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Found 77 results

  1. Just tracking Quantum of the Seas on a cruise ship tracker. The 15 Feb 2020 and 24 Feb 2020 cruises out of Singapore have been cancelled, yet the ship has just left port with a stated destination of Port Klang (would have been enroute to Bangkok before today's cruise was cancelled). Not sure how accurate the destination information is though - I have noticed it can be wrong at times. We are booked on the 4 April 2020 sailing out of Singapore and await news from Royal Caribbean. I have been tracking the ship all week for some clues as to what may happen next. I can understand why the ship has most likely had to vacate it's berth today in Singapore but is it just going to sit at anchor, sit in another port or more importantly, reposition??? The latter of course will have implications on our planned cruise which is why I am tracking her.
  2. I'm reading different things about this online. Does the fitness center have bathrooms that have a steam room available, or is it steam room free where you have to buy a spa pass if you want to use it in the spa? On many cruises that I have been on, there are 2 sets of steam rooms. The fancy ones in the spa, and the complimentary ones in the gym. Employees don't advertise that there are complimentary steam rooms and saunas because they want you to buy a thermal spa package. Has anyone here actually used the fitness center bathroom who can confirm this?
  3. I just found an Alaska sailing on Quantum that the dates fit around a convention we have in Seattle, Sept 2021. Itnerary is Seattle, Juneau, Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier, Sitka, Victoria, Seattle. I would love to see Alaska but won't have the finances to do 14 day cruise/land tour. So I figured a peek is better than none. How do you like these ports? Should I look for something to include Ketchikan, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Hubbard Glacier? How is Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier? Suggestions and opinions appreciated. Thanks, Kaye
  4. Just curious is there much difference between these 2 ships. Is 1 better than the other. Trying to line my ducks up for 2021.
  5. Never sailed on a Quantum class before. Looking at Odyssey. I’m thinking of sailing next October with the family. Looking at the obstructed balcony 6162. Looks like the balcony is longer, not sure if that’s the case. Also anyone know how bad the obstruction is?
  6. We are on Anthem in a few weeks, and we have a balcony room that has the sofa bed for the third person. Here's my question: How does the bed fold out of the couch? Does anyone have any pictures? What I REALLY want to do with the couch is slide a toddler bed rail into "the crack" in the sofa where I think the bed comes out of the couch....and not actually unfold the whole couch into a bed. Is this possible? Just trying to come up with the best,most space saving sleeping arrangement for my toddler.
  7. I just booked a cruise on Odyssey of the Seas. Since Odyssey doesn't even launch until Nov 2020, I wonder if anyone here has cruised in cabin # 7202 on another Quantum class ship? Any comments on obstruction, location, the good and the bad? Thanks so much!! 😎
  8. We signed into our account last night and found that our March 22, 2021 - 5 night Singapore trip is now showing as a 14 night Singapore to Tokyo. Our travel agent called and we also called Royal and both answers were "the sailing is under review and no decisions have been made." Anyone else have this issue? The change from a 5 night to 14 night is a pretty big deal.
  9. I am reconsidering our cabin choice on transatlantic Odyssey of the Seas. Currently booked on deck 7, mid-ship (7202). There is a deck 10 aft cabin available (10304). Price difference is negligible. Which would you do? Thanks!
  10. I booked Odyssey this week which I'm super excited about because once I sail a Quantum class I will have sailed on every class in the fleet. (i know technically Odyssey is Ultra-Quantum... but work with me here) Anyway --- I'm picking my cabin, and would love to know your thoughts. Junior suites (my go to) are sold out the week we're going, so all i can do is a balcony. There's a million balcony options. My TA put me in a midship deck 10 balcony (my usual) but there's a handful of rooms on the hump on deck 6. I'm thinking of switching to those. Any feedback on balcony cabin locations on this new ship for me?
  11. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/63/quantum-of-the-seas-update/ Well this is not good news for those that were booked. We are not scheduled to sail until the End of May, and looking at the COVID-19 spread/recovery rate, it looks like we might be OK.. Fingers Crossed and comiserations to those that have missed out.
  12. We were scheduled for the Quantum 2/24/20 cruise out of Hong Kong, switched to Singapore, then cancelled. We were told we would have our refund by 2/19 if not sooner. My credit cards lists 5 different credits on 2/14 for cruise fare, port fees, and reimbursed prepaid service charges. It came up $700 short, for a FCC for that amount was put against the original prices of the cabins. The FCC was obtained on 4/11/19 from a nonrefundable deposit for a cruise I cancelled, credit to be used in 12 months. We will be in the Philippines until 4/21/20 and word has it there are no cruises nearby to take. We have two cruises scheduled for May which are already paid in full including daily service charges. Just wondering if anyone knows or has any experience with such a situation. I could use it also for two cruises booked in September, but I have no idea what the policy will be since RCI cancelled the cruise we had intended for the credit. I wrote all this in an email, but I know they have a lot on their plate right now, and calling from boondocks Philippines is not a viable solution. Any and all feedback would be appreciated. Perhaps they would allow me to use it on 3/2/21, the exact same itinerary that was cancelled for 2/24/20. It is the original itinerary, not the one that substituted two Vietnam ports for Okinawa.
