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  1. Does anyone know who it is? If they have any youtube videos or social media participation? My wife and I are sailing on the Magic in a few months and I'm just "researching" the ship and ports we are going to. thanks!
  2. I know there's no Bonsai Sushi or Bonsai Sushi Express on the Magic. Can anyone verify if there is any location on the Magic to obtain/purchase sushi? Do they possibly carry it in the Lido? Thanks for any insight.
  3. Alright I’m officially addicted 😂. Just got off the Conquest yesterday and already convinced my family to look into cruises for March/April next year. My question is out of these two ships which one should I look into actually booking more? I’m leaving out if Miami port and having already sailed the Conquest I want to try a different ship. Only other ship I’ve been on is the Dream. All opinions welcome! Thanks!
  4. For those that have visited since the hurricane, are the sightseeing tours on St. Maarten & St. Kitts worth the money? We are not much for just shopping or laying around on a beach and would like to take a driving tour around each island. It will be our first visit to these islands.
  5. We said we weren't cruising as much this year on mass-market lines due to a couple Viking Cruises that we've booked this year and going on so many the past couple years. That's not going to well because we just got back from a super last minute cruise on the Magic in addition to being booked for the Valor in August and an RCL trip in August. Our DS got a fabulous deal on this cruise. He and his partner were Elite. He got a call from the upgrade fairy and somehow in the conversation with the casino people figured out that Hubby and I could jump on this ship for very cheap and BOTH get significant free play. So we booked less than a month out (thankfully we have lots of vacation/self-employed-ish working situation) This was our second or third time cruising out of Ft. Lauderdale. We flew in the morning of and took an Uber (or maybe Lyft) to port. We all agreed to pack light so I'm not sure others would be able to do this with 4 people and luggage but it worked for us and was economical. Our driver was super friendly and had lived in DC, Ohio and Indiana so the ride went by really fast as we had a lot of good small talk topics. We all had priority boarding either through status or the casino so it went very quickly and painlessly. I think I started slamming Blue Iguana Tacos by 11:30 which is a new record for us. We get free drinks in the casino but DS and his partner both had free cheers through the casino. As a surprise, they bought us cheers. I've only done it a couple times but it definitely made us start the party a little earlier than we normally do. Even though we are females, DS's partner and I both like beers more than our better halves so we were able to pace ourselves a little better but by 3:30, everyone was ready for a nap.
  6. Almost time for our cruise! Trying to decide if it's worth doing a manicure and/or pedicure on the ship. Also, thinking of a massage as well. We are in a Cloud 9 balcony (excited about enjoying some of the spa amenities). It's not about the cost as much as the experience and results. Appreciate any comments!
  7. Is there any way to check what shows will be playing on the Magic, Sept 22-28, 2019? Going with 2 other couples, so we’d like to do some advanced planning.
