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  1. February 2019 - Royal Caribbean - Anthem of the Seas - 12 night Southern Caribbean Cruise Who are we? Noreen - 50 years old; Senior Vice President at an Investment Banking Firm in New York City. I will be the author of the report. Scott - 49 years old; my husband; Independent Contractor and Owner of BounceU in New York. Guest Appearances - Rich and Eileen. The live in Michigan and are mid 50’s (I think). Rich is a radio DJ and Eileen works for a moving company. We met Rich and Eileen on Celebrity Reflection April 2018. They ended up changing their March 2019 Anthem cruise to this one to join us. General Comment... I am doing most of this from memory and looking through my pictures. I texted myself throughout the trip some of the things we were doing to help me remember. I like detailed reports with a lot of information some of which not everyone will care about. I like writing these reviews as a travelogue that I can go back to and re-read about our trips. I took pictures throughout but ended up with more food pictures than activity pictures since it’s easier to remember to pull out the phone to take a picture when sitting down to eat rather than when you are running around having fun.
  2. My family went on the Anthem of the Seas five day cruise to Bermuda. We booked 2 balcony cabins - NOT obstructed view. We got on the ship and one of the cabins was obstructed, the other was not. My daughters had already unpacked in the balcony cabin that was not obstructed and were a little upset when they had to pack up and switch cabins with me, but, I was paying! I went to guest services, stood in line over 45 minutes and finally was able to speak to a customer service agent. I explained the problem and he spent 15 minutes looking at something on the computer and then said he had to get a supervisor. The supervisor came over and I explained that I booked two balcony cabins, not obstructed view, and one was obstructed. She asked me the cabin number, looked it up and said yes it's obstructed (no kidding) and that I should have known it was obstructed and that I should NOT have used a travel agent and walked away. No kidding, the rudest cruise ship employee I have ever encountered. I went back to my cabin, called my travel agent who said it does not show obstructed in her deck plans or booking engine, but she would call Royal Caribbean. She emailed me back and told me that Royal Caribbean says it's NOT obstructed and she had me email her pictures. Royal Caribbean then told her that the ship would have to take care of it, not them. My travel agent emailed RCCL asking them to notify the ship of the problem. I went on RCCL's website and did a mock booking for October and that cabin showed as a regular cabin, NOT obstructed. I had to email my travel agent everyday and she had to email RCCL everyday. Finally the day before we got off the ship we got a letter saying sorry for the confusion, but we will offer you a 20% discount on a future cruise in the next 12 months. I feel like this was way too little way too late. Maybe if they would have treated me with respect and looked into the situation and offered me almost anything, I would have been happy, but my having to beg them to fix the problem they created is ridiculous. I doubt I will be cruising RCCL every again. This was the worst customer service I have ever encountered on a cruise ship. I have been on several RCCL cruises and have loved them all, but not anymore. I met another family after the cruise in New York City who said they also had a problem with their cabin. It was above the smoking area and the area is not shown on the deck plans. The cruise line didn't want to do anything for them either. I guess when you get to be a corporation this large you can treat your customers badly.
  3. Does anyone know what the Anthem refurbish will be be in 2020? Thanks Dick
  4. Hi! I'm specifically looking at Anthem at a connecting inside (2U). Can anyone confirm that there are sofas in the cabin, even a connecting? Thanks!!
  5. I bought a 32" LED Samsung TV. Will this remote work with the cabin TV's so as to access Video inputs on back ? Any recent cruisers on this ship see secondary inputs blocked (as has been reported) ? Thanks
  6. We're thinking of doing a family group trip with 10 people and because of the cost, we would have to drive to the port at Cape Liberty to sail on Anthem rather than flying to Florida to sail on Oasis. I emailed RCI and asked if Oasis would still be sailing out of Cape Liberty in 2021 and they said in November of 2020 Oasis is moving permanently to Florida. We really like the Oasis class ships because of the many activities and amenities available. Would we notice a huge difference between these two ships as far as size and available activities? Is there anything you prefer on Anthem as opposed to Oasis? Our group would have an age range of 3 years old up to 65 years old.
