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  1. I have kind of a stupid question. Does anyone know if when the ship docks is the port side always facing the port or does it depend on how the ship is "parked"? My son really wants to see the port as we pull in. Thank you in advance
  2. Let me know if you have any questions on the ship or the ports. Cruise went to Grand Cayman, Belize, Roatan and Cozumel. Few thoughts... * Yes, the internet is as bad as everyone says it is. Verizon Travel pass is such a great alternative when in port. * Did private tours in both Belize and Roatan, felt safe at all times. Highly recommend Manawakie Park in Roatan to see Sloths and Monkeys. * Overall experience, service, food, entertainment was good, not great. Overall an enjoyable cruise but not a lot of Wow moments. * Ship did have some smell in the halls as many others report previously. * Pig and Anchor decent food, main point here is 2 lines, don't stand in the long one, go to the other side. * Disappointed that the Sports Court closes everyday from 5:30-10:30, right above Cucina. * Guys and Blue Iguana are always great! * Lito my room steward was amazing!! * Did a Junior Suite for the 1st time (room 9205), it was amazing!! We usually travel 3 in a standard room. Benefits aren't over the top but space and layout was priceless. 9205 is very front and easy access to the "hidden" public space on that deck. * Priority boarding was easy, dropped off by Uber at 10:37 out front, eating at Pig and Anchor 30 minutes later. Debark was the same, carry off started at 7:00AM and dropped off out front of airport with in 30 minutes. * Comedy much more spacious then Pride and Sunshine, no issues getting seating. Comics were great! * Not a great ship for watching sporting events, no sports bar so they have just Casino TV's(too smoky) and a couple in Red Frog Pub. They did have NCAA football Chamionship on pool screen. Leave it at that for now. Try to answer any questions if anyone has any.
  3. Can my cruise experience be enhanced by sailing on one ship over another? What tangible activity/experience will be improved? I understand that crew will change after Covid-19. But with that in mind, I have listed/ranked, ship provided experience with preferences that can guide your discussion. Once again, thank you for your critique. Entertainment 1. The Punchliner Comedy Club is the most important experience for us. We enjoy a laugh late at night prior to retiring for the evening. We prefer the rated R comedy. Can you comment on the comedians on each ship? 2. The Stage Shows is the next important experience for us. We enjoy the Rock and Roll shows after dinner. We tend to sit on the second row and immerse ourselves in the action. Can you comment on the quality and impact of stage performers on each ship? 3. Karaoke is the another important experience for us. We enjoy watching fellow cruisers butcher songs. The host and venue makes or breaks the experience for us. Can you comment on the karaoke venue and host on each ship? 4. Casino, does any Carnival ship still have a Poker Tournament with cards instead of a computerized table? Dining 1. The Main Dining for dinner in with set dining is the most important dining experience for us. We enjoy an engaging waiter and quality food. In the past, we enjoyed a decent cut of steak and a tasty chicken breast. Does the food quality vary by ship? 2. Guy’s Burger Joint and Blue Iguana Cantina have been a tasty experience for lunch. Does the food quality vary by ship? 3. Does Carnival still offer a dining room breakfast? Does it depend on the ship? Does any ship offer something above and beyond what another ship doesn’t offer?
  4. Always a head scratcher......What day to book the Steakhouse. I know the first night out is too crazy, and don't want to miss the formal night.....too much to do on last night. What's a good night to do the SteakHouse and not miss out on something grand in the dining room?
  5. Considering a Spa Balcony on the Magic- deck 12... is the balcony covered? Also, I've found one picture and it appears the front is open a bit- wondering about privacy & wind issues. I'm aware this cabin shares a wall with the gym, but I don't believe that will be an issue for us. Any pictures or information will be greatly appreciated!
