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  1. We decided to go with a 7 day cruise! It will be less people, but more quality time with close family and friends. It is a big ask in terms of time and finances, but it also is a vacation and a family reunion! Most close friends and family we surveyed said they would do either one. One of my closest friends complained about boarding her dog and the flights.... she didn't even think about how much I spent on her bachelorette and wedding! It seems like a lot of money up front, but I think it's more cost effective than most destination weddings!

  2. Length of cruise for wedding cruise?? How long are your wedding cruises and how many attendees do you all anticipate? None of my family lives in Florida, so everyone will have to fly to port. We are debating between a 4 day and a 7 day cruise. Do any of you have a 7 day that looks like it will have a good guest turn out?




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