  8. The Magic has been pretty full for a long time now. We are thinking if taking it. Does anyone know, if there is a big group booked for this cruise? Thank you: Matt
  9. This is my CONDENSED 8 day review for an 8 day voyage on the Carnival Magic to Aruba, Curaçao, Half Moon Cay & Grand Turk. The voyage was on May 25th from Port Everglades. It's condensed for Cruise Critic for your viewing pleasure. To read the full review complete with menus, Fun Times and more pictures, it's posted on my blog at https://www.love2cruise.org/2019-raleigh/ which begins with day 1, pre-cruise. Background I booked this cruise back on January 29th, 2018. Carnival was having a $50 deposit + $100 on-board credit then and this itinerary was very appealing to us, so I jumped on it. We've been on the Magic before and really enjoyed it. The Dream Class ships are my favorite. We also enjoy sailing from Port Everglades. It's always been the easiest and most efficiently ran port for us, every time we sailed from there. We booked the cruise directly through Carnival as I run far away from travel agents. Once we booked the cruise, it was time to sit back and wait 481 days. Time would go by fast though since we had 2 sailings booked between then and this one. We're a family of 4, I am in my upper 30's and my wife is in her lower 30's. We have 2 boys ages 15 & 7, who love to cruise as well. We never exclude them from any vacation we take except our anniversary trips. They always sail with us. We live in Virginia but literally at the North Carolina state line. I'm 20 minutes from NC. The lead-up Leading up to this cruise, we had 2 other sailings as I mentioned so it helped pass the time. For this cruise we decided to get a villa in Half Moon Cay. We always get a cabana but some friends we met on a previous voyage usually sail with us so we split the villa with them. The cost for the villa was $499.99. I was able to purchase this the day it went on sale, May 12th 2018 which was a little over a year from our sailing. We have 1 more sailing before we're platinum, so we always buy Faster To The Fun, which was no different this time. We purchased it the day it went on sale, July 16th 2018 at $99.95. I also paid the entire cruise fare with gift cards from Allstate & AARP, which saved $367.00 just on the cruise fare alone, not to mention the other $200 it saved me on gift cards I bought for on-board spending, taking my total savings to $567. Pre-cruise We always like to start our vacations a little early and make the most of them. So on Tuesday, May 21st it was time to leave. On Monday, May 20th it was time to pack and do last minute things around the house such as mow, wash the vehicles, etc. On Tuesday, I woke up, changed the sheets on the bed, took care of all of the last minute things around the house, and went and picked up my boys from school. It was time to head to Raleigh. We go to Raleigh the day before our flight and get a hotel. That way we don't have any issues the following morning for our flights. We booked the Holiday Inn Express on Miami Blvd in Durham through parksleepfly.com at $174.12. This was for 2 queen beds, and allowed us to keep our vehicle there the duration of the trip. This killed me because it was queen beds. That's just a tiny bed for 2 people, in my opinion. I don't know how people do it. Anyway. Our day in Raleigh was fun. We never shop in stores for any reason. All clothes, electronics, groceries, etc comes from online exclusively. So since we had a day to kill, we went to the mall in Raleigh where my son wanted to buy some Air Pods since our dog chewed his first 2 pair up. After that, he wanted to go in Hollister to buy some clothes. After we were done there, we went to eat at Carolina Ale House which was good. After that, we went back to our hotel since we had an early flight the next day. Wednesday, May 22nd we woke up about 4:15am and got ready to catch our 5am shuttle. We got on the shuttle promptly, and off to Raleigh-Durham International Airport we went. We arrived at RDU about 10-15 minutes later where our driver would drop us off at our terminal. We dropped our luggage with the skycap which we always do, and up to TSA we went. Security was a breeze, we went to buy drinks for the flight, and then to our terminal. We were at our terminal by 6am sitting down, waiting to board at 6:30 for our 7am flight. We boarded our flight and off to