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The Daily for Saturday Nov 14, 2020

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Just now, superoma said:

No bake chocolate peanut butter balls


Oh you are bringing back memories.  Mum always made those.  I might do a few but it’s only us.

Maybe I will gift a few neighbours.  Thank you for the reminder.


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22 minutes ago, bennybear said:

They look amazing!   Would love the recipe for the German cookies!   


I really appreciate the honest sharing here re Christmas.  I am trying to convince everyone it will just be different.  Our best Christmas ever was when our first granddaughter was born Christmas Eve,  we had leftover spaghetti for dinner that year😍


sending everyone virtual hugs, cookies, wine and champagne wishes!  



Will find my digital copy of the Lebkuchen recipe and post it. Maybe Monday.

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It is amazing to read here and know that everyone here is becoming "friends" at least in a virtual sense.  You have given me some food for thought for holiday celebrations.  I would love to be with family (my step-kids and their SO's), but just think it is too much of a risk.  My step-daughter loves to invite people she knows will be alone on holidays, but I think that now is not that time.


Like most states, almost our entire state has escalating numbers.  I know that a "spike" was predicted for the autumn time frame, so hope it will soon be over.  But I know that officials are worried about holiday gatherings as a way of the virus spreading.


Enough of the gloomy.  Love the Christmas cookie pictures.  I would bake some, but then I would be the one eating them all.  Surely miss having my husband around, as he placed his orders for the kinds of cookies he liked, and then proceeded to eat them!


Have a great day everyone!  Sending prayers for those in need, and happy thoughts for those celebrating!

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Christmas this year will be different for many of us, I think. Since it is hard to get out of Durango, I am used to spending the holidays here.... often getting ready for a cruise. But usually some of my friends and I would get together..... not this year. I will probably go out to the shelter and walk dogs on Christmas day since many of our dog walkers have small children and are otherwise occupied. Will do some decorating but no baking...I would just eat them all myself. I have a couple of mysteries that take place at Christmas and may reread one of my favorites. Anyone else like "Tied up in Tinsel"?



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As the holidays get closer and especially since most of us have been in quasi-quarantine for months, it's important to not let our guard down and take too many risks. I had a reminder of that today...


I was scheduled to meet with two friends today -- socially distanced, in a park -- for a little picnic. We haven't seen each other since February, and one of them is not in good health and is moving out-of-state next month to be closer to family. The three of us previously met about once a week for the past 6+ years to study Italian.


Early this morning, I got an email -- the husband of one of these two friends was exposed to COVID on Monday; he just found out that his friend has it (same exposure) and is not expected to live. We canceled our plans, obviously, and are hoping maybe in a couple of weeks if her husband stays well, we can try again although it may be too cold to spend much time outdoors together by then.


This virus just keeps popping up, and even with better treatments, people are still dying.  Just look at the Sea Dream experience this week -- only 50+ passengers, strict testing, and yet they have at least 7 people with COVID.


My son and I continue being very careful at home. We have been hoping that, just maybe, we could manage to see my elderly parents at Christmas. I feel less hopeful over the past couple of weeks, however.


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I know the days have been celebrated but in this time of vaccine talk, I couldn’t help but be thankful and remember that this was the birthday of Dr. Banting who helped discover insulin.  Just a bit here...


Sir Frederick Grant Banting was born on this day in 1891 in Alliston, Ontario, Canada.   His co-discovery of insulin would garner him a Nobel prize and a lasting effect on medicine.




It’s a very old pic so you have to forgive it but this is the time to be grateful for these doctors and scientists who have helped save mankind and are working on doing so again.


I am especially proud of Dr. Banting as when he was asked how the insulin would be patented and sold.  He stated back then “all medicine should be available to all and insulin will be”.  Kudos to doctors/scientists like him.


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4 hours ago, cat shepard said:

Debbie, I will no longer feel sorry for myself, just because my Holiday will be a bit odd. I will keep your brother in my prayers.


Thank you for sharing your great pictures with us!

Thank you!   I appreciate the prayers for my brother.  He needs them.  

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Just now, bennybear said:

Oh how exciting!  DH will consider it early Christmas!   Can you start them inside?  Thanks so much!  


Oh yes, you have to start them inside.  Our season isn’t long enough.

But wait until about March.  If they don’t get sun and heat once they start growing they will get leggy and not bear fruit.

they take a good month to take and start to grow.  You may need a magnifying glass at the beginning.  I like the little peat pot things that expand when you water them as then you can just move them without disturbing those delicate roots.

But they sure weren’t delicate when I took them up at the end of the season 🙂

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Good evening everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. 

All the reports of family or friends diagnosed with Covid are distressing. Praying for everyone. The numbers are up everywhere and I am also concerned about the upcoming holidays. People just don’t think that it will happen to them. I was in the grocery store the other day and a lady only 5 feet from me was coughing with her mask off.  My husband wants us to have our kids and grandkids for Thanksgiving but I have been trying to discourage him. I definitely know that I will not have my 91 year old Mom over at the same time. I might talk DH into an outdoor Thanksgiving, much easier to distance that way. 

Have a great evening everyone!  And thank you for your list Roy. 

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@superoma - your cookies look delicious.  DH and I do baking for Christmas, not sure what we will do this year, we certainly don't need more then one each.  😂.   We have had 1300 views on this thread, I am sure it is the most popular one on CC.  We are gathering a following!

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At 4 o'clock in the afternoon on a Saturday, Costco was a madhouse.  They didn't have 5-layer masks, but they did have 3-layer, so with two that would make 6 layers!  I have been feeling very indignant that I wear a mask, but others do not, and why should I protect them if they're not protecting me, now at least I can feel I am protecting myself!


Pat had his hearing test - no banana!  Just a gentle downward slope.  Now he'll have a visit with our doctor to discuss.

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57 minutes ago, Vict0riann said:

Pat had his hearing test - no banana!  Just a gentle downward slope.  Now he'll have a visit with our doctor to discuss.

That downward slope is likely the hearing loss, showing it took more intensity (loudness) to hear higher frequencies. You can line up his results line and plot it in Speech Banana to get a rough idea.

The “banana” portion is where the frequencies of specific letters fall. So if a person has a loss at 5000Hz, they will have a hard time hearing F,S,T, as those letters are in that 5000 Hz range. 5000 may need to be “boosted”.

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