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The Daily for Sunday Nov 22, 2020

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Have a beautiful birthday to a very special Dailyite!!


Roy, I think I will need some more prayers, both of our children called yesterday.  Both our son and his family are sick.  So far only my daughter is sick in her family.  She has an appt. to be tested tomorrow.  Son didn't say when they would be tested he probably needs to call tomorrow. I do feel bad as we are so far away (we live in Florida and they live in Maryland)  we can't help them.  

🌺Dear Helen I am so sad to hear this!



Denise and Ann, my dear sisters. Ann, I always look for sweet fresh tobacco in my wine.. Deeni do you have sweet Paisley this weekend? I love you girls.. Love to sweet Bindi too.




🌺🌺LOL ANN! Love this one!!! Where the heck do you find this stuff!! 
Have a good day give Bindi a hug.


Dear Rich and Roy! Today I want to say there should be APPRECIATION DAY!

Thanks for all you two do!

First I was young when JFK passed away! Just remember my mom in living room crying and seeing on our huge black and white TV.



Summer appreciate your description of a Tom Collins! Never had one and might try 




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2 hours ago, KirkNC said:

Ah the return of the Sunday ride.  We would occasionally go to a local burger joint and listen to The Shadow on the radio as kids.  Good times.


I am passing on the kale, always tastes bitter tome.

I found a recipe that states you could substitute baby spinach for the kale. And you do not have to “massage” the spinach as you do the kale.🙃

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Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 


No rides today & no parades here of any kind.  Love the Humane Society anniversary.  Such an important organization that I volunteered with for so very long.


I love that quote by Walinsky!  Excellent!


I’ll pass on the meal & the Tom Collins.  Just too cold for the Collins right now 😉 


@1ANGELCAT Hope you have a great birthday!!!  


@Hflors Adding my prayers for you and yours.


Watching the news of the people who are entering lockdown shortly in Toronto, etc and there is one lot of toilet paper in those carts !!!!!  I hope they remembered the real essentials - like food.




Not sure what I will accomplish today.  But fair warning, tomorrow is Monday:





Prayers for everyone on Roy’s Care List & for those who need them and a toast to all those on the Celebratory/Shout Out list.


Have a great Sunday everyone.  Stay safe and don’t forget to wear your masks 😷 





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Good morning, all! Like @ger_77, I would love to see a Mother Goose Parade! Maybe when this is over, we should just hold frequent random parades just because we can. Regardless of the occasion, I’m sure they’d be well attended.

The quote is all too true, although discussions here are currently limited to those in your immediate household. I’ll pass on the meal, although as @cat shepardsuggests, a spinach version could be tasty! Thanks for the save, Ann!

@HflorsHelen I wish all the best for your son and daughter and their families. Praying they test negative, recover quickly, and simply have the flu. What has the world come to, that telling someone you hope their family has the flu counts as wishing them well?

The funk over having our Grand Africa 2021 cancelled has been replaced with optimism for a less restricted GA in 2022. I have also found two silk scarves stashed away that I can print with fir tips and Japanese maple today. Any day spent playing with silk and trees is a happy one!

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@Hflors - I am sending my best wishes to your family. Believe me, I understand. This Covid just seems to keep on and on and on. My niece's husband is still in ICU, but is doing better. My niece seems to be going ok as is her daughter and also my sister. It is the not being able to help that is frustrating.


Lovely weather here today, but that is supposed to change tonight. Since I am staying home, I can enjoy any moisture with out worry. Pantry and frig are well stocked.



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Good morning, all, and thank you to Rich and Roy and everyone for their thoughts for the day.  I think everyone remembers where they were on days like today.  Although Pat had to remind me what happened today!  It will be our 58th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, so I was thinking more about that.  We won't be going out for dinner, as we usually do, so I must plan something special.  He has already planned the wine!



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1 hour ago, cat shepard said:

I found a recipe that states you could substitute baby spinach for the kale. And you do not have to “massage” the spinach as you do the kale.🙃

That’s actually a good alternative!  Thanks.

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We got a dusting of snow last night but it is already melting. I took advantage of some reasonably warm weather (40s) to put up some Christmas lights yesterday. We won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving. 


Today was supposed to be turn-around day in Fort Lauderdale for our Caribbean back-to-back. Our son and his girlfriend were supposed to boarding today to join us for Thanksgiving at sea and his 30th birthday celebration. Now it is doubtful that we will even have a Thanksgiving together!







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Good morning all!  Our day of sunshine yesterday was brief, but at least I got all those leaves raked.  The yard waste bin is slightly less full each raking, so I can finally see the end in sight!  😂


No car ride for us today, we'll be doing that on Tuesday when we leave for a few days of social distancing and ocean therapy for a few days. 🙂  


Love the Humane Society and Mother Goose.  I agree, it will be a happy day indeed when we can have a parade of any kind again!


Not sure what will be for dinner tonight, other than it will be low-carb because I have my Diabetic labs in the morning 😉  Notice how I planned that for before the holidays???  🤣


@Hflorsprayers for your son, daughter and their families.  Hopefully it's "just the flu" and a mild one.

