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We paid our entrance fee, which also would include El Morro if we wanted to go there, but as much as I would have liked to, I think it would have been too much for the day to do both for us.


They do have restrooms here and they were pretty decent.


We headed off to explore.


This picture doesn’t show it…but another steep uphill climb.


46640732335_0f0d04dafe_z.jpgpr65 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32656684397_02da864965_z.jpgpr94 by Jenseib, on Flickr


40632933423_a5013ee8a6_z.jpgpr95 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46640732275_7cb9225dfd_z.jpgpr66 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46640732215_843a4b575c_z.jpgpr67 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Great views up here.


46721608325_70f8def3ca_z.jpgpr159 by Jenseib, on Flickr


El Morro in the distance.


46885114404_0a70fee705_z.jpgpr124 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46640732095_71225efa3d_z.jpgpr69 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46721608085_9cdf766b44_z.jpgpr160 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46885116254_fafd99f35d_z.jpgpr125 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33760169048_3c580b77f0_z.jpgpr161 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46913354364_84656a3e92_z.jpgpr162 by Jenseib, on Flickr


A peek at the cruise port.


32695045837_2a0f18d6db_z.jpgpr163 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33760168488_9963e5bd86_z.jpgpr164 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46640732025_8620f50ff0_z.jpgpr70 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32656684297_da79360de3_z.jpgpr96 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32695045477_16f683ba04_z.jpgpr165 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We did go in and out of little rooms to see. Most were empty or set up with cannons or other things.


33760168238_e7f5bd1679_z.jpgpr166 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Can you imagine sleeping on beds like that?  I have issues with many different mattresses…I can’t imagine sleeping on a board.


32695045087_cb9900bc86_z.jpgpr167 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Up we go again!


32666901087_5a16c2d8ae_z.jpgpr126 by Jenseib, on Flickr


But look at the view!


33760167948_a9d99a29ba_z.jpgpr168 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32695044787_6552df3560_z.jpgpr169 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33760167248_96b66c5cf3_z.jpgpr172 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33760166968_4ef2903cd8_z.jpgpr173 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Some video I took while we were there.




46885116154_5dde639f56_z.jpgpr127 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32666900997_860aa655aa_z.jpgpr128 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33760167608_667f655aba_z.jpgpr171 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46721960295_2c9e866e75_z.jpgpr174 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46885116014_a260594996_z.jpgpr129 by Jenseib, on Flickr 


Looking out over the ocean was just amazing and beautiful!


33760166748_44f0516ce2_z.jpgpr175 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46885115884_536737fc66_z.jpgpr131 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Even going down was tricky and steep!


46913352824_14a84ac4aa_z.jpgpr176 by Jenseib, on Flickr

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Continuing our tour around the Fort.


46913352614_20abe747c8_z.jpgpr177 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33760166098_2a7585eb3b_z.jpgpr178 by Jenseib, on Flickr


33760165748_d37873f34d_z.jpgpr179 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32666900817_bdf46f94f5_z.jpgpr132 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32656684187_88951a4c42_z.jpgpr97 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46913352124_54a7e9e0af_z.jpgpr180 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32656684057_9ebeec3038_z.jpgpr98 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46913351944_332e07c8ca_z.jpgpr181 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Every time we thought we had been through most of the fort, we would see other areas.


32656683847_8dfd82533b_z.jpgpr100 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32656683807_a751c6922c_z.jpgpr101 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47556237131_fe7ed9e188_z.jpgpr71 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46640731965_20882bfca2_z.jpgpr72 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Another steep area.  I can’t imagine pushing a cannon up that!


46640731875_6ddc900740_z.jpgpr73 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46640731805_215b11cdf7_z.jpgpr74 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It was neat down this hallway with only a light here and there and mostly dark. 


46640731735_3cd9b0be32_z.jpgpr75 by Jenseib, on Flickr


The dungeon does not look too fancy.


46640731645_127d7a53a8_z.jpgpr76 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46640731595_b7f2b10ba1_z.jpgpr77 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47556238191_b70dd44dba_z.jpgpr78 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32656683667_eaff8279b2_z.jpgpr102 by Jenseib, on Flickr


It’s really a big place!


46875047604_93a7976b1c_z.jpgpr103 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46875047474_f52d83eb82_z.jpgpr104 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46875047374_6ff35b82ba_z.jpgpr105 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Hello my Pretty!


