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Found 54 results

  1. Hi, If anyone has Carnival Legend menus and could post them, I would really like to see some. Thanks in advance,Kendra
  2. Does anyone happen to have any recent Carnival Legend Alaska Fun Times or Port Guides? I’d greatly appreciate seeing them. thank you in advance!
  3. My husband and I are novice cruisers- one cruise last summer on the Allure of the Seas. We'd be cruising with 3 teens and a preteen, 2 rooms (unless we get a great deal on 3). Has to be certain dates so the ones that work as of now are: Legend out of Tampa- ports are Grand Cayman, Mahogany Bay, Belize, Cozumel Magic out of FL- half moon cay, grand turk, amber cove Glory out of NOLA- Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Cozumel Prices are similar although the Magic is a day less. Ports are most important to my husband (and I know they can reroute us with no notice), ship is more important to me. Keep the kids in mind as well. Anyone have suggestions on which to do? I've read so many reviews my eyes are crossing. Pros/cons of any or all of these ships or ports? I know all of these will be a step down from Allure but also half the price (and no RC cruises fit our dates and are similar in price).
  4. We were on the May 6 sailing on the Legend. We had two days in Seattle pre cruise and we went to Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Icy Straight Point, and Ketchikan. DH put together some of our pictures and video that were taken. I wish we would have had more pictures to see ahead of time while we counted down to the trip so I figured I’d share the link. It was a memorable cruise and hopefully one day we’ll sail to Alaska again.
  5. Hello - We are getting ready to cruise on the Carnival Legend for the first time next month. This is also the first time I will have traveled with three adults in one cabin. I've read where people have mentioned using the showers in the the spa to help alleviate the strain of several people getting ready at one time int he cabin. I was just wondering - Are the showers in the spa only open for use during certain times (i.e., only during spa hours or when the gym is open?)
  6. Hey, what’s crack-a-lackin’ everyone?! Trippingpara here, but you can just call me Trip. My DW and I have just returned from our cruise to the fantastically unbelievable, the unfathomable, the implausible, the incredible and the downright insanely beautiful state of Alaska and the Inner Passage. We had the pleasure of spending 8 days sailing on the newly refurbished Carnival Legend roundtrip from Seattle. I believe this will now be my fifth review here on CC. Man, am I getting salty or what?! Oh wait…nope, never mind, that’s just the rim of my margarita glass! Any ways, hopefully you’ll enjoy this review and be able to dredge some useful tidbits from it. If you know who I am or have read any of my other reviews, then you already know that this review will be long and will have more images than Motley Crue’s photographic collection of groupies. Unfortunately, our photos will not have the wild and crazy debauchery of theirs, but ours are pretty freakin’ awesome just the same - in a boring, PG kind of way. Sorry guys and gals, those R rated photos have exclusive rights only. However, for a small fee of… Ahh…wait…hold on… I’m getting a vicious stink eye from DW. Okay, nope. Nevermind, they’re not for sale. Speaking of photos, I’m currently attending the Rhode Island School of Design. It’s supposed to be one of the nation’s premier art schools but come to think of it, I’m not sure how the heck I was able to get accepted there! Apparently, their standards must have plummeted since that last ranking! Nonetheless, that means I don’t go anywhere without a camera in my hands. In fact, since I happen to be lucky enough to have two hands, I usually have at least two cameras in my possession at any given moment. Of course, that’s not counting the ubiquitous cell phone/camera that is permanently glued into everyone’s hands. Well, enough of that crap, now where was I?....Ah yes, per my normal reviews, it will be broken up into two distinct areas: the first part will be a Cliff Notes version highlighting some of the main topics and areas of the Legend followed by a day by day diary style format discussing the port and events of the day in detail. The plethora of pictures will be in the diary area so please feel free to skip right to that area if you’re not much of a reader. As always, please do not hesitate to ask any questions. I write these reviews to try and give back just a fraction of all the help and assistance that I have received from others’ reviews and comments here on Cruise Critic. DISCLAIMER: This review is a compilation of opinions from my DW and me. Mostly me, but occasionally I listen to my DW too. The statements made in this review are simply our opinions and views of what took place during our vacation and should carry absolutely no weight or value on how you may or may not feel about these things. If you do not like my opinions or heavens forbid, take offense to them, well…too bad, because quite frankly…my “Gives a Crap” meter doesn’t appear to be working, so please feel free to bugger off and pound sand. If you feel that strongly about it, write your own review and pontificate to your little heart’s desire there! Sound good? Out-freakin-standing! Now let’s get it on!
  7. For 2020 I am looking at a Western route and I am trying to decide Glory out of New Orleans or Legend out of Tampa. Both 7 days. These both would be new ships for us and we have been to all these ports so I guess I am asking more about the ships than the ports. Legend: Grand Cayman, Mahogany Bay, Belize, Cozumel Glory: Mahogany Bay, Belize, Cozumel
  8. I have 2 cruises booked on the Legend for 2020. My first cruise will be in January 2020 and I was able to purchase FTTF in March when it first became available. The 2nd cruise will be the end of November 2020. I booked that cruise last week. Today I was just checking my booking and I was able to purchase FTTF for that cruise also. I was shocked that it was available to purchase 18 months before my sailing. It was funny because just yesterday I added a reminder to my calendar to check for FTTF.
