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I love meeting new people at dinner and on excursions. I always meet awesome people! I have never been to a meet and mingle. This July on Oasis will be my first. I'm new to cc and feel I would enjoy this. We met our 25 minimum, but I have no idea what the next step is. Someone posted we needed a host. I would like to be involved, but have no idea where too start with organization.

You volunteer on your roll call. Make a list of CC member names and post it for the group. You can do a cabin-crawl by asking members to volunteer their cabin to show (keep track of which cabins and then pick one from each category), making a map of cabin-route and decide when this would be best to do (usually after M&G). You can ask members who wants to join a slot pull tournament. Post that list and when it will happen (contact RC ship representative to establish this). I have purchased little gifts for a group of over 60 ppl on a Hawaii trip (lanyards & magnets with the ship/sail date/destination) Our group actually gave ourselves a name....pineapple express.
I have been to, and organized, many M&G, ranging between 35-120 ppl. I have made a few friends that keep in touch (I'm in Canada...their in San Diego, Philadelphia, Milan, New Zealand) And, I've also run into a few cruisers from past cruises that were on a future cruise....some from M& G, some from CC, some just from the sailing.
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"carry me on the waves to the lands I've never been,"
"carry me on the waves to the lands I've never seen."
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