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  1. The waiter added the tip to the bill after I had crossed off the tip area on the bill and had signed it. I was checking my account on the TV in the cabin and noticed the extra $10. Now does it make sense ? I agree that it is not a secret, and would suggest that most people cruising do not know. Some of the vendors are obvious by the names and others are less noticed. If you look at my signature, you will see I am a United States Coast Guard licensed engineer that has sailed ships and worked in the industry.
  2. Time4u: Point is all about quality, and if the product or service is not what you paid for, then who do you go to, to correct it? Had an RCCL employee pad my bill at Chops by adding a $10 tip, after I put a line through that part of the receipt. Now even though I was still on the ship, it took 2 days for RCCL to correct the problem and about 2 hours of my time. When they are not employees, I am suggesting you will have harder time correcting things if it gets corrected at all.
  3. Not all of the sales and service people on board a RCCL ship are employees of the cruise lines. It is hard to tell at times who is a RCCL employee and who is not. RCCL has outsourced / rented space on their ships to other companies. I am not sure of the agreement between these other companies and RCCL, but watch yourself in some of the transactions. The sale of paintings is reported on several forums to be a scam. As you can guess once you bought the painting it comes from a warehouse on shore and gets shipped to your house. Who knows how the pricing is set and of course try to contact someone after you receive your goods. Based on my past experiences, few of the outside vendors on board the ship are topshelf. I understand a person maybe charged a little more for the convenience of having it close, and at the same time I ask myself if the service providers can not be employed on shore and have to live in the crowed conditions of a ship, then what service level should I expect vs what they are charging. Your experience ?
  4. Hi MACE.... we are at 90 days away and still can not book certain things. I would think, those that booked last year and RCCL has their money all this time, that we would be allowed to book before the last minute cruisers that sometimes pay less than us. There should be some advantage with the Entertainment since we booked so early. Frustrating, that they are cutting back on the long time cruisers benefits and do not allow us to book the "free entertainment" when we pass over our money to RCCL !
  5. This is a screen shot of the US Customs & Boarder Patrol... now known as ICE !
  6. This is greatly appreciated and your comments are very helpful !
  7. We did Bermuda last June on the Summit in Aqua class and loved Bermuda. Did the Island tour through the ship and took several other tours. Bermuda is classy and a little expensive and once you go you will not go back to the Bahamas. All of the excursions are well done and of course what you do is to your taste. Can't do it all. Hamilton on Wed night was great.
  8. We are looking at the Hidden Gems excursion this summer on Anthem of the Seas. It seems a little expensive and wondering if anyone has had experience with is excursion. Thank you.
  9. Sailing at capacity is one measure of success. Another measure of success is the contribution to profit per passenger. As a past person responsible for P&L, there are a number of measures for success, not just capacity. Each industry is different as to some of those measure, but there is always contribution to profits per sale. What this industry is learning, are the predictive analytics by demographics of guests & cruise length & port of departure to be able to determine the max contribution to profits of each of the package extras offered. IE a group of 70+ year olds going to New England & Canada will not drink as much in 9 days as a group of 20-40 year olds going to Bahamas for 3-4 nights, thus the curiser's value on the cost of the drink package is very much different and the value to each person is very different. In any case, an employee of a company ( VP of marketing & pricing) is there to ethically maximize the wealth of the owners in the long term, and it can be done with integrity and class ! Does your theory " if they can get away with it" also apply to unlawful people and politics ? I have lived in other countries, and done business in many more, and the rule of law with ethical behavior, far out ways the other side of the coin.
  10. Garrymorere... many posting on this since 2014. Not classy the way they do it. Until someone sends it to an AG in their state and gets a reading on this, we will never know if it violates the "Truth in Advertising" laws. It sure violates the spirit of the law. What you have is, people with less integrity running the pricing and marketing departments. I am sure they have caught a few, but then there is a large group of us that just get annoyed and spend less money. I started a spreadsheet with all the extras a cruise company wants to charge and do not go by just the stated "cruise price". Some are now charging for shows. Some people like "alcacart" pricing and others call it getting less for more money !
