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Found 19 results

  1. We have been quite busy since we got onto the ship (even on the sea days) so I haven’t had much time to think about posting. Let me begin by saying these comments are just my opinions. Others may have a different experience. Warning to those flying into Buenos Aires, all international flights arrive @ the same time so going through immigration is quite time-consuming. I had already put my red Viking sticker on my jacket & the immigration folks directed my husband & I to a much shorter line which we were grateful for. Baggage claim was fine, once we got out of customs, Viking reps were on the spot. The terminal is big & very crowded but there were plenty of Viking reps to move us throughout the terminal. Once we got to the spot to queue for the bus to the port, Viking took our luggage (similar to what was done in Auckland). We had to wait a bit for the bus; our understanding was that it was a 40 minute ride to the port. We had both a driver & a guide who filled us in about Buenos Aires, a nice touch for the long ride. Getting dropped off at the port was unreal, the port was packed w/ people from Costa & other ships. Again we had Viking staff who took us to a totally different check-in & immigration checkpoint ( stamping our passports that we were leaving the next day). And finally boarded onto Jupiter. Even though our staterooms were ready, we headed up to the World Cafe to make specialty reservations since we were in V category. Learned while booking our dining reservations that we were upgraded to a penthouse verandah! I hadn’t looked at our envelope of excursion tickets. Passports were collected upon entry into the ship so we needed to let him know the new stateroom number. We met our steward & told him of the change, so it took a little longer to get our luggage. So far, Jupiter is a great ship. Service is pretty good as well. Heather Clancy, the cruise director, is impressive. Her daily Viking briefings are very informative & focused. A couple of differences that I have noticed since being on the Orion (February - March 2019): Food seems to be better, especially sushi. I learned from the sushi chef that they broadened and improved the offerings on the Orion after Bali(which is where we disembarked) & before Japan. He mentioned that Orion, Jupiter, and the Sun all have better sushi offerings. Viking seems to be offering more specialty selections up on the pool grill/world cafe for both lunch & dinner. In a little over a week, we had surf & turf, a menu highlighting Uruguay’s cuisine, a cioppino stew, an Italian night, etc. Since we have so many sea days, the fitness center offered a package for fitness classes, 18 for $50. It would be hard to do all 18 but you could fit in 8-10. The regular pricing is $10 per class. Classes consist of yoga, Pilates, aerobics, stretching , mediation which seems to be a broader selection. The instructor is very good & tough. In the past on other cruise lines I have found the instructors to be too easy. And on the Orion it was mostly yoga & Pilates. I think offering a package was a great idea. One of the Viking vocalists(Maria) has been giving salsa & Latin dancing lessons on almost every sea day. This is a free activity and has been great way to get in some cardio. Ports Buenos Aires - we went on the included Panoramic tour. Had a great tour guide & Plaza de Mayo was the highlight. Personally I found Buenos Aires to be quite rundown and very large so it wasn’t my favorite port. Montevideo - short overview of the city, we did not have a good guide here(and though he didn’t hand out evaluations, I went back to guest services & asked for one). Nevertheless, I thought the city was charming and wished part of the included tour covered a small part of the Old Town. Puerto Madryn - despite discouragement from the Viking excursions manager during the port talk, we went on the tour to Punta Tombo and loved it. Yes, it was a 2.5 hour drive but it was mostly highway w/ a restroom stop that was very clean. Only the last bit when we turned off to the private road to the rookery that the road was gravel but still pretty smooth. There were Magellanic penguins everywhere. There is a bit of a walk to get closer to