  6. Has anyone ever had a balcony on the Magic on the Lido deck? Was it noisy or otherwise undesirable?
  7. Hey Ya’ll! I have been a low key cruise info stalker for a long time, so I felt that it was time for me to give back or pay it forward, depending on how you want to look at it! My husband and I have been cruising since 2003, and this was our 24th cruise. We are the parents of 2 adults who are 26 and 20, so we can pretty much cruise anytime throughout the year. We mostly cruise at the end of May and the middle of Oct though. We live in GA, so it’s an easy drive to lots of ports. Especially since my husband does all of the driving! Here's me taking selfies and NOT driving! :) So let’s rip this band aid right off shall we??? This cruise was to celebrate my brother’s 50th birthday. Initially we had some reservations because well it’s JULY, which means that everybody and their grandmother would be traveling! So if we were going to do this, we would have to practice patience and get our “Zen” on months before the cruise. We also had to consider the fact that since it’s the dead heat of summer, this trip may be pricier as well. OK….. maybe we can do an inside cabin instead of the usual balcony to offset the cost. In the end we decided to Suck it up Buttercup and take one for the team! Fast forward to Friday July 8 then just sit right back and you’ll hear a Tale, a Tale of a fateful trip (not that one, another one!) Oh and going forward because this is my story and because it’s easier, I will refer to my husband as “W”, my brother is “T” and my sister in law is “K”. Or sometimes I will be Gladys Knight and they will be The Pips, depending on my mood! Day 1- W and I arrived in Port Canaveral around 4:30. We were staying at Country Inn and Suites right by the Port which was extra convenient. We checked in and unloaded, then went to Walmart, because really what’s a trip WITHOUT going to Walmart??? Next we hit up Ron Jon, and finally we got our grub on at Grills. We shared the Voodoo Wings, and I must pause here because those wings were EVERYTHING! One bite and I wanted to jump up and high five 6 people!!! I had the Shrimp Cuban, and W had the Grilled Shrimp with Rice Pilaf and Vegetables. Everything was really good and the prices were reasonable as well. I also tried the Summer Breeze cocktail and it had a little kick to it. When we got there, the hostess said the Wait Time would be 30 minutes, but it was actually around 15 minutes for the inside. Parking is horrible so expect to circle around a few times during Peak Times. The Voodoo Wings from Grills The Shrimp Cuban The Shrimp and Rice Pilaf After dinner, we retired back to the hotel as we were full, fat, and happy! Once we got back I suddenly remembered being told at the front desk to look for coupons for Grills and Ron Jon in the kiosk in the lobby. Ummm why did I not remember this BEFORE we left the hotel?? So naturally, I HAVE to look now to see what I missed out on right??? We found the Grills Coupon but not Ron Jon in the little kiosk. Ok no biggie, maybe it wasn't even worth it to begin with. I look at W and say “I’m glad we didn't waste a bunch of valuable vacay time looking for a coupon to save a buck”! Then we walked around the hotel and checked out the huge pool area and workout facilities etc. As W was opening our hotel room door, he noticed that the Ron Jon coupon was actually printed on our room key! Cue forehead smack and humongous eye roll! Talk about hiding in plain sight! Who really looks at their hotel room key??? Not us apparently! So after laughing at our poor attention to detail, we just messed around the hotel, rearranged our luggage for cruise check in, and watched I don't know what on TV until bedtime.
  8. Today was the day i was to start my 6 day Magic Cruise from Miami. We had priority boarding and a case of water waiting for us in the room. This was our 2nd cruise on the Magic in a year. I MISS CRUISING !!! 3 ports and 2 days at sea. Shows, Dinner, Casino and being pampered for a week. I MISS CRUISING !!!. I hope a few others of you will add your thoughts. Matt
  9. We just returned on Saturday from a 6 day on Magic. There were some things that Carnival did really well and others, not so much. Embarkation - We had the 12:00 to 12:30 check in time. Our shuttle from our hotel only had the 10AM slot open, so we took that. Arrived at the port and it was crazy with passengers just getting off the ship. We went to check in and it went very quickly and efficiently. I believe we were aboard around 11AM. Dining - We immediately went to the barbeque on deck 5. there was no line and plenty of seating. the food was good. We ate our breakfasts in the main dining room. Food and service were always good. Went to the Italian place one day for lunch. Very good! We did Guy's for lunch one day. Good burgers and fries. The rest of the days we were in port. Never did eat at the buffet except for the chocolate extravaganza. What's not to like? We ate dinner in the Northern Lights dining room. We had assigned early seating. This normally takes place in the Southern Lights dining room, but I emailed the maitre'd and asked to be seated as mid ship as possible as we have some in our group who are sensitive to movement. I was very pleased he placed us in the mid ship dining room. However, the meals were very hit or miss. Some nights the food was excellent and others just average. Our waiter Joseph and his assistants were excellent! Room -- We had a mid-ship balcony. Our steward asked if we wanted morning or evening service. I asked for both and he accommodated us with stellar service and attitude! Entertainment -- This is where Carnival seemed to falter. We had four different shows but with the same cast. The Carnival singers and dancers were OK, but seemed to be trying too hard. A lot of screaming instead of singing. The quality is just not up to the standards of other cruise lines we have sailed. The Comedy club was good! Saw two different comediennes and enjoyed them both. The Love and Marriage show is always a hoot! Ports - LOVE Half Moon Cay. Grand Turk was good, although we didn't get a chair at the beach. The locals were charging $50 for 2 chairs with umbrellas. We found spots at the pool and enjoyed that. We stayed on the ship at Amber Cove. Just felt that lounging on the ship would be less hassle and more relaxing. Disembarkation -- Did self assist. We were at the airport by taxi at 7:30. Overall thoughts. - I can't say I didn't enjoy our cruise. I just think we're more in tuned for a more upscale experience in dining and entertainment. I still think Carnival gives you the biggest bang for your buck, but you do get what you pay for. I'm ready to try Princess and see how it compares. if there's something I didn't mention and anyone has questions, I'd be happy to answer.