  11. The first page with the slanted banner of 50% off to many, is like a billboard on the side of the highway ! You should be able to take it at first value without missing any information. What is missing is what is the 50% off of ? Have you ever seen a listed price that they take the 50% off of on a RCCL website ? I have not and have tried to find one. Also there are "truth in advertising laws". If this does not cross the line on that law, to many, it is sure looking over the line and does it match the spirit of the truth in advertising law ! Many Car dealers in general, with their advertising are not what I call ethical and have integrity. Why does RCCL have to stoop to the lower level of an unethical advertiser, why not be straight forward ? As a stock holder this activity by the marketing and pricing departments is disturbing. If I were President or at least VP of marketing, I would fire those people, with attitudes and advertising that is less than full integrity. The way you treat people as a company tells alot about your integrity ! Integrity is everything ! Don't get me wrong, I have had P&L responsibility and understand pricing theory. When people can not make their goals company's set, then those people become less than ethical. Case in point Wells Fargo !
  12. When you go to the next screen as if you were going to purchase it, then you see it is $52. Put it in your "cart" and you see the total they will charge, and if you are sitting down when you see the total, that is the safe way to do it.
  13. Been through this for a number of years. The price of $52 is the price per day per person. It is 50% off the MSRP/retail price you pay onboard when you order a drink without the package. Basically marketing BS as usual !
  14. "The Key" is a new program Royal is trying and it seems from some reports that people were taken back when they found out the benefits were not "First Class". Seems they are not even "Business Class", just "Economy Plus". Well the certain levels of C&A, suites, and high rollers, will all come first in the seating at shows. Question: 1. We still have to book the main shows online and early to get our best times, can anyone that purchased "The Key" tell us what seating they had with this program ? 2. It states that there are "private" times for other onboard special activities like iFly and Surf Rider... has anyone done these and when were the "private" times ? 3. What other benefits did you use with "The Key" and did you think they were worth it ? Thank you all !
  15. All good information by the others. "The Key" you have to read real closely, to understand just what you get and what you have to do to maximize your benefits. Couple of comments. There are a limited number of "Keys" sold per ship. Some of the benefits that you get as a C&A member, depending on level, are part of "The Key" so watch what you might duplicate pay for. Dropping off your carry ons at the Theater is a good option, just carry your meds & valuables to lunch. Chops is a good lunch spot when you embark. Not sure when the "private" hours are for the Ifly, wave rider, and so on. Looking for someone to post that info in some of the other forums. You still have to go online and book your 3 main shows as early as they will allow before departure, as the Key only gets you a "good" seat behind the "suites" and High Rollers, and the high level C&A. As someone posted "The Key" is not first class, or business class, it is Economy Plus, which some people were taken back by not having first class after they paid the $24.99 for 9 day cruise. Of course all the options above economy (inside cabin) is all to what people value and can afford ! Some people like to pay for an inside cabin and take 6 cruises a year ! Some people pay for the Grand Suite and cruise 1X or 2X a year.
  16. I do not see an "Escape Room" on Anthem of the Seas in the Entertainment & Activities section, is there one ? And for all the rest of the readers is there a listing of what ships have and "Escape Room" ?
  17. This is a $10 extra per person for breakfast. Was well worth it for the little ones. Not sure what they are doing for the little ones after this April.
  18. I highly recommend a balcony cabin in the TA cruise across the Atlantic. That way you will not miss the icebergs !
  19. Here is an excel spreadsheet created by another very informative cruiser ! This will help you determine what is best for you. Beverage Program Calculation.xls
  20. We do not have any shows listed in our summer cruise planner. This is very strange and our TA does not have any info. As of April 2019 RCCL is dropping their contract with the characters that wonder the ship and are in Wonderland for Breakfast. Does anyone have shows listed in their cruise planner. We were on Anthem in Oct 2018 for 9 days and saw the shows. Comments ?
  21. I take no credit for this spreadsheet that has all the pricing as of the date it was created, that was provided by another very good cruise critic patron. It is excellent. Beverage Program Calculation.xls
  22. Cruise company insurance says " up to 75%" We had a problem in early 2018 that was covered in the "fine print" . We got 58% of the cost of the cruise credit applied to the next cruise, after many phone calls to their 3rd party insurance handling agency, which is somewhere around New York City. Yes we got back all of the excursions, all of the port fees, all of the taxes, yet only 58% of the cruise cost itself, applied to the next cruise. The next cruise we used two of the sites to compare plan cost, and get ratings. Highly suggest that you use one of the top rated plans and not the cruise company, no matter who the cruise company is and I own stock in two of them.
  23. Do you have " The Key" available to purchase on your cruise ? If so the $19.99 includes VOOM for each person that has "The Key".
  24. Host Clarea always has given sound advice and it is always very timely ! Thank you Host Clarea and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! When and Where is your next cruise ?
  25. Anthem for summer of 2019 just went to $19.99 per person per day. Looking better...
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