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Steaks: Rare, Medium or Burned?

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It's not "blood" in a properly cooked medium-rare steak, most of the blood drained out after the animal was beheaded, then most of the little blood left came out when it was dismembered.


Cooking an steak "well done" is an insult to the animal :rolleyes:


Better that than eating it alive!

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I was brought up with the most amazing beef which was always cremated then someone cooked me 'pink beef' and I was much happier. My family still cremate beef and Vension and anything else.


These days I eat my steak medium...it has to have a nice crust char on it though and be well seasoned.

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I am with Velvetwater...I was brought up not knowing there was any other way to eat steak or roast beef than well done, because that's how my mother liked it. I'm sure I was an adult before I discovered that it doesn't have to be tough and leathery. Make mine medium rare and juicy, please!



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Blue, the doneness below rare. Occasionally I will go with medium rare depending on the cut, but I'm usually one of those people who will say "just walk it by the grill."


There is no blood in a rare steak, it's just water tinted red with a protein called myoglobin. Even if rare steaks were bloody, that would just mean that well done steaks have cooked blood in them.


Personally I think everyone should be allowed to get their steaks cooked how they like them, but it annoys me when people pass judgment on me for eating my steak how I like it. Steak doneness is rivaled only by "over or under toilet paper" in the arena of smug superiority.

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It's not just how well done but also how thick and how cold. For me it needs to be at least one inch (25mm) and preferably nearer 2 inches (50mm) and ideally fridge cold at the start to get how I like it, good charring on the surface but rare, tender and juicy inside.

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As long as it's warm in the middle, it's good enough. I like my rare warm. Only thing that beats that is to have it tailgating at a Bronco (as in Boise State Broncos) game. Go Orange and Blue.

Then you probably like medium rare - most definitions of rare include that it is cool in the center.

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Medium rare! Like the previous post, I also preferred well done In the past. When I was a teen and early 20s I wanted it basically charred.

As a teen I ate it well done because that was the family way. As I matured, I learned to enjoy blood rare. But in recent years I have found that I enjoy medium-rare the best. For what it is worth, Celebrity's Lawn Club Grill recommends medium-rare.

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