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  1. Hi Everyone And Welcome To My Liveish Blog On Harmony Of The Seas. I Am Going To Start The Blog A Little Soon So I Can Have Time To Write About What Mine Plans Are For This Sailing. I hope You Will Follow Me For This Cruise Adventure!!!
  2. Hello Everyone! We’re off on another adventure! Thank you to those have followed along with us the last few reviews! This time, we’re trying out Harmony of the Seas, our first time on an Oasis Class ship! We’ve previously sailed on Vision/Radiance/Voyager/Freedom Class ships, plus Majesty, and are excited to try out the big one. A little bit about us: We’re both career educators, me a middle school band director, a saint, I know, and him a high school administrator, both in Hillsborough County. We love our jobs, but every chance we have to get away we take. While I have the summer off, he works 12 months, so this is our only opportunity to sneak off this summer. We’ve only been cruising regularly for a little over 2.5 years, but fell in love with it almost immediately. This is our first cruise with just the 2 of us since June 2017, and that may just be the most exciting part. Don’t get me wrong, we love our cruising friends, but it’s nice to get away just us too. Living in Florida has its perks...there are 4 ports between 20 minutes and 4.5 hours away. Cruising is very easy. Being an educator in Florida who likes to cruise, however, has its downfalls. Very rarely do I get to cruise without someone from my school on the ship. This cruise is no exception. The PTSA President and her family will be on board, and staying on the same deck. Joy! The cruise: We are doing a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise. The itinerary is below. We will be staying in a Boardwalk View Balcony. I’m excited to try one out. As I said before, this is our first time on an Oasis Class ship, so the neighborhood concept is new to us. We’ll see if we like it. We have the second to last room aft, so maybe a sliver of ocean and the aqua theater viewable, depending on how much Perfect Abyss blocks. Itinerary: Day 1 - Sailaway Day 2 - Perfect Day at CocoCay Day 3 - At Sea Day 4 - St. Thomas Day 5 - St. Maarten Day 6 - At Sea Day 7 - At Sea Day 8 - Back to Reality I chose this sailing for 2 reason. First, the ship. We wanted to try it, and I wanted the food choices. Second, the itinerary. We’re visiting CocoCay for the first time since renovations, and St. Thomas and St. Maarten are two of our favorites. We’ll go anytime we can. Maho Beach especially. It was #1 on my checker list from the time I was 15 until I got to check it off. For this sailing, I booked us the Ultimate Dining Package. Over the course of the year since, RC eliminates the Ultimate and rolled out the Unlimited. I’m beyond excited to eat my way through this cruise, not that I don’t every cruise, but with so many dining options to try, the foodie in me is ready for new things. With UDP comes a lot of reservations to keep track of. Throw in the show reservations, plus excursions and it easily becomes overwhelming...at least for me it did. I teach middle school. Everything is planned out because it has to be. Chaos and 12 year olds holding thousands of dollars worth of equipment don’t mix well. So, while for some it’s overkill, for me, having an itinerary works well. It keeps us on track, and gives me a visual. Will we follow it 100%? Absolutely not. But at least I have an idea of what a day holds. We all work differently. Of course, I’m extra, so it’s color coded. Sidebar...I posted it to another website, and it’s amazing how many people there with so much free time that they stop by to let you know you’re planning your vacation wrong. Well...that’s a start. Plenty more to come. If you want more content, feel free to follow us on FB and Instagram. Our page/profile on both is queensonthehighseas Thanks for following along!
  3. Not planning on getting voom but am curious what chat/text options there are for android users on Harmony. I just read that 'Royal IQ' is no longer of use on Harmony as of several months ago. Apparently the updated 'Royal' app has a chat feature but a few months ago folks reported that chat feature didn't work on Harmony yet. Anyone heard updates on that? Does chat using 'Royal' app now work on Harmony and is there a cost like there was with 'Royal IQ'? Our travel group is all android users so any imessage loophole won't work for us anyway. Unless that works for hangouts or whatsapp on Harmony.
  4. We usually book our cruises a year out but due to work and personal obligations, can’t book our cruise until 4 weeks before the August 4 sailing! Do prices ever drop that close to sailing, am I going to have problems booking entertainment, dining? I see Allure had some great deals earlier this week, how you seen any of those in Harmony? Jill
  5. Can anyone tell me if the Harmony has an overflow lounge if there are too many Diamonds onboard? On our last Oasis cruise we had an overflow option in Blaze and it was so very nice to get out of the rat race in the regular Diamond Lounge.
