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Don't book this (these) rooms

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How about a thread telling cruisers where not to stay. I was just on the Carnival Triumph, room 8410, below the back of the lido - pool deck. I didn't think it would be too bad, as usually the rear pool bar closes early at night. My room was near the 24 hour pizzeria. DON'T STAY IN THIS AREA. Due to the wooden deck, you will hear chairs and tables being moved between 11 pm and 5 am while you are attempting to sleep. It's constant. It seemed at 4:45 AM the staff was cleaning this area. One night they had a private party at the rear pool area, a dj started at 11 pm and it went until 3 am. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM you get the picture. On the other hand, being just one deck below the pools and buffet was nice. Just take a sleeping pill like I did every night.

Where are other places to avoid?

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Pizzeria is located above the cabin 8384-- you want to avoid cabins that may be under the kitchens of this area.


It has been reported many times that staying on this deck UNDER the pool area you hear scrapings of chairs. SOme people hear it--some others dont.

SOrry you didnt know.

Next cruise please make sure your cabin is located between decks of cabin space and away frompublic areas.

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I love the idea of the thread with rooms NOT to book. We sailed on the Crown Princess in room R333 --- heard the scraping of the chairs, people walking above us, the setting up of the deck chairs, ping pong, etc at all hours of the day and night. We were on the Dawn Princess in R317 with the Lido buffet directly above us --- no problems there with noise even though it is the same approximate location on each ship. Only difference is, the deck above us on the Crown didn't have any carpet to absorb the noise whereas the Lido on the Dawn is with carpet. Also, the riviera deck on the Dawn leads directly to the pool area --- so it is not directly above you. I would avoid any rooms on the Riviera Deck on the Crown unless they are located all the way forward.

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We are light sleepers and always made sure that we had cabins above and below us. On one cruise we had a service elevator across the hall. About 5 am every morning we heard loading and unloading. Loud noises! Now we make sure that there are cabins across the hall also.

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I was on the Liberty last year cabin 8434 Veranda deck. Right below pizzaria and Versailles pool and bar aft. The deck cleaning with chair and table banging and scraping was so loud I thought the ceiling was going to fall in.

This started at midnight and lasted until 3:30am. And I am a heavy sleeper.

I got dressed and went down to file a complaint at 5am. They said that this would be checked into. I asked to be moved but was a full ship.

Next day I got an apology letter, then a phone call the next day.

The last day another letter stating that they will credit my sign and sail acct.

400.00 per person. That was very nice. Was it because I complained LOUDLY, or maybe because there was a group of hundreds of travel agents on board and didn't know if I was one and could give Carnival a bad name to future guests.:confused:

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Don't book room #7369 on the Conquest - or anything near it, or on the exact opposite side. All that empty space in the middle is Crew work areas and we heard constant noise (including both vacuuming and moving stuff in the middle of the night and VERY early in a.m.) There were always fans, vacuums and carts blocking parts of the hallway around the room and there was a bit of a icky smell coming out of the area. It was so bad, that I've had to convince my hubby to do Carnival again, he wanted to try another line for a change.




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Deck 6 (6244) on the Triumph/Victory. We were right above the speakers in the show lounge. The floors vibrated from the noise late into the night and you could hear the shows very clearly. We were traveling with small children at the time and wanted them to get some sleep. It was impossible. Questioned the location of the cabin when I booked it with TA and was assured "ships are built better these days and you won't hear a thing" Yeah right!


Since then I have always booked a cabin sandwiched between passenger decks and have not had a problem. Just turned down an upgrade from deck 5 to deck 8 on the Pride in two weeks...it will be much quieter than under the Pizza area.

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I will add one to the list and it will really depend on what time of year you are going - (at least i think it will)


Caribbean Princess Vista Suite Emerald 732 right above club fusion - the noise during spring break was HORRIABLE! The music was suppose to stop at 1 am and went to 3 or 4 am - Of course I complained (just because they were playing music after hours)


Thank goodness we could open the doors to the room and hear the noise from the back of the ship.


If I was going to be upgraded to this room I wouldn't take it - made for a long cruise.

