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9-9-21 Thursday Weigh-In---Summer Is Coming To A End.


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Summer is coming to an end

Did you get through it with a win


Is summer or winter harder for you to weigh

What months seem to go your way


Or all 12 months the same in eating right

Somedays good other days want everything in sight


No one said dieting was easy or hard

Just wish we could have a" magic lose weight"  card


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Good morning Belle.  Thanks for the start.  Up early today.  We start our drive to Fort Lauderdale!  This week I was down only 0.3 pound.  My dream in April was to be in the 140s.  Leaving today at 153.  That is down 25 pounds from the start. I can wear my cruise clothes!  Sure, I need to loose more....but...it's cruising time!😀  We have like 14 booked for the rest of the year and through May.  Yesterday we got a comped veranda offer from Celebrity and we are actually trying to work it in.  The madness needs to stop!  But it is what we enjoy and we are retired and able.  One day we may not be able to...so we are going to go while we can.  I will still drop in all along but probably not as frequently.  In May I know I will be back after all the weight I gain back.  Thank you all for the support and good luck with your continued success.....Susan

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The season is changing - we now have leaves on trees that are turning to fall colors.  Today we are expected to have rain with almost 4".  Rather gloomy outside.


I am up 2.0# this week.  Since this madness began I am now up about 22#  --- We go away in October (to visit my family).  Rather disappointed in myself.  


Hope others had a better week.  Jan

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Its even getting cooler here ... just 90° today. Hopefully it stays that way through Indian Summer (Sept - Oct) as I'm not in for another heat wave


Susan, 14 cruises?!? Yes enjoy everyone. I'll probably still be here or lurking next May. Where does your furbaby stay while you're away? That + grandkids keeps me rooted here


Jan, I love your fall colors. I don't get them


I think I'm the same. Portioning out ice cream helped (also helped that 7 up granddaughter ate 2 yesterday)

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Good morning everyone.


Belle thanks for the good words.


Ombud  same is good.  I’m with you Jazzper keeps me more conservative on travels —would rather loose out n a cruise than put  him in a kennel.


Jan — I’m proud of you.  You have  tried - but it’s been a stressful year.   Just think that if you had not been here being accountable you could have gained much more.   If you need a break from the winter  you could come spend a week with me -  id love the company.


Susan - wow 14 cruises in less than a year-  keep us posted .  I don’t think I will cruise 14   More cruises in  my lifetime.   Great 25 lbs.   The most important lesson we have all learned is the weight comes off VERY SLOWLY.  

Im the same.  Feeling stressed anxious so munching more  (usually lifesavers ( Can’t eat them fast) 


Everyone stay safe 

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Hello All


Susan---Great for all your cruises but keep coming in here in between them. Will help

plus would miss you.  I just got a offer today free balcony $500 cash and drinks and

of course it's when I'm on my 6  B2B's and can't take the offer. Nice loss for your cruise.

Bon Voyage!


Jan---Sorry your up but you had family over a little to much food. You can get some off

before your trip. You;ll still have fun no matter what.


Ombud---Nice you stayed the same better then feeling your up. You do so good on the ice cream

portions. My downfall if not really being good on eating.


Izena---Same is good as I say better then a gain. Your lucky to have Jazzper brings you lots

fun. Yes it's hard traveling if own a pet and no one to look after them when your gone.


Me---I'm the same again think to much salt in what I ate this week. Lately it's been brothering me

when it didn't before. As we age our bodies change mostly not in good ways.😒


Everyone take care and be safe--know it so tiring with everything going on "out there"!

Edited by Belle
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Oh Belle, I'm awful on portioning. I'm putting certain things immediately into meal size portions to hopefully prevent me from eating the whole container bc I never feel full. No off switch

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Hi all!


Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread.

Looks like some losses,  some gains, as usual. You seem to pretty much stay the same.


I was happy to be a loser this Thursday, down 1.4 pounds.


Susan & Belle, you sure have a lot of cruises booked, WTG. I have 9 booked plus 2  back ups in case one of the others cancels, like just happened twice this week!!


I sure hope cruising is going to get easier than it is at the moment!


Have a nice weekend & stay safe.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Jo I had the 6 then 2 in more Feb. and March.  Then TODAY they CANCELLED my 

3 Hawaii cruises that were part of my 6 b2b's.  Dang it! That's 45 days gone on the ship!

Keeping the other 3 because they work out and were free. Least least get money back on two that

I paid for. Haven't told daughter yet she will be sad was doing one of the Hawaii's with me.


Then today got free offers from Holland free balcony and $500 casino and drinks

on all 3 b2b and fits in between my 3 on princess. When I got it said gee can't take

 it will be sailing already. Now I can. It's only Mexico but going for the cruising not

 the ports. Just couldn't pass it up. Booking tomorrow got all information today on hold.

Only thing after 1st b2b's have 4 days till next b2b's and then 3 days before last cruise.

Time to wash clothes pay bills.

Only hard thing is air during the Holidays. Wish me luck.


Now only cruising 46 days instead of 70.  So still have 8 cruises just not as long and not Hawaii.

I know poor me. I'm very grateful I get to do this. Lucky.  I just hope I or either cruise line doesn't

have to cancelled any of them for any reason.

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Trying not to think about the significance  of today — makes me very sad. 

Jazzper and I had a great walk. Temp 70 this morning.  He likes to run the horse trails off leash — today was the first time we encountered horses.  Riders were very quiet coming around a curve.  Surprised —Jazzper just walke. Around them ( it could have been catastrophic if he barked and got kicked)


Hurray my GD got first vaccine last week — told her we could go clothes shopping together. 