Ft. Lauderdale we went. The flight was right at 2hrs with no issues. I had downloaded some Netflix movies to watch during the downtime on the flight(s). Once we landed at FLL, we went downstairs to the baggage claim to grab our bags. We grabbed our bags, headed out the door and turned right and walked to the end of the walkway to catch an Uber. Once we got stopped where we needed to be, I ordered our Uber. It took all of 3 minutes for Francisco to arrive in his UberXL. He loaded up our bags in his SUV and off to the beach we went. We had rented a room at the Marriott Beachplace Towers, through Airbnb. We try to use Airbnb or VRBO whenever we travel. I've used Airbnb in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale probably 50 times and loved every single time. This time was no different. Last year our Airbnb was in the Galt Ocean Mile area but we spent most of our time in in the Beach Place area. So we knew exactly where we wanted to be. When we do not stay in an Airbnb, I prefer Marriott properties, or Hilton as a second option. This resort was really nice. They had a game room, a spa, a gym, restaurant, daily activities, free laundry, free wifi, and a ton of other amenities. It's also in the PERFECT location. It's right on the beach, there's a CVS downstairs, some shops, several restaurants and other activities. Our Uber dropped us off at the Marriott which I knew we were too early to check in. We dropped our luggage off there though, and went to get some lunch.We decided to walk up to Primanti Brothers to get some pizza. We hadn't eaten at all by this point, and I chose Primanti Bros. because they also have breakfast. I like Primanti Bros because they're open 24/7 and right on the beach. They have always had good food whenever we went. We had a little time to kill before our room was ready, so we took our time eating our lunch here, just watching the people. Once we were done, we went into the few shops around Primanti Bros, then decided to head back to the resort. When we were done, I called for Circuit to come pick us up. Circuit is formerly known as The Free Ride. This is a 6 seater golf cart (several of them in the company) that is around Ft. Lauderdale beach that will pick you up and take you anywhere you want to go, for free. Plus tip, of course. It's funded by advertising on the carts. Anyway, Circuit arrived in 10 minutes and took us back to the Marriott. I tipped him $5 for the short trip. When we got back to the resort, we just hung out around the resort, took naps, etc. Once we woke up, my oldest and I went down to grab some scooters to ride. Around Ft. Lauderdale they have electric scooters EVERYWHERE that you can ride. It's $1 to get started then $0.15 per minute to ride. Him and I both got a scooter and off we went. We rode up and down A1A from Galt Ocean all the way down to Ft. Lauderdale Beach Park. It was $11.75 for the 2 scooters for us to ride a long time. My wife had taken my youngest to the game room at the Marriott to play while we were out. Once we were done riding, I sent Circuit a text to come to Beach Place and pick us up and take us to Publix so I could get some drinks, snacks for our stay, and wine for the cruise. Our driver was there promptly, and to Publix we went. We got stocked up with a ton of chips, snacks, sodas, and wine. Then I sent Circuit a text to come pick us up. He was there promptly to take us back to the resort. We took everything to the room, then decided it was dinner time. When we go to Ft. Lauderdale, Lulu's Bait Shack is our favorite place to eat. We love the view, the atmosphere, the food, it's just a great place. The service has started to slack some but we don't care since we're in no rush. After dinner, we just hung out and watched tv in the room. We were tired since we had been up so early. (On days we don't work or go to school, nobody in my house is up before 10am, so 4am was super early for us) Thursday, May 23rd We woke up around 9am and were ready for breakfast. We walked a block down the road to Boccacino Cafe & Pizzeria where we'd get our breakfast. This is right at Las Olas Blvd & A1A and I highly recommend it! My wife and I both ordered eggs, bacon, fried potatoes and fruit. My youngest ordered strawberry french toast which he ate all of. He must have been starving! It was $75 for the 4 of us which was worth every penny. After we finished breakfast, we walked around the