  10. I’m looking at a cove balcony aboard the Magic on deck two, but I’m concerned about noise because it’s under the main lobby. Do you hear a lot of noise from the theater, dance floor and both dining rooms?
  11. This was cruise # 27 on Carnival, but first time on Magic. Sailed with dd31, who is special needs. This was our annual mother-daughter cruise. Had a really great cruise over-all. Will break down cruise into topics to make it easier. PreCruise/Embarkation: DD and I flew into FLL Friday for Sunday cruise. We have a condo (hardly used as dh is still working) right off Las Olas Blvd. and stayed there. Ubered over to port- at around 10:30 Sunday morning. Cost was $10. Port is under construction so drop-off area was a bit different than last time we cruised out of Port Everglades. Dropped off luggage (2 pieces- tipped porter $5) and walked around building. Barely any line at priority checkin - were through in literally 2 minutes, went upstairs, where Platinum area was pretty full already. At 11:10 they called a wedding party to board, immediately followed by Diamond, and then us. We were onboard dropping off our backpacks in cabin at 11:15!! Sail and sign cards were waiting in mailslot. Went to guest services to put some gift cards on our account, and walked ship to re-acclimate ourselves. (we have been on Breeze and Dream, but not for a while.) Food: Pretty much ate everywhere. Steakhouse was really, really good, and service outstanding. Buffet was - well, a buffet! Had Cucina del Capitano for lunch - very good pasta made to order. Room service (ordered once) came quickly, food well-prepared. Guys Burgers, Pig and Anchor, Blue Iguana wraps for breakfast, sushi, etc. all decent. We did not eat Mongolian wok or pizza. Had New England clam chowder from Seafood Shack - was really delicious, served in a hard bread bowl. Did not go to Red Frog Pub. We did not starve! Entertainment: We are early to bed, early to rise people. In gym by 6 a.m., back in cabin by 10 pm at night. Having been on so many CCL cruises, we did not partake in many activities or entertainment. Did bingo for first time in around 10 cruises - surprised at how expensive the cards were. On Magic they sell markers to mark your cards - $2 each. It was interesting how they "ran out" of the $30 package on our first sea day- ended up with $40 package. The bottom level of the theater was totally filled for our session. For the paltry prize money they gave out ($180, $250, free cruise - no, we did not even come close to winning!) we will give up on bingo on our next cruises. Did waterwork slides and dump bucket, played some basketball with dd. Did a ton of walking on ship - no elevators if we could help it. (deck 0 to 8 was the exception) Cabin: 8378 - great steward! Cabin was spotless, a/c worked great, was quiet except for neighbors letting their balcony doors slam shut. On a few nights our neighbors decided to have very loud conversations right outside our door at around 1 a.m. Oh well. Ports: Nassau (meh - after 15 times there we just got off ship and walked around for 2 hours . Amber Cove -4th time there - just hung out. Usually zipline and do slides there, but weren't in mood. At Grand Turk we hung out at the Margaritaville flow rider/pool. Flowerider was open for a bit, then shut down for rest of day - superchlorinating the water, they said. Casino: This was a Premier cruise. Casino was smokey, as usual, and pretty jammed most of the time. Slots open more hours than usual. Casino sent gifts, cookies, steakhouse dinner etc. to our cabin. Free drinks in casino. Nice party to start cruise. I went home with some of their money - even better! CCL Hub App: worked great. Got the chat feature for dd and myself. Liked that I could make YTD dinner reservation on app, get a message that our table was ready, head down one level and were led right to table. Making a reservation can't be done for YTD until the dining room literally opens, but you really get a head start on the long line of people waiting who did not use the app. Things I wasn't too happy with: So, I drink