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Ive read that carnival offers to take the children from 6 until 6:45 for dinner in the lido, but the kids program doesnt open until 7. If we chose to let our children have dinner at lido instead of the long stuffy dinning room, will we have to pick them up for the 15 minutes? Ive also read dinner in the dinning room takes at least 2 hours, my children wouldnt ever sit that long.

Has anyone ever opted to let their children have dinner with the youth staff, and can enlighten me on how exactly this works?

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I believe the workers take them from dinner directly to the Kids Club -- the 15 minutes (6:45-7:00) allows for travel time for the group to get from lido to the kids club so the workers can get set up and ready to welcome the new kids to the program at 7:00

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