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7-9-20 Thursday Weigh-In...The 4th Weekend Did You Overeat Or Not?

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Hello All


Diana...Glad someone looking at the AC tonight. Hope it's something that is a easy fix.

Glad some of your garden is growing.  Good news on a breeze and take out.


Jo...Sorry your friend has to worry about her sons.  Wish that no one had to worry.

Yes there are mostly good cops but the few bad give them all a bad name.

Enjoy your visit with your friend.


Mel...Homeschooling keeps you busy. Remember you said you start early and then out in May.

Least your kids are use to it while other kids aren't as many schools might not open for awhile this year.

Glad you have things in your garden too.


. Hope everyone has a good week.

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Diana..Hope you got your AC fixed. Nice your weather was cooler today.:classic_rolleyes::classic_smile:


Do you all feel bored even if you got stuff to do. Or is it just me because I'm alone?

Do you fine it less boring because you have someone to talk to?  Or do you wish

you had more time alone and just be quiet?


This virus is going no where, it's getting worse.  Most states, counties are shutting down some things

some everything.  Only place your really safe I think is at home.  Really worried about my daughter

working in the market and being the manager and handling everything plus the people. Everyone

has to wear a mask but one store employee got the virus. Probably from outside work but who

knows. Worry about my son too but his life right now is different and safer.


Do you worry about your spouse if working, your kids working or not?  Life isn't as we expected it..Ever.

I hope it will be normal or semi normal soon. If people would follow the rules and not go crazy and say

I won't get it and act like nothing has changed and there's no virus.  They don't understand if act right

things will open up again and people won't lose their business and people can work and get a paycheck.


Sorry just ranting...our county just everything shut down again and I feel sorry for people who won't be

working again. I'm staying home but I'm lucky, house paid for, have money for bills, kids grown but others

don't. They need to work.

  I Hope People Listen This Time.  Stay home..Wear Masks.. Distance Yourself..Think Of Others.


OK Feel better just needed to VENT.  Remember if anyone else wants to vent..Do It.  What you write stays here.

Plus can make you feel better to get things out.  Good for our mental health.:classic_smile:

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Hi Belle,


Our AC is fixed. Yippee. It was a bad capacitor. Minor cost and took 5 minutes to install a new one. Happy, happy.


Our county, as most in California, is completely shut down again as of today. Gym closed, salons, no in-door dining. Outdoor dining is allowed but most restaurants where we live don't have outdoor dining because it's too hot here in summer. Who wants to sit in 100+ heat (with the bugs of course). Um not me. So takeout or delivery. 


Belle, hubby and I like you have a paid off house, we're retired, no bills, stc. But, sad for people who can't work. Not everyone can work from home. I hope your daughter stays well. Glad your son is safer. 


Hubby and I get bored although we've been watching shows/movies we've missed. Some interesting stuff. I play a lot of mind games online like sudoku, word games. 


Can't believe the situation our country is in. Although I support our governor rolling back our opening. It is the only way to bring the virus increases down.


Take care, Diana



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Diana - YAY for AC!!! I'm doing a happy dance for you. Glad it was just a capacitor and not something bigger.


TX pulled back opening a couple weeks ago and reduced restaurants back down to 50% , bars had to close down again. There's a statewide mask order now, and the state fair that runs for about a month from the end of Sept to October has been cancelled. This was big news - it's been going on since the 1880's, over 2 million people attend each year, and apparently the only other time it was cancelled was during WWI. With CA closing this week, a lot of people think TX will follow later this week since we're on the rise too. DH has been working from home, but they have a big project proposal coming up. He has to go into the office over the next three weeks because he can't access all the systems he needs from home for this. He'll be working long hours since they're on a deadline - he was there 13 hours yesterday. Fortunately, we're in a county outside of Dallas (Dallas has been reporting 1000 cases a day recently). 


I can't say I've been bored, but I am definitely a lot less motivated to do anything than I was back in March before all this took hold. With young-ish kids there's always something to pick up. I've had just enough orders and business related stuff to keep me busy too (taxes, re-did my website, made some fake cakes for photo shoots and open houses).  Right now, I would just rather not do anything - just want to sit on the couch and watch another show. 

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Hi all!


