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  1. Has anyone heard of a possible change to the destination for this cruise? Hurricane Jerry is predicted to be near Bermuda on Tuesday.
  2. Our Feb 2020 (Bahamas/Coco Cay) cruise to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary will be our first time in Star Class with our own butler (Genie). We have been Sky Class several times, and had a butler on celebrity. Could some of you who have been lucky enough to enjoy this experience give me some heads up as to what I can expect on Royal. Let me add that my husband is blind and has been for many years. We love cruising and have been blessed with the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. My husband has so enjoyed the help and attention the crew members provide us both. I have already been offered an early chance at cabanas, but have not been contacted by my butler as the cruise is a ways off. I am used to taking care of all the details for our cruises. I notice that dinner reservations are open for this cruise. However, if I make any for specialty restaurants, the charge goes on my credit card. All these restaurants are included in Star Class. I am in need of some guidance from real people like you, not RC reps who sometimes give different answers. So, thanks for reading this novel and please pour in the info.
  3. Just wondering if anyone who has recently sailed Anthem could tell me what time the self-assist walk off time is? I need to pre-book a shuttle service for our group of 10 from Port Liberty to Newark to arrive by 11am. We are a mixed group with gold to D+ members so we were planning to all do walk off with our luggage but I need to know a set time to schedule the shuttle for pick up. Wondering if we're all in line by 8:00am or 8:30am if that will leave sufficient time to walk off by 9:00-9:30and have the driver meet us. We are looking to use Dial 7 car service in a Sprinter shuttle unless someone has a better suggestion. Thanks, Cindy
  4. Is there a Silent Party on the Anthem of the Seas? Do you need reservations??
  5. Is there an activity called Escape Room on Anthem of the Seas? Has anyone ever done it? Do you need reservations?
  6. Hi all..my wife & I will be on the Anthem Of The Seas soon, and I was wondering what the differences are between the 4 main dining rooms- Chic, The Grande, Silk, and American Icon? From what I saw on YouTube, Chic & The Grande look a little more elegant..my wife & I prefer dining alone at a table for 2, if this helps..I LOVE escargot as an appetizer, and I am a meat guy more than chicken & fish..HOWEVER, I do love lobster, and was wondering if lobster tail night is done here on our 9 night Canada/NE cruise?..we have purchased the 3 night specialty dining package, and will probably do Chops, Jamie's and maybe Wonderland..we are a little nervous about Wonderland because the menu looks so ..eclectic, and non- traditional..opinions on Wonderland? Thanks to all! Big Al
  7. Hello All. Anyone on here that was on the 9/7 sailing to Bermuda? A family member canceled on 9/6 against my wishes because of the storm and I had advised it would be fine. What's done is done but would love to hear how the cruise was. Thanks, Steve
  8. Hi there, We are going on the Anthem of the Seas and I have never played bingo on any cruise so I was wondering if someone could tell me how much it costs and what you normally play for. Thanks. Need to budget.
  9. Do we need to have internet everyday? I am trying to figure out my expenses and would like to be able to watch a movie on board in my cabin once or twice. The streaming was not good on the Oasis, but we are trying a new ship and longer itinerary, do we need to have it everyday? Can we purchase by the day? TIA
  10. Looking for pictures or videos of these cabins. Taking our kids on a family cruise and would like to show them the cabins we will have on our cruise. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  11. Hi fellow Cruisers : I have been lurking around for awhile and have gotten some great information and figure I would give a review of our cruise - I don’t take a tremendous amount of pictures but will post some - Here is some background on us : It was my husbands 48 th bday the day of embarkation- I also am 48 - we had our 10 year old son with us and our 18 yr old daughter did not come. Our cruise history - 1996 - Majesty of the seas 1997- celebrity ( century) 2007 Freedom of the seas 2016- Disney Fantasy 2017 - Disney Wonder 2018 Norwegian Escape and Getaway We had some traumatic events happen in 2013-2016 - our daughter was diagnosed with Autism at 2 and she also has a Seizure disorder - she became very aggressive and we had to make an extremely difficult decision to bring her to a psychiatric hospital in 2014 - during that time I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy and several other surgeries as well as a year of Chemotherapy. I am grateful I am now a 3 year survivor and my daughter has been in a group home and is doing well. Because of this tumultuous time we tend to splurge a bit when we cruise - we stayed in the Haven on the Norwegian cruises and had a suite on the Anthem. Much comparison of Norwegian and Royal Caribbean came into the picture quite often during this cruise. I will try and give as much detail as I can but please any questions I will be happy to try and answer - here is my son ready for the trip .......
  12. This is our first time on the Anthem OS and having a Suite cabin. I'd love to hear your experiences with a J3. I guess they used to be called a Family Suite? TIA
  13. I don’t know if anyone has this, but I saw someone on here post a seating chart of a dining room on one of the RCI ships. Do any of you have a map showing table numbers & where they are located in The Grande dining room on Anthem of the Seas?
