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  1. According to Marinetraffic https://www.portstmaartenwebcam.com/ https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:369798/zoom:15
  2. Hello, all. We just booked a cruise with Windstar on the Surf. An 8 day/10 night Rome return with the Monaco GP in the middle (happy face). This is my first Windstar cruise and we are both very excited about it but we'd like to know a bit more about the ship and its routine. I know, by way of Windstar's web page that the ship has recently undergone a significant re-fit but so far I'm unable to get any other info about the refit. Notwithstanding that, I'd very much like to hear about your Wind Surf experiences, good or bad.
  3. Posted this under a different thread earlier but thought it should go into its own thread. We are finally back home and now starting our 14 day quarantine as now required by government of Canada for returning travellers. Our cruise was great and will be posting a review shortly but there were a few glitches this time around especially with tender service more specifically with bridge staff who control the tender operations. What we have noticed over the years is that our anchorages get further and further away from the the tender docks at the ports and thus the voyages are longer but Windstar does not seem to add a third tender (maybe only at the start of the day) which made for a long wait of over an hour to get back from St Barth. On our last day in Antigua, last tender was at 4h30. There were approx 12 of us waiting when a tender showed up at 4h15 but did not go back to the ship at 4h30 as there were 12 passengers still on the island. The Bridge staff did not let the tender back until all passengers were in which did not happen until 5h15. There were a lot of upset guests with some that had spa appointments they would not be able to meet and get charged on because of this. Everyone on the dock could not believe the attitude of the Bridge staff (we were told the 2nd officer was on duty). The Security guard at the dock had no authority and told the officer ( and some guests also spoke directly to the officer on the walkie talkie) that the guests were pissed and all over him but the officer did not release the tender. Not only that, the staff knew the 12 would not be there for a while so it would have been so simple to take us back and get the tender to come back to pick up the late guests. By doing this they accommodated the late guests but got 12 very upset guests. It would have been so simple to get the tender to do one more run. All guests would have been happy. I tried to go to the Bridge once we left port, but it was conveniently closed when it was supposed to be accessible, probably because the security guard told us to complain to the Bridge. Not only that, we discussed this issue with chief engineer (Arnauld from France) who we bumped into as he was having a drink in Compass Rose. Although he is not involved directly in the Tender operations, he was condescending and did not even acknowledge here could have been an issue and would not even apologize. Complained to reception and they acknowledged my complaint and we tried to speak to Staff Captain but he was not available. Will vent out my frustration on this issue in our survey. Maybe the Bridge staff needs more training on customer service I am sure if the officer had been on the dock, he would have felt the guest pressure, but up there in the ivory tower, they can wash their hands and say this is for security reasons, what a bunch of baloney! This did not end the trip on a high note. And to top it of, the tender engine was left on for the full hour while it waited, not very environmentally friendly knowing these run on cheap and dirty bunker fuel. Other than that, it was a great cruise
  4. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone has done this cruise at the end of April before on the Wind Surf and their experience with destinations, weather this time of year, etc. We are looking at the 7 night cruise on April 26. We cruised 11 days on the Surf on the Italy/Dalmation Coast itinerary in early May in 2018 and it was absolutely fantastic in every way. Thank you.