caffeine-free diet coke at home, so I wasn't happy with the changeover to Pepsi products. I always purchase Bottomless Bubbles before I cruise. On board, I literally went to every bar, and could not find caffeine-free diet Pepsi, except for the atrium bar. I mentioned this to the bartenders there, who said "yes, we are the only bar to have it." Great, except that when I am at Serenity, or aft pool, or elsewhere, I don't want to have to shlep to atrium bar. Many times I switched to club soda if I was no where near the atrium bar, which was given to me in a tiny can that did not even fill 1/2 of the cup! Giving me a glass filled to the top with ice and then a tiny can of soda which (even with the ice) only took a couple of sips to finish wasn't great. They used to give club soda from a bar spigot - would have preferred that. Also, do not like the sugar straws they gave for frozen drinks. They disintegrate. The casino ran out of them 2x. I took a bath once when I tilted the Sangria Swirl frozen drink to take a sip, and 1/2 the drink sloshed out on me. DD thought it was the funniest thing - me, not so much. I did pack plastic straws, but of course left them in the cabin most of the time. Aft pool: After cruising on Conquest, with the aft pool (when I cruised last January) dedicated to adults only, I was disappointed with the number of kids in the aft pool and hot tubs. Now, don't get me wrong - I was an elementary school physical education teacher for 37 years, (K-6th grade) and love kids. Even have 2 of my own. However, having 2-3 year olds in the hottubs is not my cup of tea. There was a "lifeguard" on duty at all times the pool was open (great) and now and then they would go up to a child in the pool and ask where their parents were. Never went to check the hottubs that I saw. Many parents were pretty far away sitting on lounges- not even near the pool. I kept my eyes on the younger kids. No, it was not my responsibility to do so, but old habits die hard. I could have hung out in Serenity, or near the hottubs on deck 5 which were usually filled with only adults, but being the lazy person I am on a cruise, did not feel like heading over there once I was planted on a lounge happily reading my kindle. Debarkation: We were zone 1, and took our time and did not leave the ship until around 9. Another pet peeve - we have the mobile passport app on my phone, for which we pay $12 a year for the enhanced version. It is supposed to be accepted at Port Everglades- it says as much on the website and app. Last year it was not, and again - the same for this year. If you are not going to accept it, correct the info on the sites. Rant done. I do not have the funtimes (could see all activities on the hub app) nor do I take pictures (CCL ones or pics on my cell.) If you have any questions, let me know. All in all we had great weather, a great cruise, and can't wait for our next one. Happy cruising to all!
  12. Anyone have the Fun Times for the Magic 8 day that goes to Half Moon, Grand Turk, Aruba, and Bonaire? TIA
  13. Does anyone know if the Grand finale Slot Tournament June 6 2020 Magic has been rescheduled or Cancelled ?
  14. DW and I are booked to sail on the Magic out of Miami on August 1st. This itinerary is reversed from previous sailings we have done. As such, we are not certain which nights would be the "formal" nights on the ship and we are hoping for some assistance so that we can plan out restaurant reservations. The itinerary is as follows: DAY (1) Miami; (2) @sea; (3) @sea; (4) Aruba; (5)Curacao; (6) La Romana,DR; (7) Amber Cove,DR; (8) @sea. Any assistance from the well traveled masses is greatly appreciated.
  15. We’ve sailed the Sunshine and the Horizon. Given canceled Radiance, we are now looking at several options. Magic out of NYC 2021 looks like a good option for us- given that my husband and I are trying to vacation sans child, and we do not want to sail during her school vacations- it looks like we are putting this off for another year. Also, not a deal breaker, but are there refrigerators in the inside cabins? How are the beds?
