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Royal Caribbean Cruisers -- How are things where YOU are?

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39 minutes ago, vacationlover_mn said:

Well, today here in Mn they announced new vaccine sites, and 35,000 more doses for seniors.  Reached out to my mom with the phone # for her to call (right away!) hope she can get in

Good luck!  Hope she gets an appointment!

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On 1/29/2021 at 7:38 PM, OnTheJourney said:


Agree completely. IF everyone would subscribe to this advice we'd be much farther along towards ending the pandemic. 

I don’t think it will ever end as you say. We have to take medications and keep ourselves as healthy as we can by vitamins, minerals, etc. . If we don’t get back to work, there will be tons more of homeless, diseases, and crime. I am seeing it in my area. 

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10 hours ago, catty said:

I don’t think it will ever end as you say. We have to take medications and keep ourselves as healthy as we can by vitamins, minerals, etc. . If we don’t get back to work, there will be tons more of homeless, diseases, and crime. I am seeing it in my area. 

However, IMO life is important.  We need to all behave responsibly so people can again go back to work and remain alive!  Over 435, 000. people dead from covid and more to come.  Listen to science.

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17 hours ago, Cruise a holic said:

Both dems and Republicans can be scientists

Of course, but, regardless, science is science. It doesn't (or at least shouldn't) change or vary according to political or geographical boundaries. The important thing is to - as you already said - listen to it. 

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Today, we decided to take a vacation day, and do a “staycation” which I included a trip to the drive thru Winter Carnival ice block and snow carvings at the state fairgrounds.  DH is not comfortable traveling, so this was a fun escape.  He is cool with me planning socially distanced day trips, so I have to think of one for next month 🙂. Last month we rented an awesome ice house for a day.





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On 1/30/2021 at 3:37 PM, legaljen1969 said:

I completely agree with you.  Why should we lie if things are not as restrictive OR if we are complying with good health guidelines but still having lower numbers.  I am so sick of this attitude that we must all be grim and gloomy and if we aren't running around like Chicken Little panicking over the supposedly falling sky that we have no compassion for our fellow man. 

Let me tell you a little story about how it is where I am.  Our local area is a beach area.  We have not closed our state's borders and there are many people from hotspot states who own second homes here, so we really couldn't tell them they can't come here.  I mean, they own property.  We were not thrilled that this influx happened, and we didn't encourage travel from hot spots, but our town leaders understood that these property owners "wanted to check on their houses." (I.E. They had homes and were entitled to be there in their homes).  It was requested that people voluntarily self-quarantine for 14 days.  That did NOT happen.  In the early stages of COVID, people fled the hotspot states and came here to their second homes- many having tested positive and knowing they were positive but just did not want to stay "Home" where their states had much more stringent rules.  Within 1-2 weeks our small hospitals were completely overwhelmed with people from "away."  Our local businesses started closing down or severely restricting their hours as the infection rate increased.  Masks became mandatory. What restaurants remained open went to carry out only or delivery.   The "second home" owners went WILD.  After all, this was their "escape" and everything was expected to run as usual to make them comfortable.   Our office building closed and we were having client meetings outside or taking papers to people in their cars to have things signed.  We lost a ton of business because people were so mad that businesses "at the beach" were trying to protect their own, after all "It's not like it's a big city like New York."  Well no, that's right.  But people from the "big city" brought a mass influx of infection to our "small town" and got mad that we had to protect ourselves. 
I have long said that there must be an invisible box on the bridge to our island, and one at the airport, where people from "away" drop off their brains and suspend all understanding of normal social constructs and laws.  They don't use turn signals. They drive the wrong way on the streets.  They treat locals like human garbage and they expect the world to fall at their feet and treat them as royalty.   Then they leave behind the mess they made as though we are their servants and underlings. 

If someone is angry that a place has less COVID, please for the love of GOD do not feel compelled to bring the infection rate here and leave it for someone else to clean up.  


I'm sorry your hometown has suffered like this. 

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On 2/4/2021 at 2:47 PM, Cruise a holic said:

I don’t understand that?  Both dems and Republicans can be scientists

I think what they mean is that "scientific facts" are not as cut and dry when political agendas get ahold of it. People on both sides of the aisle distort and misrepresent "scientific facts" to support their own agendas. The truth is always something in between. That is why it is more important than ever to employ critical thinking and make up your own mind based on the information you are given.

Unfortunately, common sense, critical thinking, and reason have become scarce. 

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On 1/1/2021 at 10:59 AM, Keksie said:

We are probably close to the same age.  My mother would have been 98 this year too.  I do enjoy time with my son.  That is the reason we moved to Florida to be closer to him.  

We all know where assuming gets us! 

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Things are pretty bad in Dallas we have had freezing weather all week getting below zero one day in 20’s and high will be only 30 which is warmest day this week, roads have snow and ice, worst part is many people including friends are without power, heat and water. Our average temperature this time of the year s 60. Water pipes are breaking causing homes to flood. Luckily we are fine have had power , water and heat, along with plenty of food and wine 😁😁.

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Just talked to a good friend he has almost 80 or 90k in damage caused by pipes bursting from cold weather his entire first floor need to be replaced, floors , cabinets, backsplash, everything in master bath , kitchen island etc. luckily he has good insurance, FEMA is helping people without insurance. 

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On 3/1/2021 at 8:49 AM, OnTheJourney said:

Wow...can't even imagine it. 

Luckily his insurance will pay for most of it , but he went from a very large house to living in a hotel, insurance company may. Move them into a apartment soon, and it will be months to get everything fixed. 

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Posted (edited)

Here in Massachusetts we were doing poorly getting the vaccines out but now we're killing it! 

I think the vaccines are game changers for getting back to planning vacations. I will gladly get a booster whenever necessary if it will help.  I can protect myself and others with the utmost respect for their special health needs.  

Here's hoping that we'll be able to travel without masks and with improved handwashing stations. 

I am thrilled to look at cruises again! Currently I have my eye on Oasis of the Seas for a family cruise in late October.

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