corner to Nanou French Bakery & Cafe. My wife loves this place and has to go there whenever we're in the are. This is at the end of Las Olas, right near A1A (where all of the construction is currently taking place). They are an authentic French bakery. I bought some eclairs from there, and my wife bought $50 worth of macaroons. She loves them! From there, we went back to the resort, where my wife and youngest would have a repeat of yesterday in the game room. My oldest and I would repeat as well, riding scooters all day. Once we were all done, we met at Haagen-Daaz which is at Beach Place where the resort is. It was $35 for 4 smoothies and man they were delicious. We sat out in the Beach Place courtyard and drank our smoothies. We took naps afterward and just hung out. Finally at dinner time, we walked downstairs to Lulu's Bait Shack to eat dinner. After we were done at Lulu's, we wanted to do something fun. There's an Escapeology escape room there at Beach Place so we decided to do that. We wanted to do the easiest room, which is "Antidote". It was $125 for the hour. It was a lot of fun, and we did not escape. It was fun though and worth the money. I highly recommend Escapeology. Once we were done with the escape room, we went to "Wave" which is a beach store. We bought some stuff here, then went to our room where we'd take shower and hit the hay for the night. This week is FLYING by. Tomorrow is our last day in Ft. Lauderdale. 😞 Friday, May 24th We woke up, and went back to Boccacino Cafe & Pizzeria. We had the same waitress, ordered the same food, and it was just as delicious. After we left breakfast, we rode scooters for a little bit along the beach. Finally we were ready to go do....something. We didn't know what. So I sent Circuit a text to come pick us up. They did and I had them take us to Galleria Mall. It's a very small mall with a very weird layout. We didn't shop much here, just went into Godiva Chocolate to get some diabeetus. After we were done at the mall, I sent Circuit a text to come pick us up. They did and we went back to the resort. We just spent the day hanging out around the resort, the beach and riding scooters some more. It's just a great area and we love it. We did go down to Maui Nix Surf Shop which is downstairs there at Beach Place where we'd buy a bunch more stuff. Once we finished there, we went back to Escapeology where we'd do another escape room. We did "Th3 C0d3" this time, which is a mid-level difficulty escape room. We beat it! We escaped. After we did the escape room, we went over to Lulu's Bait Shack where we'd have our dinner then just call it an early evening. I went to catch up all of our laundry, and spent the night watching baseball. We were sad this was our last night in Ft. Lauderdale, but tomorrow is our cruise! Now, speaking of baseball, the Super Regionals of the College World Series is about to come on in 10 minutes (as I am typing this) so I am going to watch my Tar Heels play against Auburn in a rubber match to see who advances to the CWS in Omaha. I'll be back later today to continue the review, which will begin with Saturday, embarkation day. 🙂 -stay tuned, more to come.
  10. Our cruise is ending in Port Everglades and the time for disembarkation is 8:00AM. There is a flight i would like to take out of Miami at 12h15. Is it too tight? First time I have a cruise disembarking so late. Thanks.
  11. Can anyone tell me if their is a seafood shack on the Magic? If so, where is it?
  12. My husband and I are novice cruisers- one cruise last summer on the Allure of the Seas. We'd be cruising with 3 teens and a preteen, 2 rooms (unless we get a great deal on 3). Has to be certain dates so the ones that work as of now are: Legend out of Tampa- ports are Grand Cayman, Mahogany Bay, Belize, Cozumel Magic out of FL- half moon cay, grand turk, amber cove Glory out of NOLA- Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Cozumel Prices are similar although the Magic is a day less. Ports are most important to my husband (and I know they can reroute us with no notice), ship is more important to me. Keep the kids in mind as well. Anyone have suggestions on which to do? I've read so many reviews my eyes are crossing. Pros/cons of any or all of these ships or ports? I know all of these will be a step down from Allure but also half the price (and no RC cruises fit our dates and are similar in price).