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Do NOT book cabin 1026 on the Celebrity Century. It's under the pool deck and we could hear every sound from above. The worst was during the 2 late night deck parties. After the first party, we complained to the Purser's Desk and were told they couldn't move us because the ship was full. They said to let them know if it happened again. We called them at 1 in the morning during the second party and they said they would take care of it but the noise went on for another hour and a half.


Maui, Carnival was pretty nice to you. The only thing Celebrity gave us was $100 off on a future cruise. Oooooo, thanks.


We just booked another cruise (not Celebrity) and I made sure the only thing above us is another cabin.

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We had cabin E218 on the Coral Princess in December, 2005. A wonderful cabin, convenient location. But don't plan on getting any sleep if you book it.


The first night out, I came back to the cabin and noticed a rhythmic noise coming from the other side of the wall behind our bed, like bedsprings squeaking. I thought it was the people in the next room having a romantic time but it kept on going and going and going and going and well, I finally decided to go get a cup of coffee cuz I couldn't stand it. Imagine my surprise to step out into the hall and see the neighbors entering their cabin and it was a middle-aged woman and her elderly mother!


Anyway, the noise went on all night and the next night. My husband went to the desk and they sent an "engineer" to our cabin but of course, the noise stopped. He left and it started again. So we called and another guy came. He poked around, listened and decided it was coming from inside the wall (joists rubbing against one another when the ship was moving) and there was nothing they could do about it.


We asked to be moved because we couldn't sleep but the ship was full so there was nothing anyone could do.


We bought some earplugs and suffered through it, but the nights were long and frustrating. In spite of that, it was our favorite cruise of all time but I was disappointed that Princess did nothing for us other than to shrug their shoulders and say they were sorry.

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I was on DCL a few weeks ago, in 2653!!! I just love being "rocked-to-sleep" on a cruise, but not this time. My stateroom was the last room, aft, and there was a door that was used by the crew on both sides of me. Room service, stateroom attendants, officers, and other crew were in and out throughout the day and night!!:eek: Needless to say, I was lacking in sleep because everytime someone would use the door at the very end, it would slam shut!!! There was also a loud noise when we were arriving into port; must have been the anchors?!?!

To make a long story short....too late:D ...I did write about the noise on the comment card, but I also know that this noise is unavoidable. Next time I will just avoid that room and others like it.


Other than that....I had a great cruise!!! I always do on DCL!!!!:)

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Do not book Junior Suite 1562 on MOS. Every night, very late, there was a loud banging noise in the ceiling. It sounded like someone 400 lbs was jumping up and down on the pool deck right above us.


Turns out, it had something to do with the pool being drained and refilled.


If you stay in this room, expect to be kept awake at night.

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Hey Flov177 - we are booked on the Emerald Princess for July 2008 and so far have E723 reserved - a mini in the back, but over the Club Fusion....I thought this would be a good area since it is all minis and full suites and I remember Club Fusion closed pretty early (11ish) - but after reading your experience...not so sure.


Do you think they change the activities based on the season in this room? We are travelling in summer, not Spring Break, but the last thing we need is no sleep.....thanks:confused:

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Serene56- Did you mean to say that it was a good cabin?



I meant to say that it was a GREAT cabin. There are 4 cabins that are highly sought after.

6232- which sleeps 4 people

7258 which sleeps 2

8232 which also sleeps 2 people.

The sideway cabins next to those are handicaped cabins.


If booking the 6232 for only two people you stand a chance of being moved.


your balcony- 293682914RhfvOj_th.jpg

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FF rooms are right by the housekeeping station, doctor's office, and, worst of all above the tender doors.


There were always dry cleaning racks in front of our door, room stewards assembled by the housekeeping office, lots of traffic to the doctor.


The tender door was right below. Every morning we tendered we were knocked out of bed by the clanking noises of the "automatic" chains (and motor) which open the metal tender door.

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I agree, I wish there was a board about where not to stay. We just returned from Pride of Hawaii. Our cabin was 5598. Every night we were woken up around 3:30 am by loud noises. Some nights it sounded like a bowling ball was dropped. We heard scraping, dragging noises. It was very loud. The noises went on for 1/2 hour. At first we thought it was passengers. This went on all week. When we complained no one on the ship could tell us what was below us. On the map it showed blank space which we assumed was crew rooms, deck 4. The crew told us when it happened to call security. We received no resolution to the problem.

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