  7. Does the sports area on Anthem only have basketball and roller skating or do they also do soccer, volleyball and dodgeball like on the Oasis class ships?
  8. Would like to reserve a 2 top for Anthem, anyone have the Maitred e-mail address,, Thank you..
  9. Is Kendall- jackson chardonnay wine part of the beverage package ? Don't see anywhere what wine's are part of the beverage package..
  10. Planning a trip on Anthem of the Seas and would like to eat at Jamie's Italian. Is there much of a difference if I eat at lunch rather than dinner, or is the menu the same for both?
  11. I know its a little pricey...but for those who have eaten there...is it worth it? What's so special?
  12. Have not done R/C in 8 years and am going on the Anthem , is there any other help that can be giving to me besides the following questions I have ? What is Smart Casual, Can i wear dress shorts and button down shirt to main dining room, is there a formal night, what restaurants require pants ??? Any help will be great.. Thank you....
  13. Since I've been home for over a month, and my next cruise is less than 80 days away, I thought I'd better get this up. I wrote the draft a while ago, but some how have not gotten around to posting. I do have Compasses, but I have not had time to photograph or scan them. If there's interest, I'll try. This is my first review, but I've always found them helpful, and since I didn't find many reviews specifically for the 5-night itinerary, I thought it might be helpful to others to post one. Day 1 We left our hotel (Newark Airport Marriott) at about 10:30 (maybe a little later). I was on my phone, but I noticed that we were in the port area by 11:00, and we pulled in to the bus drop off at 11:15. This was our 4th time cruising with a large group, and Cape Liberty by far has the best system for greeting groups. There were two porters there to unload our luggage and someone from the port got on the bus to explain to us where to go. We’d received a notice a few days beforehand that there would be a Coast Guard inspection and we should not arrive at the port until 11:30am, but since we had planned to get there about 11, and I know from reading here that sometimes boarding is not actually delayed, we decided not to change our shuttle arrangements and still plan to arrive about 11. There was only a very short line for security and then we were directed into the “Gold” line for check-in. From the descriptions I’d read about port staff with iPads to do the check-in, I thought there would not really be any lines and we’d just walk up to a person who would check us in. There are actual counters, and a roped-off line. We only waited a few minutes before we were called to the counter. I honestly didn’t notice if the agent was using an iPad or a computer, but the check-in was quick, even though we had to take photos. I could have sworn the agent said we needed to go sit down, but when we met back up with my mom and her friend, who had gone to a different agent, We noticed people were already walking on, so we did. Despite our lowly Gold status, we went right through. We loved the digital screen arch with the fish! Because we lead a group, our first order of business was to meet with the ship’s Group Coordinator to go over our schedule. We headed to the Conference Center with her. After our meeting, we went to the Windjammer for lunch since it was closest to the Conference Center, and we needed to head back there right after eating. Of course it was chaos, but after a lap around the whole place, and some table stalking, I secured a table for us. I had the made-to-order pasta, which I enjoyed. Other than a stop in one evening for a second dessert, though, we didn’t eat there again all cruise (we usually will do breakfast and lunch there on sea days). After eating we took care of some setups in the Conference Center and then went to our cabins. We had adjoining balcony cabins on deck 10 aft. Our key cards were there for both cabins, and my drink cup was in mine. (I had the Refreshment package. My sister bought the soda package on board.) Our beds were not separated, so we left notes for the steward, and also asked for the connecting door and the balcony divider to be opened. We headed for muster a little early, because I still do not do stairs super well after knee surgery, and down is much harder than up, so I wanted to be able to use the elevator. I had read, but forgotten, that on Anthem the muster stations are indoors, so I wish we’d gone even earlier, since we were in Vintages and I could have gotten a seat. I ended up sitting on one of the low tables! Elevators were terrible right after muster as usual, but we made it up to Deck 15 in time to watch the ship go under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Our dinner was the early seating in the Grande on deck 3. Unfortunately the service was not up to par with our previous cruises, and we had complaints every night. We spoke to the head waiters and they were apologetic, but it never really got better. I remarked to my mom that when the waiters did their parade, I couldn’t