If you google Kauai Sailing in the Lihue Small Boat Harbor, you will find a beautiful 41 foot sailing experience. We weren't interested in the 'sailing' boats that take 49 people out and don't sail. We wanted to sail. Karen and Woody as captains, and Pam as 1st mate, photographer, were exceptional. They have created a charter (6 people maximum) to make sure you get to really experience sailing. There is NO cruise ship excursion that rivals this and you should explore it if you truly want to sail.

We went up the coast outside of Lihue to view beautiful coastline that is almost completely inaccessible except by boat. We say whales, dolphins, flying fish, and turtle. They provided a ton of good things to eat along with sodas, juice, and water.

If you are on a cruise and are coming into Lihue, Hawaii.... you should check this out. We are now excitedly waiting for the CD of pictures that Pam took throughout the trip.