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Queen Mary 2 - Wine List at 11th June 2022


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I photographed the wine list on a recent crossing.

Unfortunately page 26 containing Central European Reds is blurred and unreadable. Also on page 31 part of the price of 2 Washington State Rieslings has been cut out. You can see the first digit of each and I would guess that these are 2 digit prices.

If I'd had scanning facilities I'm sure the pages would have been clearer but I think most of the rest of it is readable.


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13 hours ago, Elephant1151 said:

I understand the wines offered in the Captain and Commodores packages are being changed later this month.

I don't know, you could well be right.

Our table neighbours (they were only a foot apart) on our 2nd week eastbound, had one but I didn't get round to asking him for details as we were talking about many other things.

I know he ordered a Malbec at least once.

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@D&N Thanks for all of your work to get and post that wine list! My DH went through every page and is excited to try the Chablis and many others. We were going to order one of the packages, but have changed our minds. By Seattle, Las Vegas, standards the prices were very reasonable. From Washington, the Kung Fu Girl and Eroica Rieslings are great paired with Chinese cuisine and cost between $20 - $30. so a double of that is usual for a wine list. DH hadn’t realized he could order a bottle of Port and they would hold it for him, I gave him the good news. Is there one bar that has a better list of Port than another on the QM2?

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2 hours ago, techteach said:

Is there one bar that has a better list of Port than another on the QM2?

I can't answer with any authority. We were on drinks package. On boarding we toured most of the bars and picked up their A4 card menus to compare whether their by the glass options varied.

I've looked at those card menus and none list the ports available.


We're not "traditional English pub" people so never went to Golden Lion and we only tried Carinthia early in trip, Commodore once at night and Chart Room, which we quickly decided was our favourite.

The Chart Room changed from the card menus to books on the 2nd week, possibly a relaxation of Covid restrictions.  They also changed from day to evening menus at about 5pm each day.


If I recall rightly, only the evening menu had a short list of ports at the end of the wine by glass page.

Most of the ports on page 47 were there. We only tried the Chip Dry, Taylor once as a possible alternative aperitif, but felt it was a bit bitter for that purpose. We took the 20yr Tawny, Sandeman several times as an alternative to Calvados or other spirits. It was very smooth with a long aftertaste.


Given the ambience of Commodore I would expect to find a few there.

Afraid that's best I can do on that.

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It depends on how you class value - the Cloudy Bay Sav Blanc is on the  QE Commodore's collection. This is £26 in Majestic and if you drink it with a steak at Gaucho's it'll cost you £80  so the 49 quid for I paid per bottle isn't bad given the location it's being drunk.


Brochure Wine Package Cunard.pdf



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My problem with the wine packages comes down to personal taste.  I wouldn't order at least 60% of the wines listed.  But if you like most of them they would be good value.

We tried the drinks package recently.  There were availability problems with many of our preferred wines by the glass.  We did save money as we had coffee, tea and hot chocolate and we drink lots of bottled/canned water as we move around the ship.  We probably wouldn't take that drinks package again.  Considering the range of wines available on the list I wouldn't want to restrict our choice again.


Next time, and we don't plan to take another major trip for several years, we'll order by the bottle.

I have a plan (I like plans 😂).  We ordered 3 decent wines at $60-$80 in our 2 weeks, one was exceptional.  With the first we made the mistake of drinking the whole bottle at our dinner.  On top of our aperitifs and what we drank later in the evening, that was too much.  The 2nd half of the bottle was probably wasted on our taste buds as well.  We had the last small glass of the third bottle on the third night after opening and noticed a slight deterioration in taste.

So we'll split the best wines over 2 nights and order a lesser wine at lunch and finish our dinner with the remnants of that, or at lunch the following day if we opt to finish with a glass of desert wine.

Aperitifs and refreshments while dancing plus late night digestifs in lounges will be by the glass.


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@D&N We haven’t cruised yet, but we’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to decide on wines, because they are a major part of the meal for us. There weren’t enough wines on the packages that we would choose if not on the package. We’ve decided to order by the bottle. We will probably have a white and a red each night and carry over the white for lunch the next day. We really aren’t cocktail drinkers, but an aged port after dinner is always a favorite of the DH.

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We aren't quite as discerning (i.e. knowledgeable) as you folk. There's plenty in the packages that we'd try, so probably just go for the Captain's selection package.


Not going to do any other drinks package - I won't be drinking fancy coffees as I need to save some calories on the intake (+ several walks round the main deck), so black coffee available in the Queens Grill room and lounge should be enough...


Wonder what the quality of wine is like that they offer to stock the fridge with in the QG room - don't drink spirits much so may just take a single bottle of decent gin on board


Under 3 months now... Covid permitting...

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