Belle ~ we're in the same situation re house paid off, no debt, no kids at home so are safe & my kids are doing okay too & not going out so that's a relief. I'd hate to think of my youngest in Toronto going to work on the subway!


I'm finding enough to keep me occupied & don't feel too badly but then I do have DH to talk to, I think that might make a difference.


Our Community Care for Seniors, Probus, Library & Church have all been on Zoom or some phone in system so it's been nice to learn things & see people even if just on the screen. I do miss the 6 lunches per month I usually ate out though & this month am missing 2 Christmas in July dinners.😢


Yesterday I had my friend here & we both wore masks 'til we spaced away from each other to watch "Hamilton" which we both enjoyed.


We've gone to stage 3 so things like  movies, restaurants, the library, casinos (no table games) are opening which is a little scary to think about. No buffets are allowed. Makes me wonder what cruising will be like when they decide to proceed.


Anyhow it is what it is & we have to do the best we can.

Take care & stay safe!


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Mel, reverting back from opening is tough. Even where we live, which had very few cases and even not bad with reopening, they still cancelled anything like state fairs, local fairs, already a couple of months ago. Any events where people gather......


Hard to get motivated. Hubby and I were so happy to be able to go out to dinner once a week. What a luxury! Oh well. Nice while it lasted. 


Jo, good your area is moving forward with further opening. I hope cases don't increase. Fingers crossed. 


Have a good day. Diana

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Hello All


Diana..Glad your AC was fixed and wasn't something major and didn't cost a lot.

I agree Governor did right but one thing I wish he did. He closed indoor eating in all county's in Ca (was good)

but closed everything in only about 30 county's and left other 20 open on different phrases,  It's so confusing 

to some and if people move around to other county's it won't stop the virus count like they want to.

We have to stop the rising counts worse then when it started.


Diana and others if you like jigsaw puzzles there's a site..jigsawpuzzles.com can put puzzles together, different sizes 

from like 25 to 300 pieces. Can keep clicking till you fine one you like.


Mel..Yes they have cancelled all the fairs, concerts,  everything even some things for next year. They say

Tx, Az are bad in virus counts too. Did you hear how bad Florida is? Then they open Disney World, Don't get it.

Like you rather just watch TV or be on the internet.

Tell your husband to be safe, wear mask and wash hands often.


Jo...Nice you can get together with a friend safely.  What's nice your in Canada and don't think as bad as the US.

Yes think things are better if you have someone living in the house with you.

Be careful with things opening up, wait awhile that's when the counts start going up.

Don't know what cruises will be like or when they will start. I have two booked for next year and might book

a few more, I got a few e-mails for more free cruises might sign up can always cancel.  Thinking about it.

Free Cruises=You still pay port taxes and insurance but get cruise fare free.


Back to business..how's everyone doing eating this week? Think I'm doing good but the scale isn't moving.

Still have one more day.  Take care.

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Belle, you're right, if some counties can still be open then that means people are moving around and the more that happens, the more the virus spreads. 


Hubby and I have been pretty good with eating. We try to eat a little less since we are at home more. Since the gym is closed again I'm back on my exercise bike, doing more yardwork, using hand weights.





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Hello this afternoon


Diana...Yes this virue spreading is to much. People need to stay home if they can.

They say if everyone would wear a masks the counts would be way down in 2 months.

So why won't people do it?


Like I said I'm eating less and doing some fasting.   Lost a little bit but now just staying

on the same number but should be happy not gaining but come on...lose already!:classic_tongue:


Hope everyone has a good day and hope to see everyone and some we haven't seen in

awhile here tomorrow no matter how your doing.   Coming in here  helps even if WE

 don't SEE what we want every week.  Just makes us want to try harder most times.

(need it more at this time in the world just to try not to gain and to stay healthy)

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Diana, yay for A/C!  We are getting it installed this week (why I haven't been on as much) and today was really warm with no portable unit until tonight (after the house is already hot and harder to keep up) since the doors needed to be open most of the day running the duct work and removing baseboard heaters.  They said we should have it running by end of day tomorrow 🙂


{{{Rose}}} I wish there was a caring button on this site because like/ha-ha/thanks doesn't seem like enough options.  Our society is so hard right now 💔 



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