  9. Wondering if anyone knows if all balcony dividers on the legend can be opened to join one another? Thanks
  10. waiting for reviews from passengers who are embarking in Tampa and stopping in the ports our January 2020 cruise will visit! It's exciting that Legend is now serving Australia and going to some more unusual ports in that part of the world...but it isn't helping me enjoy pre-trip reviews comparable to our own upcoming voyage. It's been a few years since we sailed on her. I'd like to read the good stuff before we travel. Just sayin'
  11. My hubby and I are both CPAP users and are concerned about the location of the outlets. Has anyone sailed on her, maybe on Deck 5 and can tell me where outlets are? I'm betting we will need two extension cords so I will be contacting Carnival to learn exactly what they require for bringing them on board with us. Thank you in advance.
  12. In reading posts and FAQs about Journey trips on Carnival, it seems that a lot of the activities would happen on sea days. Our Journey trip on Legend to Alaska in September only has 2 at sea days - first day and last day. The other days are long days in port and a day cruising Glacier Bay. Just curious what parts of the Journey stuff they do? It's our first cruise to Alaska, so we're looking forward to the extra days and extra ports regardless of any Journey "extras".
  13. Hi. Does anyone have any pictures of Carnival Legend Vista Suite 7347 since the dry dock in 2018?
  14. Hi! Anyone know where I can get a couple of bottles of wine to take on the cruise ship in or around the Pier 2 terminal in Honolulu?
  15. The title pretty much says it all. Do the TVs on the Legend have a CD/DVD player?
  16. Does anyone know where the self service laundries are located on the Legend?
  17. Our boarding time is 3 - 3:30, and I just rec’d an email with general reminders for Embarkation Day, it states the Lido lunch is done at 3. What else would be available for us after 3? Our flight lands at 1:30 ish & I thought we could hold off eating until on-board. I don’t want to have the taxi go thru a drive thru 🙄 Any ideas?
  18. Could anyone please tell me when the formal nights might be on our Alaska Legend cruise in July? We are trying to plan excursions, but don’t want to miss out on the dining room experience on formal nights. Thank you
  19. Since the Legend and Miracle don't have dive in movies, do they show extended movies in cabin? We haven't been on these ships for a few years. I understand they have had some 2.0 upgrades. We just got off the Breeze and all of the dive in movies were shown in cabin for a small fee. We enjoyed the complimentary movie channel, but on a 7 day cruise there is a lot to do and in cabin TV isn't that important to us. The Breeze also has an updated TV setup with room service ordering and such. We are on an extended Legend cruise next year and will probably have more downtime for TV watching. I'm hoping for some pay options. Please give me some good news! Thanks in advance. Dawn
  20. We just booked Legend's TA westward last night, great rates, just happened to come across it on-line when browsing, emailed PVP immediately, so excited. Did the TA on the Horizon in May, our first, and thoroughly enjoyed it, time passed incredibly quickly. (I just read the Posts on the Legend Transatlantic but believe most of them are referring to the eastbound itinerary.) Anyone else booked the cruise out of Barcelona for Tampa October 2020?
  21. Looking at an Alaska cruise in July. About the only balcony cabins are deck 5. On the deck plans it shows the life boats, are they obstructed views. On the pick your cabin tab it shows the same cabins on balcony and obstructed views. Different prices but same cabins. This is not for me but a pastor friend. Don't what something that would not be awesome.
  22. Good afternoon, I haven't cruised on the Spirit class for awhile but I know there use to be a link that you could see which of the deck 4 obstructed view cabins have a bit of a view inbetween the life boats. Can someone point me in the right direction Thank you Kim
  23. We will be sailing to Hawaii in September 2019. Those who have been on the Legend - does that ship have Shuffleboard? Also, does it have Mini-golf? We are not swimmers... what's your favorite activities during sea days? Thanks, DCpow
  24. We have sailed Royal Caribbean -- over priced Princess -- boring; they practically rolled up the bars & the hallways at 10 p.m. NCL -- just right . . . relaxed, fun, good value (although lately I am questioning our loyalty, especially since the prices seem to have skyrocketed). Carnival Legend is sailing out of Seattle to Alaska leaving on a Tuesday which fits beautifully with a California thing we finish up late on a Sunday. We can fly up from LAX to SEA-TAC on Monday & then sail. Alaska is way more about the ports then the ship so we don't need much. Looking for clean cabin, reasonable fun ship mates, a few drinks, edible food (neither of us expects Michelin stars on a ship) & great views. This Legend itinerary sounds like it works. But if anybody can give us a comparative low down that would be awesome. It's a port intensive itinerary which I think is good. I hate sea days. On this board, I'm sure you all love Carnival & like is subjective but insight would be appreciated. If it's too party hearty that won't work. If it's too deadly dull that won't work either. If the ship itself is more of a cruise ship then a cruise liner designed for rougher waters, let us know that. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi All - I haven't posted here in a while but I am planning a 25th Anniversary Cruise for my wife and I in 2020. I am struggling between two itineraries and ships. Do I book the longer (12 day) Med Italy cruise on the legend in a AFT balcony or do I go for the NEW Mardi Gras Maiden Voyage on 8/31 in a regular Balcony (9 days). Mardi Gras is a little more expensive but it would be the maiden voyage and that would be special all in itself. Also to note, the Italian Legend cruise would be on our actual anniversary, the Mardi Gras is a couple of months earlier. Thank You for your help - I am so torn.
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