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Found 67 results

  1. I will be on the Legend in a few weeks and could use some misc. information: 1. Can you order room service from your cabin television? 2. Are the daily dining room menus listed on the cabin television? 3. I read about Carnival upgrading the cakes at the buffet. Does the Legend have these new cakes? 4. What movies have recently been playing and in what room are they shown, since there is no outdoor Dive-in movie on the Legend? 5. What is the most recent Platinum/Diamond gift? 6. Is there a "Farewell" party on the last sea day? 7. Is there a Mongolian Wok on the Legend? 8. Is there a Chocolate Extravaganza or Chocolate Lovers Feast at the buffet?
  2. Where is the Alchemy Bar on the Legend and what is a good location to find updated deck plans?
  3. I created a trip report for Carnival Legend at the Alaska forum since I decided that my trip report is more of Alaska rather than the ship itself. It is a thank you for all those CC members that tirelessly provided wonderful reviews and assistance to other cruisers. Cheers
  4. This is news to me, so I have a few questions for anyone who has been. What days is it offered? What hours? Do you have a copy or picture of the menu? Heard about this this on a YouTube video from July. I’m hoping it wasn’t just a one time shot on that particular cruise... Bob
  5. I saw this on facebook, not sure if it is posted on carnival website yet:
  6. Has anyone stayed in this cabin? I know it's a handicap cabin for someone not in a wheelchair. Any pics of cabin?
  7. Has anyone done the Chef's Table and/or Behind the Fun Tour recently on the Legend? I was curious if you could tell me the cost pp for each and if you know where they held the Chef's Table. I did the BTF Tour so long ago I can't remember how much it was. And I just did the Chef's Table in February for $75/pp but I recently saw it was $95/pp? Is that for all of them or just the larger ships? TIA and Happy Sailing 🛳️🛳️🛳️
  8. Hi, If anyone has Carnival Legend menus and could post them, I would really like to see some. Thanks in advance,Kendra
  9. Has anyone cruised on legends 8232? pros and cons thanks to all
  10. Hi all. Just off the Carnival Legend 7/9-7/16 sailing to Alaska. Willing to answer any questions but wanted to give a specific shout out to Jonathan in the Piano Bar. He may have been the best I have ever seen...talented, energetic, and he really got the crowds going each night. Full bar most nights, too. Played without break starting at 9pm every night but the last one. If you are a piano bar aficionado you won't want to miss him.
  11. I got a call today for a up sell for my 9/3/19 Alaska cruise. I have a inside cabin and offered a balcony for $525 total. I declined due to budget.
  12. anyone have any photos of the ship or better still the cabins since it went into drydock last year?
  13. Just got home from this cruise, first time to Alaska. Loved, loved, loved the scenery! Hated, hated, hated the weather! It really wasn't bad for Alaska, but I'm used to sailing in January to the Caribbean. Nice change from our weather in Ohio. This cruise, it was 30 degrees colder than at home and I paid to go there. Worst part was all the cloths yah gotta take and all the changing yah gotta do during the trip. I did remember to bring 2 pairs of swimming trunks, never took either out of the suitcase. But, Alaska is gorgeous and a must do! IMO, best port is Ketchikan. Best excursion hands down, seaplane over 5 glaciers in Juneau. Pleasantly surprised by Victoria BC, beautiful port/city. About the ship, love the Spirit class, did Miracle to Hawaii. Found the decor a little dark on the Legend but the layout is great. Chandaliers in the MRD hideous. Have no idea why they put waterworks on the back. Entertainment in theater was poor! Food, about the same as other ships. Steakhouse was OK, not great. Bonzai Sushi was great! Platinum gift was a lanyard.......how sad. Do they REALLY think the platinum cruisers need a lanyard? They used to give them away in the casino. Speaking of, hammered the slots, got back all my wife lost. Seattle very interesting port to sail in/out. Anyway, epic experience, but I'll stick to the warm ports going forward.
  14. I have searched all the cruise sites I am familiar with and I can't get any info on this cabin 5183. It is listed as obstructed. Has anyone been in this cabin & if so can you provide info and photos?
  15. Will be cruising on Legend next Jan. Wondering if people with experience in late dining found there were things that were missed due to dining time. I know usually shows are presented twice—but always? What about comedy club etc. I don’t like eating late but we’re in a group that may warrant that if we are to be together.
  16. So, I just booked the Legend western Caribbean cruise. Due to several unforeseen circumstances, we're now on a major budget for this cruise. I'm on the lookout for reduced price Carnival gift cards, checking my AmEx card regularly for their Carnival sales, and flying on a combo of points and companion certificates (2 full price, 4 "free"). We will have some OBC though. Can anyone give any tips/tricks for cheap excursions in Belize, Mahogany Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel? 2 adults, 3 teens and a preteen.
