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  • Meet & Mingle

    A Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle is a gathering of members who have chatted with one another within our community prior to their cruise. Meet & Mingles are hosted by a variety of cruise lines, usually on all sailings that are 7 nights or longer in duration. See below for the list of participating cruise lines!


    For most Meet & Mingle parties you'll be able to register to attend approximately one year from your sailing date; some party dates are open through a cruise line's published itinerary schedule. A lounge or other venue is provided, as are a variety of refreshments depending upon the cruise line.

  • All About Meet & Mingle Parties

    Why should I go?
    This is an easy one, of course! You've interacted with each other for weeks, months...some of you for years! Cruise lines appreciate and recognize your loyalty and want to make your cruise vacation special. Don't pass on an opportunity to meet each other. You'll be glad you did!
    Meet & Mingle Online Before Your Cruise
    Join the discussions on the Meet & Mingle Roll Call forums before your cruise to get to know who you'll be sailing with.
    Find the ROLL CALL for your sailing! 
    If You Sign Up, GO! 
    We know that there were SO MANY choices on board your cruise, we could see how it would be tempting to skip your Meet & Mingle, but we urge you not to! We know everyone wants these parties to continue...and once you attend one you'll see how much effort is put into these gatherings by the staff on board. Make it worth THEIR while, too. They truly want to meet you (and you can get a few nice pics with them, too!). Also, don't sign up just so a party will be held. It is disappointing to members, as well as the staff on board, to have only a few show up -- when they were anticipating a crowd!
    Don't Sit -- Mingle! 
    I cannot stress this enough; when you enter the Meet & Mingle, don't just park yourself in a seat. You won't have a good time. Just remember that everyone else in the room is there to meet you...and vice versa! Get up...move around...MINGLE and you shall meet and make great friends.
    When You Return From Your Cruise, Don't Forget to Share!
    Before the memories fade be sure and share your Meet & Mingle experience with everyone in the community. Continue to keep in touch with your new friends on the Roll Call forum.
    If you've taken a picture, Upload it to our Meet & Mingle Album  Everyone loves to see pictures of community members, and you'll be able to share firsthand just how much fun a Meet & Mingle can be!
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