  13. The 4 Mar sailing is the next scheduled Quantum of the Seas cruise following the recent cancellation of the 15th and 24th Feb cruises. We are booked on 4 Apr trip and would love to know what 4 Mar passengers are being told. Hope someone can help.
  14. We have two sets of friends from the UK currently in Singapore , they flew from Heathrow last night, when they landed they found out the cruises on Quantum are now cancelled, they are B2B. I am just hearing the news now. They booked fly cruise packages with separate TAs , going to be interesting how this all pans out and how each agent handles the situation but for the moment they had pre cruise stays so are ok for accommodations but they will be flying back to the UK ASAP. so disappointing for all but safety and health is paramount .
  15. Does anyone know if there are any junior suites on Quantum that have an obstructed view? It’s not listed as a room type (unlike balcony rooms, where obstructed view is a separate room grade), however when I booked our guarantee room, they mentioned we could end up with an obstructed view.
  16. Got caught with our pants down here for the 9 night on Quantum out of Singapore. I just landed in Korea making a connection to Singapore and received the cancellation email. 100% refund to the card I purchased it with. Looks like I won't be getting my Grand Suite after all. 😢
  17. Have been toying with booking Anthem out of NJ to avoid airfare for five people. We have always loved the Voyager and Freedom class ships and want to try an Oasis ship as well. (Itineraries haven’t matched up for one of these yet.) My parents also love Voyager and Freedom class and just got off Anthem. This is the first cruise they came home and said they did not care for the ship. They felt like there were too many cabins and missed the Royal Promenade. They also did not like the overall layout at all. They said it was just not one of their better cruises even though they had a wonderful time overall. With their comments in mind, I’m wondering how others like the Quantum class compared to Voyager and Freedom class ships? I know the ship is made for colder ports and has a different feel. That being said, which class do you like better? I do take what my parents say with a grain of salt by the way, but just curious what others think.
  18. For those of you who have sailed on the Quantum of the Seas in Star Class since it has started sailing from Singapore, were there any exclusions from the normal Star Class benefits? I'll be sailing on Feb 15th, 2020, Singapore to Hong Kong itinerary, and not even sure if they'll be offering Star Class since it goes to China. Any thoughts from those who have sailed since the ship was put back into service?
  19. Hey Anybody know if there is a dartboard on the Quantum of the seas ? 4th April 5 night south east Asia
  20. If you have cruised recently on Quantum do you know if they have flavoured Gins, especially Violet gin. Sailing on her next month and would just like to know. Thanks in advance.
  21. I guess I'm going to Singapore! I've always been curious about the Royal operation on the Pacific side, and after 30+ cruises touching some part of the Caribbean plus the deal I got, I couldn't say no. It's the 9 night Singapore to Hong Kong cruise going to Thailand and 3 Vietnam ports in February. It's also my first time on a Quantum class ship! Having read some threads, I was braced to pay for Northstar and iFly, and right now it appears only iFly is in the Cruise Planner. On another note, I'm aware of the "differences" for Diamond Plus members and am thankful for access to the Concierge Lounge. Do we have any benefits regarding Northstar or iFly? Being a 9 night cruise and one of the few for Quantum of the season, I'm interested to see what the passenger dynamic will be. I'm easy going and open minded so I'm just going to relax and enjoy the ride! If you've got any tips and tricks regarding Quantum or Asia, I look forward to hearing them!
  22. I think a lot of folks were surprised when they announced that a 6th Oasis class might be coming but yet unnamed. I have to wonder if they might do another Quantum class after Odyssey. And for Odyssey sounds like changes to Seaplex. I hope they keep a mascot at least. And how many ships is considered enough for any class? I often wonder why they only did 3 Freedom class. I guess excitement for Oasis was overflowing and they stopped at 3 for Freedom. Just thought I would start a thread on classes and future ships.
  23. Hi There Can anyone tell me what the bedding is in a interior virtual balcony stateroom. How do they sleep the 3 and 4th person on a sofa bed. I have 2 children that do not want to sleep on the same bed. Pictures would be great. Thanks
  24. Thinking of booking this cruise on April 30 for 12 nights from Singapore to Beijing. Does anyone know what the main language spoken by the staff and entertainment is? ( English or Mandarin). Any info I see says that they use the local language and I think this cruise caters to the local population. Anyone been on prior sailings on this cruise before?
  25. We are thinking about trip on Odyssey of the Seas and doing interior cabin on 13th deck. Wondering if anyone has experience about noise level in cabins under the Solarium. Thanks for any info.
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