the beach but there is a boardwalk. The place had a restaurant & clean restrooms. Each couple shared a bottle of Malbec. Needless to say, it was a quiet ride back to the ship. Long day but well worth it. We also saw Guanacos as well. Falkland Islands - we went to Bluff Cove Lagoon & it was an easier way to see mostly Gentoo penguins but they also had the King penguins. We first rode for 25 minutes in a mini-bus & then transferred to a 4x4 for a 10-15 minute off-road ride. The short off-road ride was hard enough. I cannot imagine doing it for 2.5 hours to get to Volunteer Point. I spoke to someone who did. He said it was a hard ride to Volunteer Point but he felt it was worth it to see the King penguins. It was great to see the Gentoo & King penguins in their rookery by the lagoon. Then we had tea & cakes at Bluff Cove’s cafe. Also clean restrooms & a very nice gift shop. We didn’t go the Gypsy Cove, it started to rain & we wanted to do some shopping. Visitor Center is very nice & there were a lot of gift shops along the Main Street. We did bring old sneakers to walk around Bluff Cove & then threw them out. It wasn’t too bad but it is a working range w/ lots of sheep & cattle. With regards to disembarkation, if you have a late flight out of Santiago, they will take you to Cumbres Hotel Vitacura. Viking is also including a Santiago city tour to those who have flights after 6 PM. I cannot think of anything else right now. I will have to say that we are so spoiled being in a PV2 instead of a V1. We had decided to book a PV for Southeast Asia but we also have two Viking River Cruises in April. It will be tight in those staterooms. Tomorrow we are headed around Cape Horn. According to the captain we will not have internet or any live TV when we circle the Horn. Hope you find this information helpful.
  2. I am taking this cruise Feb 2021. This will be our 2nd Viking Ocean cruise and we loved the first. My biggest complaint with Viking is that they will not inform you of the costs of the excursions as soon as you book. Is there anyone with the information of the current costs of the excursions on the 2020 sailings. Also if you have had great experiences I would love to hear about them. Thank you so much in advance.
  3. We will have our first cruise ever on any ship. We will be travelling before and after it and will be taking minimal luggage. Does the self service laundry have soap powder provided? Is it free or do we need to take our own on board? Is there anything else that experienced cruise passengers can advise us we should take with us? How dressed up do we need to be for dinner? Any advice even minor will be useful to us newbies from New Zealand.
  4. The budget probably says Deluxe verandah not penthouse but I am slightly concerned about the storage as we will be onboard if we went ahead with the trip for over three weeks. Does anyone have photos of inside the closet (wardrobe) and have views on whether the night stand (bedside unit) is a real problem being so close. Neither I or DH have ever mastered travelling light so have some concerns on a trip this long. If anyone has ever travelled in an Azamara verandah how does it compare Thanks in advance
  5. Got an email from Viking tonight informing us that the infinity pool will be shut down on our 22 day cruise, Nov. 13 Dec. 4, Barcelona to Buenes Aires. Anybody on board now have any info on reason why?
  6. Six of us are now on the British Isles cruise, Bergen to Greenwich, (July 14-28, in a PV2) if anyone has questions about the ship or cruise.
  7. Has anyone stayed in cabin 6092 or 6094? Wondering if you hear noise from the Aquavit Terrace?
  8. There are a couple of things that I am curious about. In my normal life, I try to go to the local spa once a week for hydrotherapy, so I am used to a cold plunge in the mid 50s. Anything warmer than the mid 60s really doesn't do anything for my osteoarthritis. How cold is the cold plunge? I've read about the Nordic bathing ritual tour, but am wondering if 1)is that really for me since I go from the sauna to cold plunge on the regular, and 2)is the spa open during that time?
  9. We are booked on the Jupiter next summer and would like to know if they use the awesome duvets we experienced on their river cruise?
