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What would you spend extra money on?

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Ship and itinerary would highly influence this decision for me. We found the ultimate dining package on Symphony really heightened our dining experience on other non-Oasis ships a 3 night would do. If we had an itinerary with lots of sea days or private islands, a drink package is a nice to have. On port intensive, we look at a combination of excursions and DYI/relaxing. A spa day. We always book a Balcony cabin but a junior suite or higher might be nice especially for a longer cruise. What's going to bring you the most enjoyment and make the trip memorable?

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13 hours ago, zekekelso said:

Was given some money to “make a good cruise great.” How would you spend such money? Nicer room? More exotic excursions in port? More booze and speciality dining in ship? Fancy meals in port?


All suggestions welcome!!!! Thanks 

Specialty dining

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15 hours ago, cruiseguy1016 said:

What type of room are you booked in now? If it's an interior or oceanview, I would upgrade to a balcony or maybe even a Junior Suite. Above that, I'm not sure the difference is worth it.

This exactly....A balcony room or JS if not too much more would be our first priority.  Or 2 rooms if we are with our kids.  For us, we don't need the fancy suites as don't spend much time in the room...esp when kids are with us.  They want to be out and about.


Another "treat" for us is the deluxe drink package.  Again, we don't typically get it when it's a family trip (ok...so the exception is for our next cruise as it's our own gift for being off cruising for so long , but it's more the freedom of selecting drinks as still I won't drink a lot with kids around).  


If just DH and I, then perhaps Chef's Table to try one time.  Or 3 night dining package.  


And last, someday it would be quite an experience to try a dolphin experience.  We're more about the ship than the ports, but this one has always been on my mind to try.


Above is listed in priority.

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I’d say it’s dependent on your itinerary. If it’s Alaska or Europe I’d upgrade the excursions. If it’s a Caribbean cruise I’d definitely upgrade the cabin. We’re on Oasis right now in our first GS and it’s a much better experience than a regular balcony cabin. And if you’ve got even more after that I’d do some specialty dinning reservations. Have fun whatever you choose!

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Depending on your financial situation and the amount - having a bit extra money that is not allocated "in case something comes up" might be a good choice.  It would ensure coming back to the real world without extra worry.


Might be something you see along the journey that you really want.


Otherwise, I'd say a balcony room or a nice dinner.

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4 hours ago, zekekelso said:

Upgraded cabin it is! And some speciality dining with whatever is left over. But all suggestions were appreciated. 


It sounds like you made your decision (and it sounds like you made a good one), but we can toss in our two cents.  Here are the upgrades we've done and keep doing when we're able (in order of how much positive difference they've made):


1. Getting a balcony.  There's nothing like sitting out on the balcony at night or the morning while underway, and there are other good reasons to have a balcony.  We've only been without a balcony once in the last roughly 20 years (last minute cruise--couldn't be helped), and I don't think either of us realized how much we enjoyed it until we didn't have it.


2. Staying in a Grand Suite (JS doesn't really get much, and we just don't find the value in OS or above). The best part about staying in a GS or better isn't the room, it's access to the lounge (even today), the Concierge (to skip the line at Guest Services or Shore Excursions desks or just take care of about anything else that might come up), and the extra treatment you get when folks see that gold card.  It sounds snobby, but we really noticed a huge difference when we booked our first GS.  We've always felt it has been worth the extra money, and there have been more than one time where it has been worth A LOT. 


3. Unlimited Dining Package.  It's a shame, but the MDR just isn't what it used to be or even all that great by much any measure.  Food quality is spotty, and service is not all that great because the crew are spread so thinly (although that might not be as much of a problem in current conditions).  The only exception we found over the last 10 years was on board the Empress of the Seas, a ship that no longer is in the RCL fleet.  However, the specialty dining is quite good, much more relaxed, and just better by any measure.

4. Having a bottle of bubbly waiting in your room.  Frankly, we no longer do this all that often, but it sure can be fun to pop that open when getting your cruise vacation going in earnest.


5. Splurging on "that thing" you might hesitate upon because of cost (whether that's an excursion, massage, wine tasting, blackjack tournament, or what have you).  The only reason this is as low on the list is because, frankly, it's something you just ought to do anyhow unless you really can't afford it. 😀


As for a drink package, that is almost entirely an economic decision.  While we have non-economic reasons for buying the premium package (convenience, a sense of freedom to try things, etc.), we wouldn't do it if the dollars didn't make sense.  We don't need to break even on a drinking package, but we need to get close enough.  If it makes sense, do it anyhow.  If it doesn't, don't.

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22 hours ago, zekekelso said:

Was given some money to “make a good cruise great.” How would you spend such money? Nicer room? More exotic excursions in port? More booze and speciality dining in ship? Fancy meals in port?


All suggestions welcome!!!! Thanks 

Wonderful shore excursions and great entertainment

Polish cuisine meals .

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