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Hello,we are looking at a Christmas 2019 cruise and have a question about the house wine. 3 years ago on a short cruise on the Magellan the choice was red or white both of which were underwhelming. Have things improved or is there still just one red and one white on offer? We are not wine snobs supermarket plonk is just fine but it is nice to have a choice?
If it makes a difference we are considering the Columbus.
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Originally posted by triggerdroitwich
Just off the Magellan yesterday, choices were white,red and rose, not great quality but drinkable.
I would second that, from our recent Columbus cruise. There are plenty of alternatives that are fairly priced
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My experience with Astoria and Marco Polo is that a number of quite decent wines of all hues are on the wine list at reasonable prices that are not significantly above the house wines. The house wines are available by the glass which is a plus outside the dining room, but in the dining room buying a bottle and holding it for however long it takes to consume it is my top choice.
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We had the drinks package and frankly found the house wine that was included was rough and ready so after 1 glass didn't bother. If you like dry Spanish plonk then you will be ok.
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Thank you for all your replies, I think bottles may be the way for us, so won't bother with the drinks package. It may even mean we drink a bit less - but probably not!
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Originally posted by Catchum
Thank you for all your replies, I think bottles may be the way for us, so won't bother with the drinks package. It may even mean we drink a bit less - but probably not!
Thanks for this cruise info. I have been checking out what's included in the CMV premium package and am not sure if this will suit us. We are not wine snobs but have heard that the included house wine is a little rough. The VIP package at £29 per day each would suit us in terms of quality but I am not sure if I can drink enough to justify the expense. However this does give us coffee and tea and a few little extras for a total of £696 for the cruise! I have been spoilt on previous Celebrity and RCI cruises with included drinks packages and I have forgotten how the bar bill builds up.
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Just back from 6 weeks on the Magellan. The house wine is OK - red, white and rose. Our table of 8 drank all varieties during the whole cruise and we all felt is was acceptable standard.