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That is such sad news. The tower rooms were wonderful for seeing ships come in early in the morning and the Top was a great place for cocktails.
I remember the Coco Palms resort in Kauai, how luxurious and charming it was, and how derelict it was years after the hurricane. Hyatt was supposed to restore it, but I’ll bet it didn’t happen.

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Thanks for your post. You mentioned Coco Palms Resort that was destroyed due to a hurricane. I remember attending their evening dinner ceremony/event in 1985 (did not stay there). 2015, my tour visited the sorry to see site. The guide said that plans had been started to restore the Resort. I Googled Coco Palms tonight and the property is being restored. Sometime this year it will re-open from what I read on the web site.

Might well be a reason for another return to our Aloha State to experience Coco Palms.

I never had a Tower Room, but for the owners of Pier 66 to discount the guest friendly importance of the Top of the Tower Lounge seemed very ignorant to me.
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