46875047274_c70030a98d_z.jpgpr106 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32656683217_13fba0eba4_z.jpgpr107 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46683470565_2af2f4194a_z.jpgpr108 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We walked quite a ways out!


46683470375_d7f53a99d4_z.jpgpr109 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We made our way back and made our way to the exit.  We were getting tired and decided it was time to head back to the hotel.  We stopped in the gift shop and got some drinks, used the restroom and headed out near the taxi stand, which is by the San Crytobal plaza.  We then walked across the street and got an Uber to take us back.  He came soon and off we went.

He was playing AC/DC on his radio and I mentioned I liked his music.  We got to talking and he was a super nice guy.


The ride was really cheap too. Something like $3-4 plus tip.

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We checked back in at the hotel to get our bags and room key and headed off to our room.


47637653281_56740b7b73_z.jpgpr182 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46721960575_2d098cc6ff_z.jpgpr183 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46913351234_de8b148efc_z.jpgpr184 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32666900747_782d722d63_z.jpgpr134 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46885115744_5a9976966b_z.jpgpr133 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46885115654_c9dd1b0940_z.jpgpr135 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46885115544_70110cec85_z.jpgpr136 by Jenseib, on Flickr


The view out the window.


47503435792_1c156ffa43_z.jpgpr79 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47556237931_b85f9a0be8_z.jpgpr80 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47503435572_bb02336209_z.jpgpr81 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I set to the task of repacking our suitcases so the weight was distributed better and pulled out what we would need for tomorrow.


After that, we took showers and then headed out to find some food.  There wasn’t a lot of options nearby but I went with Subway and Claire got a pizza from Papa Johns, which seemed to take forever!  We walked back to our room and ate our meals and watched TV.


47556237751_00d5201287_z.jpgpr82 by Jenseib, on Flickr


I went to bed then, but I think Claire stayed up for a while.  I kept telling her she better get some sleep as we had to be up really early to head home!



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Feb. 4, 2019, Monday, Heading home


The alarm went off way too early, but we got up and ready. Claire was a little slow, but finally got moving. 

We took our bags down and I looked for an Uber on my phone. I knew it might not work since it was basically the middle of the night and sure enough, it told me none were available in my area at that time.  So we got a taxi, which was actually sitting right there waiting.


Off to the airport we went!


46683758855_387b89d921_z.jpgdepart1 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We walked in and weren’t sure where to go. I noticed people putting their bags through a scanner. I wasn’t sure if everyone was supposed to do that or just those going to another country.  I found a help desk to ask where to find the gates and she pointed me the right way and told me to be sure my bags were scanned. Ok, we walked back and did that.

It’s right at the entrance, and I believe it is for USDA, to be sure no food or plants, etc are being brought back to the US. EVERY bag goes through, even a backpack or purse.  It’s funny as I never knew about this and had friends and family travel to Puerto Rico many times. No one mentioned it to me.  And there weren’t any signs or anyone directing everyone to do this.  Now I know!


We headed off to our gate and settled in and found some food and then waited for our flight.  We got through fast, so we did have a little wait.


We then boarded the plane and set my bag between us.  I knew the plane wasn’t full and we were hoping for that extra empty seat….and it worked!


46683758585_dc5bf300aa_z.jpgdepart8 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46683758535_cb38f752db_z.jpgdepart9 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We were so sad to be heading back to freezing Ohio.


32656989637_4abe18f21c_z.jpgdepart2 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Good Bye San Juan!


47599478371_59331f80e8_z.jpgdepart3 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46683758735_e38c150602_z.jpgdepart4 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47599478341_c2694bb410_z.jpgdepart5 by Jenseib, on Flickr


47599478151_85a7ccfd0e_z.jpgdepart10 by Jenseib, on Flickr


46683758635_5b017b4894_z.jpgdepart6 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Claire’s plan was to watch Mama Mia 2 while flying back.  Then they announced the wifi and movies were not working, so no luck there. UGH!  She was not happy!  Nor was I as I had planned to pay for internet myself and go online to catch up on emails.


Luckily we both were able to doze off a bit and did some games on our devices to pass the 4 hours.


We landed in BWI and made our way off.


32656989977_868ae38663_z.jpgdepart11 by Jenseib, on Flickr


32656989867_52385c7d9e_z.jpgdepart12 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We had a little time before our next flight so we got some lunch.