  5. I have been spending time jotting down cabin remarks in order to aid choosing a cabin for us and several family members who will be traveling with us. I thought I might as well post this for others new to this ship. It was super useful to read about the potential for smoke smell as I have asthma. The good people on the Azamara thread have an amazing spreadsheet going. I was not looking at suites so that info is not in there. If others would like to add to the list, please do. 107-convenient 107-good and rebooked for next cruise 110-my mom says it was fine; could get to elevator when sea doors closed 114-good 122-noise from what may have been stabilizer 124-good x 2 128-comfortable 129-no noise 129-smoother in rough seas 130-quiet 134-good x 3 135-good 136-good 140-comfortable x 2 140-no issues from someone who had other issues 147-perfect 150-this and forward cabins may smell smoke in hall 155- ok only one night stand 155-sewer and smoke smell 157-may smell smoking 217-comfortable 223-no noise good 224-excellent 225-comfortable 233-tender noise 235-excellent 238-good 238-midship good for rough seas 243-quiet 267-very quiet midlevel 2-no motion
  6. Hi, Attached is a collection of menus from our two recent Windstar sailings (Surf and Legend). No particular order night to night but thought I’d post if anyone was interested in checking out the offerings especially first timers. Room Service
  7. I thought someone else would post something, but since no one else has, here goes. Since last afternoon, Wind Surf has been at Colon preparing to enter the Panama Canal for the first time. It is too tall for a full transit (can't go under the Bridge of the Americas on the Pacific end) so it hasn't been in the canal before. We will be doing a partial transit tomorrow as part of the Surf's journey around the Caribbean. They have to install a Panama chock and associated hardware at the stern. That's a very strong attachment point for the lines to the mules (engines on tracks) that keep a ship centered in the locks. The tenders/lifeboats have been replaced with life rafts because they stick out from the hull. I don't think they make the ship too wide for the canal. Apparently the concern is that they could be damaged if they contacted the side of a lock. We docked at Colon late afternoon yesterday for all the equipment and life rafts to be loaded on. The tenders were left at the dock. Today, we are at anchor while the work is being done. A smell of welding gas invaded our aft cabin. Hopefully, that will dissipate before night. The attached picture shows the big box of equipment they loaded on to do the work.
  8. Any comments on Wind Surf after the remodeling. We are booked on an Eastbound TA from St Maarten to Lisbon in early April and would love to hear any comments about the ship after the recent remodeling, We are looking forward to our trip. Thanks.
  9. How, do we know when the water sports platform will be open, and how far in advance?
  10. Our two children will need to spend some time studying during our cruise. Other than our cabins, what quiet space options exist on the Wind Surf? Some ships have libraries and other spaces where passengers are usually less vocal. I don't see anything like that on the deck plan. Outdoors appears to be an option, depending on conditions and materials being studied. Thanks in advance for your assistance. https://windstarcruises-media.s3.amazonaws.com/media/yachts/deck_plans/Wind_Surf_Renovation_deck_plan.7.18.19.pdf
  11. We will be sailing with Windstar this winter for the first time in over twenty years. The itinerary is Yachtsman's Caribbean on the Wind Surf, and I have questions about the excursions I hope previous passengers can answer. I have emailed Windstar and find their answers unhelpful (I have higher expectations for service onboard the ship). Is the Anguilla Shoal Bay transfer purely transportation, with guests dropped off to fend for themselves? Beach Day at DaVila's appears to be a more complete alternative, albeit very pricey. Is it worth the $200? How crowded were The Baths? Did Windstar pick a good time of day to have guests there? The excursions visit many memorable places worthy of pictures. How was security for guests' cameras, phones and such? At which ports was the swim platform deployed, and was a schedule of it posted at or shortly after sailing? How is guests' luggage handled if they opt for the America's Cup sailboats before transferring to the airport? Are changing facilities available? About the Wind Surf, I understand she is undergoing an overhaul in November and hope she will be in tip-top shape with all bugs worked out by the time we board her in St. Maarten. Apparently Windstar concluded there were too many suites and converted back to a configuration reminiscent of her original Club Med days. It will be interesting to see if the greater number of passengers is noticeable. We are accustomed to even smaller vessels and recognize we may have some adjusting to do. Thanks very much for your help.
  12. Does anybody know why the Wind Surf is coming out of St Johns instead of Falmouth Harbour in Antigua.. Did not think it went anywhere else but Falmouth Harbour.
  13. Looks like the Surf is going to come out of dry dock end of November with some changes to public spaces, spa and deck 3. We're going to be onboard next month and then again in January. Can't wait to see the differences. https://www.windstarcruises.com/yachts/wind-surf/coming-november-30,-2019/
  14. Does anyone know if they still do the deck BBQ and the beach party? If so on which island? thanks
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