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  1. 7 hours ago, brucedodge said:

    Hello Rachel,


    You've received a lot of advice and diversity of opinion.  FWIW, here's some more:


    We've been on both ships multiple times.  You do not need to worry about age of the ships.


    From what you've said about your kids, I think they'd be happy on either ship for an Alaska cruise.  While on the Pacific Princess, evening activities might depend on whether they'd enjoy the shows/entertainers in the  Caberet Lounge.  During sea days,IMO, there are plenty of activities which you and your kids might enjoy, often led by the six dancers, who participate as activity leaders on this ship (but not on the others).  There could be activities such as towel animal folding, napkin folder, egg drop, paper airplane flying, bean bag toss, etc.


    As to the Coral, it bridges the gap between the small PP and the larger Princess fleet.  The same activities could occur, this time led by the Activities Staff.  With 2000 passengers vice 650, the Coral would undoubtedly have more kids on board, especially for Alaska.


    IMO you can't make a bad choice between these two ships.



    thanks Bruce! So helpful. 

  2. 9 hours ago, cruisequeen4ever said:

    We just got off the Christmas cruise on the Pacific, having last been on her 3 years ago. She’s in wonderful shape, much better than 3 years ago due to last summer’s refurbishment. The staterooms have the new luxury beds. The bathrooms weren’t remodeled, but that was fine.  They have at least worked on replacing the toilet components that were failing a few years ago. 

    As for children, I would not at all recommend this ship. I know you say your kids don’t need the kids’ club, but the activities you mention them enjoying may or may not happen. In 2016, we had hardly any of those activities onboard. We played Scrabble every night because there was imply nothing going on. This cruise, they offered tons, and the cruise director said that was their intent. It’ll be hit or miss for you in AK, depending on the cruise director and onboard demographic. 

    How about going for the Coral, since she’s bigger and will have plenty of kids’ entertainment without being a big, big ship? 

    Thanks so much - I’m starting to think you might be right.  We certainly want some activities we can do as a family and would be bummed if we were keeping ourselves busy with board games all the time!


    I will check out the Coral - but I don’t know if she is sailing Alaska this summer. 

  3. 10 minutes ago, flamomo said:

    Absolutely NOT!! She is not old and tired. I just disembarked from her a couple of weeks ago after a 29 day transatlantic. and found her to be her usual delightful self. In actuality, she's my favorite ship in the entire fleet, and I keep booking cruises on her because of the sort of ship she is. She's whole different sort of cruising. The atmosphere is classy and more intimate than the larger Princess ships. Not only do you get to make new cruise friends more easily because you see the same faces day after day, but you get to know the crew and staff of the ship. I've always found the Captains much more accessible, because they tend to be out and about on the ship. No long waits for elevators that are already crowded when the doors open. No long walks to get where you need to be. Getting off and on is ports doesn't usually mean standing in a long line. Tendering is easier because of the small number of passengers.

    There are many other pluses to her, but too many more to list.

    This is so good to hear!  Do you remember if there’s any on board programming geared to all ages?

  4. 3 minutes ago, Colo Cruiser said:

    My kids sailed alot starting around 8. They are 22 months apart. 

    When my boys were 8 and 10 I am pretty sure I could not keep them from being "distracted" by anything.

    I think a ship such as the PP would have been a big letdown for them at that time.

    We have sailed her without the boys twice.

    To me it is more of an adult ship.

    As far as them appreciating stuff that may have been a stretch as well at that age for them.


    I guess it’s family and kid dependent.  We recently went to Sedona and stayed at a 10 room B&B with zero amenities and my kids are calling it their favorite trip yet.  That’s the main reason I’m considering the Pacific Princess.  During our Sedona trip we toured and did exciting activities as a family but then just relaxed and played games while at our B&B.  

  5. 3 minutes ago, BigGuy25 said:

    No, not “frowned upon” at all.  Simply, there aren’t as many activities available as there are on the larger ships.  They may love it!  If you think they’d be happy in a small hotel rather than the large resort, I say “book it!!” 


    Ahh - ok.  Got it 🙂


    I really don't want a "kid ship" for Alaska.  My kids will be in 3rd and 5th grade and I really want them to appreciate and learn about Alaska.  I don't particularly want them to be distracted by flying on a trapeze or bumper cars!


    Do you think there are ANY family activities on PP?  Name That Tune? Kareoke? Family Friendly Trivia?

  6. 2 minutes ago, BigGuy25 said:

    Not sure that this ship would be great for kids, but we’ve sailed the small ships twice (once in Mediterranean and another voyage from French Polynesia to Hawaii) and LOVED the experience. You actually get to know crew and fellow passengers.  The ship has more of a boutique hotel feeling rather than a sprawling resort hotel.  We’re sailing her again in September from Vancouver to Hawaii. 


    In what way is the ship not "good for kids"? Are they frowned upon on a small ship?

  7. 1 hour ago, Coral said:

    Rachel - maybe if you tell us what your kids like to do on the ship, people can respond if they think your kids would be pleased with the ship. The Pacific Princess is definitely a favorite amongst some but I know others who would be bored to death on it.


    Honestly - if your kids would like looking at scenery, spending time watching for wildlife, enjoy glaciers, etc.. this maybe the perfect ship for them. With 2 glacier days (if they would like that), there isn't that much ship time otherwise. Alaska is all about port times and seeing Alaska and the itinerary is perfect for that.

    This is all so helpful!


    My kids (ages 8 & 10) enjoy things like  family name that tune, trivia, kareoke, magicians/comedians, and pool.  (Is there a solarium pool they could access if the PP?) 


    Don’t get me wrong- they also love the mega-ship stuff like water slides , rock walls, and ice rinks - but for Alaska I really don’t want them distracted with that stuff. The purpose of the Alaska trip is to be in - and appreciate- Alaska.  Not to spend our time with the bells and whistles of a mega ship 🙂

    Does the Pacific Princess have any organized family activities like trivia or name that tune? Or bc it’s so small they don’t do those things?


    Any info is appreciated.  

  8. 1 minute ago, shellbeachjim said:

    The Pacific Princess is our favorite ship - you'll probably get this response from others. We were onboard in July and had no issues with her condition. One thing you need to be aware of, traveling with two kids, is that there is no kids club on the Pacific Princess.


    Thx so much for your reply!  We don’t need a kids club.  Our kids never enjoyed kids clubs in the past on RCCL, so we stopped trying.  (They found the clubs to be too loud /crazy and they would rather just hang with us.)

    What is it that you particularly love about the Pacific Princess?

  9. I'm considering a July 2020 Alaska cruise and land vacation for my family (husband and I are 41 and kids ages 8 & 10) and considering the Pacific Princess.


    I love the idea that she's a smaller ship - but I'm nervous b/c of her age.  We've been on a bunch of mega ships (RCCL Anthem and Harmony) and certainly don't want that experience for Alaska.   Can anyone shed light on the upkeep of the Pacific Princess?  Does the interior look old and tired?  How about the cabins?  I see that the ship had a refurbishment in 2019.  How extensive was this refresh?


    Any info is appreciated!!!

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