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Tipping poll  

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  1. 1. Do you agree upon an amount to tip prior to your sailing?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes and/or you have a general # in mind
  2. 2. When do you collect the tip money from your cabin mates

    • On the first day
    • On the last day
    • Good luck with that one
  3. 3. Do you tip personnel such as butlers or concierges knowing they are not part of the DSC?

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23 minutes ago, tomk3212 said:

First off, what's the "DSC" ? that everybody keeps referring to?


We always introduce ourselves to our room steward & give him/her $10 on the first day (we ALWAY do an Inside GTY cabin) which usually ensures our cabin gets done early.  If the service is good we'll give him/her an additional $10-20 on the last night.


If the service in a restaurant(s) is exceptionally good we'll get the waiter/waittress' name & then ask for a "Comment Card" from the Maitre'D on the way out.  We'll fill this out, praise them to the skies & drop it at Reception at some point in the cruise.  I've asked CD's & the Hotel Manager(s)  & they've all said this makes a HUGE difference to a crew member's performance review.


We don't drink very much but we NEVER leave an additional tip for the bar staff.  The 18% "service fee" we feel is more than enough.  We don't gamble so we don't visit the casino except to watch.


We're Platinum so we get two "freebie" specialty restaurant reservations.  If the service is good (and it almost always is) we'll hand the waiter $10-15 tip as we leave.


Hope this answers your questions!

No offense, but if you are Platinum how do you not know what DSC is?   that's a daily charge that covers ALL tips other than butler, concierge, kids club and extra-cost purchases like spa or booze.  There is no expectation/requirement for you to tip anyone other than the above butler, etc...  You may certainly CHOOSE to tip, but unlike the old days with envelopes showing up the last night and an implicit REQUIREMENT to tip everyone (so much for waitstaff, so much for maitre d', etc) you no longer need to do so.


Your steward is tipped through your DSC.  Not to discourage you from tipping over and above, but the DSC does cover steward "basic, required" tip.

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@erdoran; Thanks! No offense taken!  I had just not heard the service charge referred to with that acronym.  Or maybe I did & I was just having a "Senior Moment"...lol  Maybe I gotta stop posting first thing in the mornings and allow my brain to fully awaken...sigh


Also thanks for the explanation but now that you told me what "DSC" means I know full well what it is.


Thanks again!

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31 minutes ago, MoCruiseFan said:

1) NO

2) I don't collect a thing.  Everyone tips as they please
3) I tip whoever I want to and however much I want. 

Some people just way over think things!


The problem is some people think they can manipulate / hurt other peoples perks by screwing over hard working employees, like they actually think that would matter.


I could go broke in the casino and tip them on my next sailing and they would be ok with that. The irony was I hit a jackpot that sailing so I made sure to take care of them. I also made sure to let the appropriate people know who screwed them over for future reference.


I find it funny that the person that made the most noise on this thread wasn't even on this sailing and she & the person they got their information from is hardly the epitome of what you would call a truth tellers.


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Only tip for good service, examples, some bar man in Haven looking after just one party, and ignoring others, I may give him $10 dollars a drink to get served, but he can get lost at the end of the cruise, you upset us once beware. A balance is needed, or simple intelligence?

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