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Happy Birthday to 1Angelcat!  Longwood Gardens is a great place to spend a special day or any day.  When we lived in PA, it was a go to place when we had visitors from Texas.  I can’t believe it’s been more than 35 years since we were there.  From your beautiful pictures, it still looks as wonderful and relaxing as ever.


I remember where I was 57 years ago.  I was a high school junior, and we were in the cafeteria when the principal announced Kennedy had been shot.  I was back in history class when he announced the President had died.  The entire school was in shock.


We’re just about to head out for a drive along the Colorado River just north of Parker, AZ.

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Good morning everyone!  Thank you for the Daily Rich. Thank you for your list Roy.   I love Grilled Cheese sandwiches but don’t like adding anything else except maybe a slice of tomato and I’m sort of picky about the amount of cheese, 3 slices of cheese at least. (What can I say I just absolutely love cheese.). However, we are having mussels today. DH requested them. We are usually able to get frozen mussels that are quite good and not expensive. 

I was 8 when JFK was killed and was in school.  Someone, either the teacher or principal, made an announcement and we were all sent home from school for the day. I lived in a small town in Colorado so we walked home and all I remember was talking to my friends on the way about how horrible it all was.  Then getting home and my mother having the TV on. 

@1ANGELCAT Happy Birthday!


@Hflors Prayers for your family. 

Have a great day everyone!

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Forgot to mention that my DH loves to go for Sunday drives (me not so much) and is on one right now.  He likes to go southeast of town and takes his time enjoying a coke or two along the way and usually gets home right before lunch. Today he is going to the grocery store to pick up bread for our mussels. Yum. 

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I was in 8th grade when Pres. Kennedy was shot.  Not sure what class it was (math?) but there was a collective gasp when the news was announced.  Then we all started glancing at each other to see if others had heard the same thing you did.  It was a very sad time in our lives and hopefully we never have to experience anything like that ever again.


@HflorsI am sorry to hear about your children and families being so ill.  I will be praying they are all going to be fine and that they don't have to experience Covid.  You're right about feeling helpless at times like this.  When my daughter's ex sister-in-law was in the hospital a week or so ago she said she was so afraid she was going to take her last breath alone in a hospital.  She has asthma so was having problems breathing.  


@1ANGELCATHappy Birthday!!


@Vict0riannHappy upcoming anniversary!!  Not the usual celebrations for any big event this past year so we should appreciate those special days in the future when this is all past us.



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One of the saddest days ever...happened 57 years ago today.


I was a freshman at OSU (Oregon).....we were sitting in class waiting for our professor who had never been late....one of the students ran in and said that President Kennedy had been shot.....shocked and stunned.....I walked home as fast as I could.


All these years later....it is still one of our most tragic memories.....


This Thanksgiving....cherish your friends and family by staying safe.....so you can actually be with them next year.....!!!

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7 hours ago, rafinmd said:

Thank you for the Daily, Rich.  Since retiring I've tried to make a commitment not to use my car one day a week and it usually works best on Sundays, so I'll pass on Go For a Ride Day.  I'd love to see a Mother Goose Parade, and we need the Humane Society more than ever.  I feel I remember where I was when I heard JFK was shot but memory does change over 57 years.  I first heard of the shooting via gossip and was parked by the TV in my dorm when the word came that he had died.  I picture it as my freshman year in college but I was actually a junior then.  I love the quote but will be adding a couple of alternatives this Sunday.  I love grilled cheese (will have it for lunch but am skeptical of adding sweet potato and kale.


I’m going to get extra verbose today and add a couple of alternative quotes.  It is not my intention to proselytize, but to share a couple of my perspectives  The first is my (Methodist) Bishop, LaTrelle Easterling of my Baltimore-Washington Conference.  The second is by a strange character sometimes known as rafinmd:


  “The work of the followers of Jesus Christ has been, is, and always be essential. ,,,.  Likewise, our churches, which at their core are comprised of people and not buildings, have never closed.  We have gathered in new and different ways, but we have never closed”


"I follow a Savior who preached that the Prime Commandment is Love Your God with Your Whole Heart and Love your neighbor as yourself.  I don't think loving my neighbor as myself means exposing them to a deadly disease"


My alternative menu suggestion will be a bit different.  It is inspired by the Crystal half of my 2013 Crystal-Prinsendam combination.  On November 22 we were at Key West (The photo is from an Empress of the Seas cruise but I was also in Key West on the Ryndam and Maasdam).  It’s authentic Key Lime Pie, from Kermits.




Thank you As ever to Rich and Roy!  

@rafinmd  a very special thanks to the care you put in to the care and cheers list!  Your attention to detail astounds me and is appreciated!   I love the quote from your bishop!  So true!  And from rafin! If only people would look at the essence of what is important!  Also, DH is wondering why the key lime is purple?  

May I also add on a serious note,  that I appreciate the kind uplifting supportive thread that has been created here.  I love that there is no snark or pointing fingers that appears so often in other threads.  We are truly in this together.  The world is still a beautiful place! 


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