Train stating in Basel, and taxi?

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Hello Daisi,

what a great idea! I am sure you will love it. As you have booked your train already it almost only remains for me to ask: second or first class? Have you booked seats as well? Very advisable if you have not. Not sure which route you will go through but if you are on a EC or IC with number train you will be going through Koblenz, then Bonn and then arrive at Cologne. Both sides of the river are served by trains and there are interchanges but the fast trains only run on the left bank from Koblenz downstream, i.e. towards Cologne onwards. Not sure where you will cross the river, I think from Mainz it will also be the left bank. If so then you can see the Lorelei from the train, having passed Pfalzgrafenstein castle in the Rhine you need to look out for it. Could miss it. Just one more tip: when passing over the bridge after having left Koblenz station you cross the Moselle and can see Ehrenbreitstein fortress to your right.


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Thanks notamermaid, and yes, we are going first class and the seats have been booked. I only hope I have them facing the right direction, as we aren't sure how we will do travelling "backward". I will be looking out for your hints about the castles & Lorelei. We are getting excited as the days get closer....
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In some ways it is better to travel backwards because views recede into the distance instead of making your head turn to follow them.

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