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  1. I have been trying for nearly a week with "no flight availability" message. On top, it says you need a reservation number. I used the other tab, entered the Res. No. with the same result. I called Air2Sea and the agent saw the flights on her screen & could not explain why I couldn't retrieve them.

  2. It was very nice sailing with you Neal and Maxine. Hope you're enjoying the second leg of your B2B. What did you book now? Perhaps our cruising paths can cross again sometime.


    Love Herod's tour. Still trying to figure how to post about our Antigua tour :eek:


    You'd need a book for that one. Still talking about it. We booked the brilliance, t.a. on 4/26 from tpa to Barcelona & the anthem in feb. 17 after the allure in jan. Have to update the sig. Line.

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