  16. Originally won a seat for blackjack on the may 9 cruise on the magic which I was not going to be able to make, with the corona virus that cruise is cancelled of course, sent an email to ocean players club asking when it was rescheduled to. Turns out it is now the October 18 sailing of the Breeze out of Fort Lauderdale , 6 days. If you are thinking of rescheduling you have to contact them by April 9, only three days left !! Hopefully this helps other blackjack tournament seat winners !!!!!
  17. We were booked on the Radiance transatlantic sailing in June which has inevitably been cancelled. Looking for a cruise in 2021 we see that Magic is scheduled for a transatlantic in May. We've looked at the photos in the Cruise Critic review of the ship and the interiors look very dark. The design theme on board looks a bit weird, like the atrium came from the set off a scary movie or theme park ride. All dark green with bloodshot eyes stirring down at everyone. The itinerary appeals but the decor of the ship is off putting. Can anyone who's sailed on Magic share their thoughts please. Thanks
  18. Husband , myself and another couple ( lifelong friends) flew to FLL 2 days prior to embarkation. We stayed in a Air B and B - two bedroom apartment about 10 minutes from the downtown Las Olas Blvd. area. In the past we have always stayed at FL Beach, so I was a bit skeptical about this. No need to worry- the place was wonderful! Clean and tidy in a quiet residential area . We were a ten minute walk from Southport Raw Bar and a 20 min walk to the heart of Los Olas Blvd and the Riverwalk. And the price was a FRACTION of the price of just one night lodging at FL beach! There also was an IHOP, a Walgreens, and a Starbucks a 5 min walk from the apartment. Uber to Los Olas Blvd ( when we didn’t feel like walking) was 4$ one way. Uber to the beach or the big Galleria Mall was about 10$ each way. Uber from FLL airport was 20$ for an XL. The morning of the cruise dawned bright and sunny! We walked to Starbucks for a light breakfast and then to Walgreens to get our 12 pack of Diet Coke and big bottle of sunscreen. We like to travel with carryons only so we just wait and buy anything over 3 fluid oz when we a get to our destination. Uber to the cruise port came right on time at 1130 . We had the best driver . He was from Venezuela and talked about coming to America 7 years ago and how horrible things in Venezuela were and are. He works 2 jobs here and stated - “ USA is 100% perfect compared to Venezuela. People here don’t understand how good they have it”. Amen! Embarkation was very very smooth, we didn’t have a suite or Faster to the Fun, but it took maybe 15 min tops to get thru all the checkpoints. We did have to fill out a health questionnaire because of the Corona virus issues that were beginning to be an issue. We walked into the beautiful green atrium lobby and felt as if we were back home! Our most recent cruises were on RC and MSC and this was our 7th Carnival. We definitely feel like Carnival provides the best all around service and amenities and ports for the price. This was our first time sailing on the Dream class of ship, so we enjoyed exploring a bit before we went to lunch at Guys Pig and Anchor deck 5- very good BBQ! At 130 our cabins were ready. We had side by side balcony rooms on Deck 8 Mid- right by the Atrium glass elevators. We loved this location! It was so convenient to the Lido and the atrium activities. We used the stairs alot, but it was nice to have the xtra set of elevators right near our room as well! Activities: loved the Dive In movies, the nightly entertainment and the comedians! Simon London the cruise director is phenomenal- he was everywhere and interacted so well with all age groups. The piano bar entertainment was excellent. The violin trio in the atrium- excellent. The entertainment each night and day in the atrium was so well attended with each level ringed with people enjoying the music, dancing, trivia, etc going on below. We especially loved the huge cantilevered hot tubs on deck 5- there was always room in them. After muster drill we went watched sail away as we soaked and enjoyed the view- just fabulous. Food : The options on this ship were wonderful. Guys burgers, Blue Iguana taco place, Pizza, 24 hour soft serve, Deli, buffet, Italian restaurant above the buffet, the steakhouse, and of course the dining room! We tried all of the above! Main dining service was fine -we ate there every night but one, service was timely and we loved the choices. We ate lunch twice in Italian restaurant ( it’s free for lunch and a great respite from the buffet crowds) . Steakhouse once ( phenomenal), Sea day brunch twice( slow but excellent) Guys burgers ( many times) , Iguana once for breakfast ( so good) Pig and Anchor twice . Ran out of time and stretchy pants to eat at Deli! Lol. Oh we also ordered room service pizza for $5 which was delivered very fast from a super friendly employee at 1 am! Ports: Half Moon Cay: (Bahamas)the white powder beach! The crystal clear water! The island buffet! The little trails! We loved HMC. The only thing we didn’t like, and we will try to tweak this next time. Is how long it took to get back on a tender to the ship, to get off the island. I have never in any of my cruises waited in line as long as I did on half Moon Cay trying to get back to the ship. It was terrible. It was like being at an amusement park in endless lines to get on the brand new roller coaster that just opened. Zig zag lines back and forth for at least 45 minutes. It was about 2pm when we went to get in line and last tender was 3 pm. So maybe next time we will try to get one of the first tenders off the ship onto the island and leave earlier to get back on the ship… Grand Turk: ( Turks and Caicos) Gorgeous and easy and cheap! No excursion needed. We went away from the crowds to the right of the pier and got a clamshell and 4 loungers on the beach right by the Grand Turk sign!! It was the perfect place to spend the day. Snorkeling was fab and the shops and restrooms were right behind us! The beached whale bar had great drinks and snacks and lots of beautiful scenery. We loved this day! Amber Cove( Dominican Republic): We woke up in the morning just as we were sailing into Amber Cove- wow! This very moment was worth the entire price of the cruise. Amazing scenery right from our balcony. Our friends went to the dolphin excursion thru Carnival and loved it! We went into Amber Cove and “hiked” up to the SkyBar to see awesome views of the port and have a drink. Then we watched the zip liners, and walked down to the pool area. By this time it was about noon and the pool was packed with every chair taken. So we shopped and walked around port, read about the history, and my husband went back on the ship while I shopped some more- we also loved our day! We went for a swim in the ship pool back on board. Debarkation was very smooth. We did Self, and the whole process took about 45 min. We spent the day at FL beach on the main strip enjoying the sun and restaurants ( even with our luggage) until it was time to Uber to the airport. We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the Magic. Of course great weather really helps, but the entire ship experience for us was wonderful - especially when you consider the price point . The entire ship was spotlessly clean, public restrooms every time, hand hygiene very much encouraged and maintained at all times. A cruise ship in my opinion is one of the safest public places because they KNOW how to clean and what to do to help prevent mass outbreaks- the cruise industry has been so focused on this for so long. Stay strong everyone. We all WILL sail again❤️
  19. CARNIVAL MAGIC TO SET SAIL FROM FOUR CITIES ACROSS TWO CONTINENTS IN 2021 Sailings Feature 33 Destinations Throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Bermuda, The Bahamas, New England and Canada MIAMI (Feb. 4, 2020) – Carnival Magic will operate a diverse 2021 cruise schedule featuring two trans-Atlantic crossings, a series of European voyages, a summer schedule from New York and Caribbean sailings from Port Canaveral, Fla. Carnival Magic will be among the newest and largest Carnival ships to sail from New York, providing consumers with a host of onboard dining, beverage and entertainment innovations as well as exciting outdoor attractions and experiences. In total, Carnival Magic will sail from four cities across two continents visiting 33 different destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, Bermuda, The Bahamas, New England and Canada in 2021. Trans-Atlantic Voyages from Miami and Barcelona, Spring European Schedule Carnival Magic will reposition for its 2021 European schedule with a 14-day trans-Atlantic voyage departing Miami on March 13 and arriving in Barcelona on March 27, 2021, calling at Bermuda; Ponta Delgada (Azores) and Lisbon, Portugal; and Malaga and Valencia, Spain. The ship will then undergo a two-week-long dry dock followed by a series of seven- and eight-day Mediterranean cruises from Barcelona through April 25. These voyages call at some of the region’s most popular destinations, including Valletta, Malta; and Marseilles, France, as well as Livorno, Civitavecchia (Rome), Naples and Messina, Italy. Details on the dry dock will be provided in the coming weeks. Carnival Magic will then return to the U.S. on a 12-day trans-Atlantic voyage from Barcelona to New York May 3-15, 2021, calling at Cartagena and Malaga, Spain; Funchal (Madeira), Portugal; and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Summer Sailings from New York Beginning June 17, Carnival Magic will kick off a summer schedule from New York operating four- to nine-day voyages to Bermuda, The Bahamas, the Caribbean, Canada and New England. The schedule runs through Sept. 24, 2021. The program includes four-, five- and seven-day voyages to Bermuda, a four-day eastern Canada cruise, week-long fall foliage sailings to New England