47599478261_6195184c9b_z.jpgdepart7 by Jenseib, on Flickr


We called Skip to let him know we were one flight away (plus a drive) and we were tired, but good.


On to the plane we went and again, we had the seat between us open!


32656989757_f4a5241d0b_z.jpgdepart13 by Jenseib, on Flickr


The flight was fast and soon we were back in Ohio with the cruddy weather!


32656989517_a51b5bb8dc_z.jpgdepart14 by Jenseib, on Flickr


Actually, it had gotten a little better than what it had been so the roads weren’t too bad.


We took the shuttle to our car and loaded up and called Skip once again and then made off for home!


As sad as we were that this vacation was over, it was good to be home!


Claire had school the next day and was happy that she was actually ahead in work for the most part.


We then started working on what our “make-up” vacation with Skip would be.


In true form, he was now reluctant. He first tried to say he never really meant it…it was just something he said to make us feel better.  I didn’t allow that.  He had promised over and over and I told him he can try and break it to Claire and see how that goes.

I really wanted to cruise and we looked at Disney options and the prices were just way too high, even with a placeholder discount.

The week we wanted to go was over Claire’s spring break in March and of course many ships were already sold out or close to it.  We looked at several lines and Skip just couldn’t/wouldn’t commit.


Then he put a budget in place…a VERY unrealistic budget.  And he said he would not be gone for 7 days.  It was really crazy working with him on this.  He has unrealistic expectations and wants.

Disney World was out because he refused to wait in line.  He wasn’t happy with the cruise options that were left and then decided he wanted Universal and a short cruise.  Disney preferably, but he still didn’t like the pricing.

It was starting to really take a toll on me as he would say yes…let’s do this…and the next day change his mind.  Oh…and remember he has anxiety really badly, which is only getting worse, so once he would say yes to something his anxiety would soar!


Finally in late Feb. he mentioned maybe doing Disneyland. I jumped at it, priced it out and made him commit. I even talked him into an extra day right before I booked and he agreed (but then forgot he agreed later….of course).  I talked with my friend Cass and asked her some suggestions and I booked that baby before he could change his mind…which he later did…but too late now!

And that was the next Adventure for our family!

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Thoughts about our cruise


We had a wonderful time!  It ended up not going as planned, but in the end, we were happy to have M join us and she was probably the most perfect replacement in Claire’s eyes. They get along so well and M is such a nice person to Claire, who is much younger than her really.  Luckily, Claire is pretty mature for her age in many respects.


Many people ask me what my favorite ship is now that I have been on all 4.  Honestly, whatever ship I am on at the time is my favorite. I like them all. Each has its own charm and there are some things I like on one ship better than another, but I just can’t pick a favorite.


I am so happy I can travel with Claire and she gets to see all these new places and learn new things.  At school, her homeroom/Social Studies teacher told me that they were talking about passports in Social Studies one day and wondered if any of the kids had one (She has a VERY small class) and then she asked Claire…assuming she had one and yep! She’s the only one that does.

Another time the teacher asked for US areas that are not a state….Claire knew!  Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, both of which she has visited!

Claire just told me the other day they were reading about Bonaire and the one girl was pronouncing it wrong. The teacher had her say the correct pronunciation and tell a little bit about her visit. Claire is shy but these kind of things she will usually be happy to talk about.


Her teacher loves to follow us on facebook when we travel too.  She is a nun and she actually loves to travel too.  She is always asking where our next adventure will be and I reply…whatever has a good discount!  Hahaha.


I loved our visits to the new ports this trip and I would do this cruise again in a heartbeat!  I was unsure at first about going out of Puerto Rico, but we ended up loving it.  I would just like to find a cheaper hotel.  That is my only real complaint.  Most are very pricey. I did get a decent price for the post cruise stay, but the pre-stay had very little options for me to choose from and they were all so high in price.


Antigua was my favorite port this time around.  It was the beauty that got me.  I would love to visit there again.


I am now at 9 cruises with DCL and after my next one I will be platinum.  Claire is pushing for me to get another cruise planned as she wants me to be platinum sooner than later.  She really liked the early boarding perk with platinum that we got with M with us.  And of course, she wants that cruise to be with J and family again….and hopefully we can make that work. Our last 3 cruises have been with J and it will be weird not to be with her again.


Thanks for reading!


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