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Lexington Park, MD
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Joined Mar 2017
I grew up in NYC! Midtown Manhattan to be exact. My fondest memory was playing in the fire hydrants and hanging out with friends until the street light came on!
Madison, AL
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Joined Jun 2011
I loved traveling about 3 hours to stay a week at my Aunt and Uncle's house on Lake George in Midway, GA with all my cousins. We went crabbing, boating, fishing, picked vegetables from the garden - which became awesome meals, and learned to drive on the dirt roads! What great memories as my cousins were my first best friends!
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I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts, two streets away from the ocean. My favorite activity was riding my bike along Lynn Shore Drive, and swimming at the beach with my friends. We'd all go out for ice cream on warm summer nights.

Staying in the house watching TV all day was not done.
Southeasten PA
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Joined Jul 2006
We played baseball throughout the day and we were flipping cards on the corner when not playing. I lived in a neighborhood of row homes and there were so many kids--always someone to pal around with. AND do you remember the mosquito man. We ran in the fog (DDT) behind the truck and loved it. We were well greased with the poison --AND we were having a ball. For the good times
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Joined Dec 2014
Now mind you this is 40 years ago, but we truly enjoyed "each other" back then. Meaning we actually interacted. Instead of computers, hand held games and cell phones we played flashlight tag, hide and go seek, kick the can/ball, bicycle races or just plain took walks. Those were the truly the days of a great childhood.
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Joined Nov 2013
Going to grandma and grandpa's house and riding on their tractors, playing in the corn bins, running through the corn mazes, and grandma's cooking! Also getting in trouble was fun and running away from them.
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Joined Feb 2014
I remember playing outside with my neighborhood friends all day!
We were literally outside from sun up until sun down. I loved family picnics at the local park and making the kinds of memories that a lot of kids (living in this time) may never know.
Sometimes thinking about work, bills, kids and other issues makes me think back to those times when I had no cares in the world. Love & miss the good ol' days!
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Middletown, NJ
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Joined Jul 2007
I loved going to our little community beach or swimming in someone's pool, riding my bike around the neighborhood, playing softball, tag, kick the can, hopscotch, etc., down the street from my house and catching killie fish in the creek. All of the kids were outside all day for the summer. We only returned home when someone rang the dinner bell. We were rarely inside; probably only on the rainy days.
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Judy Willoughby
Middletown, NJ 07748-6010

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Joined Apr 2017
During the summer, all we did was play outside until it was dark. We'd go to the community pool, ride bikes, wait for the ice cream man, slide down hills on cardboard boxes, make secret flower name it. The rule was no TV unless it was the weekend. Fine by me! Funny thing, until I just typed it I never realized that I had some great times growing up in southern California in the 70's and 80's.
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upstate New York
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Joined Apr 2002
I rode my bike a lot during the summer. I went on bike trips to other towns near by. Something you could never do these days.
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Austin, Texas
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Joined Jul 2011
Lots of memories....swimming for badges, reading books at public library for stickers, stickball contests at neighborhood pool, riding bicycle in parade, City wide festival and fireworks called Austin Aqua Festival, time spent at grandparents's, tennis lessons....
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Joined Jun 2017
My favorite part of my early-age summer was the simplicity. We didn't have much in the country, so we made a lot from alittle. My brother, sister, and I would spend the summer with our grandmother, eating oatmeal in the mornings and watching "The Price is Right." (loved Plinko!) Afterwards, we'd go outside to play with the cats (about 30 outdoor cats), run through the clothing on the clothing line, and prepare mudpies. We'd go inside for a simple lunch and cool off from the Louisiana heat-- many times catching naps or "nodding off" on a couch. Energized, we'd go back outside to check on our mudpies and play in the old well, which we were NOT supposed to do. We'd play tag or hide-and-go-seek and hope that we didn't run into a snake. As the sun set, we'd prepare for the ice cream truck man and have to wait to eat our treats after dinner. Just a simple country life . . .
Santa Maria, California
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Joined Mar 2015
Living on the coast of California, most summer days included lazing around the beach soaking up the sun or body surfing (boogie boards hadn't been invented yet). If we had the bad luck of running into our swim coach who filled in as a lifeguard at the beach, he'd make us swim around the pier. Good memories!!
Rantoul, IL USA
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Joined Dec 2001
I loved spending time with my grandmother, who I also considered my best friend. We would bake and play card games. She would teach me how to sew and tend to the garden. On the weekends, I would do the typical kid stuff at home by bike riding, swimming and basking in the sun.
Long Island,NY
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Joined Mar 2011
Originally posted by CC Help Jenn
Remember when we were kids - most of us had a good chunk of time for summer break. I could remember counting down the days starting from Spring Break on.

What was your favorite part about the lazy days of summer as a kid?

I loved being outside literally all day long. Even lunch and dinner were outside most of the time. A whole neighborhood of kids playing any games we could think of, going to the pool, playing at the park. I loved the freedom of no schedules and days full of social interaction.

How about you?

Post your response as a reply for a chance to win this week's prizes. A few winners will be selected randomly from all who participate. While all are welcome to participate, At this time we can only ship within the US. I can offer a coupon to our store for those who reside outside of the US. Thanks for understanding.
I grew up in New York City . My summers were days at either a beach or a pool.On the days i did not do that I would be playing Handball in a city park.

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