  13. FTTF is available this morning. It had been sold out for months. I snagged one this morning.
  14. I know the carnival magic has laundry services where you can do your own laundry. How much does it cost?
  15. I sailed with my family on the May 25th Magic cruise with stops in Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, Aruba and Curacao. I am Diamond and my other family members are all Platinum. The ship sailed from Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale)...we arrived at the terminal around 10:30 a.m., checked our luggage with the porters and walked right into the terminal. Our check-in took only a few minutes and we were directed to seating on the first level in an area reserved for Diamond, Platinum and FTTF cruisers. They were already boarding a wedding party and special needs cruisers. We sat down for about 5 minutes and then we were called and headed up to the second floor to another waiting area. When the Carnival employee said Diamond and Platinum could proceed upstairs, a group of FTTF cruisers started walking with us to the escalator and she requested that they sit down until they are called. So, apparently Carnival is trying to avoid any confusion regarding boarding procedures. We didn't even have time to sit down once upstairs and they called all Diamond and Platinum to board. From the time we entered the terminal until we stepped foot on the ship was maybe 20 minutes. I don't remember which terminal we were docked at but if that is important to anyone, I can find out. We proceeded to our staterooms and dropped off our carry-on bags then headed for a drink and lunch. We made our way to the Red Frog Pub for a 1/2 priced fishbowl drink but the bartender said they would only be available at Noon. The fish bowl drinks are $10, usually $20. We took the elevator up to the Lido buffet for lunch. Other venues open were Guy's Pig & Anchor, the Pasta Bar at Cucina del Capitano, Guy's Burger Joint, pizza, deli (good hot dogs), Blue Iguana Cantina, Seafood Shack and Mongolian Wok. After lunch, we headed back to the Red Frog Pub and ordered two fish bowls to share. I am a beer or Vodka martini drinker and don't like fruity drinks. i couldn't see the bartender when he made our drinks but the bowl was filled to the brim with ice and I couldn't taste alcohol because the fruity punch overpowered it, awful drink, hated it and not worth $10, don't know how many people pay $20 for those drinks, yuck. The desserts available at the Lido buffet are delicious, beautiful, multi-layer cakes. They had different cakes every day with beautiful mirror glazes, butter frosting, cream cheese frosting, whipped cream frosting, etc. They were a huge improvement over the nasty brownies, cake pops, etc., that were on previous ships. Please try the different cakes offered every day, they are wonderful. My favorites were carrot cake, raspberry champagne, and hummingbird cake. OMG, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. They don't have them at the buffet for dinner, just lunch time so if you are a cake lover, please try them. Now, the biggest disappointment for me on this cruise was NO BUTTER available anywhere and believe me, I searched. No butter at dinner in the Main Dining Room and no butter at the buffet. I had read that Carnival did away with those butter pats. The main dining room has one tiny square ceramic dish that holds maybe a tablespoon of what looked and tasted like colored whipped Crisco. It reminded me of the plastic bag of oleo with a yellow/red capsule in it that had to be massaged into the oleo to give it a hint of yellow and fool you into thinking it was butter that my mother brought home during the rationing of butter during World War II. Anyhow, the whipped Crisco was also available at the buffet in small crocks. There was a crock of knives next to the crock of whipped Crisco that you were supposed to use and then place your dirty knife in another crock. Do you think anyone followed this procedure? NOT. And, some people just grabbed the crock and put it on their table and dug into it and just left it on their table. People were milling around asking for the butter. Butter, what butter, there is no butter. The whipped Crisco was disgusting, I did not use it all week. I now know what I'm bringing on my next Carnival cruise, that's right, not Vodka or any other liquor, BUTTER. Also, there are no packets of white sugar (sugar was also rationed during World War II). Wait a minute, is it 1942 and I'm in a time warp? We found some mid-week at the buffet but the staff member said once they use up all the packets, white sugar will only be available in pour out containers. When we had coffee after dinner in the MDR, our assistant waiter had to run downstairs to the first floor of the dining room to get white sugar for our coffee. He brought about 2 tablespoons back in the tiniest container I have ever seen. Now that Carnival is doing away with those little wooden stirrers in the buffet, people will have to use their utensils or grab a soup spoon to stir their drinks. The Diamond/Platinum gift was a cheap looking lanyard (gave mine away). I wish Carnival would just do away with gifts or give their loyalty program members a choice, i.e., drink coupon, free bingo card, etc. We had a balcony stateroom on this cruise and noticed a lot of wear and tear and