  14. For anyone that has done this cruise/itinerary recently: Do they have a theme party night such as 70"s or 80's etc. We have some decade themed items here at home and could bring them if that is on the activities list. If there are any other "themed" nights, please let me know as we still have time to get things together...Thanks
  15. June 2019 - Anthem of the Seas - 9 Night Bermuda and Caribbean Who are we? Noreen - 51 years old; Senior Vice President at an Investment Banking Firm in New York City. I will be the author of the report. Scott - 49 years old (turning 50 on this trip); Independent Contractor and Co-Owner of BounceU in NY. General Comments... I am doing most of this from memory and by looking through my pictures. I sent myself a few texts throughout the trip to help me remember. I like detailed reviews with a lot of information that many people may not care about. I write reviews like a travelogue that I can go back and enjoy. I took pictures throughout but have more pictures of food than anything else since it’s easier to remember to take a picture while you are sitting down eating than when you are busy having fun. We have been on Anthem several times so won’t do many of the things people on the ship do since we probably did them on a prior trip. We are not lay out by the pool all day people so won’t know if there were a lot of chair hogs. We enjoy the casino and spend time most evenings there. We are pretty easy going and don’t let little things bother us. We always have fun, especially on vacation.
  16. Hello, I was wondering if there's a difference between an Ocean view stateroom with Balcony Guarantee and an Ocean View Balcony Guarantee. The former listing is under We Pick, and the latter You Pick. Is there a chance of getting assigned an obstructed view balcony with either guarantee? Thanks in advance.
  17. August 2019 - Anthem of the Seas - 5 Night Bermuda Cruise Who are we? Noreen - 51 years old; Senior Vice President at an Investment Banking Firm in New York City. I will be the author of the report. Scott - 50 years old; my husband; Independent Contractor and Co-Owner of Bounce U in NY General Comments I am doing this from memory and looking through my pictures. I sent myself some texts throughout the trip to help me remember what we did. I like detailed reviews with a lot of information some people may not care about. I write these reviews as a travelogue that I can go back and enjoy later and hopefully to help others planning similar trips. We have been on Anthem several times so don’t do all the things most people would do the first time on the ship. We enjoy the casino and spend time most evenings there. We pretty much go with the flow and always have a good time, especially on vacation.
  18. https://cruise line.com/ship/anthem-of-the-seas/cabin/ 7268 Copy and paste the link above and take out the space between cruise and line and the space between the / and 7 I thought the balconies on deck 6 and 7 were obstructed, this site even suggests that this cabin was a Category D8 at one time. Anyone stayed in this exact cabin on Anthem or Ovation to confirm what the view from the balcony will be like? Really interested what this balcony looks like on Ovation of the Seas, Jimbo:)
  19. Don't know if this has been covered, but Anthem has been speeding from Halifax to Bayonne due to the coming Dorian storm. Will be by Ambrose Lighthouse by 8pm and all onboard shops and casino will close at that time. It is estimated that we'll dock at approximately 10PM and disembark tomorrow after clearance by Customs.
  20. I just happened to open the Royal App on my iPhone and saw that my cruises starting on the Anthem next week were available, with my calendar all filled in with my precruise reservations. I didn’t see anything indicating that this had been switched from the Royal IQ app. I suppose texting using iPhones is no longer supported without getting the internet package.
  21. Hi guys--Does anybody know if Michael's Genuine Pub on the Anthem has any DRAFT beers, and if so, do you remember which ones? Thanks! Big Al
  22. Just got back from our second cruise to Bermuda on Anthem. I was very curious about what changes we might experience compared to the previous year. Positive changes: Absolutely no begging for scores of “10” this year, which last year had been constant extremely attentive head waiter and more efficient dining room overall (last year’s waiter seemed stretched thin and meals dragged on forever.) better quality of food in Windjammer. Maybe we just were smarter about what to choose but we enjoyed our food a lot more this time around. better pizza in Sorrento’s. Only had it once was it was tastier than I expected. extremely friendly and thorough room attendant and two towel animals- a bunny and a bat (last year we only got one towel animal- an elephant) the royal app worked great and was very helpful Happy to report there were no negative changes! Great cruise overall. I am looking forward to trying Oasis next summer when Anthem heads to Europe but I would gladly sail on Anthem again in the future.
  23. Absolutely livid our rcl med cruise been cancelled due to some rich guy taking ship. This shouldnt be allowed. Pathetic offering for rebook but thats only route we hadnt done and cant fly. Rcl are joke. Booked means booked. Sorry if in wrong board admin. Disgusted beyond words.
  24. Looking for opinions While we are not "seasoned" cruisers, we have found Celebrity to generally be our favorite in terms of the ships (we are looking forward to our sailing on the Eclipse in a couple of months), the food, level of service, entertainment, etc. My family went on the Anthem for a Christmas week cruise in 2017 with our teenagers and even though the ship was packed, we thought RC did a decent job of managing it all. Food is certainly a step down from Celebrity (although specialty restaurants were better than OK), and service was excellent considering the number of people on board. We however did not love the boat itself finding it somewhat charmless and found the Royal Esplanade area to be downright tacky. My wife and I are considering a Canada/New England cruise on the Adventure with just the two of us and are wondering what people think. We can drive to the port so that makes life so much easier and we are looking at a time where many kids will be back at school, so I would expect a different kind of crowd on the ship. And pricing is excellent right now. Looking for opinions about the Adventure given our experience on the Anthem. Thanks!
  25. Does the concierege on Anthem of the Sea contact suite guests? If not how can I contact him? Also what tribute bands will be playing in September? Any assistance with these questions will be appreciated. Morky
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