from Barbados on Tuesday. It was also held in the Puttin on the Ritz lounge. Finally, it was time to set sail! We went out on deck to watch the lights of Puerto Rico fade into the distance. To be honest, I think I enjoy the sail away during the day a bit more because, of course, there is more to see. Still, this was different and we enjoyed the experience. It was interesting to see El Morro at night and from the water. After sail away, we went to the Palace Theatre for the Welcome Aboard show. It was hosted by the cruise director, Brittany, and was fun. We wandered around the ship afterward, spent some time on deck, got an ice cream and decided to call it a night. Just before we went to bed, I took off my Fitbit. It registered just under ten miles that we had walked that day. I’ll take it! To be continued...…..
  16. Sailing on the Fascination next April. What do I need to know?
  17. Hello Cruise Friends, We just got back a few weeks ago on the Carnival Fascination. I did some vlogging on this cruise. First time. 2 days before our cruise we did get that call "upsell" and went from a inside cabin to a Extended AFT Balcony for around $20 extra per day. Awesome deal! Those cabins are hard to come by and just a few days from sailing I have a few videos upload on my YouTube channel. First one is flying into San Juan https://youtu.be/qtlMYu7lKCM Second one is getting on the ship with lido deck tour and cabin tour https://youtu.be/_Lg_2DgXUwU Check them out and I will be posting more videos soon! Coming up next: *Ports: St Thomas Barbados St Lucia St Kitts St Maarten One sea day *Tour of the ship *Lots of food video with menus Stay Tuned and if you can … Please hit the "LIKE" button … Thanks!
  18. I'm eyeballing the Fascination for the cruise after Thanksgiving week 2020. I can book a porthole for a good price. Is this a good time to go? Hurricane season is over by them right? Any tips on rooms? Any other thoughts? Thanks!
  19. Is anyone else interested in the Mad Max dune buggy tour in St Kitts on April 26? Their minimum is 4 people and there are only 2 of us. www..http://madmaxdunebuggystkitts.com/
  20. This is a "last minute" question before we leave on our cruise in a couple days. On the Fascination ship, I know there is one electrical outlet, and sometimes, or normally it is in the bathroom. I thought I had seen where someone had posted they had found a "hidden" outlet closer to the floor in the stateroom. If you know anything about this, or where to find it, please advise as it would be helpful. 🙂
  21. I was planning on staying on the ship for 2 of the port days. Is there enough to do? Thanks!
  22. This was our first cruise. Please feel free to ask questions if you haven't been on this ship before and wonder what it is like. I liked this ship for our first cruise since it was small enough to learn the layout within a couple days. I can't imagine how hard it would be to get around on a larger ship, but I figure if you're used to cruising then it's prob fairly easy as I'm sure they set them up similarly. Food was hit and miss in the MDR. Some was sooo delicious and some stuff just tasted strange(like gamey-tasting beef). The buffet was same quality as any buffet. Guy's burgers and Blue Cantina both were good and I enjoyed the toppings area to make things the way I like. The waits everywhere(food and bars)were what you would expect at any buffet/bar at home. Less total people on a ship means less wait staff so if ten people are at a bar waiting to get a drink and there are only 2 bartenders, then you will wait for a few minutes. Not a big deal. Waiting is part of life. Dinner each night in the MDR took time as many of the people at our table ordered multiple appetizers and main entrees so it took them longer to bring it out. Between that and the dancing, you won't make a 7:30 show when you are at a 6pm seating. Wait staff in the MDR were great, though. Very nice and accommodating. The cruise director, Britnee, was amazing! Always making important announcements and doing fun stuff like Zumba on the Lido deck. She and her staff were high energy and very entertaining! There was always something going on-never bored! We bought the drink package and enjoyed not worrying about what we were drinking, but if you get the package thinking there's a store to walk into and grab a bottle of vitamin water or iced tea, no such place exists on this ship. There is a jewelry/smokes/liquor store and another store with souvenirs as well as a candy shop, but that's it. The fitness center was really nice and if I had more time, I would've taken more advantage of all of it. I used the treadmill and elliptical machines but never made it to any of the classes or used the showers/sauna/steam room. Serenity was a nice area too, but usually pretty crowded so getting a lounge chair was rare. We learned pretty quickly that all the picture taking was quite a money-maker for the ship and just stopped getting our picture taken cause we weren't going to be able to afford to buy them all. We did buy 3 so that we could get a coupon code for a free Shutterfly album and a luggage tag. Our room steward was very nice but we suddenly stopped getting towel animals for a couple days. I didn't say anything, but my friend I was travelling with said something(they were next door and got them everyday)and he explained he had a "helper". Helper or not, why no animals and even no ice one of the days? To me, that's just standard stuff. He made sure to hang out folding sheets/towels in the hallway the last morning though, no doubt waiting to see what tips he could get. I tipped twice during the week(after those stopped coming so did the animals so ???) and again upon departure although we had done prepaid gratuities. The last day(after 2 days without animals and one day with no ice)he left a nice sign wishing us a Happy Anniversary(he asked when we arrived if we were celebrating anything)and left a bucket of ice with a bottle of sparkling cider. This was a nice touch and made up for the rest of the week but we didn't have time to consume the bottle on the last night so we left it for him to pass on to someone else. All in all it was a great vacation. I learned alot about cruising and will def use what I learned to make it even better if we get the opportunity to cruise again someday.
  23. I'm curious if people have or do try to bring on soda, water, wine on the 2nd departure port. I know we can bring the allowed amounts in San Juan but I'm wondering if someone was able to grab more soda when we dock in Barbados. I normally bring juice boxes for my daughter and it would be a nice option to replenish if I could.
  24. Has anyone booked a porthole room lately that can comment on whether or not it smelled like cigarette smoke? I was going through room reviews and noticed many reviews suggesting that the porthole rooms smelled of cigarette smoke due to the location of the AC vents. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi Everyone, Looking for those that have done this cruise its the 7 day from San Juan on Carnival Fascination. we are going in May and its port intensive! San Juan Puerto Rico St Thomas (do we stay here or go to St John?) St Maarten St Kitts St Lucia Barbados Looking for beach days and not to complicated we would like to relax but also take in some of each island we need to know the must sees and the blah its ok to miss. We don't necessarily want to do excursions every day, some days take a cab to a beach/town? we snorkel but are not zipliners or hikers etc, we do like seeing animals and stuff like that we are in our mid 50's. Thank you in advance for any replies.
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