How much pain will you live with for a dress shoe?

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Originally posted by cruisemom42
My feet have never been happy in heels or any shoe that's uncomfortable. Luckily I'm tall, so I never really felt the need to "go high". As I've gotten older, I feel like I'm on a constant hunt for shoes that are comfortable, well-made, supportive, and also look good. It ain't easy...!
Skechers make a sandal (luxefoam) in black with tiny diamond rhinestones. Crossed toe holds foot on tight . I used to bring 2 or 3 pairs of black shoes but now I wear these for everything beach to formal. I had Acl replacement and take safe shoes very seriously. Check them out. I'm tall and don't do heels. Front sole curves up so they're pretty trip proof. Dress up with some pretty polish on your toes and no one knows how incredibly comfortable you really are . Dance like no ones watching
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Originally posted by Anita Latte
I understand the dilemma. And wanting to look good, or cute, or whatever word you prefer, but I question how good anyone looks when their feet are uncomfortable. Our bodies respond to the pain and will compensate and do things without our knowledge to try to move or stand or do whatever it takes to lessen the pain...and in the end...when our bodies do that...or our faces have a slight pinch to them because of being uncomfortable, well...we don't really end up looking cute or good, or whatever positive word we want to use, at all.

I was about to post this same sentiment, Anita. When we feel good, we look good!
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Originally posted by lasparrot
I purchased a really cute pair of patent 'non-leather' slingbacks that I totally love, however, like any shoe with a heel they cause me pain due to a swollen knuckle on my big toe.

I've been wearing them around the house to see how bad it is and have found that while the pain isn't huge, they are uncomfortable. I would wear them with a dress to dinner on the ship and probably change into flats after supper. Is it worth it to look good for a little while? How much discomfort do you endure in the name of fashion?

Thanks - I look forward to hearing your answers! Laura

Absolutely zero. No shoe is worth being uncomfortable for ten seconds. I’d keep looking and not settle for these. If they’re uncomfortable now, they won’t get any better later and you’ll end up focusing on how your feet feel instead of on what fun you’re having.
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Originally posted by Alaskanb
See you are on our Panama Canal Cruise next January
I have some dressy low pumps from Earth shoes for that.
Also have Romika dressy flat and wedged sandals.
I watch for low prices on Amazon and then pounce.
They feel so good with arthritic joints.
The second pair is the style that I wear. Comfort is far more important to me.

I kicked off my high heels after my wedding, and was barefoot for the rest of the reception. No one knew, because my gown covered my feet.