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  1. Hi Everyone, I tried doing a search but came up short, and thought this may be quicker. I am sailing Feb 2020 in he Infinity out of Miami. I am renting an Airbnb post cruise for one night. I am trying to locate the time slots for disembarkation to try and time our arrival to the Airbnb. We aren't able to drop our bags off until 11:00/11:30. I am trying to figure out how much extra time we will have from disembarkation to checking into our Airbnb in FLL. Then we will need to find a resolution to kill time between the two in the event there will be a long stretch between. Obviously we would be aiming to disembark as late as possible.
  2. Hi everyone! This started as a live update but.....well, here we are 🙂 We disembarked this morning and are stuck in the Venice airport (weather delay). Thought that I would post some thoughts in hopes that it may help others. Take it for what you will, these are just our observations........ Pre-amble We are a family of 4 – the 2 kids are 12 & 16. We have traveled quite a lot but are minor-cruisers. Previous experience was on Carnival (just about quit right there), Disney (made us love it), Royal Caribbean (was pretty good, not Disney, but good!) and this cruise. We are pretty easy going although I am a it of an over-planner and like things to meet expectations. (OK so they are easy going and I may not be……….) I am also a germ-a-phobe so I quite like cruising and like the cleanliness offered by cruises. Before I enter my topic by topic breakdown just a note about pricing: for those wondering about price adjustments. I booked online (which was a mess so I ended up calling but it was noted as an online booking). There were 2 price adjustments and I phoned each time – each time Celebrity lowered our final price without problem. In the end we saved an extra 42% over our initial booking price. I checked the online pricing each weekend to see if there were any changes. Initial booking for another sailing was completed in Jan, changed to this sailing in March and adjusted twice before final payment date. I will break this into a few posts, so if a topic isn’t of interest hopefully this will make it easier to skip. Here is what I will cover: Embarkation Food (Trellis MDR, Oceanview buffet, Qsine) Rooms Feedback from the not-so-minis (12 & 16) Tours (or lack thereof) Dress Code Cleanliness
  3. Hi all ... We sailed in a Cat 9, midship inside cabin on the Infinity and just loved it. We were in cabin 7903 and our friends in 7901. The cabins were much larger than the normal inside cabins and the layout was very unique to each one of these cabins as well. There was also one to the side of us, 7905 and three just below us on deck six. Anyway, the unique layout and size of these cabins made an inside cabin very palatable. Now, I am looking at the deck plans on the Summit and they also have cabins in the same places but the deck plans don't show them to be the larger cabins as on the Infinity. I can find no specific information or even one review on these cabins on here or FB or google ... not anywhere. Can anyone confirm if these cabins are the same size as the ones on the Infinity and if so, any other particular pros and cons of staying in one of these cabins?
  4. We will be on the Infinity in October on a Panama Canal cruise and have a question about Qsine and Le Petite Chef options. We usually dine in the specialty restaurants for several meals and have enjoyed both options. I read where two variations of LPC is offered in Qsine on some nights. Are there other nights where the menu is still the standard Qsine one? If so, any way of knowing which nights that might be? Thanks for your help.
  5. This will be posted in the Reviews but thought I would put here first. Overall, we felt our experience in a Royal Suite on the Infinity was very comparable to cruising with Regent. Here is the review: We haven't been on Celebrity for many years but since we were cruising with our grand-daughter (turned 6 on the cruise) wanted a cruise with an available roomy suite, good service and activities for a 6 year old. This cruise was priced right for a Royal Suite - probably because it hadn't had it's well overdue makeover yet - and also it was relatively early in the Mediterranean season. We weren't sure if or how Sarah would like the kids' club but it was nice to know it was available. Also, included in our cruise price was the premium drink package, wi-fi for 4 devices, access to all restaurants, butler service. Pretty much everything and more we have been getting while cruising Regent and Silversea. Sure, the ship was larger, but by today's standards this is a mid-size ship and it's probably the largest sized ship we will cruise on. Also, the itinerary, while similar to other cruises we have been on, had some different stops for us, including Sete and Corsica, France and Messina in Sicily. - Overall, we were very pleased with our cruise. We were met at embarkation by Michaels Club Concierge Joao, who helped make our cruise special throughout the cruise. We lunched in Luminae, the suites only restaurant for lunch, and they made a great impression on our grand-daughter by finding her favorite drink, doing a special spaghetti and meatball, and throughout the cruise helped her feel very special. Our butler, Chip (not his real name, but that's what he wanted us to call him) from Romania, was always available and brought us hot and fresh breakfasts every morning, made sure our suite was up to speed with all our requests, and helped make Sarah's