Fall is not a good dieting time for me -  lately having the munchies trying to stop before it becomes a scale disaster.

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend, keep up the hard work. 

Up again this week, approximately 1.5 pounds. I started a two week Metamucil cleanse three days ago so I’m curious if that is partly responsible for the gain. Going to try not to be too hard on myself about my weight until I’m through the container of Metamucil. 

My new smart watch has a body composition function which is supposed to be pretty accurate. While my weight has climbed recently it says my skeletal muscle has increased and my body fat has decreased. Not sure if I can trust the results but I can cling to hope that it is and I’m making some progress even if the scale doesn’t necessarily show it. 

Managed to go for a photo hike last weekend, saw a few deer.



For our 14th wedding anniversary we flew to Orlando for approximately 23 hours to visit Epcot and enjoy the after hours Boo Bash Party at Magic Kingdom. Made some questionable food choices while there but I also walked 17.5 miles starting around 4am until about 2am the next day. Sort of hoping the walking canceled out the ice cream cone, I’ve cream sandwich and Sake frozen shaved ice I had. I might post a couple photos if I get around to editing them this weekend. 

Have a terrific rest of your weekend everyone. 

Edited by optimusprime82
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3 hours ago, optimusprime82 said:

17.5 miles

😯!! Wow just wow! And congrats on lowering BFA. Also love the pics


Was feeling down today so made really bad food choices. Lemonade & apple turnover for lunch. Pizza and cake for dinner. Its a sad day



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Ombud - I think your smart watch is accurate.  Metamucil is a good idea.  While watching intake and counting calories it is impossible for me to get enough fiber.  I use benefiber which works well for me.  Awesome pictures.  You have worked very very hard to get healthy -  you are intitled  to  a treat while away. 

Ombud —  fall is a difficult time for me tend to get the blues and munchies. It scares me to death thinking how quickly snacking could get out of control.  That’s why I weigh daily to keep my self accountable. 




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Hello all--Not up to par or back to normal but what is normal?

Think is just because I'm tired of Everything--the world, some of the state leaders, the

cruise problems, are they going to go, cancellations, need test in 2 days of cruise.


People who won't get the vaccine/wear masks when they see people dying. Remember

I was on the Grand, then Travis. Our county had the longest lockdown and mask wearing,

no masks for a minute, people didn't use their brains, now wearing masks for months again.

( I don't mind) Don't they understand things would be better if did the right thing.


Really sad missing Hawaii because of covid problems there. New bookings are just Mexico,

might not even get off. I just want to cruise, get away, be on the sea. Was leaving Nov. 7th

now don't cruise till Nov. 22. More days to wait.

Now that I wrote a book venting. Remember I live alone so you get my venting. Sorry!

Will stop now.


Ombud--With you my eating hasn't been what it should be.

Opti--Your pictures are beautiful. With your exercise, muscle weighs more, sure losing inches.

Izena..Sorry  your having trouble but last message got though.


Take care everyone---Crazy world out there in more ways then one

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Belle I totally understand your frustration.  There is absolutely no acceptable reason for not wearing a mask.  If not for ourselves by wearing a mask we are acknowledging  we respect others and want them to be safe.  

went to pcp yesterday  one month follow up.  Weighed on a different scale than last time - weighed light had me 1/2 lb lighter  than what I weighed at home naked and before breakfast. And 6 lbs lighter than last month. Told dr scales needed to be calibrated.  We tried the other scales which added 3 lbs which was more accurate.  

If I didn’t have Jazzper I would be lonely.   I live alone but because of him I have a wonderful  network of friends.  I was never close to  my sisters.


our lives have been turned upside down.  We had it made, retired and able to travel at will.   Always excited about next trip.  Now we deal with doubt afraid to get too excited, waiting for notification trips cancelled.  I feel bad for travel industry we deal with disappointment — they are dealing with financial crises.


this site has been great support to know we are all in this together.



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Thanks Izena--I know we all are going though this together. The non mask wearer's

and non vaccine people are to be --not caring people in real life, don't they

care about their families at least?


How did your check up go. Fine I hope except for the scales different readings.

You've been doing good in your weight loss. With everything going on really hard

to eat right some days. Being here really helps if not losing at the moment at least

coming here we can at least watch it each week and stay the same.


I'm a only child, no family left except my 2 kids. Have friends but because of covid

just haven't been getting together.  Since my daughters a manager of a big market

feel I have to be really careful of others just in case. Reasons why don't see the kids

as much they want to be careful around me. Even with us wearing masks and vaccine.

Be great if they didn't say can get covid even with vaccine.


Yes this cruising off and on getting to me. Know the cruise line and people working

for them are having a hard in many ways. The person I work with had to take some time off

because of stress. Dealt with someone else today just hope they know what their doing

and get everything right.


Remember last year thought this year would be better. Is it? Seems to have gotten worse

in some ways but a little better in other ways I guess.

This year almost over--What will next year bring?  The BEST I HOPE FOR THE WORLD AND US!

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Belle, my next cruise is from Florida and the news is scary. Plus I just heard of the 2nd person I know personally who has covid (unvaxed daughter of the Synagogue's secretary). 1st person was S's roommate who tested positive. But he had Pfizer and was not sick. Just positive. Which I guess is technically sick but he never felt sick. Weird


Trying to get back on track foodwise

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