rust on the balcony. The in-room safes are PIN number accessible, you don't have to swipe a card with a magnetic stripe. You do need a card to put in the slot by the door to turn on the lights (I brought my Duffy's Restaurant loyalty card). We ate at the Steakhouse one night, didn't like the room configuration on this ship and the food and presentation was not as good as it was on the Conquest. We probably will not eat in the Steakhouse on our next cruise, takes too long, food was nothing special. We tried the pizza (good, fresh, crispy crust), Guy's Pig & Anchor (yuk), Guy's Burgers (greasy), Wok (o.k. but long wait), Deli (loved their hot dogs with sauerkraut and chili), Main Dining Room (food was just o.k.), Blue Iguana Cantina (good). The casino smelled rancid with smoke even when no one was there in the early morning, yuck. The Sea Monkeys band played in Ocean Plaza and they were good. They had three women violinists play in the Atrium almost every day and they were very good but got boring after the second day. We went to the Rock show in the main show lounge, yawn. I won a Ship on a Stick at trivia (it pays to be old and accumulate all this random info in your brain that you'll never use except during trivia on Carnival, ha!). We never made it to the Comedy Club or piano bar. My daughter and grandson watched a couple of movies at the Dive-In movies on the Lido deck. The Ocean Plaza was a great place to sit at night, always good music. Also, in the morning, they had a small breakfast buffet set up at Ocean Plaza between the Alchemy Bar and Plaza Cafe where they had coffee, pastries, bagels, scrambled eggs, etc. The aft area on Deck 11 was very nice and we always found chairs back there. This ship has lots of areas with chairs in the sun and shade but everyone crowds around the pool. Our Cruise Director, Simon London, was great, he was everywhere, dancing, talking to people, etc. In Grand Turk and Half Moon Cay, we found some loungers and just enjoyed the beautiful water. In Aruba, we took a taxi to Palm Beach and found chairs and umbrellas to rent near the DePalm pier so we would be close to food, beverages and restrooms. It was a beautiful, clean, beach. The food and drinks were very good. We would definitely go back here again. We had a long day in Aruba so after dinner and a shower, we made our way off and walked around the stores. In Curacao, we booked a snorkel tour through Carnival. The Captain took us to a quiet cove where the water was calm and provided snorkel equipment to everyone. You could jump off the side of the boat or go down the ladder into the water. The deck hand cooked hamburgers on a grill in the back of the boat and complimentary rum punch on the way back to the ship, rum and cokes for me. It was a beautiful excursion and well worth the $49/person. We went back to the ship, showered and walked to the RIF Fort and had a sundae at the ice cream store. Overall, we had a great cruise, good weather and loved the Magic. Debarkation seemed to run very smoothly, we walked off the ship around 8:30 a.m., found our luggage and went through the serpentine line to the exit. The line kept moving and it was a fairly quick process. We have already booked another cruise next year on the Magic and looking forward to sailing on her again, 319 days and counting!!! I'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.
  16. Does anyone have a copy of the fun time for the Magic 8 Night Eastern Caribbean cruise? Would love to see them. Thank you in advance for your help
  17. Didn't really do things like the night clubs, so this is a more family focused review. GOOD -Waterpark was a blast and was definitely enough to entertain my 4yr old basically all day -Camp Ocean was a hit and an awesome resource to have -Loved all of our ports BAD -Not really impressed with the shows. The lead singer in them pretty much ruined it. -The one time we tried to watch a movie on the big screen it had technical difficulties -Dining room was slooooooooooooow -Chair hogs all over the place -A lot of the events that we wanted to do were at the same time as our early dining First day we just hit the water park, checked out the lido and the skysports upstairs. Son was enamored with the water park so we spent hours up there and then checked out the pools. I'm as bald as can be, so finding shade was a little difficult due to chair hogs but I always made it work. Son absolutely loved the dining room and immediately ate bread and then fell asleep. Only problem is that it routinely took 90 minutes to get all courses. We did the Seuss at Sea parade and story time, that was a big hit as well. Checked out the first of the Showtime shows. I enjoyed the sets and theatrics, but the lead singer in all of the shows was awful. I don't know how to explain it well but he overdid EVERYTHING. Instead of singing, everything was super theatrical and nasal-y over the top. First port was St Maarten. We took the orange shirt cab company to Mullet Bay Beach and then walked to Maho Beach. Maho Beach may be my new favorite place in the world and other family members liked it as well. For all of us it was something like 50 dollars of cab fares for there and back and we just took snacks from the boat so no need to pay for food. More to come, and I'd be happy to answer any questions about life on the Magic with lil kids.