birthday special with door and room decorations and a beautiful cake. The cabin interior was beautiful and were pretty much all the interior areas of the ship. Our balcony needed upkeep, and the exterior spa tub was too rusty to even consider using. On the other hand, the inside jacuzzi tub was so much fun it was hard to get our grand-daughter out of the bath. - The food was fine. I especially enjoyed many of the seafood entrees and my wife was thrilled that they offered a true and properly cooked veal chop one evening. If there wasn't anything of interest on the Luminae menu, we could always order off the main dining room menu as well. Offerings at the buffet (which we mostly used at lunch when we were on the ship) was varied but we often gravitated to the grill, pizza station and Asian area. Overall, we felt the food was comparable to our most recent Regent experiences, and that was very flattering to Celebrity. - My wife had a small medical incident on the ship and she was seen promptly by the ship's doctor who was able to do a test to determine it was not more serious (although they recommended we see someone off the ship, it wasn't necessary) and the bill, we thought, was reasonable for seeing a ship's doctor (and we will get reimbursement from insurance). The shops on the ship had good merchandise and was priced well, but they had to charge VAT since all the stops were in the EU. Still, we were able to get a good price on a nice watch, and with the VAT refund, felt we got a very fair deal. - Sarah loved the kid's club and towards the end of the cruise would rather spend the day there than get off the ship with us!! Kudos to the staff and well done!! - This was a pretty international cruise with I'd say less than 50% Americans or Canadians, less than we would expect. For the most part, I'd say everyone was polite, with very few chair hogs on our sea days (well, at least not early risers). Our grand-daughter loved the pool area and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Because she was 6 we couldn't use the indoor pool area but it looked clean and well maintained. - Susan said her spa experience was very good. We disembarked in Rome (Civi) and Joao even escorted us off the ship! Our grand-daughter says if she can't live in Tucson she wants to live on the ship!! - I'm sure the Infinity will be even better after it's upcoming dry-dock, but for now, we would highly recommend it if you want a more affordable cruise with an excellent cruise line.
  6. Can someone give a run down on current Infinity entertainment. Is there a Piano Bar anywhere nightly ? I know that individual acts, i.e. Comedians change from cruise to cruise in main theater, Ship's theater show ensemble ? Doing the TA on Oct 11th...4th TA , but first on Celebrity. Thank you !
  7. Hello! We will be traveling on the Celebrity Infinity and have just booked cabins 7903 and 7905. They are inside cabins just outside the glass elevators but I can't seem to find a lot of information on them other than they were added during a previous dry dock. Does anyone have any photos of these rooms or any info on them? Are they bigger? They seem larger on the deck plans but I can't find any specific information on the layout or size. Also wondering if there is a lot of noise because of their location outside the main elevators? Thanks so much for any help. There seem to be six rooms like these (7901, 7903, 7905 and 6901, 6903 and 6905).
  8. Does anyone have any photos of cabins 6901,6903,6905 or 7901, 7903 or 7905. These are the large interior cabins. They look to be considerably larger than the standard insides on the deck plans. Any info on these cabins would be most appreciated. I've tried a forum search, google search and youtube and no photos/videos are available. Thank you!
  9. The Edge is a real beauty and definitely not your Father’s cruise ship! We are loving the Infinity veranda. We leave it open at all times allowing us to have an expanded cabin giving us much more space. The blind gets closed at night giving us a pretty good blackout room albeit a bit of light coming in from both ends of the window. We have enjoyed a nice nap with the window open and loving the fresh air. What’s great is that you will have use of this space in all types of weather. When it’s boiling hot like it is now in Europe or when it’s too chilly like my daughter and I experienced on a British Isles cruise where we never went out once on our balcony. We loved Fine Cut steakhouse and thought the Rooftop Cafe was okay. It’s nice to get to choose from so many restaurants and enjoy an intimate dining experience. We are exhausted from our day in Capri so have slept in today and are now at the pool. We were lucky to get a shady spot because the pool was built with a very limited amount of that. Will check back later!!
  10. I just received a call that our cruise on the Infinity April 16-20, 2020 has been cancelled due to the ship being chartered. Its ridiculous that they cancelled our cruise and offered $100 OBC. What about flight cancellations etc.?
  11. We recently booked this cruise of Spain and Portugal and most categories were only guarantees (two weeks before they were not). We created a roll call, but no one has responded. Frankly this is surprising that so many cabins are either on hold (possibly TA group holds) or have deposits & no one joined the roll call.. Does anyone have any information of a possible charter etc. since we don't want to get stuck buying air when it becomes available in about 2 months & then having X cancel the cruise due to a charter?