  6. My daughter just received a Royal UP acceptance which moved her from an interior room at the front of the ship (8549) to a Boardwalk Balcony room (14707). I just noticed her new room seems to be under the basketball courts. I was wondering what the noise would be like from this room. Obviously going from an interior to a balcony room is a definate upgrade, just not sure if I need to tell her to bring ear plugs.
  7. Have only been in the Suite Lounge and CK on Allure and it was very nice. Bar had lots of seats and an OV view out the large windows. Looking at the pics on the Harmony the bar is faced against a wall with only 5 or 6 seats. Also it appears in the photos that I saw that the tables in CK are pretty close together. Is that true ?
  8. Is there an Escape Room on the Harmony of the Seas? I thought I read it here somewhere but now I can't find it and tried a search but couldn't find any information. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Currently on Harmony. We were supposed to dock at 10:00am ship time. Around 8:30 the Captain announced that it was unsafe to dock at Roatan due to high winds. My weather app shows 25-35mph on the island. While I fully understand that there’s nothing to be done about it & safety comes first, we’re pretty upset to say the least. We have never been to Roatan even after 8 Caribbean cruises & pretty much picked this itinerary b/c of it. Just wanted to share & vent a little. 🤬
  10. Good morning all! Our family is cruising for the first time on Harmony of the Seas in July 2019 for seven nights to the Caribbean. Does anyone know if there are formal nights? Thanks very much, Surf
  11. We will be on the September 1 Harmony sailing and thinking of doing the Escape Room with my adult (in their 20's) kids. For those of you who have done the Escape Room on Harmony, is it worth doing? I haven't done an Escape Room but my kids have. When do we pick the time to do the Escape Room? Would it just be the 6 of us in a group or would others be in our group? I'm fine either way...I'd just like to know. Thanks so much
  12. ...straighten out your dining plans? After reading many posts here about traditional and MTD I am still left confused on the options we will have, especially concerning MTD and intend to head directly to wherever I can confirm/change/clarify our situation. Is it one of the dining rooms? TIA
  13. Magic, kismet, even “Harmony” That’s the way to describe my relationship with my travel husband, Randy. We cruised together by chance in April 2013 and we will cruise again by design on Harmony June 2nd, when we celebrate Randy’s 30th wedding anniversary with his real wife (and love of his life, Amy) But this story is about a travel marriage, a melding of two souls who love cruising and (this is important) the planning of cruises. A bond that could not be broken by thousands of miles and was solidified by hundreds of Friday night texts. (Travel planning night in both our households) My own dear husband of more than 30 years would hear a “ping” on a Friday night and say “oh, there’s your travel husband!” Neither Amy or Jeff has much patience for travel logistics, (although, and this is important, they both love the actual cruising🤣) but Randy and I are obsessed with it! And well, you have to get your needs met where you can, and that’s how Randy and I became “travel spouses”, sharing messages such as “should I pull the trigger on this Freedom cruise?” and “the drink package is 30% off, is it time to buy? “ and “what’s the name of that guide in Roatan?” We could spend hours online dissecting the minutia of the MDR menu, sharing frustrations over the Royal Caribbean website 🙄 or editing each others content for news letters or web reviews. How did it come to this!? Well, if you’d like to hear, I’ll tell the tale, and then you’ll have a good idea of what to expect when we share this review of our Harmony of the Seas 30 for 30 Anniversary cruise LIVE! (During making of this review, no actual marriages were harmed! Couples Randy and Amy <whom I also adore 😍> and Jeff and I are all still very happily married to our original spouses and plan to be, God willing, for many years to come!)