  18. Hi everyone im booked august 17 on the magic 8 day southern carib and im in a dilemma about an available upgrade. Right now im booked in an interior room 7232 on deck 7 fwd on a casino offer for just taxes and port fees. I can upgrade to ocean vew 1448 deck 1 aft for 210$. This i a mishaped room so instead of a couch you have to chairs but its double wide and you get 2 windows that the bed faces. My only reservation is being all way deck 1 aft and 1 being away from the action and 2 any possible engine noise vibration. Ive cruised before in balconys an ovean view and an interior. Interrior was my last favorite but this years looks to be in a good location because its just a few steps away from the forward outdoor deck 7 area.
  19. Booked this cabin for the wife and I have noticed it is under the theater. Has anyone ever stayed in this cabin? Any info about staying in this cabin would be appreciated.
  20. We are currently booked on the Sunrise and was suppose to be going to Cuba and Half Moon Cay. We are now trying to determine if we want to stay on our current cruise or change the another. There isn’t a big price difference between the two. Here are our options. I would love some feedback on everyone’s opinion. Current: Option 1: 5 Day Sunrise 6 Day Magic Grand Turk Grand Turk Amber Cove Amber Cove Half Moon Cay
  21. Ok I've searched for this answer (didn't find it) and before I call Carnival wondering if my fellow cruisecritic members might have the answer. We are currently booked on Carnival Magic 8 days 4/25-5/3/20....I am looking to surprise DH with a B2B Carnival Magic 6 day 5/3-5/9/20 BUT our embarkation for the first leg is in Ft Lauderdale and that 2nd leg would be Miami....so my question is- would we have to debark in Ft Lauderdale and then get to the port of Miami for the second leg or would they let us stay on and then have all B2B go thru customs in Miami instead of Ft Lauderdale? Anyone ever done this?
  22. Wondering what times cruisers have been getting off the Magic by using self assist? Are you back in port before the 8AM time and off the ship??
  23. About us: This was an 8 night Carnival Magic cruise out of FLL with stops in St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Grand Turk, and San Juan. We had been to all the ports previously except St. Kitts. This was DH(52) and my(52) 18th cruise, 11th on Carnival, first time on the Magic. Sailing with us on this cruise was DS(25) and DD(22). It was their 11th cruise, 7th on Carnival. My DD's friend was also supposed to sail with us but she ended up having to take summer college courses so we ended up having her as a no show in their room. I am currently waiting for a refund from Carnival for her port fees, taxes, and prepaid gratuities. Pre-Cruise: DS had to wait until the Sunday before our cruise to know if he could come or not. He had cancel for job related reasons travel insurance just in case. He is a Sports Editor for newspaper in ND and had to wait to see if a team he covers made it to their championship game or not. They lost in the semi-finals so he was able to come and celebrate his 25th birthday with us on-board. DH, DD and I drove from Michigan. DS flew in from North Dakota. We booked our cove balcony room 2338 through Casinos at Sea promotion. We also used a credit we received from our last Carnival Fantasy cruise for having missed our Progresso port stop. The kids inside room 2352 was booked through a travel agent who started the FB page we joined for this cruise. They received 2 Carnival tote bags, a bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and a cocktail party (that we accidentally missed) from their TA. I pre-booked a 12-pk of bottle water, the social media internet package, and Fire and Ice Manicures for DD and my-self. I paid for our cruises with Carnival gift cards that I purchased at a 10% discount at our local Meijer and through AARP. I gave both kids gift cards to use during the cruise for their birthday and had a $500 gift card for DH and I to use on our account. All of our gratuities were prepaid with gift cards. I do purchase travel insurance for all of our cruises. I have had to cancel 2 cruises in the past. The last being last December when my DM had a subdural hematoma and a stroke 2 weeks before a NCL Gem cruise we had booked. She is currently in assisted living with very limited use of her left side. It was very iffy for us to go on this cruise but I am glad we were all able to