even pick ours out. Most of the food was actually quite good. The only thing I didn’t really like was the chocolate hazelnut cake, which was dry. Some of our issues were cold escargot, bar beverages taking a long time to come (one person’s wine was delivered at the same time her entree plate was cleared), and long waits between courses. My sister’s food allergy (which she did notify Royal of in advance) wasn’t handled well, when it has been on other cruises. She said that if this had been her first one, she would never go again. Usually she gets to really relax on a cruise and not worry about what she’s going to eat. After dinner, we went back to the cabins. My mom’s beds had been separated, but mine/my sister’s had not. I think this was my fault because I put my note on the dresser, and not on the bed, and so our steward might not have seen it. So, we had to call to have someone come and separate them. The steward had opened the connecting door and our balcony divider. I think I like the closets on Voyager and Radiance class better, and I missed the behind-the mirror storage in the vanity, but we managed to fit all our stuff. I was afraid our toiletries would fall off the shelves in the bathroom, but it was fine. If you are separating the beds, I recommend asking them to put both bedside tables in the middle. When they separated the beds in my mom’s cabin, they put one of the tables over by the sofa, but my mom and her friend ended up moving one bed further over and putting the 2nd table between the beds as well. When ours were done they kept on table in its original position and moved the other in to the center. When we saw how much better the space worked for my mom, we thought about redoing ours, but we were too lazy. My picture of our cabin is really dark, but here is one of the ship going under the bridge And one of the view after we passed the bridge
  14. Can I access the back of the TV's so I can plug in my video source to HDMI input ? Does RCL allow access with supplied remote control ?
  15. Anyone know how to get access to the daily Compass schedule for the October 10, 2019 New England cruise ...and or menus?? I am a planner!!
  16. Is there any noice issue with this cabin which is just above TWO70? It is the assigned guaranteed inside cabin (4U) and no other same category cabin is available now. The cruise is for 9 nights on Sep. 12. Is paying for upgrade recommended? Can anyone with experience for cabins in that location share their experience? Thank you in advance.
  17. I was deciding on whether to make reservations for the three specialty shows listed in the Cruise Planner for our August cruise on the Anthem. I have reserved We Will Rock You, but was unsure about The Gift and Spectra’s Cabaret. The overview about these shows didn’t really tell me much, and I hate to commit the time for shows that might not be worth missing other activities, or taking a reservation from someone else if I decide not to go. Have any of you seen these shows and can give me your thoughts on them? I realize we all might enjoy different things, but I’d appreciate your input. Thanks!
  18. I am holding a wheelchair accessible room on deck 3 3170- it is also the only four person room currently available for the sailing date we need- and, in the past we have brought the folding wheelchair so it would be nice to have the extra space to store it. However, it is right near the music hall. I am wondering how loud that will be and if it is a bad idea.....anyone?
  19. Just curious if anyone has done this and if so how was it? Thanks!
  20. Can anyone comment on the type of music/ bands that play in the Music Hall on Anthem? Understand they are replacing Dazzles with the Music Hall on Oasis of the Seas. Always love Dazzles on the Oasis Ships.
  21. I am satellite tracking Anthem in MarineTraffic and just saw this odd move. It is enroute from Labadee to NYC, first of 2 sea days, well east of the Bahamas. If anyone hears of a reason please post. It's too far out for a medical evacuation I would think. Oh, and now it is curving back toward the northeast instead of straight toward NYC. A search perhaps?
  22. I have read that the major Anthem shows are either at 6:30 PM or in the afternoon. Is it true that there aren't 8:00 PM shows? I'm inquiring because I want to make dinner reservations for our 9 night September Anthem cruise. Also when is the Captain's boarding reception on the first day. Thanks
  23. I've seen a few photos of menus from the main dining room online, but most of them look like they are from 2016/17. Are they still accurate or are there newer ones available? If there are newer does anyone have any? Thanks.
  24. News article of someone being rescued for a medical condition. Footage of the air lift is included both from inside and from another helo. Thankfully the Coast Guard is there to help. https://amp.app.com/amp/1460953001
  25. We like to enjoy a glass of Port at the end of the evening while cruising. This is our first time on the Anthem and are wondering which bars serve Port?
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