  10. We are currently on the Viking Jupiter, cruising from Barcelona to Copenhagen. We had previously been on the Viking Sky and Sea Ocean cruises and I thought I would list out the differences that I have observed on the Jupiter. The architectural structure is basically identical, (930 passengers/465 rooms), but there are some small tweaks, improvements, and changes that have been done. The Viking Jupiter and Viking Orion incorporated most of the changes, but as I have not been on the Orion, I don’t know if Jupiter has some changes from Orion. Here is the order of rollout, as I understand it, of the Viking Ocean Cruise Ships: 2015 – Viking Star; 2016 – Viking Sea; 2017 – Viking Sky and Viking Sun; 2018 – Viking Orion; 2019 – Viking Jupiter; 2021 (planned) – Viking Venus; + more planned! There have been some various posts in many different areas on the differences in ships, but I thought I would put down my observations on what I have seen, while I am on the Jupiter. No doubt there are additional changes that I failed to notice or forgot about, but I hope this helps people. It would be interesting to know if there were any small updates from Orion to Jupiter as well. The major highlights are of course, the Planetarium (Explorer's Dome), the controls for bathroom floor heater, and the replacement of shelves on DV rooms for drawers. Please see the attached pdf file. Viking Jupiter - changes from other Viking Ocean Ships.pdf
  11. Didn't see a roll call for this cruise, so decided to start one!
  12. Any suggestions on tours while in St. Petersburg, Russia?
  13. Just watched Jupiter eclipsing Sun today in the Cromarty Firth, Scotland as Viking Jupiter sails out past the berthed Viking Sun.
  14. We’re just back from Into the Midnight Sun on Viking’s Jupiter and despite a series of ups, downs, highs and lows we managed to have a very nice time. Bad news First … the “Lows” · One day into our trip as we sailed out of Greenwich the ship experienced an electrical problem that forced us to Tilbury where we sat for about 36 hours. They made the repairs and passed inspections and we were on our way eventually but as a result we missed Lerwick (Orkney Islands) and Kirkwall (Shetland Islands) and had to abbreviate our stops in Edinburgh and Honningsvag. Missing the Islands was a big disappointment and the changes in schedule at the other stops required a lot of adjustments to shore excursions, dining plans, etc. We had to drop two shore excursions which we would have enjoyed but the new schedule just wasn’t going to work. · We “lost” two of our dining reservations … they just disappeared from My Viking Journey while we were in Tilbury. An inquiry at guest services was frustrating. The representative there showed us that we had reservations at the Restaurant on those dates and at those times. She showed us on her “master” screen and sure enough there were reservations at the restaurant … same dates and times as we had made for Manfredi’s and the Chef’s Table. Arguing with her was useless as she was quite insistent this was obviously a mistake we had made since the original reservations. Perhaps we had done it on the “app”. After she suggested that we should have come down to the desk the first night as then we would have lots more times to choose from I thanked her for her time and ended the conversation before my frustration became anger … which is seldom productive. We were able to eventually find other times for the two dinners and all was well … for the most part anyway. · My daughter sprained her ankle on a shore excursion in Tromso. It was the Husky Trek Through Arctic Hills. They were quite clear as to the demands of the experience but we were not ready at all for the intensity! The dogs are very strong and they are racers. They do not walk, they do not “trot” … they run. They do not run in a straight line, there is no path, trail, or cleared land … it is wilderness! It was hilly, wet and “mucky” (one other participant referred to it as a “husky bog slog”). We “shared” a dog but I lasted about ten minutes and had to turn “Donald” over to my younger, stronger daughter. She managed to stay on her feet but rolled her ankle on a hillock when Donald took a sudden right turn. The initial pain eased enough for her to finish the walk but later in the afternoon she was in a great deal of pain and there was a fair amount of swelling. We had our first opportunity to visit the medical center that afternoon! That wasn’t too bad … Now the “Highs”: · We visited the (non-services part) spa for the first time this cruise. I know that’s crazy but true! We loved it! It was a great way to relax on a sea day afternoon (and we had lots of those!) and not nearly as crowded as we thought it might be! Will be regulars on our next cruise! · Manfredi’s has updated their menu and we loved it! It was NOT our favorite before but the changes have certainly improved the dining experience for us! And the new Mexican menu at the Chef’s Table was marvelous! We will be keeping our fingers crossed that that one is in rotation on our December cruise! · Despite the perils of the “husky bog slog” we actually enjoyed this excursion. We love dogs and will forgive them just about anything so Donald is