  17. Just to let everyone know, all of the 4K cabin French doors on the Legend have been sealed closed. I confirmed this with Carnival today. You can also check out the Carnival website, that's how I stumbled on the change. The cabin description that had read "Interior with French Doors" now reads "Interior with Window". I am currently booked on the Legend for the Journeys cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii. I am in one of these 4K rooms specifically for the ability to open the French doors (we did Alaska in a 4K room and loved it). I am very upset for a couple of reasons. Carnival is not bothering to notify anyone that they have downgraded these rooms. Also, as far as I am concerned, Carnival owes anyone that booked one of these rooms some onboard credit of at least the amount that was paid to upgrade to French doors. They don't see it that way. They don't feel the need to notify anyone of the change. I spent over a couple of hours on the phone with them today and all that they offered (after a lot of pressing) was a $25 onboard credit or we could cancel our cruise. That does not come close to covering the amount that was paid to upgrade to a 4K. Anyone that booked a 4K on the Legend while it was being advertised as having the French doors need to call Carnival customer service and complain. At the very least, you might get a bit of credit. Hopefully if they get enough calls they will realize that they did not handle this properly. Sad these are sealed, but hey, it's their ship. However, this is not fair for those that booked before the change. I would have been really pissed if I did not find out about the sealed doors until I got in the cabin and I'm sure no one else will appreciate the surprise either.:mad:
  18. I have been on Legend in Alaska and it was comfortable on the ship. I am hoping someone can comment who took her to Austrailia or carribean in the summer. Does the air conditioning keep up when it is in a hot climate. Wondering the interior comfort level when Legend does the Mediterrean next summer! I know it will be hot in Italy and Greece,hoping the ship offers a cool reprieve!
  19. I saw someone post the sushi menu and the prices aren't half bad. Just wondering if it's any good.
  20. Just back from an amazing Alaskan cruise on the Legend out of Seattle. I'll post more about the specific ports to the Alaska board later but wanted to share some general thoughts and info about the Legend and Seattle port in particular. Embarkation day - We took an Uber to the port. Ride shares drop you off about a 5 minute walk away from the pier entrance so you either have to walk or wait for a shuttle. We waited a couple of minutes but then decided to walk. It wasn’t too bad. Debarkation day - Before 9am they had called all tags and everyone was clear for disembarkation. Super fast! We got a porter for the luggage and basically walked right through customs… no line, they just looked at the passports, didn’t even scan them or anything. The porter walked us all the way out to the app rideshare area so we tipped him a little extra and it was totally worth it not to have to lug our luggage ourselves. Love the unique layout of the ship. The decor is definitely more old world and I thought less cheesy than other carnival ships. Feels more elegant. Lots of public places to sit and hang out or watch out the windows. Stateroom 4224 (port side aft) - very happy with the view and the door right next to it made it super easy to go down to 3 outside and around to the starboard side whenever the naturalist pointed out something on that side. The only down side was that if people came in the door and didn’t close it all the way, it would rattle and bang and we could hear it in the room. Not a big deal during the day but definitely a pain at night. I had signed up for early dining at 6pm precruise but when we got on board, the early dining time had changed to 5:30. Would have preferred 6pm for sure. The only time it was super crowded was in peak breakfast or lunch dining times on Lido. Also sometimes hard to find a table due to people sitting and watching out the windows and not eating. They did try to alleviate this problem by moving the tables away from the windows and putting just rows of chairs there so that at least watchers weren’t taking up table space. Platinum laundry - I left the bags in our room when we left at 7:30am for our excursions and it was returned the same evening. Premium internet was great. I didn’t watch YouTube or Netflix but it was plenty fast for email, Facebook, Pinterest, and downloading podcasts. One thing that’s strange about this itinerary… since the Victoria port is from 7:30-11:59pm, the ship is entering Canadian waters in the afternoon so the casino and all the shops close at 3pm on the last day. I didn’t go to the casino on the first night so I don’t know when they opened but thought it was something important that casino players would want to know. There was a giant line at the casino cashier to cash in chips and casino accounts.
  21. Just booked this cruise and was hoping there would already be a roll call started but I guess not, so I'm creating one now. Hope to have lots of folks join me soon!!
  22. Just a couple of questions about the casino on the Legend, which we are on in a couple of weeks: 1. Is smoking allowed? 2. What are the typical minimum bets for roulette and craps? Thanks
  23. My husband and I are novice cruisers- one cruise last summer on the Allure of the Seas. We'd be cruising with 3 teens and a preteen, 2 rooms (unless we get a great deal on 3). Has to be certain dates so the ones that work as of now are: Legend out of Tampa- ports are Grand Cayman, Mahogany Bay, Belize, Cozumel Magic out of FL- half moon cay, grand turk, amber cove Glory out of NOLA- Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Cozumel Prices are similar although the Magic is a day less. Ports are most important to my husband (and I know they can reroute us with no notice), ship is more important to me. Keep the kids in mind as well. Anyone have suggestions on which to do? I've read so many reviews my eyes are crossing. Pros/cons of any or all of these ships or ports? I know all of these will be a step down from Allure but also half the price (and no RC cruises fit our dates and are similar in price).
  24. Does anyone have recent copies of the fun times for Alaska, on the Legend? we are sailing in a week and I wondered about breakfast and lunch dining options. One of our travelers has a serious food allergy I know it will be best for him to have meals on the dining room.
  25. Does anyone know who the maitre’d is for the Carnival Legend? We have cruised several times and have been on the Legend before. I do remember that he was excellent. Wondering if he will be with us on our Alaska cruise in a few weeks
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