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The Tale of the Grow Walk ….Hunh? DCL Magic and WDW Review

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14379103981_7abfa48463_z.jpgepcot134 by jenseib, on Flickr

And of course, Claire talked me into letting her buy a stuffie. I really agreed because I would’ve felt awful if this did close and she didn’t have the chance to get one again. She was all smiles about that.

14619625023_ff0de9b72b_z.jpgfigment by jenseib, on Flickr

14200593738_af1a25a64b_z.jpgepcot135 by jenseib, on Flickr

Of course, while in Disney, you will see a duck or 2 and I usually have to get a shot here and there of them.

14200761287_0dbea5dfc8_z.jpgepcot136 by jenseib, on Flickr

One of my favorite things about going in March is all the beautiful landscaping.

14200760997_ab5724d4dc_z.jpgepcot137 by jenseib, on Flickr

14203872758_67a30b4866_z.jpgepcot138 by jenseib, on Flickr

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And one of the best things about Florida…..Palm Trees!

14367385886_176ff31e1a_z.jpgepcot139 by jenseib, on Flickr

We then headed back to the Seas. Our next FP+ was for Turtle Talk with Crush….let me tell you now, total waste of a FP. It does not get you in any faster at all.

We were early so we explored the area a little more.

14389453624_803a7f04a3_z.jpgepcot140 by jenseib, on Flickr

We have never watched the manatees before this year and it was kind of interesting to watch them.

14203871858_00d82d9c92_z.jpgepcot141 by jenseib, on Flickr

The lady kept throwing these heads of lettuce to them, but they didn’t seem all that interested for the most part, and when they were interested, it was only the fresh ones, the old ones were not eaten at all.

14367384666_a34cb17f1f_z.jpgepcot143 by jenseib, on Flickr

14203871058_8b2648118c_z.jpgepcot144 by jenseib, on Flickr

And they were feeling frisky today. So many adults were laughing…..Claire said “Awwww! Look they are hugging”.

14389452514_1d52acdbaa_z.jpgepcot145 by jenseib, on Flickr

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Hello Mr. Stingray.


14203869508_072bfd78b5_z.jpgepcot151 by jenseib, on Flickr


He looks happy to see us.


14203839439_7dbf283fec_z.jpgepcot152 by jenseib, on Flickr


14367382456_542807554e_z.jpgepcot153 by jenseib, on Flickr


14389450744_2ec3d247e6_z.jpgepcot154 by jenseib, on Flickr


14203838999_dcda73c34c_z.jpgepcot155 by jenseib, on Flickr


I believe we then headed in to the turtle talk waiting area. Of course there is no distinction between those with FP’s and those just coming in to watch. We all could enter and waited in the same area.


14405870241_8943fa807a_z.jpgepcot156 by jenseib, on Flickr

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Is there/will there be a cruise here somewhere?


Yes, if you read my intro you will see that I am posting my WHOLE Orlando trip and the cruise will come, but it was at the end.

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We were finally let in and Claire informed me she would not be sitting on the floor with the little kids, so we found a bench and had a seat.

14386110406_cf91caac14_z.jpgepcot160 by jenseib, on Flickr

14677295653_8183422a97_z.jpgcrush by jenseib, on Flickr

14409240335_5771913999_z.jpgepcot161 by jenseib, on Flickr

It was a fun show, but I have seen it enough now that it doesn’t have to be a must do for me anymore…and I think I’ll skip it in the future unless Claire insists on it.

We headed back out into the sun…..and yes it was VERY hot this day.

14407930632_7f1700402f_z.jpgepcot162 by jenseib, on Flickr

It was approaching our lunch time so we headed towards Italy.

14222631028_26c25585aa_z.jpgepcot163 by jenseib, on Flickr

I always love seeing these sand sculptures and wonder how they keep them looking so nice.

14407930182_0301179fcb_z.jpgepcot164 by jenseib, on Flickr

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As I walked up I saw that Mom and Dad were just ahead of us. I told them I would go inside and see about checking in as there was a huge line outside for a podium…..which I assumed was for walk ups.