  12. Greetings We have this cabin ( CS 9096) in hold on the Celebrity Infinity for a Mediterranea Cruise. We would appreciated any input in reference to noise , location, etc. We had booked before CS on others M Class Celebrity Ship but never on Deck 9. Thanks in advance to all! Be Well
  13. I know his might seem like an odd question for most, but I am wondering if Celebrity cruise ships (especially the infinity because that’s what I’m sailing on) use a lot of air conditioning. I have cruised on disney many times and they are crazy for air conditioning, it’s unbearable! I am wondering if Celebrity is the same. I am ok with subtle amounts of air conditioning, but when it feels like the arctic on a cruise ship, that’s where I draw the line. Any info is appreciated 🙂
  14. I looked on celebrity web site , all I can see is unlimited packages for wifi. Does Celebrity offer by the minute or so many minutes of usage, I basically only want wifi on sea days .
  15. I know his might seem like an odd question for most, but I am wondering if Celebrity cruise ships (especially the infinity because that’s what I’m sailing on) use a lot of air conditioning. I have cruised on disney many times and they are crazy for air conditioning, it’s unbearable! I am wondering if Celebrity is the same. I am ok with subtle amounts of air conditioning, but when it feels like the arctic on a cruise ship, that’s where I draw the line. Any info is appreciated :)
  16. We are a group of 10 women currently booked 5 cabins CC (all 5 together) on the April 6, 2020 Infinity. This sailing has been removed from inventory for well over a week. I was assured all is good but I attempted to book a private sailing excursion in Key West and he stated he does not have Infinity in Key West on April 7 but does April 15. That would be for the April 11 sailing. Anyone aware of this sailing being chartered? This is my third attempt as previous 2 have been chartered also.
  17. Has or when will Infinity being revolutionized?
  18. We just booked a 5 night inside gty on Infinity for NYE (got too good a deal to pass up)...does anyone have recent experience with an inside on this ship? Any idea if anything special happens on the ship for NYE? Thanks!
  19. Background: We are so excited to be headed on the 4th annual Flower Power Cruise. This will be our third one - we enjoyed the other two so much that we had to come back this year. On the previous two FPC's we had an amazing time being with 2000 mostly like-minded people. These cruises are a celebration of the 60's music and the culture of the "Love Generation." Most people were 50’s-70’s (must be > 18 to book), although there were some were in their 20's-40's who were thoroughly enjoying the cruise - some came with parents and some came on their own because they loved the music of the 60's and 70's. Even the usual Muzak background music was 60’s and 70’s music, which was like a balm to my soul. Almost everyone was singing along in the hallways and elevators because we all knew every word of the songs. The staff commented on how much they liked the music too and heard it in the crew quarters as well. Everyone talked about the peace and love onboard – there seemed to be more patience and helpfulness among the guests than usual – a sense of community. The line-up this year: Cruise Itinerary on the Infinity: We left Vermont yesterday and headed to Fort Lauderdale for a couple days prior to the cruise. Luckily there were no impending snowstorms so we flew without any issues. We flew Delta this time and had good flights. I was a bit nervous about the flights and airport because I had a hamstring tear a few weeks ago and a relapse last week, where it was difficult to walk. I even thought of staying home and sending my DH alone at one point. By Wednesday, the pain had improved some and I decided to go - I'm glad I did because everything went well. I upgraded to Comfort + so that I had plenty of room to do my PT exercises and elevate it, when needed. The connection at JFK went well, with our plane's gate near the shuttle to the next flight gate. I brought my special cane, in case needed (I decorated it for the Flower Power Cruise). 🙂 We are staying at the Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Blvd. It is the FPC hotel so is starting to fill with hippies this afternoon! What a great place this is! Besides being very friendly and comfortable, it is a beautiful 80 year old hotel, with many of the old features maintained. Lots of Art Deco touches and lovely art. Our room is large, with couch and chair and good-sized dining table and chairs. The furniture is older, but comfortable. We slept like babies last night. The balcony is long and wraps around the corner where we can see the ships in port. Harmony was the only one out there today. The balcony also has a table that can be used for dining and comfortable chairs. The view, which I thought would just be a city view, actually includes the New River. We can see boats going up and down the river (? canal), including the Water Taxi, which stops beside the hotel. There is also a river walk out there. It has been fun watching all the action. The Port View: For lunch, we went to the Boathouse Restaurant, which is across the road from the hotel. It is on the waterfront and has great view of the boats passing by and wonderful food and drink! I enjoyed my crab cake and my DH had the mahi mahi sandwich. Both were excellent! Nice view of the waterway (the sun did finally come out!): The pool was a lovely place