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Hurricane info sites


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Two of my favorite sites are:


Weather Underground: Tropical Weather

This features the weather blog of Dr. Jeff Masters who specializes in tropical weather and gives excellent analysis and explanations of any disturbances in our region.




Tropical Weather Done Better

Keeps a running tally of the status of each storm all season. The list was really long last year.



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Here are some more:


NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division Tropical Cyclone Page



Mid-Atlantic Weather Station's Hurricane/Tropical Storm Page



WeatherCarib - Tropical Atlantic & Caribbean Weather



Atlantic Tropical Weather Center



Atlantic Ocean FNMOC Wavemodel (STORMSURF)


(this one is handy year round, it shows wave heights)


Hurricanes, Typhoons & Tropical Cyclones Worldwide



Plenty of reading... :)



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I live in fl about 10 mins from the ocean so I am into the weather...here are some of the websites that I have in my favorites...


the first wunderground.com is the best.....




This site shows all the bouys are the world...its great for wave height and SST...




This site is shows where the ships are located...




this is the one most know about



this is a new site that I found...I like it...it has a lot of info



radar out of cuba



I will add some more later...have fun

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The worst time to cruise in the Western Carribean is going to be from the 2nd week of August to the 3rd week of October.


In fact October breeds a couple of Western Caribbean storms and hurricanes, whereas the Eastern Caribbean calms down a bit in October.


If anything, June & July are better months, but the Western Caribbean has a longer season to produce and breed more storms and hurricanes than does the Eastern Caribbean. The Eastern Caribbean season starts later and ends sooner than the Western Caribbean Sea.


Expect that if a hurricane or tropical storm develops or is in transit in the Western Caribbean that I'd expect the cruiselines to just substitute such a Western Caribbean for an Eastern Caribbean itinerary instead.

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here is an interesting graph...as you can see around the 10th of Sept there has been a hurricane in the atlantic almost every year for 100 years


and I am going the 2 -9 of sept...Hmmmmmm that may have not been too smart



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It is true that September 10th is the climatological peak day of the hurricane season.


However, I want to caution our readers that any month between June 1st and November 30th can spawn either a tropical storm or hurricane.


Hurricanes and tropical storms have also, in recent times, been occuring in the month of December as well, which is outside of the hurricane season.


Last year was a most unusual record-breaker setting season for the Atlantic, with a record setting 27 named tropical storms with many of them graduating to hurricane status. There was also 1 subtropical storm in the mix as well. This is most unusual to have this number of named storms in a season.


I'm residing in New Orleans, went through the whole ordeal and stayed at the Hyatt Regency downtown in New Orleans providing back-up operational support during Hurricane Katrina to a TV station. I'm also a meteorologist, so I should know my stuff.

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I'm residing in New Orleans, went through the whole ordeal and stayed at the Hyatt Regency downtown in New Orleans providing back-up operational support during Hurricane Katrina to a TV station. I'm also a meteorologist, so I should know my stuff.


Seems to me the Hyatt was where some of WWL-TV relocated to...


For those collecting sites, here is another one:



Late season hurricanes sometimes go the "wrong" direction as Hurricane Lenny did in 1999. It sank a "cruise" ship (Sir Francis Drake) I was scheduled to go on a few months later, along with my deposit. :(



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Well here are some sites I have collected....


Atlantic Tropical Weather Center-



Track and Model Guidance for Invest's and Tropical Cyclones



South Florida Water Management Division Model Guidance



Weather.net-Waves Tropical Atlantic Hurricane Page



Atlantic and Caribbean Tropical Satellite Imagery



Colorado State Tropical RAMSDIS Online Satellite Imagery



Scatterometer Wind Data and Storm Analysis Page



Texas A&M Observation page For Reconnaisance (Select Raw Data and 5, while typing in NHC as the Station on top for almost instantaneous updates)



Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential-Oceanic Heat Content


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The website above is probably the most informative hurricane website on the internet.


Just as Cruise Critic has many experts on cruising, FLHurricane.com has many experts on hurricanes.

The members there vary from trained meterologists to weather enthusiasts.

As with any website, you need to decipher the good info from the speculation.

They're very good and patient with newbies and will answer your questions.

They also have many tracking models and a lot of info not available on the NOAA/NHC website.


It is the premier hurrican info/discussion website


Hope it helps some of you with upcoming cruises

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National Hurr.Center's primary Satell.Imagery Page

(includes GOES Storm Floater images wot follow storms)

- overall v.useful.



I usually rename this URL "It's Hurricane Season"

because it's only useful for half the year

(but don't delete it,during the other half)

This'll give you the graphics re. possible direction, swath-of-destruction, etc.



Weather satell. pics.

Select which spectrum you want,

then click on/near your island to get REALLY close!




For weather-intellectuals only.

This page full of boring text and meteorological discussion

but if you know how to read it....




for checking Atlantic SEA TEMPERATURES

to see where the warm 'hurricane fuel' lies.. - or doesn't!




when you live on a Caribbean island,

you tend to keep a stash of these sites handy!

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Everyone else's websites eventually refer to the one God uses

and that is the National Hurricane Center and the NOAAsites.

No-one does it better than they do!



A particularly nice one as far as per-hurricane graphics goes is URL..




If you want to see Ocean temperatures URL..


will give a reasonable idea of what they're like




Predicted wave/swell heights?


in animated - just wait a few secs. for the whole loop to load

and keep an eye on the time/date thing at the top of the graphic!

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