go. I hadn't seen my DS in 6 months and really needed this break from reality. We did get the Social Media Package so we could keep in contact with my Mom and so my son could make sure all was going smoothly with his work (he is a first time supervisor)...I totally disconnected from work so that didn't matter to me (I've learned things can be resolved without me if they try hard enough). DD, who is on college break and has not started her summer job yet, ended up using it the most keeping contact with her friend who was cat sitting for her for the first time. The day before the cruise we stayed at Quality Inn and Suites on Stirling Road. We got a deal on the rate through the kids TA booking 2 rooms, shuttle to the port and $7 per night parking during our cruise. This worked out pretty well for us and we did save some money, but I prefer staying at Embassy Suites when we are in FLL. Embarkation: We brought with us a 12 pk of diet pepsi for me, boxed almond milk for DD, and 4 allotted bottles of champagne. We had the 11:30 shuttle with a 12:30 embarkation time. We got to the port at 12:10 and walked on-board with no wait. We went to Red Frog Pub for a 1/2 price Fish Bowl that DD and I split while we ate from Guys Pig and Anchor BBQ. The Fish Bowl was good. We were not impressed with the BBQ. Rooms: View from Cove Balcony 2338. Close to elevators/Laundry. Luggage rack storage/gang plank for debarkation next door. Kids room was across and down the hall a few rooms. The kids room did not have beach towels or shower gel. Of course they didn't tell me that until the 3rd day in when we needed the towels for an excursion. I had them call their room steward who told them that they were out of shower gel, but he could bring them some bar soap, and he brought them some beach towels. For both rooms we asked for PM service so we could sleep in and not worry about interfering with their cleaning schedule. DH and I also asked for extra towels, ice, and robes. Our room steward did good until the last 3 days when we stopped getting the extra towel and when we came back from one of excursions and left the beach towels to be replaced he only replaced one and we had to ask for another one for our excursion the next day. More to come...
  24. Hi all Have completed check-in for magic cruise in September. On the boarding pass where it says 'boarding time' it's blank? Usually we get a time slot in there but there is nothing? Anybody know why? Thanks
  25. Good Morning - Just getting around to putting a review together of our cruise on the Magic May 11 - 19. Will try to get updates uploaded over the next couple of days but will start with getting to Fort Lauderdale and then on to the cruise. Happy to answer any questions anyone may have and will do my best to answer them. We are a couple from the D.C. area travelling without any additional cruisers or children, so I am going to be unable to answer anything related to children's activities! Day 1 Travel Day & Background This was our 10th or 11th cruise, have forgotten the exact number, and our 7th on Carnival. This was our first time on the Magic. My wife and I chose this cruise based on the itinerary and were not disappointed with our choice. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale a day early from the D.C. region and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express – Cruise/Air Port location on 17th street. We were able to find the hotel pick up area at the airport and were on our way to the hotel in less than 10 minutes. One note, the owner of this hotel has another hotel nearby (Four Points by Sheraton) and two vans, one for each hotel, so while the van might have the Holiday Inn Express logo and phone number on the side it won’t go to that hotel unless it is dedicated to it. We had issues with calling the hotel to get a pick up, kept getting disconnected, but the driver decided that he would take us anyways even though he was driving for the other hotel. The hotel has an old section and a new section, I strongly recommend getting in the new section as it was bright, modern, and where the pool and breakfast area were. The old section reminded me of a slasher movie setting and seemed really dated and somewhat gross. The hotel is great if you want to be able to walk to restaurants and a Publix grocery to pick-up last-minute items. Overall the hotel was good for the price. More coming later.......
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