forgiven but after the “hike” we got to meet and hold and cuddle the puppies … come on who doesn’t love puppies? We also had a chance to tour the facility and interact with the dogs who, when not in race mode, were affectionate and engaging. It was fascinating to learn about their training and the races each had run … many have done the Iditarod … and their life after “retirement. It is a nice facility and if I had it to do over again I would opt for the hike without a dog … which was an option some of the smarter passengers took! · The visit to the medical center was interesting and quite nice … all things considered. They were professional, compassionate and took very good care of my daughter; three x rays, a compression “sock”, some pain killers and a shot that she described as “a miracle” for the pain. When we got back to our room we discovered that they had ordered a large bag of crushed ice … ready and waiting! And all at no charge as it was an injury that occurred on a Viking shore excursion! · There were many enrichment/educational presentations on this cruise and they were very good! We watched most of them from our room as many were during afternoons and we were either tasting wine, enjoying the spa, or on an excursion, but they were great! Especially Russell Lee; a guest lecturer who provided us with several very interesting history “lessons” that we thoroughly enjoyed. · The entertainment was a high on this cruise … still a lot of the same thing but there was some “new” material this time. Most of the performances were full … standing room only which was really nice for the performers. The cruise director was one of the nicest we have experienced. She was friendly, approachable, and had a great sense of humor. · The port talks were organized differently this trip … they had them two or three day out rather than the night before arriving in the port. They were very honest about the shore excursions; which I appreciated, and it was nice to have this important information early enough to cancel or make changes if, after hearing the descriptions you decided it wasn’t for you. · The crew on this cruise was fabulous! They did a great job organizing some very nice excursions (free) while we were in Tilbury and never missed a beat in the great customer service we have come to know and love with Viking. Our housekeeping team was fabulous … as efficient as we have ever seen and always smiling and friendly. All in all it was a very nice cruise. The missed ports were disappointing but they immediately issued everyone an OBC and followed up with reasonable compensation once we were home. We thoroughly enjoyed Norway … which really was the star of the “show” and look forward to returning some day! The “highs” far outweighed the “lows” and the awesome Viking onboard experience was as great as ever!
  15. I’ve read, but was unable to confirm, the Jupiter has returned to Tilbury with electrical problems. Cruisemapper current location: https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9796262
  16. Having trouble finding roll call for April 5th Med cruise on "Jupiter." Thanks.
  17. just read about the planetarium on the orion....we have 6 days until we board the jupiter in barcelona....would be fun if there was one onboard. i could not find any mention of it in my searches....
  18. VIKING OCEAN ' VIKING JUPITER arriving for maiden time at Piraeus during her maiden trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuyrvQDEQY0
  19. Booked 14 day Mediterranean Antiquities Cruise on Jupiter from Feb. 16 -March 2. Was curious why there were no tours for Feb 23 when we were in Rome. Were told would could book them when we were on board. Got on board on Feb 16 went to customer service to book our tours for Rome only to find out there were only two tours being offered. 1) Included they drive you into Rome (1 1/2 hrs driving time). Drive you around Rome for an an hour and a half and then drop you at the Vatican for 5 hours of free time and they will be back to pick you up at 4pm for the drive back to ship arriving at 5:30pm. I failed to mention you leave the boat at 8:30am. 2) Optional tour for $69 they drive you into town and drop you off and pick you up late in the day. No other tours were being offered. What!!!!! What happened to all the other tours like a tour to the colisium or a guided tour of the Vatican or a walking tour of Rome...? Found out later that of the 900 plus passengers 800 of them are booked on a 7 day cruise ending in Rome with another group of passengers coming on and going from Rome to Barcelona. There is a 100 passengers that signed up for a fourteen day cruise and are really getting back to back cruises which is not the same as a 14 day cruise. I am beginning to think that next week we are going to have the same entertainment (same shows, same lectures and same movies). If it was a 14 day cruise that would all be different. We love Viking and have done 5 river/ocean cruises, but I think the Viking marketing person who thought up the idea of selling two 7 day cruises and calling it a 14 day cruise really missed the "boat"! Disappointed! I really was looking forwarding to Rome! 😕
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