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  1. Correct - they had a lot of films to choose from, all free include 2 or 3 new releases, one of which was "Glass".
  2. Just off the NA Saturday morning. The screening room was renamed, to the Tasman Room but I never entered the space so I cannot offer any help in that regard. I recall seeing the BBC films on the daily programmes but they were either in the Mainstage or the BB Kings venue.
  3. I've started to upload some clips I took throughout the cruise which includes the Experience the Yukon and Suspension Bridge excursion. I still have many clips to add including Caribou Crossing and Carcross. Click on my YouTube channel name under the video to see the others posted so far.
  4. Directly through Holland America. Unfortunately I don't know the actual tour company name but the excursion was titled "Experience the Yukon and Suspension Bridge". Candace was great...best way to describe her is referencing her long wavy red hair... and among her many talents she also plays the guitar. Her husband's name is Tom in case that flags any memories! Large coach, not sure exactly how many but 45-50 would be my estimate.
  5. Drive up was great but the best view is from the right side and on the way back the left side. We were on a large coach.
  6. Signs are ignored and crew are also ignored or confronted if they try to maintain standards. I find it disgusting when men go to the washroom without washing their hands then march past the hand sanitizer into the Lido to eat but I'm not about to give a lecture in the loo or the Lido. Best advice is worry about your own hygiene and advise a crew member to clean up the contaminated area or remove the contaminated food item.
  7. I think it was Dahl...rice/mild curry combo in a small bowl. I enjoyed it and it was filling.
  8. I guess it's like the Alaskan weather...unpredictable! we also saw a young grizzly on our excursion from Skagway to the Yukon.
  9. I'm not sure that Emerald Lake is normally included but we were ahead of schedule so Candace included the stop for us. We also saw a young Grizzly bear!
  10. Vegetarian lunch at Caribou Crossing (BBQ chicken for the carnivores) and Suspension Bridge
  11. Just off the Nieuw Amsterdam this morning and I wanted to recommend a HAL offered excursion called "Experience the Yukon and Suspension Bridge" out of Skagway. The tour was $129US pp for 8.25 hrs and we had a fantastic tour guide/driver named Candace. The weather was absolutely beautiful and warm. Summit, scenery stops and visits to the Yukon Suspension Bridge, Caribou Crossing (lunch) and Carcross. I'd recommend this tour to anyone who loves scenery and sightseeing by coach. Animal lovers like we are may find the stop at Caribou Crossing a bit difficult but the sled dogs and other animals in the petting zoo area seemed well cared for.
  12. Just off the Nieuw Amsterdam this morning. We saw Orcas from the ship using binoculars on many occasions. One dived right below our balcony stateroom so we could see it's arched back quite easily without binoculars.
  13. Just off the Nieuw Amsterdam this morning... Items I used frequently were lightweight gloves (which I used mainly while walking on the cool windy promenade and in Glacier Bay), binoculars (small, lightweight and I had them with me all the time which was the right choice based on all the Orca and other wildlife sightings) and a hoodie/lightweight zip sweater in case I needed the extra layer under my lightweight rain jacket.
  14. Just off the Nieuw Amsterdam this morning and we greatly enjoyed cruising the Inside Passage. We had lovely weather for the majority of the time and had loads of opportunities to see whales both at a distance and closer to the ship (binoculars are a must) along with seals, otters (mainly in Glacier Bay area), eagles, and other terrific creatures. This was our first Alaskan cruise and I cannot wait for our next!
  15. Just off the Nieuw Amsterdam this morning after an Alaskan cruise. The attire on Gala night for Open Seating in the Main Dining Room on Deck 2 was a mixed bag. We dined at various times and at Canaletto one evening. The men were mostly wearing shirts with collars from polos and golf shirts to dress shirts with short or long sleeves... with or without sweaters. Some also wore sport coats or a suit but very few ties. I counted 2 tuxes and they both stood out from the majority. One gentleman wore khakis with a T-shirt (no collar) and a sport jacket (collar). On smart casual nights we saw just about everything from t-shirts, track suits, a beach style tank top (on a woman), majority were in jeans, khakis, trousers etc. We were dressed like the majority.
  16. I'm excited to see Skagway next week (also on the NA). We're taking the "Experience Yukon and Suspension Bridge" excursion through HAL. How is the ship looking after the bump? have they done any repairs? Enjoy yourselves! 🛳️
  17. To meet the suggested dress of a collared shirt and trousers for men...I wear this style...my tux, suits and sport jackets are staying home - they didn't earn or pay for this vacation 🤣 I tend to find the A/C a little chilly so I add the sweater for comfort.
  18. Deck 4...I'm 5 10". I had read about the awkward design beforehand. It is an awkward angle but unless your very tall it shouldn't be an issue.
  19. According to cruise mapper both ships are now at sea.😀
  20. We're on the NA a week from today. Hope you're not delayed too long while they make the repairs. CityTV has an article about the accident: https://www.citynews1130.com/2019/05/04/two-cruise-ships-collide-near-canada-place/
  21. Have a great cruise! We're on the Nieuw Amsterdam, May 11th round trip Vancouver. First time cruising to Alaska. Excited to get onboard! 😍
  22. I know this, clearly my attempt at humour wasn't understood. The rest of your comment is irrelevant to my post.
  23. Yeay! We leave for Alaska in 12 days...our first visit to Alaska and our 3rd cruise on HAL...I am beyond excited!
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