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  1. On 2/28/2017 at 11:59 AM, psk2347 said:

    I know many of you may be consistently checking to see if FTTF is available for your upcoming cruise. For the past month I have been checking 5 times a day and it has always been sold out, until this morning. We are exactly 5 months from our sail date today and I checked at 5am this morning and it finally said add to cart! I quickly bought it! I went back to check to see how many more were available and it was sold out again.


    So tips for trying to snag Faster to the Fun:

    - Check multiple times a day, especially in the early morning.

    - Spefically check on monthly intervals. Ex: 30, 60, 90, 120 days.

    - 90 days will be your best chance as this is the cutoff where people have to have their trip paid. If its not they will have to cancel their FTTF

    - Email Shoreexcursions@carnival.com and see if they can sell more FTTF. (This is decided by the amount of diamond and platinum guests booked.)

    - Be persistant!

    - Dont give up!


    I know its so frustrating when its sold out especially if you have used it in the past. Keep checking back on the website and Im sure you will find one! Good Luck!

    We booked last minute (92 days). All FTTF were sold out... until 90 days. We Got One!! Thanks for the info.

  2. On 2/28/2017 at 12:28 PM, bjd2 said:

    I've managed to stalk the excursions and get FTTF for every cruise since it was launched. We'll be using it for our upcoming Vista cruise, but will be turning platinum on the cruise after that so will have to stalk for it for someone else, lol.


    Right before final payment for our Vista cruise, my sister had to cancel her booking. I had purchased FTTF for her. Right as the booking was canceled I announced the FTTF to our roll call and I would say less than 5 minutes later someone commented with thanks that they had gotten it. Many were bummed that they missed it.


    Some might feel it isn't worth it, but we have truly enjoyed boarding early and dropping our bags off in our cabin, unpacking our suitcases early, and waiting less at Guest Services due to being able to use the priority line.

    Thanks for the info. I became a FTTF Sold out Stalker and snagged one right at 90 days before cruising.

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