and eastern Canada, and seven- and eight-day Caribbean departures featuring top destinations like Amber Cove, Grand Turk, the private Bahamian island of Half Moon Cay, San Juan, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas. Carnival Magic’s New York season also includes a nine-day Carnival Journeys voyage featuring tropical ports throughout the eastern Caribbean as well as special onboard programming and activities. Island-Intensive Caribbean Schedule from Port Canaveral In November 2021, Carnival Magic will shift to Port Canaveral for a winter schedule of six- and eight-day Caribbean voyages from the Space Coast. Two different six-day itineraries are offered – one visiting Amber Cove, Grand Turk and Half Moon Cay or Nassau while another features Cozumel, Belize and Costa Maya. Eight-day eastern Caribbean cruises call at St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Juan, and Grand Turk, while eight-day southern Caribbean voyages feature Aruba, Grand Turk, and Curacao or Bonaire. There are also seven-day voyages visiting sunny, tropical destinations in the eastern and western Caribbean. The program runs through April 23, 2022. Exciting Onboard Offerings One of the largest ships in the Carnival fleet, Carnival Magic introduced many of the line’s signature elements now featured on across the fleet, including the Caribbean-themed RedFrog Pub, the Cucina del Capitano family-style restaurant and SkyCourse, a suspended ropes course with breathtaking views to the sea 150 feet below. The ship also offers hundreds of balcony staterooms and suites – perfect for watching the passing scenery – along with a luxurious Cloud 9 Spa, the Ocean Plaza indoor/outdoor dining and entertainment promenade and a WaterWorks aqua park with two massive slides, a tipping bucket and a kiddie splash zone.
  20. Hi I'm looking for the recent fun times for a 8 day southern Caribbean, grand Turks, aruba, bonaire, half moon cay. Thanks
  21. Anyone know which dining room the Your Time Dining uses?
  22. Cruise was great but the Virus problem definitely affected the cruise and it certainly was not the same as my other 22 Carnival cruises. Grand Turk would not allow any passengers from the ship to enter the island and we were docked in port for a few hours while they reviewed the matter. In the end, the Magic left the port. I did get flu like symptoms for about the last 3 days of the cruise. Yesterday I went to see my doctor and he says I do not have symptoms of the virus but only of the flu which is very similar. I understand that there were some other people on the ship who had the same flu like symptoms. Food was very good and for the first 4 days, I ate well. After that sparingly. During the last 4 days, all food was handed out individually by a server and you could not help yourself to any thing except the drinks. They did not want you to touch any of the utensils. I don't think most people realize the extent of the problem being faced by the Cruise Lines. We sailed out of Port Everglades and there were about 5 other large cruise ships in the port. It was announced that we had over 4,000 passengers. Multiply that by 6 and we have a grand total of 24,000 passengers leaving the ship and also another 24,000 boarding the ship for a grand total of 48,000. There were also about a dozen or more freighters so let's add another 1,000 for a grand total of 49,000. Then there is Cape Canaveral just North of us with cruise ships. Just a few miles South is Miami with probably even a bigger total. A few blocks from the Port Everglades and you have the airport to add to the problem. Now let's add all the ports from the other states. As you can see, this is an impossible situation to resolve and is probably too late anyway. And that was just Saturday so you can add the other days of the week which may not be as large a figure but still adding to the problem. Do I have the answer? No! Not much of a review because of the virus problem, but it certainly has an effect on every thing taking place on the cruise. Getting on, getting off (maybe!), eating, available ports, on and on it went. Just hope we can get though this problem without any future problems. Got a cruise scheduled for 2021 and 2022 and I am not sure what to expect.
  23. Does anyone know if the Breeze or the Magic got to Grand Turk? Or did they also bypass it for Nassau?
  24. We were on the Sunrise in September and there was a new brunch menu that we didn’t care for, does anyone know if this is fleet wide? More specially asking about the Magic. thanks!
  25. Currently on the Magic. Supposed to dock around 10:30. We arrived about 10. It’s now 12:15 and we have not been granted access to debark. CD and Captain have both made announcements. The last announcement was by the Captain saying they were having talks with the local government and the CD was on the phone with Carnival Corp in Miami. Spotty internet as expected. Anything in the news yet?
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