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Is Anyone (Else) Thinking of A Wedding for 2022?

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Hi all, 

My boyfriend proposed on New Year's Day and whenever we've 'talked' about a wedding in the past, it's always been on a cruise ship. After almost 2 weeks of discussion we've decided to take the leap and book a Princess Wedding for May of 2022.  Before everyone says we are crazy, we are going into this with our eyes wide open. We are well aware how many things can go wrong, from the Pandemic putting everything back into serious lockdown, to friends and family not going for health, personal, or financial reasons. We are a bit older and an 'intimate feel' wedding with fewer people is what we want anyway, so if we end up with a handful sailing with us we are ok with that.  We are not naive to possible postponements, or the fact there likely will be certain health protocols in place while onboard. Our travel agent has been a huge help with all our concerns and questions, and we are purchasing travel insurance as we always do before cruising. We've read the fine print in the contracts and are at peace with our choice. We will also be stressing to our guests all the things to seriously consider before deciding to attend.( We're going to have a small at home reception when we return for those who couldn't make it. A seven day cruise from a port they would have to fly to is a lot to ask, and we know not everyone has the time, money, etc to come). 

I've been reading the postings here for quite a while now, (a lot longer than 2 weeks for sure) and have gotten some really good ideas-and advice- from past brides, and I thought I would post my own situation in the hopes there might be others out there who are thinking of taking the leap and booking a wedding as well. 

Hopefully things work out for us all. Either as a new or forced re-booking. 




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Hello and congrats!


We were supposed to get married on a sailing last April 2020 which was canceled.....then we switched it to Aug. 2020 and that was canceled.  Switched it again to April 2021 but the ship (Odyssey) was not going to be ready so we switched it to April 2021 to another ship....but before it was canceled we ended up switching it to Aug. 2021 and we are crossing our fingers that this cruise will go out.


With the hopes of the vaccines being in large abundance by the middle of June we have high hopes of it happening.


One good thing is with all the Future Cruise Certificates we were able to go from a Junior Suite to a 2-bedroom Grand Suite.  So we are crossing our fingers! 

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Hello Jeepster, 

Congrats on your upcoming wedding as well!! I can't imagine how nerve wracking this has been for you. I'm sorry you've had to deal with so much anxiety and confusion on top of planning a wedding. 

Unfortunately I've just read today several cruise lines have canceled sailings until the end of May.  Princess has cancelled their Caribbean sailings until the end of June 2021, and offered to automatically move  people to the same itineraries in May and June of 2022. This could potentially  fill up the ship we are on if people choose to take Princess up on their offer. Yikes to that😵 

Hopefully you won't be impacted by Royal's decisions  as well. (Though I will say snagging a  Grand Suite is awesome, it stinks you had to go through everything you did to get it) Anyway,  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you 🤞

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Thank you Runner2013!


It's been so frustrating since we have to change everything thru the cruiseline and also to with the Royal Celebrations company that does the weddings.....so double the work.  We probably would have just gotten married at the courthouse but since we can't get a refund for the wedding license with the Bahamas Government which cost around $1000. so we just keep switching the date. 


I'm hoping even if they cancel until July 1...they will still go in August.  The ship we are going on is only sailing 2 times a month out of Miami...so if they do go starting July 1 there will be only 2 sailings before us.  Even if they go out as of Aug 1 we will be the first sailing.  The best thing is I see since there is a 10 day break between each sailing at least the ship will be cleaned properly and we don't have to wait for every one else to get off....so maybe they can start letting us on earlier like starting 8am?!?!



Our next date if Aug. doesn't work out will have to be last week of Nov. or first week of Dec.


Good luck with everything with your planning also!....Hopefully things will start looking better by the end of May......hopefully!


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Posted (edited)

Yes my fiancé and I are looking at a 2022 cruise wedding in August. We are postponing booking until this summer to hopefully see some news about the UK travel as we will be having guests from the UK on our European Cruise.


How have you done your wedding invitations I'm struggling on how to word them admist all the conventional invitations that just don't seem to work.


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I know what you mean about the Save The Dates and Invitations. Everything seems to be  geared towards the 'one day' thing. 

Our STD's are going out this May to give people plenty of time to save and plan. I  found something I think will work for us. 

Basically it says ' Pack Your Bags"

                                 and Save The Dates

                                 for the wedding of

                                     Patty & John

                                   Aboard the Caribbean Princess

                                    May 30th, 2022

                              Cruise Dates May28th-June 4th


Then I have the url for our wedding website and the usual 'formal invition to follow"  comments. 

We are keeping our wedding small, and we've verbally let everyone know already so it wouldn't come as a total surprise when the std's  went out. 

Our wedding website is very info heavy. We're working with a travel agent and she has a price page for cabins, we will have a lodging page for the hotels rooms we block off later on, a Question and Answer page, etc.  We're hoping the more info we put on it the fewer phone calls and texts we get 🤞.



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Well I just got an email from an Executive from Royal saying that even thou they think cruises will be going out in limited capacity starting July 4th they are not allowing weddings for a couple of months after that date....which mean our Aug. 8th wedding has been changed again (5 times canceled).


We first started planning our wedding in June of 2019....first booked wedding was going to be April 26th 2020 but that was canceled...then we switched to Aug. 2020 but that was canceled.  We then switched it to be on the Odyssey for April 8th 2021...but due to the Pandemic and building of the ship was going slower than expected they said it wouldn't be ready for that date in Oct. so we had to switch it again to be April 21 on Oasis......which was then canceled back in Jan.  We then switched it to Aug. 8th back on the same ship we were orginally picked for the April 26th 2020......and that was this most recent email from Royal about not allowing weddings!


So now we moved it to the Oct 17th sailing on the same ship......hopefully this one works out because if not this is the last sailing this ship will do before it moves from Miami to Orlando.


I am hopefully for this one because I think cruising will start again at the latest in August.

US has almost 50% of the population 18 and over vaccinated with at least the first shot....so by my calculations over 18 should be fully vaccinated by the end of June (of people that want it).


I'm crossing my fingers for this date!!! and pray everyone else's wedding goes as planned also!

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The cost for a marriage license in the Bahamas is $120.  Why were you charged so much?

A ten day break between cruises seems long.  Could the ship be chartered during that time?

Best of luck; you’ve waited a long time.

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I have booked our Alaskan wedding cruise for July 2022. We have chosen the new Discovery Princess. I don’t expect many friends or family will join us, but my son, 2 grandkids and my best friend have also booked. I hope they aren’t still canceling cruises by then and things are closer to our old normal. 

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