to go in the afternoon. We had dinner at the Wild Sea Oyster Bar and Grille in the hotel on the terrace. It was happy hour from 5-7 so got 1/2 price drinks and East Coast oysters. DH was very happy with his platters of raw oysters. I stuck with cooked food. I had the seafood chowder, which was decadent and corvina (a very nice white fish) that was beautifully prepared and DH had the black bass, which was reportedly delicious. We were stuffed so decided to go for house-made gelato for dessert. Wow! I was just going to cleanse my palette so we got one dish and two spoons. It was so good! There was live music there during dinner and eating on the terrace made for great people watching. We ended the evening at Preston's Lounge (in the hotel) for drinks, with piano music and a pretty bar: My DH was looking at this suit in a hotel shop for Chic Night (including the blue suede shoes): 😉 We headed back to the room and enjoyed our balcony view once more: Today we are taking it easy before the next 7 fast-paced days of music and fun. We ordered room service and had really good breakfast wraps (1 between the two of us would have sufficed and already decided to do that tomorrow). We are really enjoying the balcony and it felt good to sit outside sipping tea and enjoying the view. We are eating at Indigo tonight (also within the hotel) where they will have live music - a Motown theme. We love this place!! View of the river this morning: What a difference a day makes - the sun is amazing. A lovely, relaxing afternoon!! The DH is headed to CVS to get our two bottles of wine. They gave us the number of a liquor store that will deliver wine here for free (what a great idea), but he needs to go to CVS anyway. We are so looking forward to boarding the Infinity tomorrow. We will be in AQ 1106. We have only been in the way aft AQ on M Class (over the bar), so will be a bit different. We won't have the great balcony, but it was meant to be since I will be very close to the elevator. 🙂 We are looking forward to seeing our buddies that we met on the FPC last year. We have been texting ever since - they are in Blu as well so will be dining with them much of the time. It's funny, but Blu was pretty empty last year - I think people would rather eat in the MDR or OVC, so good for us! We had a back window table every night last year and extremely attentive service. I hope they don't discover how good Blu is this year! 😉 I did book Le Petite Chef (I know I said I would never do it again), but this menu looks so much better than the Edge (it's the original one) so booked it to have a change of pace. I'm not sure if we will do Tuscan or not - we have had some great experiences in Tuscan and some not so great ones over the years. Be sure to throw out your Infinity or FPC questions. It sounds like the WiFi might be spotty from recent reports, but I will try to report in between the music and festivities. Peace and love to Cruise Critic readers!! ✌
  20. We are thinking of taking our adult kids (23 & 30) and their SO on a family cruise in January, 2021. We have never been on Infinity, and I was wondering if it is as great as Summit? We have sailed X many times, and it is our cruise line of choice. I know Infinity is going into dry dock at the end of 2020 so she will be all pretty and new. Just wondering if there is anything that would be good to know specifically about this ship. Thanks.
  21. Hi there, does anyone know the bed arrangement of 3 in a room for celebrity infinity? My mom and I want to bring my 15 year old niece on a cruise. Is it a bunk that pulls down from the ceiling? Or a sofa bed? Just wasn’t sure if a 15 year old girl could fit comfortably. And also don’t want one of those bunks over the main beds. We are looking at verendah or concierge. Thanks so much
  22. Hi we have just upgraded to deck 6 OV so on looking for photos I have found that cabin 6008 has the bed headboard below the window. Are all Desk OV like that or is it only because this is a cabin for 4. We have 6004 and 6012 that I think will not be like that as are adapted cabins but we also have 6002 and 6010 which I am now just hoping are seat next to window layout - from the plans neither have upper berths - Can anyone comment on the possible layout?
  23. I am looking at a January, 2020 cruise on Celebrity Infinity. The only Sky suites available are located on Deck 6, Penthouse deck. Below the stateroom would be Cellar Masters on Starboard side or Sushi on Five on the Port side. Would there be noise from either one of these that we might hear while in our stateroom? Also, if I pick a stateroom on deck 6 port side could there be cigarette smoke from deck 5? Thanks in advance for your comments.
  24. After many years of absence , Infinity came again at Piraeus
  25. We are aboard Silhouette and Qsine is Le Petite Chef. The menu is very limited and the space is closed and unappealing to us. We've decided to forego a dinner there. When we were on the Infinity a few years back Qsine had quite an extensive and exotic menu. The restaurant was located at the top of the ship with remarkable views. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience then. We are booked on the Millennium in December 2019 and wondering which Qsine will be on board. If anyone is currently onboard and would care to take a picture of the iPad menu, that would be much appreciated!! Thanks for any info... trying to decide if we'll buy a multiple night package of specialty dinning.
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