Inside I asked a guy and he said no, I had to wait outside…I said even if I have a reservation and he said yes! UGH

So I walk to the end of the line and it’s about 180 degrees out and the sun is glaring and I am just sweating away. A lady comes down the line to take names and I asked her if I was supposed to be waiting in this line since I had a reservation and she said no, I was to go and check in inside. I informed her I tried to once and they made me come outside, but she told me to go back in.

I grabbed the family, who was sitting off to the side and told them we were going back in.


Amazingly the person I talked to this time took my info and told me to be seated. I let her know that the guy next to her had told me to wait outside. The guy just totally ignored me….jerk!


We didn’t have to wait too long and we were called to be seated.


We were seated on the far wall and Mom and I raced for the booth part and made Claire and Dad sit in the chairs across from us, which neither was too happy about. LOL


I used the excuse that I had a bag I had to sit next to me and my camera too.

We browsed the menu and I took a few shots.


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We were trying to decide what size of a pizza to get. I was pretty sure the small one was pretty big, so the next size probably would work for us, but it listed it as only feeding like 2 people….or something like that, and Dad was worried we wouldn’t have enough. We asked our waiter and he assured us the size I picked out was pretty big.

I ordered the Arancini - fried risotto balls filled with mozzarella and meat ragu for an appetizer as I loved it so much last time.

I almost forgot to take a picture.


Mom had some and Claire tried it, but it wasn’t her thing.

Then our pizza came….and Dad had no reason to worry about the size.



And it was delicious!


I wish there was a place in my area that made pizza like this. I just LOVE their pizza.

Even though I was pretty full, I still had to order dessert…because I love these!!!!

Zeppole di Caterina - Ricotta cheese fritters, served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.



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And in the process of trying to take pictures, I knocked over the chocolate sauce. Oops. I was like a big kid making a mess.

Dad also got dessert….It looks like a mousse in this picture, but I can’t find a description like that…perhaps it was just chocolate gelato.


I took a few pictures before it was time to leave too.






When the bill came, Mom told me to pay as she was short on cash now with the whole rental car disaster and didn’t want to short herself till the hold on her card was let go. She said she would pay me later…..and yeah…that never happened. LOL.

I think the bill came to around $100 for the 4 of us. I think both my parents had some alcohol with their meals as well, plus an appetizer and 2 desserts. This is one of my new favorite places, with this being my 2nd time there now. It’s one of those places I want to eat at now every time I come to Epcot.

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We headed back out in to the hot sun.


My parents aren’t super big on the parks and I think they were going to finish up with a few activities and head off to check in at the Marriott in a little bit.


Claire and I found a photopass photographer and got some shots. I am not sure I am going to order memory maker in the future though, as Claire complained about every time I made her stop.





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Also the photopass photographers were not creative with poses like some have been in the past and I often asked about magic shots and many seemed put out to do them if they could do them at all in the first place.


On we went.




When we got to America we went in to check out if the show was about to start. They told us the time and the guy acted disgusted when so many people asked about it and kept handing out times guides and told everyone to look in there. Oops in my hurry this morning I never even picked one up.

It was going to be about 30 minutes before it started, but something else was starting…..a first for us, so we watched. I loved it, Claire was not so impressed.



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As you can tell I really liked taking pictures of this.




And then they marched away as they finished up.




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We then were all invited to go inside as the American Adventure would be starting shortly and the Voices of Liberty were going to sing as well.


We have never seen either of those either.

In fact, I pretty sure this is the first time I have really stopped in America other than to use the bathrooms or look at topiaries…though I think a few years back we did stop to watch part of a show out in the ampatheatre.


We walked around inside a bit taking in the cool air, but Claire complained that it was boring. But honestly it was so packed at the park, that it was the perfect time to try new things


Soon the Voices of Liberty started to sing and they invited everyone to scooch in closer so we could all hear better.




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They were very good, but not something we would make time for every trip…but I am glad I finally got to see and hear them.

We lined up to be let into the American Adventure next.



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We have never seen this show, but I thought it might be something Claire might like with the animatronics.





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It wasn’t long and I was fighting sleep. The day before was catching up to me as was the heat…and this just didn’t have any action to keep me awake. My only saving grace was trying to get pictures.







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