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SURPRISE LIVE! - MS Zaandam - Boston to Montreal

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11 hours ago, *Miss G* said:


Thanks CanadianBear!  They’re actually pretty nifty.  The fit snugly over the shoes so there’s no flopping around or danger of tripping.  They have a good tread so there’s no danger of slipping.  They fold flat and slip into a slide zip cover for travel.  I’m really happy with them!

Did you buy them locally or ?  We live in Vancouver and I’d love to have a pair when caught off guard, lol!  Actually to travel with just in case.  

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You guys are awesome!  Thank you so much!


Thanks for the Halifax weather report, RoyalVisit!  Here in Boston it is cool and overcast with a pretty good wind.  I noticed a lot of breaking swells as we were flying in.  Hopefully there will be smooth seas at sailaway tomorrow.


As for the shoe covers... I got them on Amazon.


And now for the report.

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It’s flight day!  When my alarm rings at 4:30 am I am reminded of my extreme dislike of early morning flights.  Last night we both got maybe an hour of sleep each.  Ugh.  We have a quick trip to the airport and head to check-in.  Yesterday we received an inquiry as to whether we would give up our seats for a future credit.  Hahaha No thanks.  Today the agent cannot find our reservation.  No, we said BOSTON, not AUSTIN!  Oh there we are.  We are too tired to have ruffled feathers so it’s all good.


Yuck.  This flight goes out of D Gate.  We have to get in a people mover.  We are crammed in like sardines.  I hate people movers.  I especially hate that guy standing in front of me with his smelly armpit wafting out fumes as he hangs onto the overhead rail.  Get me outta here!


Our gate has only a few people waiting.  We get great seats.  And then a lady sits beside me who has to yell at the person she is conversing with on her phone.  I hate phones.


Yay!  Her husband has told her they are at the wrong gate.  Peace reigns again.  But not for long.  A couple place their toddler on the seat beside me.  Said toddler takes an immediate dislike to my presence and kicks me in the leg.  Repeatedly.  I guess she doesn’t like getting up early either.


What’s a Mom to do?  A Mom controls her kids; that’s what’s a Mom to do.  I get up and move away.  I am no little ray of sunshine in the mornings as it is.  Throw an hour of sleep into the mix and it’s a recipe for trouble.  Safety first.


The gate agents announce a $500 credit for those willing to give up their seats.  There are no takers and things get serious.  We will give you $1,000 for your seat!  Looks like they made a deal.


Learning from past experience to read the signs (proof positive that there is hope for us all) I head to the bathroom when our flight is called.  I know that just because we’re onboard, it doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere.  Mind you, that was EWR... the airport famous for no flight ever arriving on time.  This is Boston.  They can’t possibly be as bad as Joisey, right?  Turns out that’s right.  


Our flight to Boston arrives on time and we are in our hotel room by 10:30 am.  Thank you, Renaissance Marriott.  Best check-in experience ever.  Well, maybe second-best.  Still can’t beat the welcome-to-the-hotel-here’s-a-glass-of-champagne experience.  But if there was an award for a welcome-to-the-hotel-we-don’t-give-you-champagne experience, these guys would win.


Here is the view from our room.



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Miss G, glad you made it safely and hope the stinky armpit man didn’t disrupt you too much! LOL. Great view you have from your hotel too!👍

Now relax and take a breath.......

Enjoy this wonderful vacation cruise🥂


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See that wharf down there on the bottom right of the above pic?  That’s where you’ll find No Name Restaurant.  We had lunch there.  It was awesome.  Their chowdah is awesome.  Their seafood platter is awesome.  Even their blueberry pie is awesome.  It’s a no-frills experience.  Find your own seat.  They’ll wave you in the general direction.  The view out the window is the lobster trawler guy showing his buyer the giant lobsters he’s getting.  Trucks drive by to pick up fresh fish.  This is a working wharf and it smells so good.


Cup O’ Chowdah:


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Sounds like you have the same luck as I do with uncontrolled children and bad parents.  I love children when someone is in charge 😉 


Your meal sounds awesome (might as well use the word one more time)


Glad you are there safely.  Get a good night’s sleep and enjoy 🙂 

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It is a beautiful sunny day here in Boston.  Temperature is currently 63f.  I can see Zaandam at the port.


We had plans to eat at The Barking Crab but were too tired to go out.  We ended up at the hotel restaurant where they make an excellent burger and hand cut fries.  This morning I went downstairs to the Starbucks.  By the time I got back to the room I could tell the bottom of my cup had a leak in it.  Why is it always me?  Luckily I had poured yesterday’s coffee into my Contigo cup to bring with me when the driver showed up early.  


Not too sure when we will head over to the ship.  Maybe we’ll get a late checkout and wander around the waterfront for a while.  We’ll see.  I need to finish this coffee so I can think first.

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I have been known to kick kids back when they kick me and parents do nothing.  I parent my kids so do not take kindly to parents that don’t.


Bon Voyage!

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