  14. I looked at videos and pictures of HM's JS cabins. Is there a clothes line that one could pull over like there is on OA? That clothes line was good for drying swimsuits etc? I also saw hooks at the back of the tub? Were they good for drying item (possibly on a hanger)
  15. Can someone tell me the bed placement of Cabin 14174 & 14580 on the Harmony of the Seas.
  16. We will be on the Harmony in a B2B & we are not heavy drinkers & was wondering if they sell the 10 drink pkg around the 4th day?? If they do can we use any drinks we have left over from the 10 day drink pkg on the 1st week on our 2nd week?? george35
  17. I searched the forum for this, so please forgive me if I missed it. When looking at the pictures of the Harmony's closet area, it seems to be a lot smaller than the ones on other ships. We typically hang all of our evening clothes and fill up the closet pretty well. I guess we are just curious if it is a lot smaller or if the picture just makes it look that way (the part that has the hanging bar - not the shelves). Thanks!!! Holly
  18. I just signed up me, my husband, and our 23 year old son up for the all access two hour tour on the Harmony (our cruise isn't till next February). Has anyone done the tour and what did you think? We did a behind the scenes tour on a Carnival ship a good six year or so ago, really enjoyed it, and thought this might be similar. On the Carnival ship too, because of a Noro Virus outbreak, we didn't get to see the galley (and that's something my husband has always thought would be really cool to see). Also, enough time has passed that we would be interested in doing a similar behind the scenes tour again. Anyway, I'd love to hear from you if you've done this on the Harmony or one of the similar sister ships.
  19. Can anyone confirm if Corona Premier is served on harmony?
  20. Where can we find Omelletes On Harmony? We have heard Mini Bites, but not Windjammer. We love a good one for breakfast.... Johnny Rockets Breakfast? Have heard its not too good. Thanks folks, Harmony 9/22 full price Harmony 10/6 > Casino Royale, $1,000 quad total Brilliance 12/9 > Casino Royale, $563 quad total The Moore Family Tampa Bay
  21. Please help me finalize a choice- with all there's is to do on the ship I don't think we will use our balcony so don't want to spend the extra $ which can go towards other fun things. So decided on an ocean view and my TA has options on decks 7-11 all the way forward. Thoughts? Or would we better off with a interior aft on 6-8?
  22. In October of 2016 we sailed on Harmony of the Seas from Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale in a Central Park balcony cabin - #14185. This cabin was very near the water slides on deck 15. I was a bit concerned that it would be noisy, but took a chance. When we sat on the balcony during the day, we could hear sounds from the pool deck – music, activity staff announcements, cheering during games – not really loud and annoying and I could enjoy sitting out there. But when we stepped inside our cabin and slid the door closed, it was instantly silent. I was pleasantly surprised that the door was that sound proof. When we booked on Harmony for June 2 of this year, I didn’t hesitate to book another Central Park balcony after our good experience. This time it was cabin 10277, several decks below the pool deck, but at the other end of the park. The noise inside the cabin was almost as loud as outside. The door seemed to not dull the sound at all. All afternoon it was loud music, pool games and cheering. Not much chance of grabbing a nap. I was really surprised at the difference in sound between the two cabins. This isn’t a complaint. I just want others to know what our experience was as they are choosing a cabin. I did not complain to anyone on board because I wouldn’t expect there was any way to solve the problem. They are not going to shut the pool deck down for one passenger, nor would I want that. I just chalked it up to lesson learned. The good thing is that there were no activities on the pool deck much beyond 6pm, so no noise at all during the evening. I’d be curious to know what other’s experiences are with sound in CP cabins by cabin number.
  23. Hello everyone, I have a few quick questions regarding Harmony: 1. Is there "free" texting onboard? I have heard a rumor that you might be able to via the RC app. Is this true? If not, what are our other options. 2. Can you hole punch your SeaPass card at Guest Services? Does Harmony have the kind of cards that you cannot hole punch due to the technology used in the card? If I can hole punch, will a normal hole punch from home work? I typically do not hole punch my Sea Pass, but half of our party bought lanyards and I just wanted to double check. 3. We are going to be celebrating my sister's 60th birthday. How do I get a cake sent to the MDR on the first night? Do I just request it from our waiter at the beginning of the meal? Or, do I email dining services ahead of time. Thank you! Nicole
  24. On Harmony of the Seas how long does generally take to get room service if only ordering coffee or continental breakfast?
  25. I’m looking for a cruise Compass for Harmony EASTERN only. What I’m trying to find out is what the times are traditional dining . Going in April and my TA called the agent line and was told the early is 5:00 p.m.....this sounds early but this is what he was told. There also seems to be some controversy over what time MTD starts, if you try and reserve it on line it starts at 6:30 however he was told that’s only online and it starts at 6:00. We have MTD but don’t want a 6:30 seating so I’m trying to find out for sure that the early seating is 5:00 p.m.
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